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Page 1: IProductDescription - DIYTrade.com · 2018-05-02 · 3 IProductDescription 1.ProductionIntroduction CR-M8/M8E 、CR-M10/M10E type hand tractorisadrawinganddrivinghandtractor which


Page 2: IProductDescription - DIYTrade.com · 2018-05-02 · 3 IProductDescription 1.ProductionIntroduction CR-M8/M8E 、CR-M10/M10E type hand tractorisadrawinganddrivinghandtractor which


I Product Description

1. Production IntroductionCR-M8/M8E 、 CR-M10/M10E type handtractor is a drawing and driving hand tractorwhich can be equipped with 190 、 ZH192power diesel engine, user can equip this kindof tractor with other model diesel engine withpower more than setting value according toactual demand. Features of this tractorinclude simple and compact structure, easyoperation, light, stable performance, easymaintenance and good trafficability. Thistractor is widely used for ploughing, rotaryplow, reaping, seeding, threshing, pumpingwith matching farm machinery; it is fordrawing trailer in short distancetransportation, and it is equipped with lightingto travel at night.

2. product model

Type code

model type: hand type

Power: 10horsepower

Trademark: Shuhe brand

Executive standard: GB∕T13875—2004

Figure 1 schematic diagram of tractor structure1. Frame 2. Diesel engine 3. V band 4. Driving wheel 5. Brake6. Pulley encloser 7. Clutch 8. Gearbox 9. Traction frame 10. Control mechanism

II. Structure and Working PrincipleThis tractor consists of frame, diesel

engine, driving wheel, pulley encloser, clutch,gear box, drag frame and control mechanism,and its contour structure (see figure 1).

Page 3: IProductDescription - DIYTrade.com · 2018-05-02 · 3 IProductDescription 1.ProductionIntroduction CR-M8/M8E 、CR-M10/M10E type hand tractorisadrawinganddrivinghandtractor which


1. ClutchTractor clutch is dry constant conjunction

friction type, consists of driving part, drivenpart and break-up system, its structure (seefigure 2).

Function of clutch is to break up andcombine motive power which is transmittedfrom motor to gear box and operatingmechanism, when it is suddenly overload,clutch will slip to prevent other componentsfrom damage.

When clutch brake handle is ondisengaging position, disengaging pawl willpush disengaging bearing to the left side,under the action of disengaging lever,pressure plate will overcome pressure ofspring to move to the right side, to make gapamong friction surfaces, motive power will beinterrupted; when clutch brake handle is onbonding position, disengaging bearing willreturn to original position, under the action ofspring pressure, pressure plate will compressfriction surfaces, and motive power will be on.

Figure 2 cross-sections drawn of clutch1. Stretching screw 2. Clutch pressure plate3. Pulley 4. Bearing 60106 5. Bearing 602046. Pulley cap 7. Clutch plate 8. Clutch spring9. Disengaging lever 10. Disengaging bearing588908 11. Disengaging pawl 12. Primary shaft2. Gearbox

Through gearbox, tractor can changedifferent speed to meet requirement ofdifferent operation such ass transportationand farming etc. cylindrical geartransmission is adopted by gearbox(finaldrive is by double reduction straight toothedspur gear), gear is (3+1)×2, and its drivensystem (see figure 3).

Table 1 model and quantity of bearingSerialnumber Model Quantity

① 60204-GB278-89 1


GB278-89 1

③ 588908 1

④ 206-GB276-89 1

⑤ 304-GB276-89 5

⑥ 305-GB276-89 2

⑦ 208-GB276-89 4

Table 2 gear tooth number and quantity


Toothnumber Quantity

1 20 1

2 26 1

3 16 1

4 29 1

5 22 1

6 43 1

7 31 1

8 20 1

9 38 1

10 15 1

11 26 1

12 49 1

13 15 2

14 47 1

15 51 2

Page 4: IProductDescription - DIYTrade.com · 2018-05-02 · 3 IProductDescription 1.ProductionIntroduction CR-M8/M8E 、CR-M10/M10E type hand tractorisadrawinganddrivinghandtractor which


Figure 3 schematic diagram of driven systemNote: serial number with circle is bearing, see table 1 for its model and quantity; serial

number without circle is gear, see table 2 for its tooth number and quantity3. Driving Wheel

6.00-12 four-ply rating herringbone treadballon tire is used for driving wheel, itconsists of tyre, tire tube, nozzle jet, hub andrim, its structure ( see figure 4).4. Steering Mechanism

Steering mechanism of this tractor isdental clutch. When steering, driver will holdone steering handle, operate steering fork bydraw bar, and stir steering gear to separatewith geared claw, so as to cut off power ofone side driving wheel to change direction.5. Brake

