is cheating wrong?

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Is cheating wrong?. Should we help people who are starving in other countries?. Is it ever right to go to war?. Is it right for a woman to have an abortion?. Morality in the Modern World. Starter Morality is………………………………. Morality in the Modern World. This part of the course has 2 areas . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Is cheating wrong?

1Should we help people who are starving in other countries?

Is it ever right to go to war?

Is it right for a woman to have an abortion?

Morality in the Modern World

StarterMorality is.

Morality in the Modern WorldThis part of the course has 2 areas.Area 1: The Relationship between Religion and Moral Values.Area 2: Medical Ethics

Morality in the Modern WorldMorality: from the Latin Moralis concerned with which actions are right and wrong and the reasons people give for choosing to act the way they do.Ethics: from the Greek ethikos, meaning character, custom or usage concerned with the customary way to behave in society. Nowadays these terms are used interchangeablyHow Moral' are the Following People?Number the following people between 1-10. 1 = They have a very good sense of Morality (Are Good)10= Poor Sense of Morality (Are Evil)

How Do We Make Moral Decisions (Decide what is right or wrong?)In Pairs Complete the Following Brainstorm. How Do People Make Moral Decisions?

A Difficult Moral Decision - You Decide! -

A Ship has hit a massive rock in the Atlantic Ocean and has capsized. The ship is on the verge of going under.

The Lifeboat is in the water ready, but there is a problem. There are 6 people on the ship but the Lifeboat can only take 3 people or would go under. As Captain you need to decide what is the Moral thing to do and who to save. The 6 People are:1. You (Captain)2. A Mother of three3. A Doctor4. A Pregnant Female Criminal5. An Elderly Man6. A Teenage Girl

What Are You Going To Do?Why did you decide what you did?

How did you come to your final decision?

Youre close to a breakthrough with a new medical treatment, but to complete your work you must carry out some particularly slow and painful experiments on animals. What do you do?

The parents of a car crash victim allow their sons body to be used for transplants, but only if the parts go to white patients. Do you accept their condition?

The building you are in is on fire you are trapped in a room with one of your parents who is incapable of getting out unaided and a scientist who has the cure for a major disease. Who should you save the one you love or the one who could cure millionsWhat would happen if another person you love has the disease the scientist has the cure forInstructionsRead pages 3-5 in your Morality book

Try all questions to be finished for Thursday.