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This presentation about getting a higher education with pros and cons . For More Info Visit My Live TV Website: Regards


Is Having a Degree Important? - Pros and Cons

Is Having a Degree Important?Pros and Cons

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Why degree is important and why notWhat are pros and cons having a degree or notWhat are the reasons to get a degree or not to get a degreeWhat are the careers securedAny health benefits of getting a degree

Having A Degree


Higher Earning PotentialLower Blood Pressure and StressHealthier Lifestyle ChoicesJob SatisfactionJob Stability


Cost a lot of moneyTakes three to four years to get bachelor degreeTakes five to six years to get masters degree

Not having a degree


Start work earlier Do not have to pay for college


May not get Paid as muchLess job opportunitiesLess benefits

Higher Earning Potential

Lower Blood Pressure and Stress

According to BMC Health Department A high level of education has been linked to lower blood pressure.

The Carnegie Mellon University Psychology department published a report in 2006 that college degree holders have lower levels cortisol, which is a stress hormone , compared to less education people.

Healthier Lifestyle Choices

The health benefits don't stop at lower blood pressure and stress.

College grades are also less likely to smoke and more likely to exercise compared to high school grades, according to the College Board report, Education Pays 2010 USA.

Job Satisfaction

Since we spend most of our lives working, it makes sense that how we feel about our work can greatly affect us.

People with a higher level of education are more satisfied in their jobs than people who only have a high school diploma, according to the College Board's 2010 Education Pays report USA.

Job Stability

Consider a career as a registered nurse, air traffic controller, lobbyist, public school teacher, accountant, college professor, or federal judge. These careers were considered to have the best job security during the recession.


Degree has more importance but some apprehensions also available.

Selection of study before start College or University course is very important because most of these institutions more focus on earning business without transfer a reasonable materials to students according to Sageer Shahzad 2013.What are the job options available in the market keep eyes on Getting a degree could make your life better instead of hardly making it you can live well, but thats only if you apply yourself

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