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Enjoy our summer Day Camps, Nature and Sports Camps. Check out the Itasca Waterpark, newly renovated Itasca Historical Depot Museum with a 1939 Milwaukee Road Caboose and much more!


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Programs &Events

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ItascaPaParrk k DDististrriiccttWaterparkWaterpark

Don’t Miss These

UpcomingEvents� Green Day Itasca . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sat • May 3� Waterpark Opens . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sat • May 24� Memorial Day Parade. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mon • May 26� Itasca Dance Recital . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sat • Jun 7� Itasca M.A.R.K.E.T. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sat • Jun 14� H20 Nights . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sun • Jun 8 & 22� Itasca Concert Series. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Every other Wed starting Jun 11� H20 Nights . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sun • Jul 6 & 20� ItascaFest . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jul 10-13� ItascaFest 3on3 Basketball Tourney. . . Jul 11 & 12� IPD’s 50th Birthday Bash . . . . . . . . . . . . Fri • Jul 25� H20 Night . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sun • Aug 3� National Night Out . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Tue • Aug 5� Oktoberfest . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sep 5 & 6

Waterpark Opens Saturday, May 24!

� loop trail

� baseball field

� skate nodes

� soccer field

� picnic shelter

� bocce court

� volleyball court

� two half-court basketball courts

� baggo court

Improvements include:

ThePeacockParkRenovationProjectwill take place thissummer!An OSLAD Grant in the amount of $396,200 awarded by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources will provide 50% of the project funding.

Hours of OperationWeekends: May 24-Sep 1Sat & Sun . . . .11:30am–6:30pm**

Weekdays: Jun 2-Aug 12M-F . . . . . . . . .9:30am–12pm

(zero-depth only)

M-F . . . . . . . . .12:30–1pm(Pool Pass Holders only)

M/W . . . . . . . . .1–5pm, 6:30–8:30pm*

T/TH . . . . . . . . .1–5pm, 7–8:30pm

F . . . . . . . . . . . .1–5pm, 6:30–8pm

* Closed at 5pm on June 25, July 2 and 4.

**Delayed open until noon on June 14, June 21 and July 12.

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3General Information

Board of CommissionersLinda Aiani (1994-2019) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . President

Dave Hansen (2001-2017) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Vice President

Dan Kompanowski (1995-2015) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Secretary

Jeff Craven (1997-2017) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Commissioner

Keith McClellan (2013-2019) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Commissioner

Itasca Park District Board MeetingsThe Park Board meets the third Monday of eachmonth at 6:00pm. All meetings are held at theItasca Recreation Center, 350 E. Irving ParkRoad. The public is welcome to attend. If youhave a park problem, suggestion or if youwould like to observe how the Park Districtoperates, we encourage your attendance.

StaffMaryfran Leno . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Executive Director of Parks and RecreationChristine Kelly . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Superintendent of Finance, HR and ITBeth Rodriguez . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Public Relations SupervisorJennifer Benitez . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Registrar

RecreationJoe McCann . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Superintendent of RecreationLori Neubauer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Fitness ManagerChris Carling . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Nature & Recreation SupervisorKatie Mendez . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Recreation SupervisorAngela Rini . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Aquatics & Facility SupervisorHarry Vyhnanek . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Athletic SupervisorAngela Houghton . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Museum Curator


Phil Johnson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Superintendent of Buildings & ParksDave Mack . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Parks & Building LaborerCorey Eisenmann . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Parks & Building Laborer

Park District FacilitiesRecreation Center Fitness Center Itasca Waterpark Springbrook Nature Center Historical Depot 350 E. Irving Park Road 350 E. Irving Park Road 100 N. Catalpa 130 Forest Ave. 101 N. Catalpa Ph.# 630-773-2257 Ph.# 630-773-2257, ext. 115 Ph.# 630-773-1213 Ph.# 630-773-5572 Ph.# 630-773-3363 FAX # 630-773-4524 FAX# 630-773-4524

Sports Hotline Ph.# 630-616-7558

Registration Monday-Friday 8am-9pm* Need Help After Hours?Office Hours Saturday 9am-5pm Visit our website at Sunday 9am-4pm *Effective Jun-AugClosed: May 26, Jul 4, Sep 1

Enjoy our new sliding door entrance for greater ease in accessibility.

RegistrationBegins Monday,

May 5


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Itasca Park Districtwww.itascaparkdistrict.com4 Table of Contents

Please contact:Maryfran Leno, CPRPExecutive Director of Parks and Recreation

E-mail: [email protected]: 630.773-2257, ext. 111

our recreational programs and facilitiesFor more information about...

