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• Non-profit association comprising PhD students Post-Doctoral fellows and Scientific collaborators

• In the fields of Computational Biology

• Members from Swiss institutions

• Support of faculties and SIB

• Focusing on networking and career development in computational biology

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ISCB-RSG-CHprojects and aims• Increase Networking

among students in Computational biology

• Invite prominent personalities for seminars

• Organize socio-scientific events

• Inform students about job opportunity/ internship

• Promote bioinformatics

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RSG Switzerland on the WEB

• Facebook• LinkedIn• Web Site• Twitter

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Benefits of being part of the RSG Switzerland

• Develop communications skills• Develop organization skills• Meet PI, Corporate people, Post-docs and

other Phd Students from the field in Switzerland and abroad.

• Gain visibility for your future career • Work within a motivated team

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