Dry friction disc is used for this brakeand installed on brake shaft, it has stableperformance. It is used to stop tractor onsteep path with slope ≤20%.When braking, you can operate brake handleof clutch through disengaging position ofclutch, brake rocker arm will continually move,When the clutch braking stick is placed inbraking position, the braking arm 1 drives thebrake rod 2 to rotate; then, the flat head onthe brake’s shaft end opens the brake ring 3;then friction would occur between the brakering and the inner circle of the rotating gear 5;in this way, brake is realized. Structure (seefigure 5)

6. Electrical SystemThe generator is RFF—90 flywheel type

generators which is installed on inner side ofdiesel engine flywheel, light specification is12V and 90W, and control switch is belowlower-left bar for lighting at night.

Figure 4. Driving wheel1. Tire 6.00-12 2. Trim strip 3. Detent ring4. Rim

Figure 5 brake1. Braking arm; 2. Brake rod; 3. Brake ring

4. Shaft II; 5. Gear I driven gear

B- cone belt

Page 5: IProductDescription - DIYTrade.com · 2018-05-02 · 3 IProductDescription 1.ProductionIntroduction CR-M8/M8E 、CR-M10/M10E type hand tractorisadrawinganddrivinghandtractor which


III. Technical Specification· See table 3 for technical specification ofwhole machine

· See table 4 for theoretical velocity of gears.

· See table 5 for technical specification ofdiesel engine and electrical equipment· See table 6 for technical specification ofdriven system and traction apparatus.Table 3 technical specification of wholemachine

Brand and model CR-M8/M8E、CR-M10/M10E

Type Driving anddrawing

Rated tractive force N 1600Maximum rotation speed ofpower take-off shaft r/min 1176

boundary dimension( length*width*height)mm×mm×mm


Tread mm 680~740( Steplessadjustment)

minimum ground clearancemm 210

Minimum turning circle radiusmm 710

Structure mass kg 270

Minimum service mass kg 340

Inclosure armrest Adjustable type

Tire specification 6.00-12(GB1192-82)

Tire pressure kPa

Field operation80~120KPaTransportation140~200KPa

Driving wheel balancingweight kg 37

Rating load of matching trailerkg 500

Table 4 theoretical velocity of gears

Gear Speedkm/h


Model ZH192 ZH195AⅠ 1.98 2.11Ⅱ 3.08 3.28Ⅲ 4.98 5.29Ⅳ 8.04 8.53Ⅴ 12.49 13.27Ⅵ 20.2 21.45

Back Ⅰ 1.53 1.62Back Ⅱ 6.18 6.56

Table 5 Technical specification of diesel engineand electrical equipment

Diesel engine

Model ZH195A ZH192

Rating power kW 8.1 7.35

Rating rotation speedr∕min 2200 2300

Note: see institution of diesel engine fordetailed technical parameters

Electrical equipment

Model RFF—90 Permanent MagnetAlternator

Voltage V 12nominal power 90Rating rotationspeed r∕min 2300

Lamp One lamp of 12V,90W

Table 6 technical specification of drivensystem and traction apparatus.


Connectingdieselengine andwith clutch

Drive by twolength ofB1800mm conebelt

Clutchsingleply constantconjunctionfriction disc


Geared straighttoothed spur gearand sliding gear)(3+1)×2configuration type


Geared dentalclutch

final driveSingle reductionstraight toothed spurgear

Brake Brake: Ringshaped inner uptype


Opening size of tractionframe mm 95

Distance between thelower supporting surfaceand the ground mm


Diameter of traction pin ¢20

Page 6: IProductDescription - DIYTrade.com · 2018-05-02 · 3 IProductDescription 1.ProductionIntroduction CR-M8/M8E 、CR-M10/M10E type hand tractorisadrawinganddrivinghandtractor which


IV. Installation and Adjustment

1. Selection and installation ofdiesel engine

User can select suitable diesel engineaccording to area feature, farming operationrequirement and matching farm machinery.

In order to have tractor with suitabletravel speed, suitable pulley of diesel engineshould be selected for fitting diesel engine.Generally, diameter of pulley is larger for lownominal rotation speed of diesel engine. Ifrotation speed of diesel engine is 2300r/minand tire diameter is 6.00-12, pulley of dieselengine is 104mm, If rotation speed of dieselengine is 2200r/min and tire diameter is6.00-12, pulley of diesel engine is 135mm,but diameter of diesel engine pulley can notbe freely added, otherwise tractor travels toofast will result in accident.

