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<p>Italy</p> <p>12345678910</p> <p>12345678</p> <p>ItalyCreated byMr. Raponi</p> <p>Landscapes of ItalyThe Alps tower over Northern Italy, separating the country from France, Switzerland and Austria</p> <p>The __________________ mountains run down the center of the Italian Peninsula.</p> <p>There are two major islands off of the coast of Italy that are part of Italy, </p> <p> ___________________ and </p> <p> ____________________. </p> <p>Landscapes II________________, one of the worlds most famous volcanoes, rises 11,122 feet on Sicilys eastern coast.</p> <p>The ______________ is Italys longest river. It stretches for over 400 miles.</p> <p>AgricultureYear-round </p> <p> _________________ has made northern Italy very productive.</p> <p>Farmers grow wheat, corn, rice and grapes.</p> <p>Italy is one of the worlds major </p> <p> _______________ producing countries</p> <p>IndustryMost manufacturing is in the Northern Po River Valley in the cities of </p> <p> _________________ and </p> <p> _________________.</p> <p>An important port city of Italy is named </p> <p> ____________________.</p> <p>Workers produce cars, machinery and chemicals.</p> <p>The Developing SouthSouthern Italy is poorer and less developed than Northern Italy.</p> <p>The regions volcanic and clay soils are good for growing citrus fruits, olives and grapes.</p> <p>Southern Italy benefits from a steady stream </p> <p> of _______________.</p> <p>The People2/3 of Italys </p> <p> ________________ people live on only one quarter of the land. Mountains take up much of the country.</p> <p>Many Italians have moved from the poorer south to the northern areas.</p> <p>Italys PastFor hundreds of years, Italy was the heart of </p> <p> _______________ civilization.</p> <p> The _________________, based in Italy, influenced the government, arts and architecture of Europe.</p> <p>The __________________, took place in Italy in the 1500s, and was a period of great achievements in the arts.</p> <p>A DictatorshipFrom the 1920s to the early 1940s, dictator </p> <p> ___________________ ruled over Italy.</p> <p>He became a supporter of Adolf Hitler and pulled Italy into World War II where they were defeated.</p> <p>A Country, Inside of the Capital?Vatican City is a landlocked country whose territory consists of a walled enclave within the city of Rome. the capital city of Italy. </p> <p>At 110acres, and with a population of around 900, </p> <p>it is the _________________ country in the world by both area and population. </p> <p>Vatican City is the home of the leader of Christianity, </p> <p>the ___________________. He is the leader and head of the country. </p> <p>Italys CapitalItalys capital, </p> <p> ________________, is known as the eternal city.</p> <p>There are several historical ruins, ancient monuments and beautiful churches.</p> <p>__________ of Italys population live in cities and towns.</p>