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  • BellringerWhich country is this?Who was the leader of this country from 1979-2003County? 4. Country?5. Country?1345

  • Notes: Iraq/Iran War

  • Iran 1979Muslim clerics take controlShiite Muslims (theocracy)

  • Iraq 1979Saddam Hussein, military man takes overSunni Muslims

  • 1984 pictureMake an inferenceWhat do you think they were talking about?US Def. Secretary Donald RumsfeldSaddam Hussein

  • The Kurds

  • Scud Missiles

  • Iraq/Iran War Partner AssignmentWrite the rules to a game based on the Iraq/Iran War, 1979-1988Players must be:IranIraqThe KurdsUSSRUnited StateIsrael

    Grade based on what each player doesRead the handout show that you understand the sides