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    CONTROVERSIAL architect Michael Green grabbed the attention of the huge audience at the Wood Solutions Fair in Toronto last month when he proclaimed: Wood is the most technologically advanced building material in the world.Warming to the subject at the fair on November 20 he added: Architects are stuck in a glass and steel mindset; man-made materials are nowhere near as good as what Mother Nature has made.Mr Green wonders why sticking solar panels on the roof of a concrete or steel building is considered green when the

    actual building is made of materials that are not.He says the culture of concrete peaked in 1929 with Swiss architect Corbusier and steel

    in 1950 with German-American architect Mies Van Der Rohe.Now is the time for wood, he declared.


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    Now its time togrow our homes

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    An incredible new generation ofwood buildings changes thinking

    Michael Geen .. architects are stuck in a glass and steel mindset.

    This issuE

    VAFI awards recognise service to industry

    Queensland delivers timber industry plan

    Katter stalks the green monster

    Agreement an opportunity or just a sham?

    Ta Ann to stay in industry

    Forest industry bullied by governments


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    iNDusTRY NEWs

    ForestWorks performsa range of industry

    wide functions acting as the channel

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    On a guided path .. timber industry plan will drive new demand for wood products.

    QUEENSLANDS forest and timber industry plan will be presented to the Forestry Minister John McVeigh in Caboolture this week.The plan will be delivered on December 6 by the chief executive of Timber Queensland Rod McInnes at a special event at the Caboolture sawmill of Carter Holt Harvey Woodproducts Australia.Mr McInnes is chair of the forest and timber industry plan working group formed to develop a plan that will meet industrys needs and could be considered for adoption by government and industry.The group comprises representatives from Timber Queensland, key industry stakeholders and the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.Recognising the need to secure and cultivate the future of Queenslands forest and timber industry, Queensland Premier Campbell Newman identified the development of the plan as one of the initiatives in the governments six month action plan: July-December 2012.Mr McInnes said the plan aimed to drive the growth and sustainability of the forest and timber industry by maximising the use of Queensland-grown wood fibre to produce innovative wood and timber products for a range of cost

    effective, energy efficient and low carbon footprint uses.Sustainable management and expansion of the states plantation estate, and sensible commercial utilisation of native forests, will be encouraged to supply the forecast long-term demand growth for wood and timber products in a range of markets, he said.It will also establish a supportive environment to encourage investment in worlds best practice and competitive plantation estates and timber processing facilities that will provide sustainable employment opportunities for a well trained, career focused workforce across a range of regional communities.The Caboolture event will also be attended by Andrew Powell, Minister for Environment and Natural Heritage, Lisa France, Assistant Minister for Natural Resources and Mines, Chris Hay, chairman, Timber Queensland, Warwick Temby, executive director, Housing Industry Association, and Brian Farmer, chief executive of HQPlantations, who was recently elected a director of Timber Queensland representing forest growing and management.A report on the event will appear in the next issue of Timber&Forestry enews.

    group ready topresent plan forindustry growth

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    THE Tasmanian Forest Agreement created a new opportunity for the state and its forest industry, the chief executive of the Tasmanian Forest Contractors Association Ed Vincent said.It has the potential to change the way which Tasmania and particularly the forest-based businesses are viewed by financiers and investors, Mr Vincent said.A forestry peace deal agreed to by industry, union and environment groups last Thursday should end the states forest wars protecting half a million hectares of forest from logging.In return, the legislated quota of sawlogs will be cut to 137,000 cub m a year and Forest Industries Association of Tasmania chief executive Terry Edwards says 395,000 ha will be reserved immediately and the balance in March 2015.But the state Opposition points to a division within the Forest Industries Association of Tasmania and criticism from the Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association.Premier Lara Giddings said she would not hear a bad word against Terry Edwards.In State Parliament she read

    out a letter from Timber Communities Australia, the only signatory to the intergovernmental agreement yet to formally sign off on the deal.In the letter, TCA chief executive Jim Adams promised to strongly recommend his members support the deal at two consultation meetings scheduled early this month.Ms Giddings said the agreement was the right thing to do for families and the Liberals alternative would result in a far worse situation

    for the forestry industry.The Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke says the deal has the makings of something extraordinary.Mr Burke told the National Press Club that after being disappointed when it appeared that the talks had fallen apart some weeks ago, he now had new optimism.I think we have the makings of something quite extraordinary, we are heading towards something that is a unique win for jobs in Tasmania and that has conservation benefits

    many people thought were not possible, he said.Key points of the forestry peace are: 137,000 cub m of high quality sawlog available for industry. More than 500,000 ha of new reserves created. Immediate reservation of 395,200 ha. A further 108,800 ha reserved by 2015, if peace deal holds. Extra 20,000 ha designated as once-off logging; 1,200 ha log-of-last resort zone. 38,000 ha placed in specialty craft and timber zone.Opponents of the peace process believe the agreement is a sham that offers no security to the forest industry.Liberal Senator Richard Colbeck says a federal Coalition government would tear up proposed reserves in the interests of the industry.Theyve basically been bullied into this, theres no question that thats the case, he said.The Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Associations Jan Davis says reduced sawmilling capacity will hurt private growers.This will probably be the death knell not only for us, but for other parts of the industry, she said.

    The case for an against on new peace deal

    Forest agreement an opportunityfor Tasmania or is it just a sham?

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    ThE TAsmANiAN sAgA

    Peace deal .. contractors see a new opportunity for the state and its forest industry.

    Tasmania needs to have a long, hard look at the social, economic and environmental consequences of the

    peace deal Jan Davis

    Tony BurkeJan DavisLara GiddingsTerry EdwardsEd Vincent

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    The Earth grows our food; the earth can grow our homes. Its an ethical change that we have to go through.But innovation in architecture is incredibly slow, he says. The building codes are not performance based, so change takes years, and we have to change societys perception of what is possible.Michael Greens work is a testament to wood; he has used a clever combination of large panels of laminated strand lumber in the atrium in the North Vancouver City Hall. This material would normally be cut up for lintels and beams.He told the Wood Solutions Fair: Engineered structural timber materials with many applications have emerged from the realisation that we can chop wood up and glue it back together; that we can use the fibre, which is the basis of wood, to its best advantage.For example, we used jumbo sheets of