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A visionary exploration of the pillar policies, practices and workforce training necessary to enable more Americans to benefit from clean energy. NATIONAL CHALLENGES: States Drive SolutionsProminent national and state clean energy influencers will lead thought-provoking expert panels and targeted outcome-driven discussion. Whats needed NEXT to make bold clean energy goals a reality for more states and more American consumers?What are the NEXT regulatory and workforce challenges and opportunities and where and how do they intersect?What state and national decision-makers need to know NOW to enable more sustainable, resilient, secure electric power and distribution systems.VISION DOCUMENT Participants will help shape a resulting VISION DOCUMENT and ultimately an ACTION PLAN key to the future actions, policies and practices of state decision makers across the U.S. ATTENDEES Influencers, visionaries, advocates, educators Key state and federal energy policy and decision makers Industry leaders in renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainability Allied industry leaders whose workers engage with clean energy technologiesFOCUS PILLAR ISSUES in the U.S. Clean Energy Transformation Harnessing the Potential of New Technologies Planning and managing to enable more distributed energy resources Ensuring a Clean Energy Economy Preparing a cross-industry workforce Expanding Who Benefits From Renewables Affordable easy access for low-income families and communitiesCommit early! Were inviting key partners to commit early to sponsorship and participation opportunities. Be a part of this premiere event from the independent national experts at IREC, identifying the next challenges and leading fact-based solutions to a clean energy future for 35 years.December 2018 | Washington, DCFor more information contact: Larry Sherwood, IREC president/CEO larry@irecusa.orgwww.irecusa.orgENERGY TRANSFORMATION FOR ALLENERGY TRANSFORMATION FOR ALLENERGY TRANSFORMATION FOR ALLENERGY TRANSFORMATION FOR ALL


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