Special Events. . . . . . . . . 6-8

Trips . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9

Summer Day Camps 22-26

Depot Museum . . . . . 20-21

Itasca WaterparkBirthday Parties . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11Hours & Daily Admissions . . . . . . . . . . . 10Private Swim Lessons . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16Season Passes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10Special Events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11-12Swim Lessons . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14-15Swim Team & Dive Instruction. . . . . . . . . 13Waterpark Rentals . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10

PreschoolJunior Kindergarten . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30Kids Klub Babysitting. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31Kid Rock . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31Lunch Box Bunch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31Preschool . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30Tiny Tikes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30Tot Rock . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31

Kids KornerBirthday Party Packages . . . . . 11, 19, 21, 29Dance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33Glitzy Girlz Summertime Spa . . . . . . . . . 32Kids Run Club . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32Lights, Camera, Action . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32Magic Class . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32Pre-Engineering with Lego WeDo Robotics . . . 32

Open Gym . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35

Special Services . . . . 45, 55

Nature ProgrammingAnimal Visitors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18Beautiful Butterflies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18Birthday Party Packages . . . . . . . . . . . . 19Boy & Girl Scout Programs . . . . . . . . . . 19Creek Walk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19Dissecting Owl Pellets . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19Feathered Friends . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18Game Day . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19Huckelberry Finn Fishing Trip. . . . . . . . . . 18Nature A, B, Cs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17Nature Journeys . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18Nature Madness Pajama Party . . . . . . . . . 17Postcards from the Field . . . . . . . . . . . . 17Real Life Pokemon. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17Scavenger Hunt . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18S’mores Campfire! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18Springbrook Birthday Party Packages . . . . . 19Stargazing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19Teddy Bear Tea Party . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18

Sports GaloreAdult & Tot Soccer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36Adult & Tot Sports Stop . . . . . . . . . . . . 36Archery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36Dad & Me Fun with Football . . . . . . . . . 36Fencing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37Gymnastics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38-39Junior Golf Lessons . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36Karate . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36Little Sluggers T-Ball . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37Open Gym . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35Soccer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34Sports ‘n’ Stories . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36Tennis Lessons . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37

‘Tween/Teen SceneDodgeball Tournament . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41End of School Year Bash . . . . . . . . . . . . 40Filthy Fun . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40Game Pazzo Teen Trip . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41Hollywood Park Teen Trip . . . . . . . . . . . 41Indiana Dunes Trip . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41Safe Sitter Training Course . . . . . . . . . . . 40Six Flags Great America Trip . . . . . . . . . . 40Teen Cage Dance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40-41Teen Weight Training. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50

Adult ProgrammingBallroom Dancing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42Fencing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42Golf Lessons . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42Men’s Softballl League. . . . . . . . . . . . . 42Men’s Softballl Tournaments . . . . . . . . . . 42Fall Softball League . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43

Active AdultsChicago Architectural River Cruise . . . . . . . 44Illinois Holocaust Museum & Lunch . . . . . . 44Itasca Senior Citizens Club . . . . . . . . . . . 44Lomar Events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44Mackinaw Valley Vineyard Grape Stomp Trip . 44Tribute to Patsy Cline . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44

Fitness CenterAerobic Classes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50Babysitting Service. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31Fitness Assessment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47Fitness Equipment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47Fitness Center Hours . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46Indoor Cycling . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49Itasca Running Club . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48Membership Rates . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46Nutrition Counseling . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49Personal Training. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48TRX Suspension Personal Training . . . . . . . 47

Firearm Concealed Carry Act NoticeThe Firearms Concealed Carry Act, which became state law in July 2013 requires an IllinoisConcealed Carry License in order to carry aconcealed firearm in Illinois. The law forbidscarrying a concealed weapon into govern-ment buildings, schools and parks. As arequirement of the law, Illinois State Policeapproved signs indicating the ban are nowposted at the Itasca Recreation & FitnessCenter and Springbrook Nature Center.

Pursuant to430 ILCS 66/65

Printed on

Recycled Paper

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5General Information

Happy Birthday Itasca Park District!On July 25th, 1964 the Itasca Park District came to be. The referendum had652 ballots, 479 for and 161 against.

12 resident candidates ran for the 5 board positions.

The results were: Victor Dixon-President Floyd Christensen-Vice PresidentMaryann J. Niedert-SecretaryDonald Oberg-TreasurerKenneth A. Irons-Commissioner

On September 8th, 1964 the first board meeting took place at the Village Hall.

In 1966 Washington Park became the first park. In August 1970 the firstbuilding was the “Walter A. Schmidt Park and Recreation Building.”

A $400,000 referendum to build a swimming pool passed on September 19th,1970 by a vote of 675 to 320. The pool opened on May 27th, 1973.

What a difference 50 years can make. We now own 55 acres of land, have 8 park sites, have built and remodeled the Itasca Recreation & Fitness Center, ownand operate the Historical Depot Museum, have an award winning Waterpark, asoftball complex, maintenance facility, the Ray Franzen Bird Sanctuary, an

agreement for use of Hamilton soccer fields,and operate the Springbrook Nature Center.

In 2003 and 2009 IPD won the NationalGold Medal for Excellence in Parks andRecreation. That is the highest award given to park districts in the nation.

