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Weekly news for the Timber and forestry Industries


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    IN a strategic move to prevent Tasmanias forest conflict spreading to the mainland, logging contractors have shifted administration of their peak body to the trouble-torn island state.

    The Tasmanian Forest Contractors Association

    and the Australian Forest Contractors Association have restructured in a management arrangement covering both organisations.

    The move, announced by TFCA chair Karen Hall, and AFCA chair Ian Reid, has come about as a consequence of ongoing

    re-structuring of the forest Industry across Australia and has led to a review of staffing within both organisations.It also recognises that much forest Industry policy is now nationally based, with major issues including biomass,

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    issuE 257 | 18.02.13 | PAgE 1

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    New directions for supply chain responsibility

    Digging trenches

    Treatment standards under review

    Festival heralds opening of Forte

    NZ plantations under health surveillance High dollar frustrates gains in NZ Understanding the behaviour of timber Hoo-Hoo clubs celebrate 50 years

    THis issUe

    Restructure in Tasmania .. harvesting contractors take more aggressive stand.

    Logging contractors regroup in Tasmania

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    A WIDE representation of Australias major players in the timber preservation industry chose Valentines Day to express their love for wood at meetings in Brisbane on September 14 but they demonstrated that the love goes deeper when the product is durable and treated properly.Two separate events, one a Queensland Timber Treaters Group forum, and another a national council meeting of the Timber Preservers Association of Australia, confirmed the industrys concerns that poorly treated wood is entering the market and could lead to premature failure, particularly in structural situations where a 50-year life is implied by standards.Industry self-regulation and deficiencies in some standards dominated discussions as the sector flies without a parachute after the recent repeal of the NSW Timber Marketing Act and the abolishment of the Queensland law before it TUMA, the Timber Utilisation and Marketing Act.

    The industry now has no alternative it must bite the bullet and police quality assurance under a single association or treaters must embrace third party certification schemes individually. Many are doing this.Governments will no longer take costly responsibility for the industrys quality standards.Twenty-seven participants in the Brisbane treaters forum, initiated by Timber Queensland, clearly agreed there are deficiencies in the industry standard AS/NZS 1604 (specification for preservative treatment).The meeting returned to proposals by the AFPA solid wood technical committee on ways to improve the durability performance of treated products.These included projects to improve durability performance with reference to life design standard AS1720.5, and the undertaking of a major review of AS1604.

    iNDusTRY NEWs

    standards underreview at treatertalks in Brisbane

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    Former grid-iron player and noted wood scientist Dr Ronald Clawson from Kop-Coats Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, laboratories (centre), meets up with Phil Burke, TPAA president, and Dr Harry Greaves, chairman of the TPAA technical committee, at the TPAA national council meeting in Brisbane.






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    to develop and maintain a skilled

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    bioenergy, carbon farming and new generation forest products being firmly in the national policy arena.There will be significant resource sharing, including the position of CEO, who will provide services to all members of both organisations.Former Victorian and Tasmanian forest contractor Colin McCulloch will assume the joint role of CEO as AFCA administration shifts from Canberra to Launceston.Ed Vincent, who held the TFCA CEO position for three years during intense involvement in the Tasmanian Forest Agreement talks, has resigned.The AFCA/TFCA will be based at the TFCA Kings Meadows office and will be supported by TFCA administration staff.The new direction for supply chain responsibility was agreed to by board members of both organisations who look forward to continuing the necessary harvest, haulage and silviculture representations at all levels throughout Australia into the future.Its a modernisation program which could be coded as a total restructure, Colin McCulloch told T&F enews from Launceston.The decision to join forces reflects the industrys present position and allows harvesting contractors to take a stronger, united lead in both national and local issues.Weve got to do things differently and take a more aggressive approach to the supply chain in our sector.In Tasmania, weve been up to our necks in it since the start of the process and weve got to stop these conflicts from spreading to the mainland.Mr McCulloch, who has been with AFCA since its formation

    in 2002, said the political landscape required the new approach.Theres a lot of time for policy debate by all sides of politics now that the prime minster has announced a September 14 election date eight months out, Mr McCulloch said.That leaves quite a gap for the federal government to appease any demands from the Greens, so weve got to be on top of all this.Julia Gillard made the election announcement during a speech to the National Press Club on January 30, setting the stage for the longest election campaign in the nations history. The Prime Minister said her early announcement would allow business and consumers to plan their year. But it was also a challenge to the Opposition to deliver policy detail sooner than it might want.Serving a full three-year term was also a condition of support from the Green and independent MPs who enabled the Australian Labor Party to form a minority government after the 2010 federal election. This agreement was to ensure some political stability after an indecisive election result.

    Ms Gillard will advise the Governor-General to dissolve the House of Representatives and issue writs on Monday, August 12, for the September 14 election.Opposition Leader Tony Abbott welcomed the announcement and said the election would be about trust.The coalition is ready, he said.The Tasmanian Forests Intergovernmental Agreement was designed to support the forest industry to progressively transition to a more sustainable and diversified footing and to build regional economic diversity and community resilience.Signed by the Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Tasmanian Premier Lara Giddings on August 7 last year, the landmark agreement aimed to provide certainty for Tasmanias forestry industry, support local jobs and communities, and protect the states ancient forests.But Coalition forestry spokesman Senator Richard Colbeck has said the so-called forest peace deal had imploded after just two days in Tasmanias upper house inquiry.Senator Colbeck said it had

    become painfully clear that the forest IGA would not deliver a sustainable, conflict-free Tasmanian forest industry.

    The Coalition has said every step of the way that this deal was a sham and that it would not deliver a sustainable, conflict-free forest industry for Tasmania, he said

    All of the rhetoric, all of the rationale for this deal has been about peace. All along the Coalition has said this would not be achieved and now even those who were supposed to be delivering peace are saying it will not happen.

    It is time for the grand fraud being perpetrated on the Tasmanian community to stop.

    Meanwhile, Forestry Tasmania chairman Bob Annells has described the Japanese market as ``on a knife edge at a parliamentary committee hearing.

    Mr Annells was part of a delegation organised by its biggest contract holder Ta Ann Tasmania that visited Japan to brief customers on the progress of the forestry peace agreement.

    Mr Annells said the clear message from Ta Ann customers was ``fix it once and for all or we walk.

    Forestry Tasmania supports the legislation with some conditions.

    ``To do nothing in the face of our declining market and absolute proof ... that this market is capable of being destroyed, it will get a lot worse very quickly.

    Mr Annells also revealed he had met with Infrastructure Minister David OByrne to discuss increasing log exports from southern Tasmania and to develop a plan to move processing residues.

    Contractors take stronger, unitedstand