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September edition


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    Cra smanship is a key facet of Ford Vignale cars. From the special paintwork to the elegantly styled seats and meticulously selected leather.

    See from page 30.

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    Its my pleasure to introduce the Ford Vignale magazine. In this issue we have a feature on the Ford Vignale Mondeo, already in selected FordStores across Europe and the Ford S-MAX Vignale concept car, the production version of which will be in selected FordStores next year. But in addition to these, I honestly believe that with the Ford Vignale brand we are witnessing a new approach to the driver experience.

    Ford Vignale reflects a philosophy weve developed at Ford about what you, the discerning modern driver, want from your car. Luxury but also efficiency, an experience thats sophisticated yet smart. In other words, Ford Vignale is there to support the lifestyle of people like yourself. For whom time is at a premium, but who dont believe that means you have to compromise on the good things in life. I know because I feel the same way myself.

    The Ford Vignale experience is about more than the car. Its also about a premium service that includes your own personal Vignale Relationship Manager and Service Specialist. Removing the potential inconvenience of, for instance, arranging and getting to your next service, which frees up time for more life-enriching experiences.

    So its no coincidence the magazine youre holding is so focused on time. From time-saving tips for the modern city, to how one of Europes top chefs deals with time, stress and teamwork. But also how to spend all that saved time, for example with a (time-efficient) trip to one of Europes hippest cities.

    In design terms, I feel both the Ford Mondeo Vignale and Ford S-MAX Vignale reflect perfectly a contemporary, premium lifestyle. Talking of design, this issue includes an interview with Ford designer Sonja Vandenberk, where she discusses her work on the design of the Ford Vignale specifically the colours and the materials and reveals where, in everyday life, she discovers inspiration.

    Back on the time theme, its also no coincidence Charlize Theron is our cover interview. Shes a prolific actress who still manages to take career breaks. We could probably all learn a thing or two about time management from this iconic yet down-to-earth star.

    I hope you enjoy reading this magazine as much as we did putting it together. For me it marks the dawn of a fresh chapter in Fords history, the Ford Vignale chapter. Im delighted youre here to experience it with us from the outset.

    Jim Farley CEO Ford Europe

  • In anticipation of the Ford S-MAX Vignale, here is the Ford S-MAX Vignale concept car. On the one hand, sporty, spacious and equipped with the very latest innovations and smartest technology. On the other, designed right down to the smallest detail with painstaking commitment to the finest traditions of craftsmanship.

    Your chance to get a closer look starts on page 38.

    Vehicle shown may not represent full UK or Ireland specification.

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    AT YOUR SERVICEFamous Valencia chef (and Ford Mondeo Vignale driver) Ricard Camarena and FordStore Vignale Relationship Manager Pablo Vidal share their passion: serving customers. Plus: Three Vignale Relationship Managers tell all about the very special Ford Vignale services.


    FORD VIGNALE TO THE MAXWith its seven seats, the Ford S-MAX Vignale concept car is spacious but this car is also a perfect combination of beauty and technology.38

    WORLD OF FORDAutomotive and mobility news & trends.08THE AUTONOMOUS CARStep by step Ford is working towards the car that drives itself. 26 MAKING TIME COUNTHow innovators are finding ways to give you more of lifes most precious commodity.53

    MOVEMENTWhere film, fashion, dance and Ford Vignale come together.44

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    CHARLIZE THERONOn her life as an exceptionally busy actress and activist and how she takes time to relax.

    MATERIAL MANHe is a major source of inspiration for the Ford design team: Peter Zumthor, the master architect whos also a master craftsman with a deep appreciation of the finest materials.

    HARMONY IS THE KEY WORDFord Vignale designer Sonja Vandenberk about her endless search for the finest materials and the perfect paint in order to create the beautiful car. Plus: Ford Vignale craftsmanship its all in the detail.