All of these accomplishments have come under only 4 Executive Directors that have taken the district towhere it is today. Our current Executive Director,Maryfran Leno, is continuously looking for ways toimprove our facilities, programming, partnerships, parks, andofferings to our residents and patrons. There is alwayssomething in the works.

Everyone is invited to partake in the celebration of our50th birthday on July 25th at the Waterpark. So puton your party hats and get ready to eat cake!

Linda AianiPresident, Itasca Park District Board of Commissioners

Dave MackWelcomeour new

Parks & Building LaborerDave is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Champaign

and has been a part-time IPD employee for 5 years.

Corey EisenmannWelcomeour new

Parks & Building LaborerCorey attended Central College in Iowa and has been

a part-time IPD employee for 8 years.

Maryfran LenoT hankYouExecutive Director20 years

of dedicated service

Dear Itasca Park District Patrons,

Page 6: Itasca Park District 2014 Summer Brochure

Itasca Park Districtwww.itascaparkdistrict.com6 Special Events


Friday, July 25th � 12:30-9pm

Itasca WaterparkCelebrate the 50th Anniversary of the

Itasca Park District with free Waterpark Admission,giveaways, hourly events and games, prizes,

snacks, and a flick & float at night!

Director Kathy Merner


Director Michael Valiga


Director Randy Schawel


Director Maryfran Leno 2004-Current

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7Special Events

Memorial Day ParadeThe Itasca Memorial Day Parade is one of the biggest events of the year! Come alldecked out in red, white & blue on Monday, May 26th. The parade steps off at9:30am at Bryn Mawr and Catalpa. Any group wishing to participate, please contactKatie Mendez at the Itasca Park District by May 5th at 773-2257. A MemorialService will be held immediately following the parade at Usher Park, courtesy of theVFW Post #5167. (KM)

Community-Wide Garage SaleRegister with the Itasca Park District to participate ina community garage sale. This event offers Itascaresidents the opportunity to host a garage sale attheir homes. Each home registered will receive a kitincluding: an apron, signs, price stickers, andballoons. The sale will be advertised in the Daily

Herald. Maps indicating the homes participating in the garage sale will be available atthe Itasca Rec Center and Waterpark beginning Monday, June 9th. The garage salehours will be from 8am-3pm. (AR)CODE DAY DATE TIME

4609-0 Sat Jun 14 8am-3pmFEE: $15/household DEADLINE: Fri Jun 6

Sunday, July 13th � 1-4pm

Sponsored by the � Itasca Park District, � Itasca Lions Club, � Forest View Rehab & Nursing Center

Over 20 organizations will bring you a wealthof wellness information, exams and productsamples. We’ll have something for everyone!

� Nutritional Info � Discounted Fitness Memberships

(day of event)� Blood Pressure checks � Glucose testing � Postural screenings� Raffle for Personal Training

Sessions & Aerobic Cards� Body fat analysis� Free samples & much more!!

17th AnnualItascaHealth Fair2O14Memorial


Ice Cream with the Cops

& FirefightersCome to Usher Park for fun and games with Itasca PoliceOfficers and Firefighters! Free ice cream provided by theItasca Bank & Trust. Don’t miss out on this great event! AGE: All AgesDAY DATE TIME LOCATION

Wed Jul 30 1-2:30pm Usher Park

ItascaFest 3on3 Basketball TournamentEnter a team of three or four to compete in this 3on3 double-elimination tournamentduring the ItascaFest activities. Youth teams will be divided into boy’s and girl’sdivisions according to age. Adult teams may have a different format due to thenumber of teams. Individual trophies will be awarded to 1st and 2nd place. Eachparticipant will receive a T-shirt and drinks. Special registration form is required. (HV) Deadline: Jul 6CODE DIVISION DAY DATE TIME FEE

4620-0 Youth (9-17 yrs.) Fri Jul 11 8:30am $50/team4621-0 Men’s (18 & Older) Sat Jul 12 8:30am $75/team4623-0 Men’s (30 & Over) Sat Jul 12 8:30am $75/teamLOCATION: ItascaFest-Benson courtsWe are looking for volunteers to assist with check-in and also as court monitors. Individualsinterested in helping, please contact the Itasca Park District at (630) 773-2257.

Page 8: Itasca Park District 2014 Summer Brochure

Itasca Park Districtwww.itascaparkdistrict.com8 Special Events

Contact the Itasca Park District at 630-773-2257 for information.

In cooperation with

Park District is offering

at their local park


veterans!program for militarythis unique and free

feringPark District is ofNEDSRA, the ItascaIn cooperation with

t 630-773-2257 fa

tasct the ItaconC

tion.ormaor inft 630-773-2257 f

t istrick Dara Ptasc

with fellow veteransnetwork osocials t

training sessions

district or village

National Night Out 9th Annual Itasca National Night Out

Don’t miss out on this funfamily event! Activities heldat: Itasca Waterpark, Library,Municipal Complex, and FireStation. Enjoy a free raffle,live entertainment, rockclimbing wall, bingo,appetizers, DUI course, PoliceDepartment tours, Touch-a-Truck, and face painting. (AR)AGE: All DAY DATETue Aug 5TIME FEE5pm FREE!