When installation, front and backsupports should be firstly installed on the seatof diesel engine by four M12 bolts. Front andback supports are fixed on frame from theslot hole of frame by four M12 bolts, beforescrewing, position of diesel engine should beadjusted to align pulley V trough of belt with Vtrough of belt of clutch, and you should checkwhether tensity of V belt is suitable.

2. Tensity adjustment of V beltTensity adjustment of V belt Four holding

bolts 2 under frame are unscrewed, thenadjusting bolt 1 is screwed to adjust dieselengine to suitable position, and tensity of Vbelt meets the requirement, holding bolts 2are screwed (see figure 6).

The method to check whether tensity of Vbelt is suitable is to inspect whether length oftwo B1800 V belts is equal, after tensioning,you can press the middle with four figures,suitable length for pressing V belts is15mm~20mm.

Figure 6 adjustment of V belt1. Adjusting bolt 2. Holding bolts

3. Adjustment of clutchAdjustment of clutch includes two parts:

adjustment of disengaging bearing andadjustment of gap between disengagingbearing shaft and disengaging lever end;adjustment of clutch bar length.

1)You put the clutch brake handle on“off” position to check whether gapbetween disengaging bearing shaft anddisengaging lever end is 0.3~ 0.5mm,otherwise you should adjust disengaginglever adjusting nut to ensure the gapbetween 0.3~0.5mm (see figure 2).2) You can unscrew lock nut 4 to adjustlength of clutch bar 2, to completelyseparate when clutch brake handle is on“on” position, then screw lock nut 4( seefigure 7).

Note:When clutch is normal operation, gap

between disengaging bearing and top end ofdisengaging lever is 0.3mm~ 0.5mm( youcan use feeler gauge for adjusting inlet andoutlet valve of diesel engine to check)meanwhile three top ends of disengaginglever should be on the same rotation surface.

4. Adjustment of brake1) adjustment method (see figure 7) you

Page 7: IProductDescription - DIYTrade.com · 2018-05-02 · 3 IProductDescription 1.ProductionIntroduction CR-M8/M8E 、CR-M10/M10E type hand tractorisadrawinganddrivinghandtractor which


can put the clutch brake handle on “on”position, then screw adjusting nut 3 to putbrake spring 5 on bar position with stretching,then screw adjusting nut 3, to put clutchbrake handle 1 to the brake position, andcheck whether performance braking is stable.

2) adjusting requirement: when clutchbrake handle is put on 20~30mm from “on”position, tractor start to brake.

3) You check whether performance ofbrake is stable to stop tractor on steep pathwith 20% slope, then put clutch brake handleto brake position. This is to push tractor downramp with great force, if driving wheel slidesinstead of rolling, it means brakeperformance is reliable.

Notes: “Warning” in this paper involves personal safetyof driver, you should pay great attention to it.

Figure 7 adjustment of clutch brake handle1. Clutch brake handles 2. Clutch bar3. Adjusting nut 4. Lock nut 5. Brake spring

5. Adjustment of steering controlmechanism

Adjustment methods for left and rightsteering handles are same, firstly you removeaxis pin 3 to separate coupling fork with

steering handle, unscrew nut 5, then rotatecoupling fork to adjust length of rotation bar 6to proper length, screw nut 5 and installcoupling fork on steering handle 2, whenholding steering handle 2, you shouldcompletely separate steering gear of gearboxwith claw of central transmitting big gear, sothat tractor can stably steer. Structure(see figure 8)

After adjustment, steering clutch must becompletely separated, with stable closing andsteering bar is fastened.

Figure 8 adjustment of steering control1.Bar handle 2.Steering handle 3. Axispin 4. Coupling forkt 5. Nut6. Steering bar

6. Adjustment of hand throttleHand throttle is used to adjust rotation

speed of diesel engine. So that diesel enginecan be at maximum rotation speed andpowered off.

1) Tension of throttle handle bolt shouldbe proper, it is too tight to operate handle,and if it is too loose, handle can not be fixedon a position to affect rotation of dieselengine.

2) when adjusting throttle wire length,you push throttle handle 1 to limited positionon anticlockwise direction, adjust length ofclutch wire 2, to put governor handle 3 ofdiesel engine on corresponding limitedposition of throttle handle 1, then screwholding bolt 4( see figure 9).

Warning:Brake is the important parts

which are related to personal safety,so it must be correctly adjusted.

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Figure 9. Adjustment of hand throttle1.Throttle handle 2. Clutch wire3. Governor handles 4. Holding bolt

8. Adjustment of treadFor tractor can effectively travel in different

environments, wheel tread is adjustable.Through adjusting the position driving wheelrelative to hub, tread be adjusted unlimited withincertain scope. You screw hub clamping bolt tomove driving wheel to the required position, thenscrew clamping bolt. ( See figure 10)After adjustment of tread, left and rightadjustment distances must be equal.

