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  • In 2013, users spent 55% of their time with online retail on a mobile device, surpassing desktop browsing.



    50% of users who searched for a local store on their smartphones visited the store within 24 hours.

    74% of users are more likely to return to a mobile-friendly site.

    Users are 5 times more likely to abandon sites that arent mobile optimized.

    Avoid software that isnt common to all mobile devices (like Flash)

    Have content t to a screen to avoid zooming or horizontal scrolling

    Use text that is easily readable

    Space out links so that users can correctly tap the one they want


    67% of users are more likely to buy a product if a site is mobile friendly.

    In that same year, 31.3% of global Internet trac to North American sites came from mobile devices. 31.3%

    A Google survey found that:


    GOOGLEAccording to Googles recent update,a good mobile site should:

    Click to callLinks to social media proles

    Large, easily accessible buttons

    Quick access to contact information

    THE IDEAL MOBILEEXPERIENCE FOR USERSSome common features consumerslook for in a mobile-friendly site include:

    Fast page load (5 seconds or less)

    Limited pinching and scrolling

    As the world becomes more mobile-centric, search engines like Google are leading the charge. Googles recent update, dubbed by some as Mobilegeddon, reinforced the importance of having a web experience optimized for mobile users and is penalizing those sites

    that dont. Easily presenting users with the information they desire at their desk or on the road will benet your bottom line.

    This is a continuing trend that shows that mobile devices arent secondary anymore: they are central to how people shop and

    navigate the web. Mobile is part of our future, and creating the right infrastructure is part of supporting that future.

    Googles Push Towards A More Mobile Friendly Web Experience

    Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?



    Over 85% of the global population has access to a mobile phone.

    This amount is more than the combined revenue of music, movie, ISP service, and cable television industries.

    Wi-Fi Only - Connected only to unlicensed Wi-Fi access points and available Wi-Fi networks

    Mobile Only - Connected only to licensed-spectrum mobile networks

    On-the-go mobility (when driving/walking)

    Remote area coverage for places where Wi-Fi is inaccessible

    QoS/security (for video conferencing/voice)

    Mobile Maximum (Max), Wi-Fi Minimum (Min) - Mainly connected to licensed-spectrum mobile networks with limited Wi-Fi network connection for capacity and coverage

    Wi-Fi Maximum, Mobile Minimum - Connected mainly to unlicensed Wi-Fi networks with limited licensed mobile connection for the following:

    Global smartphone use has exceeded 1 billion.

    In 105 countries, mobile devices outnumber people.


    While Google is the current search giant, its recent changes point to a larger mobile trend.

    This push toward a more mobile web increases the demand for greater infrastructure and more mobile network operators to support it. In 2011, revenue from global mobile data services reached $320 billion.

    To support these changes, networks could evolve to support four forms of connected device:

    Mobile maximum, Wi-Fi minimum is the most feasible of these options, providing mobile network operators with:

    Low cost service Access to new services

    Connections to new Wi-Fi devices

    For all mobile operators, delivering true mobility involves converged network architecture that combines licensed and

    unlicensed access.

    Greater coverage Ease of use

    Minimal purchase of expensive spectrum

    An enhanced customer experience using existing infrastructure

    For the end user, this strategy allows for:

    To nd experienced, knowledgeable personnel to build and improve your mobile networks infrastructure for the future, visit

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