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Weekly news for the Timber and Forestry Industries


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    Jolly Medal recognises work of forest scientist Timber imports:

    making it legal in China

    Structural plywood comes out of the shadows

    Report confirms rigour of certification schemes

    This issuE

    FOREST growers in New Zealand have delivered a clear yes vote in favour of a compulsory commodity levy on logs and other forest products.The Forest Voice referendum, which closed on March 29, recorded overwhelming support for the levy which will be used to fund activities that benefit all forest owners.The interim results show there is substantial support from forest owners, both by area of forest and numbers voting, for the proposed work program and the levy that will fund it, Forest Growers Levy Trust chairman Geoff Thompson said.

    Some final postal votes are still being counted and some ambiguous votes are to be clarified, but these will not affect the outcome of the poll. The final vote count will be released once it has been considered by the trust board, which met last Friday.The president of the NZ Farm Forestry Association (NZFFA) Ian Jackson said although voting was over, and it would seem there was overwhelming support for the levy, this was just the first stage.Now we need to convince the minister that there was enough

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    Growers vote yeson NZ forests levyFunding basis for research to achievehigher yields and better quality timber

    Levy mission .. improving genetics and growing healthier trees.

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    QUEENSLANDS largest plantation company HQPlantations is seeking expressions of interest to secure log supply contracts from parties interested in investing in and operating efficient wood processing facilities in the states southeast.The offer represents a rare opportunity to be involved in a sustainable plantation based forest industry in utilising high quality southern pine and Araucaria timber resources, chief executive Brian Farmer said.He said the supply offer was part of Operation Epoch, a project initiated in late December designed to market all of the available log supply beyond 2015-16.HQP has been working with domestic processors and in international markets to potentially indentify proponents to come forward and purchase its logs.The key goals for us are to sell all of the wood domestically; add value to the resource; and create jobs through increasing sales of resource to our available level of harvest, Mr. Farmer saidAt the moment, we are not cutting at our full capacity because of some mill closures. We could be creating more jobs now if we had more domestic processing capacity.The project emphasises the recognition of the companys resource through AFS and FSC chain of custody options.We obviously want stability within the regional communities through allocation of resource to quality existing and new customers.Mr Farmer said the term quality

    referred to companies that had good, competitive processing facilities within their mills so their cost of production was equal to the best in the world.Were not talking about scale here, about a million-tonne mill, but how the timber is processed at a unit cost of production that allows industry to compete well against imports or compete successfully on the export market, he said.

    HQPlantations has an availability of 2 million cub m of wood annually. About 1.5-1.6 million cub m is southern pine, the balance Araucaria (hoop pine).With the Araucarias, we have up to 100,000 cub m per annum of pruned appearance grade logs, Mr Farmer said.HQ Plantations has gone to the broader market and has talked with domestic markets on how it may participate in the opportunity.Queensland is a great place to invest and we have and will continue to do so, Mr Farmer

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    Search for qualitybuyers of HQPsplantation timber

    Brian Farmer .. creating stability within regional communities.

    2 million cub m of logs on offer

    See notice, Page 8

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    RESPECTED forest scientist Dr Sadanandan Nambiar was today (Monday) awarded the Institute of Foresters of Australias highest and most prestigious honour the Norman W. Jolly Medal.The award was announced by IFA president Rob de Fgely at the institutes national conference, being held in Canberra.A former CSIRO scientist and Canberra resident, Dr Nambiar was doubly honoured when he was invited to present the Maxwell Ralph Jacobs Memorial Oration to more than 170 conference delegates.Dr Nambiar is an eminent forest scientist internationally recognised as a leader in research on sustainable productivity and management of forests.His multi-disciplinary approach to this complex science and committed advocacy to sustainability has had a profound impact upon efficient, science-based plantation management in Australia and overseas.Through his work, Dr Nambiar promotes the sustainable management of Australian forests as a balancing act that needs long term goals, and attention paid to soil and water health, biodiversity and landscape values.Internationally, Dr Nambiar has been a tireless advocate of the potential of man-made forests, agro-forests and woodlands as land use systems that can foster both economic prosperity and environmental benefits for society.Dr Nambiar is widely recognised as a science leader and a generous mentor by colleagues in Australia and internationally. He remains an active honorary

    fellow in CSIRO Ecosystems Sciences in Canberra, spending significant time supporting forestry in developing countries championing sustainable forestry to promote rural development and poverty alleviation.Dr Nambiar has previously received a number of prestigious awards in the USA, from the Commonwealth Forestry Association (CFA) and from the International Union of Forest Research Organisations (IUFRO) which recognised Dr Nambiar as a pre-eminent Australian forest scientist of contemporary times.He was also recently awarded a medal by the government of Vietnam for his service to the countrys forestry and rural development.He is a prolific writer and his findings are contained in more than 100 publications,

    reports, books, proceedings, monographs and numerous keynote addresses.It is entirely fitting that a Canberran be awarded the honour of presenting the Maxwell Ralph Jacobs Memorial Oration at the national IFA conference in the year that we are celebrating the Centenary of Canberra, Rob de Fgely said.The late Dr Maxwell Ralph Jacobs, also a long-term Canberran, was one of Australias most distinguished foresters. At the time of his retirement in 1970 he was the director- general of the Forestry and Timber Bureau having worked in the public service for 44 years. He died in Canberra in 1979. This organisation later became CSIRO Forestry Research where Dr Nambiar started his long term work.Dr Nambiars Maxwell Ralph

    Jacobs Memorial Oration is titled Forestry dialogues: where has the wood gone?

    In his oration, Dr Nambiar argues that sustainable management of native forests and planted forests and much greater use of wood for multiple purposes provide a way out of poverty for rural people in developing countries.

    He also argues that Australia as both a forest rich (in per capita terms) and the highest per capita CO 2 emitting nation has a major responsibility and opportunity to harvest and use more wood from our forests for building rural economies, reduce imports and make a meaningful contribution to climate change mitigation.

    Dr Nambiar further argues that the sustainable use of forests and conservation are not opposing values, but that they are mutually supporting objectives at large scales.

    Despite these opportunities and good science to back this, he fears that the absence of this recognition, myopic vision and politics are driving states such as Tasmania to needless economic and social pains. Tasmania has one major advantage, the forestry advantage.

    Tasmanians should and can use their natural and renewable resources, sustainably, to re-build their future, he says.

    The IFAs biennial national conference is being held at The Rex Hotel, Canberra, from April 7 to 11. A report on the conference will appear in the next issue of Timber & Forestry enews.

    Dr Sadanandan Nambiar .. highest recognition at Canberra conference.

    Eminent forest scientist takesIFAs most prestigious award

    Jolly Medal presented to Dr Sadanandan Nambiar

    Australia has a major responsibility and opportunity to harvest and use more wood

    from our forests for building rural economies, reduce imports and make a meaningful

    contribution to