Figure 10 adjustment of tread1. Wheel hubs 2. Hub clamping bolts3. Bolt 4. Rim 5. Tire

V. Safety Use and Operation

Page 9: IProductDescription - DIYTrade.com · 2018-05-02 · 3 IProductDescription 1.ProductionIntroduction CR-M8/M8E 、CR-M10/M10E type hand tractorisadrawinganddrivinghandtractor which


1. Safety Notes1) When operating this tractor, driver

should operate strictly according to driveroperation requirement, freshman mustreceive special training, and unqualifieddriver is not allowed to drive this tractor.

2) When starting, driver is not allowedto operate clutch brake handlesimultaneously, and starting at high speedis not allowed; when coming down a steep,driver is forbidden to travel at high speedand slide at neutral.

3) When shifting gear, firstly drivermust separate clutch. When operatingclutch, driver must operate quickly,completely and stably.

4) when machine is in operation, it isforbidden to adjust and repair rotatingcomponents, if driver is not familiar withstructure of this tractor, he should notreplace components ( such as feeding fuelpressure gauge, feeding fuel advance angleand speed controller etc.)

5) In case of unusual sound duringoperation, driver must immediately stop tocheck, and troubleshooting, continue tooperate after the tractor is in normalcondition.

6) In case that tractor has operated forconsecutive eight hours, driver should stopto check oil-level and add in case ofdeficiency.

7) When trailer is for transportation,over-speed and overload is forbidden,performance of tractor and trail car brakemust be reliable.

8) In case of fixed work and threshing

gain, it is required to take measure toprevent fire, flammable goods can not beput around ventilation pipe.

9) In case of operating on slippery road,driver must pay great attention to safety andshould not take a sudden turn whileaccelerating.

10) In case of turnover, driver mustimmediately power off the tractor, technicalcondition, fuel and water condition of tractormust be normal before resuming operation.2. Safety Warning Sign

In order to ensure user can safetyoperate hand tractor, safety warning signmust be pasted on proper position of handtractor to remind user.

1) “ Note” safety signs are in pulleyInclosure and big Inclosure of hand tractor,its form and content are as follow.

2) A “warning” sign is on water tankside of diesel engine, and its form andcontent are as follows.

3. Running-InBefore use, new tractor or tractor after

overhaul must carry out running-in(trial run)to avoid component over-wearing to affectits service life.(1) Preparation before running-in

1) Surface of tractor must be cleaned.2) Outer bolts and nuts must be

checked and screwed.

NOTES1.speed limit of travel withouttrailer is 4km/h;2.speed limit of maximumoperation is 18km/h;3.turn when coming downslope, press left button to turnright; press right button to turnleft;4.when stopping or braking, it isrequired to brake duringstopping on steep slope.

NOTES1. when starting, gear

control lever must be onneural.

2. slipping slope on neuralis forbidden.



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3) Sufficient lubricant must be addedto parts required for lubricating according torequirement.

4) Sufficient fuel and cooling watermust be added to fuel tank and water tank.

5) Pressure reducing valve must beon pressure reducing position, startinghandle is used to shake diesel engine ten totwenty rotations, and it should be smoothand have no unusual sound.(2) running-in procedure

1) After diesel engine is running-induring idling for 15 minutes, diesel enginemust start at low speed and graduallyaccelerate.

2) See table 7 for running-in trial runspecification.Table 7 running-in trial run specification

Load Idling25%Load




Ⅰ Running-in


0.5 1 1 2.5

Ⅱ 0.5 2 2 4.5

Ⅲ 0.5 2.5 4 7

Ⅳ 0.5 2.5 3 6

Ⅴ 1 ∕ 1 2

Ⅵ 1 ∕ 1.5 2.5


Ⅰ 0.25 ∕ ∕ 0.25

Ⅱ 0.25 ∕ ∕ 0.25

Total 4.5 8 12.5 25

During running-in, you must noticewhether there is unusual sound, oil leakage,water leakage and discharging smoke, incase of unusual condition, you mustimmediately stop tractor to troubleshooting.(3) Operation after running-in

After all gears of tractor ran in, it cannot be immediately used. As lubricant intractor contains metal filing after running-in,all lubricant must be cleaned and replaced,

and necessary maintenance must becarried out.

1) After running-in, it is required to bleedoff lubricant in gearbox before it is cool, andadd proper amount of diesel, then tooperate at Ⅳ gear for two to three minutesand discharge diesel.