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    Publisher: Ford by: Pelican CustomDelflandlaan 41062 EB AMSTERDAMThe Netherlands+31 20 7581000www.pelicancustom.comPelican Custom: Frank Kloppert,Jeannette Stavorinus,Raymond van Buuren,Elizabeth Zesjkova, Sofie Vermooten, Marieke de VriesEditors in Chief: Catherine Blee (Ford Europe),Hans VerstraatenArt Director: Jaap SinkeAssociate Art Directors: Mervyn Hall,Danny van den IJssel (coordination)Editors: Nicky Bouwmeester, Tom Collingridge, Jenny Davis/IFA, Jens Holierhoek, Lieke Lemmens,Andr Nientied, Alexander Schlangen, Edwin WinkelsCopy Editors: Diane Baumann, Peter McSeanImages: Rob van Hazendonk, Michael Jefferson,David de Jong, Sander Nagel, Adam Quest, Christian Rolfes, Edwin Walvisch, Georges van Wensveen, CopenhagenMediaCenter, Getty Images,Hollandse Hoogte, iStockphoto LPAdvertising Director: Paul Laurey (Pelican Media)Production Management: Danille van Tol

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    COOL CITYCompact; brimming with great culture; restaurants and shops; a vibrant nightlife Copenhagen has it all. 46

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    From 19th until 23rd May, Valencia celebrated the Ford Vignale Valencia Sailing Week. Ford Vignale is proud to support and be the logistics partner of this prestigious event, which takes places in the hometown of Ford Vignale Valencia. This is where the Ford Mondeo Vignale is built in the Almussafes factory and production will commence shortly on the Ford S-MAX Vignale.Being the host of the first race of the 2015 52 Super Series (the monohull inshore race class) feels natural for Ford. The key attributes of the competing boats theyre lightweight, fast and innovative are closely related to the high-end technology that benefits a Ford Vignale.The presence of Ford in the world of sailing is not new. In the 1970s, Ford sponsored the legendary America s Cup, the worlds oldest boat race, which dates back to 1851. When the 32nd and 33rd editions of the America s Cup were held in Valencia, Ford was also present as a logistics partner.Ford looks back at a thrilling sailing week in Valencia. It saw the Swedish team of Rn Racing win the the first race of the worlds leading 52 Super Series a competition between 12-strong international teams in a total of five races. After 11 rounds in the Valencia waters, the TP52 world champions of 2013 scored a total of 45 points. Following the Cascais Cup, the overall winner of this years 52 Super Series will be crowned.



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    My favorite things in life dont cost any money. Its really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time

    - Steve Jobs

    Smart luggageAfter an exhausting flight, the last thing you need is to wait by the luggage carrousel for

    a suitcase that never arrives. So Samsung and Samsonite are working together on their own

    line of smart luggage. Every piece of luggage will be equipped with a chip that can be tracked

    by a smartphone using GPS technology. So its whereabouts will never be a mystery again.

    Smarter luggageLosing your suitcase is also impossible when you use Dufl. Dufl is, in the makers own words, a premium baggage handling service. When you subscribe you get a suitcase that you pack

    with the clothes you normally take on a business trip. Dufl then stores the bag for you. Every

    time you fly to a meeting, you share your schedule through the Dufl app. Your bag with your

    clothes is sent to your hotel and picked up afterwards. The contents of your suitcase are then

    cleaned, ready for the next trip. Pretty convenient. (10 US dollars a month for storage, 3-day

    shipping costs 99 US dollars). The Dufl services are not yet available in Europe.

    And the winner is

    redAlready more than 1.1 million

    Europeans have configured their Ford Mustang online. Their

    favorite exterior paint colour is clear: Race Red. Absolute Black comes second and Deep Impact

    Blue third. In China, too, Race Red is top of the list, while in the United States Black is the chart


    The sound of artThe Connected Canvas is not your average work of art hanging on the wall. Its not only nice to look at, its also great to listen to. The canvas is a speaker that can stream your choice of music or when you select the Play Art Mode, music

    and sounds composed by its artist. Prices start at

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