Please contact:Joe McCann, CPRPSuperintendent of Recreation

E-mail: [email protected]: 630-773-2257, ext. 112

For more information on...

the recreation department contact

Concertsat UsherPark or DepotMuseumPark


onsored by the

Jun 11 Classical Blast: Variety of Rock & Pop • Usher Park Jun 25 Generation…The Sixties Experience • Usher Park Jul 9 Pirates Over 40: Caribbean • Depot Museum Park Jul 23 Soda: Cover Band • Usher Park Aug 6 Abba Salute: Abba Tribute Band • Usher Park Aug 20 Timeline: Classic Pop • Depot Museum Park

Join us for a six-concert series every other Wednesday beginningJune 11. Four of these events will be held at UsherPark and two on The Depot Museum Grounds.Come and enjoy music from a variety of bandsfrom the Chicagoland area. Bring lawn chairsand a picnic basket; and get ready to hear somegreat music! The performance will be cancelledif there is inclement weather. This event series issponsored by the Village of Itasca. (CC)

Day: Wednesday � Time: 7-8:30pm Concerts at Usher Park or Depot Museum Park!



Page 9: Itasca Park District 2014 Summer Brochure



Illinois Holocaust Museum & LunchItasca Seniors will spend the day exploring and learning at the Illinois HolocaustMuseum and Education Center. The Museum is dedicated to preserving the legacy ofthe Holocaust by honoring the memories of those who were lost and by teachinguniversal lessons that combat hatred, prejudice and indifference. We will stop at CornerBakery for lunch before heading to the museum for the afternoon. This trip requireswalking around the exhibits; however, wheelchairs are available if necessary. Feeincludes transportation, lunch at Corner Bakery and entrance to the museum. (KM) AGE: 60yrs+CODE DAY DATE TIME FEE4648-0 Mon Jun 30 10:30am-5pm $40/$45LOCATION: Meet at the Itasca Park District MIN/MAX: 8/13DEADLINE: Fri Jun 20

Tribute to Patsy ClineJoin the Itasca Park District and other local Seniors as we travel to StarvedRock and get taken back to the days of Patsy Cline. The talented Mary

Pfeifer will perform Cline’s beautiful ballads and hits from the 50’s and 60’s,like “Crazy”, “I Fall to Pieces”, “Sweet Dreams”, and “Walking After Midnight”. Wewill enjoy a delicious lunch buffet at the famous Starved Rock Lodge, and will stop bydowntown Utica for some shopping and ice cream! Get your cowboy boots out andgrab some friends for a fun trip! (KM) AGE: 60yrs+CODE DAY DATE TIME FEE4640-0 Tue Jul 22 8:30am-5:30pm $45/$55LOCATION: Meet at the Itasca Park DistrictMIN/MAX: 6/13 DEADLINE: Thu Jul 10

Chicago Architectural River CruiseThe Itasca Senior Club invites you to travel to Navy Pier to enjoy a one-hour cruise of thehistoric Chicago River. This tour will showcase over 40 landmarks of modern Americanarchitecture. Afterward we will go to the famous Manny’s Delicatessen where you canenjoy the best corned beef you’ve ever had! Price includes deluxe transportation, andthe tour, lunch is on your own. Registration for this trip is done through the Itasca SeniorCitizens Club. Contact the Itasca Park District for more information. (KM)AGE: 60yrs+DAY DATE TIME FEEThu Aug 14 10am-4pm Senior Club Members: $35 Non-Club Members: $45LOCATION: Meet at the Itasca Park DistrictDEADLINE: Wed Jul 9

Mackinaw Valley VineyardGrape Stomp & HarvestFestival Senior Trip

Join the Itasca Park District as we travel to CentralIllinois for Mackinaw Valley Vineyard’s Annual GrapeStomp and Harvest Festival. There will be wine tastingall day, food available, and live music to enjoy. Wewill also get to see a harvest demonstrationshowing the equipment used in grape processingand winemaking. If you’re feeling adventurous feelfree to “get your feet wet” by actually stomping thewine. There is also a free competition for anyone whowould like to dress up as Lucy Ricardo from “I Love Lucy”.First place winner is $50. Please note that this trip doesrequire walking around the festival. (KM) AGE: 60yrs+CODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4642-0 Sun Aug 31 10am-6:30pm $25/$35LOCATION: Meet at the Itasca Park DistrictMIN/MAX: 8/13 DEADLINE: Fri Aug 22




Recognize a special event or remember a special person for only $75 onthe Itasca Park District Giving Tree! 4 lines of inscription included!

Visit for a form.