2) It is required to bleed off lubricant inthe sump tank of diesel engine before it iscool, and clean sump tank and oil strainer.

3) it is required to clean oil filter, dieselfilter and air filter.

4) It is required to check inlet andexhaust gate gap, whether cylinder covernut of diesel engine is fastened, adjust it ifnecessary.

5) It is required to check adjusting clutch,brake, steering control mechanism andhand throttle, if it is required for adjustment,for detail see “adjustment” on page 7.

6) It is required to check connecting boltof gearbox, connecting bolt of driving wheeland other connecting bolts.

7) After adjustment is checked, it isrequired to add lubricant to parts needs forlubrication, for detail see “ lubrication” onpage 16.4. Operation(1) Preparation before starting

1) Check lubricant, diesel, cooling waterand lubricant in gearbox according torequirement in operation instruction ofdiesel engine. Used fuel and engine oilmust settle for 48 hours; oiling tools must beclean. Soft water or well water, tap water orriver water must be used as cooling water( itmust be clean, can not contain weed andsoil etc.).

2) Check whether tire pressure meetsrequirement.

Note:Tire inflating pressure is veryimportant to normal performanceand travel safety of vehicle, it is

required to often check wearingstatus and inflating pressure of tire.3) Check whether bolts of major parts

are fastened(mainly check connectingbolts of frame, traction frame, driving

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wheel and gearbox).4) put clutch brake handle on “on ”

position, gear control lever on neutralposition, throttle handle on starting position,throttle switch on “on” position.(2) starting of diesel engine

1) Check whether fuel pipe is clear, ifthere is air in it, unscrew bleed screw todischarge it.

2) Push throttle handle to middle throttleposition.

3) Push pressure-reduction handle topressure-reduction position by left hand,shake starting handle by right hand, whenrotation speed is high and there is oilinjection sound from cylinder, quicklyrelease pressure-reduction handle, andshake diesel engine for 1-2 times, dieselengine will start.Warning:a. when diesel engine starts, gear

control lever must be on neutral position.b. after diesel engine starts, startinghandle will automatically slip off, youmust not release to prevent it flying out.

4) after diesel engine starts andoperates at idling low speed for minutes,speed should be gradually increased tostart tractor.(3) starting

1) draw support.2) check whether left and right steering

gears are geared. Inspection method: donot hold steering handle, swing bar handleon left and right directions, if tractor doesnot move, it means mating claw of steeringgear is geared.

3) put gear control lever into requiredgear, if it is difficult to put into gear, you canseparate it after clutch is lightly bonded,then put into gear.

4) when starting, you must look aroundto avoid pedestrian and barrier.5) when starting, you can slightly peel

tires slowly release clutch brake handle to“off” position to slowly start tractor.

Note:a. before starting, support mustbe drawn to normal position.b. when tractor is starting, it isnot allowed to simultaneouslyoperate clutch brake handle andsteering handle and start athigh speed.

(4)selection and change of gear1) when tractor is in rotary tillage onfarm, it must operate on Ⅰgear,otherwise it will cause overload toaffect service life of tractor.2) Ⅱgear is for normal ploughing,Ⅲand Ⅳ gears are for light load andletting off gas for harrowing ortransportation on rugged road,Ⅴ andⅥ gears are for normaltransportation.3) it is required to change gear duringoperation, you must firstly disconnectclutch, strike gear control lever, thenput into required gear.4) during transportation, if it isrequired to change low speed to highspeed gear, you must peel tires toincrease speed then change gear.Before high speed gear changes tolow speed gear, you must let off gas,slow down then change gear, so itcan stably travel and avoid damaginggear.

Selection and usage of gear see table 8Table 8 selection and usage of gear

basic transmissionposition

Major usage

Ⅰ rotary til lage

Ⅱrotary til lageploughing

Ⅲ TransportationⅣ Transportation

Ⅴ TransportationⅥ Transportation

Back Ⅰ back up

Back Ⅱ back up

Note:when shifting gear of tractor, firstly

driver must separate clutch. Whenoperating clutch, driver mustconnect quickly, completely anddisconnect slowly and stably.

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(5)steering1) when operating on flat road and

road with low slope, driver can draw lefthandle to move tractor to left direction;draw right handle to move tractor to rightdirection.

2) when tractor is coming down steepslope, steering operation is opposite.This is to say to draw left handle to movetractor to right direction; draw righthandle to move tractor to left direction;

Warning:A. when steering, driver must letoff gas and do not change gear.B. quick turn at high speed andholding steering handle duringletting off gas are forbidden.C . when coming down steepslope, it is forbidden to travel athigh speed, and it is required tonotice opposite operation of leftand right steering handle.D. quick turn while ploughing isforbidden, farm tools must beremoved before turning or backrunning.E. traveling at high speed onuneven road is forbidden.F. traveling on cross direction onsteep slope is forbidden.

