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  • 1. The Value ofUtilizing aReputable ITRecruitmentAgency in London5 Main BenefitsShould youengage an ITrecruitmentagency InLondon, or usein-houserecruitingstaff?

2. There are quite a number ofbenefits that come withengaging a recruitment agency.Nonetheless, the mainadvantages are as follows. 3. One of the leading advantages of using an IT agency during a recruitment exercise is experience.Naturally, considering recruitment is the firms main activity, they will be prolific in the tasksthey under take.The skill base in HR departmentsin many companies is limited dueto maintaining the same staff formany years. 4. One fact that is well known is that hiring a qualified and suitable individual is not an easy task.In fact, it is becoming harder to find experience and qualified professionals.This makes it a much more competitive market place for sourcing only the bestemployees. Letting a recruitment agency take-up the role of finding that right staff cansave lots of time. 5. Hiring a competent andskilled agency does notcome cheap. The number ofinterviews a prospectiveemployee has to attend hasincreased. As a matter offact, some positions mayrequire three to fourinterviews, this adds toadministration in turnadding to overall costs. 6. Recruitment agencies pridethemselves on having a largenetwork or prospective companieslooking to hire. They will also have adata bank of many prospective jobseekers. 7. Hiring of new employees or staff members should not be takenlightly, the exercise should not take too much of your time oreffort. The cost should also be kept to a minimum. One of themost effective approaches is letting a reputable IT recruitmentagency handle the job search or if youre an employer you searchfor the right candidate. 8. 020 7734 7444162-168 Regent Street,217 Linen Hall, LondonW1B