Page 10: Itasca Park District 2014 Summer Brochure

*50thAnniversaryRoll-BackRenewal Rates

Itasca Park Districtwww.itascaparkdistrict.com10 Itasca Waterpark

ItascaPaParrk k DDististrriiccttWaterparkWaterpark

ItascaPark DistrictWaterpark

Need a shortcut?

Hours Of OperationOpen: Sat, May 24

Close: Mon, Sept 1

Weekends (May 24-September 1) Sat/Sun . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11:30am-6:30pm**

Weekdays (June 2-August 12)Mon-Fri . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9:30am-12pm (zero-depth only) • Begins June 9 12:30-1pm (pass holders only)Mon/Wed . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1-5pm, 6:30-8:30pm*Tue/Thu . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1-5pm, 7-8:30pmFri . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1-5pm, 6:30-8pm*Closed at 5pm on June 25, July 2 and July 4**Delayed open until noon on June 14, June 21 and July 12

Back to School (August 13-August 29) Weather permitting

Daily AdmissionsWeekdays . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$4 AM Usage/Evenings $6 AfternoonWeekends . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$9 All DayEVERYONE entering the front gate during regular hoursof operation must pay daily admission or present theirseason pool pass.*Children under the age of 2 are free

Waterpark Concession DollarsEliminate the hassle of giving your children money every day and making sure theyhave a safe place to keep it while at the pool – purchase a concessions punch card!Please visit the Itasca Recreation Center to purchase this card for$30. Only your child will be allowed to use their card at the Waterpark concessionstand. Punch cards can be purchased as necessary throughout the summer, but norefunds will be offered for balances left over at the end of the season. (AR)



$2 on Sat/S


with Itasca Park Di

strict Resident

ID Card. (can be ob

tained at

the Itasca Rec Cent


IPD 50th

Birthday Bash

Fri Jul 25



Season Pool Passes April May June R NR R NR R NR

*$155 *$185

Family $165 $195 $180 $210 $190 $220

Individual $85 $100 $95 $110 $105 $120

Senior (60+) $55 $70 $65 $80 $75 $90

Purchase picture ID pool pass beginning April 1st. All season pool pass holders and theirdependents must provide proof of residency/dependency with a utility bill and 2012or 2013 income tax form or birth certificates. A family pool pass includes 2 adults andtheir dependants which reside in that household. Family passes are issued to members of the immediate family only (husband, wife,dependant, non-married sons and daughters) living at the same listed address.Individuals living with residents for the summer may purchase an individual pass butare not considered part of the immediate family. (AR)Closing Policy: The Itasca Park District reserves the right to close the waterpark dueto severe weather, air temperature below 69 degrees, operational difficulties, or lowattendance. No refunds will be given for inclement weather. Concession Stand: Mon-Fri: 1-4:30pm / Sat & Sun: 12-4:30pmSchedule is subject to change. Rules & Regulations: Patrons are expected to follow all rules and regulations asdescribed in the Itasca Waterpark Rules & Regulations booklet. The booklet is availableto all patrons upon request. Anyone unwilling to cooperate with the rules will be askedto leave the waterpark. CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 9 YEARS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED AND DIRECTLY SUPER-VISED BY A RESPONSIBLE PERSON AGE 14 YEARS OR OLDER. Parents/Guardians are responsible for supervising their children. Lifeguards are on dutyto enforce rules and respond in case of an aquatic emergency. Aquatic apparel must be worn while in the water.

Waterpark RentalsHave the Itasca Waterpark all to yourself for the evening! Perfect for company picnics,neighborhood parties, birthdays, church outings, and much more. The Waterpark isavailable: Mon-Thu 8:30-11pm│Fri 8-11pm│Sat & Sun 6:30-11pm Call Angela at (630) 773-2257 to reserve the waterpark today! (AR) 0-50 51-100 Over 100 people people people

Main Pool Only $130 hr $155 hr $180 hrZero-Depth $130 hr $155 hr $180 hrMain Pool & Zero Depth $155 hr $180 hr $205 hrMain Pool & Big Slide $155 hr $180 hr $205 hrMain Pool & Diving Boards $155 hr $180 hr $205 hrMain Pool/Diving Boards/Slide $180 hr $205 hr $230 hr Main Pool/Diving Boards/Drop $180 hr $205 hr $230 hrEntire Facility $205 hr $255 hr $305 hr

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Summer11Itasca WaterparkPrograms&Events

Packages“No Frills” Party ($135)Includes: � 2 hours in reserved party area to eat and open presents.

� Admission for up to 20 people

Standard Party ($200)Includes: � 2 hours in a reserved party area to eat and open presents

� Admission for up to 20 people� Invitations available upon request� Staff members to help run the party

Party Add-Ons: � Goodie Bags $2 each � Food Option $75

� Additional guests are $5 each.� Everyone attending is considered a guest of

the party.� Party does NOT include cake or ice cream,

but you are welcome to bring your own!� Party must be scheduled at least 2 weeks

in advance.� Party will be booked upon receipt of a

contract and full payment.� A 3-day notice must be given to reschedule or

cancel. If cancellation is not given 3 days inadvance, the deposit will be forfeited.Cancellation or rescheduling fee is $15.