(6)back upPut clutch brake handle on “on”

position, and gear control lever on backgear, then slowly put clutch brake handle on“off” position, and tractor will back up.Now power back.(7)stop and brake1) Stop. Put clutch brake handle on “on”position, gear control lever on neutral,gradually let off gas to stop, after stop, putclutch brake handle on “off” position.Note:

When stopping on ramp, youswitch off motor, and put trig orother things under tire.

2) Brake. When braking of one tractor, youlet off gas, put clutch brake handle onbraking position; when tractor with trailer,brake of trailer must be used, and it isforbidden to use brake of chassis to brake.

Warning:When traveling without trailer,

scram is forbidden, otherwise if barhandle radically uplifts, it will leadto accident.

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VI The Usage of Accessories

1. Seating AssemblyDue to the labor-intensive operation

of the walking-operated tractor, there isseating equipment on the tractor for rotarywhen being operated by seated people inorder to ease labor and increaseefficiency.(1) Instructions for the assembly andusage of the rotary seat equipment.

Assembly:①Assemble the seat equipment on

the casing of the tail wheel, clamp it andthen fix it on the tail wheel seat frame.

②Equip left and right footboard on thetail-wheel fork.

Instructions when using:1 Make sure that the seat

equipment is fixed tightly on thetail-wheel fork and do not rotate.

2 When you make turns, you shouldoperate on the turning hands andtail-wheel foot-boardsimultaneously.

(2) The adjustment of the driver’s seat:Loose the nut on the U-shaped bolt

under the seat cushion can adjust theinclination to the front and rear of thedriver’s seat; loose the nut on theU-shaped bolt on the seat cushion canadjust the front and rear position of thedriver’s seat and its inclination to right andleft.2. Slide resistance wheel(1) Uses:

When you are using the tractor forplowing or rotary tasks in paddy soils, youshould change the rubber wheel into slideresistance wheel in order to prevent thetractor from sliding and sinking.(2) Assembly:

Put up the drive wheel, unscrew the

four nuts for fixing the drive wheel, removethe rubber wheel, substitute it withGB5781-86 bolts M12×45 and install theslide resistance wheel.(3) Instructions when using:

①Do not confuse the right one withthe left one when install the slideresistance wheels.

②You cannot drive the tractorinstalled with slide resistance wheels onhard roads.

③When you are plowing in paddysoils, try to avoid backing as much aspossible especially when sinking intomarshes. Or else you will sink deeper anddeeper.

④When you are doing rotary works,choose the longest distance betweenwheels when installing slide resistancewheels. When doing plowing works, adjustthe distance according to the plowingwidth.

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VII Maintenance and Cares1. Technical maintenance

The tractor’s components may loose,being worn out, erode and tire due to thefraction and vibration during it is working. If itwere not maintained on time, its dieselengine would degenerate and waste gas andthe components would not function.Maintenance works should be done toprevent above conditions from happening. Itstechnical maintenance period is listed in table9.Table 9 Technical Maintenance Cycle


Tractor’sworkingtime h




One more timeof 50h on themaintenance ofthe dieselengine





One more timeof 1000h on themaintenance ofthe dieselengine


1500 ~


(1)Regular technical maintenance: Clear the outside of the tractor andcheck whether there is gas, water andgasoline leakage. Check the linking bolts, especially boltsthat link the slide resistance wheels, dieselengine, frame and the drag frame. Fix it asquickly as possible if you find it loose. Check whether there is enough gas andcooling water. Add some if necessary. Thecooling water should be let out after beingused during the cooling period. Check the tightness of the V-band andthe pressure of the wheels. Adjust and inflateit when necessary. Check whether its operation condition(the sound of the engine, the smokeextraction box and the gear-box) is normal ornot. If not, you must repair it in time. Maintain the air filter after 8 to 50 hours

