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  • A visionary exploration of the pillar policies, practices and workforce training necessary to enable more Americans to benefit from clean energy. NATIONAL CHALLENGES: States Drive Solutions Prominent national and state clean energy influencers will lead thought- provoking expert panels and targeted outcome-driven discussion.  What’s needed NEXT to make bold clean energy goals a reality for more states and more American consumers?  What are the NEXT regulatory and workforce challenges and opportunities and where and how do they intersect?  What state and national decision-makers need to know NOW to enable more sustainable, resilient, secure electric power and distribution systems. VISION DOCUMENT Participants will help shape a resulting VISION DOCUMENT and ultimately an ACTION PLAN – key to the future actions, policies and practices of state decision makers across the U.S. ATTENDEES Influencers, visionaries, advocates, educators • Key state and federal energy policy and decision makers • Industry leaders in renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainability • “Allied” industry leaders whose workers engage with clean energy technologies FOCUS PILLAR ISSUES in the U.S. Clean Energy Transformation • Harnessing the Potential of New Technologies Planning and managing to enable more distributed energy resources • Ensuring a Clean Energy Economy Preparing a cross-industry workforce • Expanding Who Benefits From Renewables Affordable easy access for low-income families and communities Commit early! We’re inviting key partners to commit early to sponsorship and participation opportunities. Be a part of this premiere event from the independent national experts at IREC, identifying the next challenges and leading fact-based solutions to a clean energy future for 35 years. December 2018 | Washington, DC For more information contact: Larry Sherwood, IREC president/CEO ENERGY TRANSFORMATION FOR ALL ENERGY TRANSFORMATION FOR ALL ENERGY TRANSFORMATION FOR ALL ENERGY TRANSFORMATION FOR ALL


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