� If the park closes due to inclement weather, theparty will be rescheduled at no additional charge.

� Everyone entering the front of the gate isconsidered a guest of the party including grand-parents, parents of the children at the party, etc.

� Upon conclusion of the party, guests arewelcome to stay and use waterpark amenities.(AR)

Availability...Call Angela at

(630) 773-2257 or email at

[email protected] to check availability and schedule your party!

‘Tweens & Teens going into grades 4th-9th are invited to the ItascaWaterpark for an exciting summer series of water, music, and tons on

fun! Bring your friends and a swimsuit! Concessions will be available forpurchase. This event is sponsored by the Village of Itasca. (AR) KIDS MUST PRESENT A PHOTO IDGRADES: 4th-9th DAY DATE TIME

Sun Jun 8 7:30-10pm Sun Jun 22 7:30-10pm Sun Jul 6 7:30-10pm Sun Jul 20 7:30-10pm Sun Aug 3 7:30-10pm LOCATION: Itasca Waterpark



onsored by the

Adult Private Swim LessonsIt’s never too late to learn this important life skill! Whether you are a novice with afear of water, or a more advanced swimmer who would like to develop your stroke, ourexperienced instructors will work with you to meet your goals. Once registered, aninstructor will contact you to arrange times that work for you. (AR)

CODE AGE FEE4154-0 18yrs+ $20 per 30-min lesson

$75 for 4 30-min lessonsLOCATION: Itasca Waterpark

Page 12: Itasca Park District 2014 Summer Brochure

Itasca Park Districtwww.itascaparkdistrict.com12 Itasca Waterpark

WaterparkSpecial Events

Angry Birds Water AdventureJoin the Angry Birds on this exciting water adventure with private use of the zero-depth pool! Crafts and activities will be themed around our favorite birds. This partyincludes dinner and a drink. Please bring a towel and arrive wearing a swimsuit,sunscreen, and a cover-up. (AR)AGE: 4-10yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4143-0 Mon Jun 9 5-7pm $15/$18INSTRUCTOR: Ms. DeniseLOCATION: Itasca Waterpark MIN/MAX: 10/20

High Seas Pirate BrigadeOur adventure begins with pirate games in the grass area including a hunt for buriedtreasure. Using their gold coins, participants can purchase prizes from the PirateGeneral Store while eating their buccaneer dinner! Our adventure is capped off withprivate use of the zero-depth pool! Please bring a towel and arrive wearing aswimsuit, sunscreen, and a cover-up. (AR)AGE: 4-10yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4422-0 Mon Jun 23 5pm-7pm $15/$18INSTRUCTOR: Ms. DeniseLOCATION: Itasca Waterpark MIN/MAX: 10/20

Sweet Treats Pool PartyEnjoy tasty treats while having fun in the sun! Create cupcake and ice cream crafts,play sweet games and build your own sundae. The party includes dinner and a drinkand is finished with the private use of the zero-depth pool. Please bring a towel andarrive wearing a swimsuit, sunscreen, and a cover-up. (AR)AGE: 4-10yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4165-0 Mon Jul 21 5-7pm $15/$18INSTRUCTOR: Ms. DeniseLOCATION: Itasca Waterpark MIN/MAX: 10/20

Little Island Luau BashThis party is the perfect tropical getaway for your little islander. Participants will makea variety of Hawaiian themed crafts. This evening in tropical paradise includes dinnerand a drink and concludes with private time in the zero-depth pool. Please bring atowel and arrive wearing a swimsuit, sunscreen, and a cover-up. (AR)AGE: 4-10yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4423-0 Mon Aug 4 5-7pm $15/$18INSTRUCTOR: Ms. DeniseLOCATION: Itasca Waterpark MIN/MAX: 10/20

Sand Sculpture ContestWhether you’re on a family vacation or just spending a day at the beach… snap apicture of your best sand sculpture and submit it to the Park District by August 1st.Photos can be dropped of at the Recreation Center or emailed to [email protected]. Awards will be given for Best Traditional Castle and Most Original. Pleaseremember to include family name and phone number with your photo. (AR)DEADLINE: August 1

All special events are held at the Itasca Waterpark and regular admission applies unless specified. (AR)

LOCATION: Itasca Waterpark

Rubber Ducky DayTue, Jun 17 1-5PM, Free

Enjoy a day of rubber ducky games, crafts, and activities! The first 50 guests will receive a rubber ducky to take home.

Root Beer Float Nights!Every Thursday starting Jun 12

Bring your float or raft from home to play with in the water and enjoy a root beer float!Fee: $2/root beer float

Cotton Candy WednesdaysWed, Jun 25, 1-4:30PM

Wed, Jul 23, 1-4:30PM

Fee: $2/bag

Hawaiian DayWed, Jul 2, 1-5PM

Join us for a tropical celebration! We will have games, prizes, and lots of fun activities! A door prize will be given to the first 50 guests.

