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  • I M M A

    Aoife Flynn Head of Audiences + Development

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  • I M M A

    IMMA is Ireland's leading national institution for the collection and presentation of modern and contemporary art.

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  • The Irish Museum of Modern Art aims in all its activities to

    create for the public an enjoyable and e n g a g i n g e x p e r i e n c e o f contemporary art. It does this through dynamic and changing exhibitions and education programmes at its home the Royal Hospital Kilmainham, and beyond with partners nationally and internationally, and in the digital realm. IMMA is the home of the national collection of modern and contemporary art and takes responsibility for the care and maintenance of this national resource.We ensure that it is accessible to visitors to IMMA and beyond through exhibitions, collaborations, loans, and digital programmes. IMMA is committed to supporting artists work, and works with artists and partners to support the development, understanding and enjoyment of contemporary art in Ireland.


  • Who is IMMAs Audience?

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    IMMAs audience is young 15% are aged 18 - 24 27% are aged 25 34 18% are aged 35 - 44 The majority 60% - are under 44

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    IMMAs physical audience is growing

    2014 306,000 2015 475,000

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    And our online audience is growing: Facebook: 21% growth Twitter: 26% growth Instagram: 350% growth new platform

  • Karla Black at IMMA, Photo courtesy of @ashleigh_moore_

    IMMA visitors want to try something new 50% of our visitors have never been to IMMA before 1 in 8 (12%) of our visitors have never been to a gallery before

  • Dali at IMMA, Photo courtesy of @catarinaleone

    IMMA visitors want to be moved to think 49% come to see an artwork which makes them think 46% come to see an artwork which moves them

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    For peaceful, quiet contemplation 38% selected this option in 2014 (26%)

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    Explore, think, relax. Just leaving the chaotic city of Dublin and strolling around the IMMA grounds is enough of a reason to visit. 6% of respondents to the open question my favourite thing to do in IMMA is? mentioned the word relax A total of 30% mentioned relaxing activities like quiet, read, walk, wander.

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    Its an enjoyable way to spend my time

    58% selected this option in 2014 vs 29% in 2013

  • I M M A is


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  • Create an integrated development, marketing, communication and visitor engagement strategy for IMMA. Play a key role in the delivery of IMMAs strategic aims of building new audiences for contemporary art and of creating a strong base of corporate and individual partners to support our ambitious programme. Ensure that IMMAs commitment to ensure a positive experience for all our audiences is met.


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  • Felix Gonzales-Torres at IMMA, Photo courtesy of @thatsorlatoyou

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