of working according to working condition.(2)Primary technical maintenance (afterevery 100 hours’ working)Carry out all the contents enacted in theregular maintenance,Replace the engine gasoline, clear the oilfilter and the filter net.Check the fuel oil pipe, the valve clearanceand the cylinder heat nuts.Check and adjust the clearance between theclutch separate lever and the separatebearing. Check weather the brake is sound.Check and adjust the operation system,especially the gear shift hand.Check the gas amount of the gear shift box.Add some when necessary.(3)Secondary technical maintenance(after every 500 hours’ working) Carry out all the procedures enactedin the primary technical maintenance. Replace the lubricating oil in the gearshift box. Let out the oil in the box when itis hot and add required amount of dieseloil or kerosene. Clear it with turning gear4 and reverse device 4 minutesseparately. Let the oil out and add in newlubricating oil. Clear the water scale in the tank andthe water jacket. Clear the diesel fuel oil tank, the airinlet/outlet valve, the cylinder head, thecylinder sleeve and the piston ring. Clear thecooling water passage every 1000 hours(including the cylinder sleeve, the cylinderhead and the cylinder itself).(4)Technical inspection (after every 1500to 2000 hours’ working) Clear all the parts with diesel oil. Check the technical condition of thebearing, the oil seal and the vulnerable parts.Replace them when necessary.

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Check the reliability of every shift forkspring and steer spring. Replace themwhen necessary. Check parts like gears and handleshift fork. Replace them when necessary. Maintain and repair the engineaccording to its instruction.

3. Lubrication(1) Oil used specificationThe diesel oil and lubrication oil used onthe tractor should conform to theregulations in table 10:Table 10 Diesel Oil and Lubrication


Oil usedpart


Oil number Remark

Fuel tankabove 10℃under10℃

0# light diesel-10#lightdiesel





engineoilpan above 10℃




oilEngine oil


Used oil ofthe dieselengine oilpan can beused in theair filterafterfiltered andmixed withnew oil

Gear shiftbox

above 10℃under10℃

HL-30gear oilHL-20gear oil

Diesel oilor Engineoil is OK

Instruction when using and storing the fuelAs Fuel Injection Pump and nozzle matchvery well on the surface, the fuel of thetractor must be very clean for theassurance of decreasing fitting surface’sattrition and making the machine work well.Therefore, pay attention when using andstoring the fuel and inspecting andcleaning the filter.Diesel oil can only be used afterdeposition of at least 48 hours.

Regular remove of water and depositingsegments must be done to the diesel oilcan every half year.

(3)Lubrication of the contractor partsshould be carried out according to table 11(diesel oil engine part should be carriedout according to the instruction)

4. DepositWhen the tractor is not used for a longtime, it should be maintained in followingways in order to be prolonged. Seal the diesel oil engine according toits instruction. Clear the dust and grease on thesurface of the tractor. Let out all the diesel oil, lubrication oiland cooling water. Loose the V-band. Turn the separate brake hand to the“Off” place and gear lever in the neutralplace. Paint oil on the surface of the metalhandles to prevent them from rusting. Prop up the tractor. Let the wheels offthe ground or inflated. (Air pressure200kPa) The deposit place should bedrafty, dry and clean.

Warning:smoking is forbidden

when fueling up!

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Table 11 Lubrication Regulations

No. Lubricationpart


Lubricationoil variety Main point of lubrication Lubrication cycle

1 Gear box 1 gear oil Refuel till the oil leaksfrom the nut hole

Refuel every 30hours of workingand clean it every500 hours ofworking

2Everycontrol stickhinge

Several Engine oilDrop a few drips with oilpot, try not to drop it tothe outside

Refuel every tworegular times

3Separationclaw of theclutch

1 Engine oilPull the clutch handle,refuel on the separationclaw surface

Refuel one or twotimes every regulartime


O i l pa no f t h ed i e s e len g i n e

1Engineoilfor dieselengine

Lay the diesel oil engineflat and refuel above theupper oil leveling rod.Under the lower levelingrod is forbidden.

Check the oil everyregular time. Addsome whennecessary

5 Air filter 1Engineoilfor dieselengine

Do not refuel above orunder the level directedby the arrowhead on theoil pan

Refuel once everyone regular timeand clear every 50hours

6Frontbearing ofthe clutch

2 Lubricationoil Clear and replace it

Every one timeafter 500 hours ofwork

7Separatebearing ofthe clutch

1 Lubricationoil

Remove the separatebearing. Put it into thegrease and heat it aftercleaning

Every one timeafter 500 hours ofwork

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Ⅷ Failure Analysis and SolutionsSee failure analysis and solutions of the tractor in table 12.