Penny PlungeSponsored by Itasca Bank and TrustTue, Jul 15, 2PM, Age: 12 & Under

Dive for pennies in all depths of the pool! Special coins provided by Itasca Bank & Trust earn a special prize! Bring a pail or bag to help collect all your coins.

National Night OutTuesday, Aug 5, 5PM

9th Annual Itasca National Night OutActivities held at: Itasca Waterpark, Library, Municipal Complex, and Fire Station. A free raffle, live entertainment, a rock climbing wall, bingo, appetizers, DUI Course, tours of the Police Department, Touch-a-Truck, and face painting.

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Summer13Itasca WaterparkPrograms&Events

Junior Lifeguard Training ProgramInterested in becoming a lifeguard at the Itasca Waterpark? Learn and practice CPRskills, water rescue skills, and other key components to lifeguarding. Also, participantswill complete volunteer hours that will give them experience in each area of water-park operations including: shadowing the managers, lifeguards, cashiers, concessionsstaff, and working special events. (AR)


4179-0 Tue/Thu Jun 10-Jul 31 6:30-8:30pm $130LOCATION: Itasca Waterpark MIN/MAX: 4/12

Itasca Dive InstructionJoin Coach Tom for a great summer of Dive Instruction. If you are juststarting out or are very advanced, we can help you reach a higher level. (AR)No class Fri Jul 4


4150-0 Mon/Wed/Fri Jun 9-Aug 1 5-6:30pm $200INSTRUCTOR: Coach TomLOCATION: Itasca Waterpark MIN/MAX: 5/12DEADLINE: Wed June 4

Junior DolphinsAre you not quite ready for the Dolphins Swim Team? This program will get youthere by teaching and perfecting the four competitive strokes, turns, and starts.Junior Dolphins is recommended for swimmers who are ready to work ondistance, endurance, and safety. Jr. Dolphins must be able to swim the length ofthe pool independently. (AR)AGE: 6-15yrs CODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4162-0 Mon/Tue/Thu Jun 16-Jul 28 9-9:45am $95LOCATION: Itasca WaterparkREGISTRATION: Friday, May 2 from 5-9pm at Itasca Rec CenterDEADLINE: May 26*All swimmers 10 & under and Jr. Dolphins must attend evaluations onTuesday, May 27 from 5-6pm.

Itasca DolphinsSwim TeamJoin this fun activity that includes theentire family! Daily practice, 10dual meets, championship meet,and many special events areincluded. Members must be ableto swim at least one poollength of freestyle andbackstroke. Meets are heldWednesday evenings andSaturday mornings. The teamrequests parent assistance in running home swim meets and training is provided. Bustransportation will be provided one way from the Itasca Waterpark to away swim meets.It is the parents’ responsibility to make arrangements fortransportation home from the meets. (AR)AGE CODE(M) CODE (F) 8 & Under 4160-1 4161-1 9-10 yrs 4160-2 4161-2 11-12 yrs 4160-3 4161-313-14 yrs 4160-4 4161-415-18 yrs 4160-5 4161-5 LOCATION: Itasca WaterparkREGISTRATION: Friday, May 2 from 5-9pmDEADLINE: May 26

All swimmers

10 & under and

Jr. Dolphins

must attend evalua


on Tuesday, May


from 5-6pm at the


Page 14: Itasca Park District 2014 Summer Brochure

Itasca Park Districtwww.itascaparkdistrict.com14 Itasca Waterpark

RegistrationItasca Residents Only: May 5-12Itasca and Medinah: May 13-19Open Enrollment: May 20Early Bird Fees: May 5-May 31, after May 31 theregular fees apply*Medinah pool pass holders will receive resident rates for swim lessons

Swim Lessons The program offers a curriculum that encourages participants to succeed and developskills. Swim lessons provide an enjoyable learning experience, teach participants how tobe safe in and around the water, and give them a lifelong skill that every person shouldknow. Check each level to choose the correct placement for your swimmer. Instructorsreserve the right to place the participant in the class best suited to his or her ability.Additionally, it is not uncommon for participants to spend more than one session in acertain level; please remember this when registering your child for multiple sessions. (AR)

Drop-Off GuidelinesParents should bring their child to the pool deck and remain with him/her until theinstructor has arrived. Once their child is with his/her teacher, parents shouldproceed to the designated viewing space which is located in the concession area orup on the ramp. The last day of class, parents are able to view the class on the deckto see what their child has learned. Thank you for your cooperation.

