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  • Isle of Wight Level 2 SFRA (2018)


    Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions UK Limited – October 2018

  • 2 © Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions UK Limited

    Draft - see disclaimer

    October 2018

    Doc Ref. 41017-C005-Draft IoW Level 2 SFRA

    Report for

    Chris Mills

    Planning Policy

    Seaclose Offices

    Fairlee Road


    Isle of Wight

    PO30 2QS

    Main contributors

    Sam Bray

    Ben Thomas

    Peter Duffel

    Issued by

    Sam Bray


    Approved by

    John Rampley-Clarke



    12th Floor, 25 Canada Square,

    Canary Wharf,

    London, E14 5LQ,

    United Kingdom

    Doc Ref. 41017-C005-Draft IoW Level 2 SFRA

    Draft report disclaimer

    This report has been prepared in a working draft form and has

    not been finalised or formally reviewed. As such it should be

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    Third party disclaimer

    Any disclosure of this report to a third party is subject to this

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    Document revisions

    No. Details Date

    1 Draft for comment 26-10-18

  • 3 © Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions UK Limited

    October 2018

    Doc Ref. 41017-C005-Draft IoW Level 2 SFRA


    1. Introduction 5

    1.1 Scope of the Level 2 SFRA 5

    1.2 Flood Risk and Planning Policy 6

    1.3 Isle of Wight Level 2 SFRA Context 7 Level 1 SFRA 7 Level 2 SFRA 7

    1.4 SHLAA process – Selection of the 14 Level 2 SFRA Sites 7

    2. Level 2 Site Assessments 9

    2.1 Sources of information 9

    2.2 SFRA Level 2 Approach 9 Overview 9 Level 2 Factsheet Structure 10

    3. Supporting the Application of the Exception Test 12

    3.1 The Exception Test 12 Application of the Exception Test 13 Passing the Exception Test 13

    3.2 Allowing for Climate Change 13 Climate Change and River Flows 13 Climate Change and Peak Rainfall Intensity 16 Climate Change and Sea Level Rise 16

    3.3 Site-Specific Flood Risk Assessments 16 Use of SuDS 17

    Table 1.1 Sites for Assessment in Level 2 SFRA 8 Table 2.1 SHLAA Site-Specific Assessment Factsheet locations 9 Table 3.1 Flood Risk Vulnerability and Flood Zone ‘Compatibility’ 12 Table 3.2 South East River Basin District – Peak River Flow Allowances (using a 1961 to 190 baseline) 14 Table 3.3 Flood Risk Vulnerability Classifications 14 Table 3.4 Application of Peak River Flow Uplifts Based on Flood Zone and Development Vulnerability 15 Table 3.5 Peak Rainfall Intensity Allowance in Small and Urban Catchments (use 1961 to 1990 baseline) 16

    Appendix A IPS027 - Former Flamingo Park, Oakhill Road, Seaview Appendix B IPS035 - Green Gate Industrial Estate, Thetis Road, Cowes Appendix C IPS055 - 6-8 George Street, Ryde Appendix D IPS077 - Former Sandham Middle School Site, Perowne Way, Sandown Appendix E IPS078 - Test Centre site, 23 Medina Avenue, Newport Appendix F IPS117 – Land rear of High Street, Whitwell Appendix G IPS135/217 - Land north of Perowne Way Appendix H IPS138B - Land on the south-west side of Buckbury Lane, Newport Appendix I IPS150 - Westridge Cross Dairy and land to the north of Bullen Road, Ryde Appendix J IPS215 - Manor Farm (West Field), Wellow

  • 4 © Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions UK Limited

    October 2018

    Doc Ref. 41017-C005-Draft IoW Level 2 SFRA

    Appendix K IPS342 - Land off Gunville Road, (west) Newport Appendix L IPS350 - Buildings at Lee Farm, Wellow Appendix M IPS371 – Newport Harbour

  • 5 © Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions UK Limited

    October 2018

    Doc Ref. 41017-C005-Draft IoW Level 2 SFRA

    1. Introduction

    This section of the report describes the scope of the Level 2 SFRA, the organisation of the

    data in the Level 2 SFRA and directs the reader to the relevant sections and appendices,

    according to the needs of the reader.

    1.1 Scope of the Level 2 SFRA

    National planning policy is set out in the NPPF1, published by the Government in 2012 and revised in 20182.

    The NPPF is accompanied by online Planning Practice Guidance (PPG), published in 20143, which provides

    further guidance on specific issues such as flood risk. The NPPF and NPPG supersedes PPS25 and its

    associated planning practice guidance. The scope of the Isle of Wight Level 2 SFRA has been aligned to meet

    the specific requirements of the Isle of Wight Council as established in 2018 and it is guided by the guidance

    provided in the PPG.

    The Isle of Wight Council has performed a rigorous and stringent application of the Sequential Test using the

    2010 SFRA. The Sequential Test has been carried out by the Council alongside other site suitability

    assessments to identify which of the SHLAA (Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment) sites should be

    progressed to site allocation. The application of the Sequential Test resulted in sites identified as being

    wholly or partially within a zone of flood risk being discounted. The exception to this rule is where the sites

    were in brownfield areas and/or regeneration areas. Under these exceptional circumstances the sites have

    been ‘tagged’ for consideration as part this more detailed Level 2 assessment.

    Within a Level 2 SFRA the PPG advocates the need to assess the flood risks associated with flood defence

    failure in areas benefitting from defences, and to quantify flood hazards in terms of velocities, depths, rates

    of onset and duration. The quantification of flood hazards in this way requires detailed hydraulic modelling

    to be undertaken, to inform the recommendations for safe and sustainable development which adequately

    manages future increases in risk owing to climate change. This additional detail is only required in a Level 2

    SFRA when the Level 2 SFRA is making recommendations for safe development in the areas of flood risk. The

    scope of this Level 2 SFRA excludes additional hydraulic modelling as the SFRA only provides

    recommendations for safe development by developing areas outside of zones of tidal and fluvial flood risk.

    Where the Level 2 SFRA cannot recommend safe development of a site, through the principle of avoidance,

    the site has not been identified as being suitable for residential development without further site-specific


    The Structure of the Level 2 SFRA is as follows:

     Section 1 – Introductory Section describing the scope of the assessment, provides an

    outline of the context of the Level 1 AND Level 2 SFRA and describes the origin of the 14

    SHLAA sites in the SFRA

     Section 2 – Describes the Level 2 assessment process, the sources of information

    underpinning the assessment and the structure and form of the Factsheets in Appendices A

    to M.


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