Table 12 Failure Analysis and Solutions

No. Failure Failure cause Solution

1 The V-band slips

a.There is grease on the V-band and theband wheelb.The V-band is too loosec.The V-band is over worn

a.Clear the greaseb. Adjust the tightness of theV-bandc.Change the V-band

2 The clutch slips

a.There is grease on the surface of thefriction flakeb.The surface of the friction flakeis over worn or damagedc.Springs of the clutch do not work wellor breakd.The gaps between the separation leverand the bearing are not standard

a.Remove the clutch. Clear itwith gasoline and dry itb.Change itc.Change the 6 springs at onetime and make their bounce thesamed. Adjust the gaps and keepthem 0.3 to 0.5 mm

3The clutch goeshot

a.The bearing is broken or lack of butterb.The V-band is too loose

a.Replace the bearing or addsome butterb. Adjust it

4The clutch do notseparatethoroughly

The free gap of the clutch brake handle istoo large

Adjust the length of the clutchlever

5There is murmurinside the gearingbox

a.The gearing is worn or damagedb.The surface of the gear is worn or hasburrsc.Some gears are brokend. The lubrication oil is not enough orstandard

a.Change the gearingb.Replace or repair itc.Change the geard.Refuel with lubrication oil orchange the lubrication oil

6There is difficulty ingearing

a.The surface of the gear knocksb.The gearing lever bends

a.Repairb.Correct the gearing lever

7Out of gearautomatically

a. The position spring does not workwell

b. The positioning steel ball gets stuckc. The gearing or the shift fork is

seriously damagedd. The shaft slot of the shift fork is

heavily damaged

a.Change the position springb.Remove the iron piece or

impuritiesc. Change the gearing or shift

forkd. Change the shift fork shaft

8The gearing boxgoes hot

a. The gearing is damagedb. The lubrication oil number is wrongc. The bearing, the gearing or the oil

seal is in the wrong place

a.Replaceb.Change the lubrication oilc.Reinstall.

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Table 12 continued


Failure Reason of failure trouble shooting

9Oil leakage ofgearbox

a. loose boltb. paper gasket or grease sealdamagesc. grease seal misplaces or wears

a. screw loose bolt or nutb. replacec. replace or install

10 Brake failuresa. brake spring is not properly adjusted.b. retaining piece damages

a. adjustb. replace

11Brake generatesheat

a. gap between friction surface is toosmall.b. control bar jams and brake does notreturn.

a. adjustb. check and repair

12electric lampfailures

a. light bulb burnouts.b. generator failures.c. wire breakaged. switch of lamp failures.

a. replaceb. check and repairc. repaird. replace or repair


a. steering fork sleeve damages.b. steering fork wears.c. stroke of steering handle isinsufficient.d. elasticity of steering spring is weak orspring is damage.

a. replaceb. replacec. adjustd. replace

14 Brake too hard brake spring is not properly adjusted. Readjust


Tractor obliquelytravels duringtraveling on flatroad.

Pressures of left and right tires are notequal.

Adjust pressures of left and righttires.

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IX. Acceptance1. Acceptance

Acceptance is to check and evaluateperfection and technical condition of tractor.Tractor produced by manufacturer is acomplete set, tool box and spares arepacked in tractor according to stipulation.Production qualification certificate andoperation instruction issued bymanufacturer are attached.

When tractor is delivered, receivermust check and accept. Quantity and number of tractor. Parts and accessories of tractor mustbe correctly installed without dismantlingand damage. wearing parts(see table 13), toolsattachment, fitting and technical document(see table 14), optional accessories (seetable 15)(1) product label

Product label is riveted by clinch bolton the surface of encloser. Label showsproduct executive standard:GB/T13875-2004, rating power,manufacturer number, manufacturing dateand name of manufacturer. As shown infigure 11. Figure 11 product label

(2)chassis numberChassis number is the manufacturer

number on product label.(3)gearbox number

There is steel seal number betweentwo steering forks of gearbox.

Table 13 wearing parts


Code Name



1 GB1171-74

cone beltB1800 2

2 GB9877.1-88



4 On drivingwheel







1 On primary shaft




5 81-1.21.109


4 copper wire andasbestos

Table 14 tools attachment and technical documentSerialnumber

Name Unit Quantity Remark

1double-ended spanner8×10

Piece 1

2double-ended spanner13×16

Piece 1

3double-ended spanner18×21

Piece 1

4 screwdriver100×6 Piece 1

5 Operationinstruction Piece 1


Piece 1


Piece 1

8 Packinglist Piece 1

9 tool bag ofgenerator Set 1

See theEngineOperationManual for thetool list.

Table 15 optional accessories

Serialnumber Name Unit Qua

ntity Remark

1 Left and rightmudguards Set 1

2 paddy wheel Set 1Left andrightones

3 clump weight Piece 2Note : user can purchase as required, and pay itadditionally.

Top China brandModel: CR-M8/M8E CR-M10/M10Ename: hand tractorMating power: 7.35-8.1 KWExecutive standard: GB/T13875-2004Number: manufacturer date:

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