Adult Private Swim Lessons � See page 11

Tiny Tots Ages: 3-5 • Ratio 1:5

Swimmers will be taught to respect and enjoy water, not fear it. Class environmentincludes basic skills: blowing bubbles, arm strokes, bicycle kick, getting head wet,supported back and front float, and swimming alone with a flotation device. (AR)

Jr. Journey Ages: 3-5 • Ratio 1:5

This class is perfect for those who are comfortable in the water and ready to beginlearning structured swimming skills, but not quite ready for Journey lessons.Participants will graduate from the zero-depth pool to the main pool to prepare forJourney Level 1. (AR)

Journey Ages: 5-15 • Ratio 1:7

Level I – Water Exploration

Focuses on supported front and back floating, beginner arm movements, introduction tosafety skills, supported kicking on front and back, fully submerging face, and more.

Level II – Primary Skills

Introduces unsupported floating with kicks, rhythmic breathing, front crawl, back crawlorientation, holding breath underwater, and more.

Level III – Stroke Readiness

Includes improving skill competency, deep water work, elementary backstroke, treadingwater, front and back crawl, front and back glide and more.

Level IV: Stroke Development

Provides a solid reinforcement of the foundational strokes, including breaststroke,sidestroke, and more.

Level V: Stroke Refinement

Includes a review of breaststroke, backstroke, and sidestroke. Butterfly and surfacedives are introduced.

Level VI: Stroke Proficiency

Flip turns and endurance training are the main objectives of this level.


Bird Fees

May 5-May 31

Parent & TotAge: 1-3yrs with parent or adultLOCATION: Main Pool – Itasca Waterpark MIN/MAX: 6/16 RATIO: 1:8


4109-1 Jun 9 - Jul 2 Mon/Wed 11:45am-12:15pm $27/$32/$37 $32/$37/$424109-2 Jul 7 - 30 Mon/Wed 11:45am-12:15pm $27/$32/$37 $32/$37/$424110-1 Jun 10 - Jul 3 Tue/Thu 5:15-5:45pm $27/$32/$37 $32/$37/$424110-2 Jun 10 - Jul 3 Tue/Thu 6-6:30pm $27/$32/$37 $32/$37/$424110-3 Jul 8 - 31 Tue/Thu 5:15-5:45pm $27/$32/$37 $32/$37/$424110-4 Jul 8 - 31 Tue/Thu 6-6:30pm $27/$32/$37 $32/$37/$42

For more information on...

our aquatics and facility contactPlease contact:Angela RiniAquatics and Facility Supervisor

E-mail: [email protected]: 630-773-2257

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Summer15Itasca WaterparkPrograms&Events

EarlyBird FeesMay 5-May 31

Days 10-10:40am 10:50-11:30am 5:15-5:55pm 6-6:40pm

Tiny Tots (ages 3-5) • Zero-Depth Area • Ratio: 1:5

Session 1 • 6/9-6/19 Mon-Thu 4111-1 4112-1

Session 2 • 6/23-7/3 Mon-Thu 4111-2 4112-2

Session 3 • 7/7-7/17 Mon-Thu 4111-3 4112-3

Session 4 • 7/21-7/31 Mon-Thu 4111-4 4112-4

Session 5 • 6/10-7/3 Tue & Thu 4111-5 4112-5

Session 6 • 7/8-7/31 Tue & Thu 4111-6 4112-6

Session 7 • 6/10-7/31 Tue & Thu 4111-7 4112-7

Days 10-10:40am 10:50-11:30am 5:15-5:55pm 6-6:40pm

Jr. Journey (ages 3-5) • Main Pool • Ratio: 1:5

Session 1 • 6/9-6/19 Mon-Thu 4114-1 4115-1

Session 2 • 6/23-7/3 Mon-Thu 4114-2 4115-2

Session 3 • 7/7-7/17 Mon-Thu 4114-3 4115-3

Session 4 • 7/21-7/31 Mon-Thu 4114-4 4115-4

Session 5 • 6/10-7/3 Tue & Thu 4114-5 4115-5

Session 6 • 7/8-7/31 Tue & Thu 4114-64115-6

Session 7 • 6/10-7/31 Tue & Thu 4114-7 4115-7

Days 10-10:40am 10:50-11:30am 5:15-5:55pm 6-6:40pm

Journey (ages 5-15) • Main/Well Pools • Ratio: 1:7

Session 1 • 6/9-6/19 Mon-Thu 4116-1 4117-1

Session 2 • 6/23-7/3 Mon-Thu 4116-2 4117-2

Session 3 • 7/7-7/17 Mon-Thu 4116-3 4117-3

Session 4 • 7/21-7/31 Mon-Thu 4116-4 4117-4

Session 5 • 6/10-7/3 Tue & Thu 4116-5 4117-5

Session 6 • 7/8-7/31 Tue & Thu 4116-6 4117-6

Session 7 • 6/10-7/31 Tue & Thu 4116-7 4117-7

Lesson Fees EARLY BIRD

Session 1-6 (R/M/NR)

Tiny Tots/Jr. Journey $49/$54/$59 Journey $45/$50/$55

REGULARSession 1-6 (R/M/NR)Tiny Tots/Jr. Journey $54/$59/$64Journey $50/$55/$60

EARLY BIRDSession 7 (R/M/NR) Tiny Tots/Jr. Journey $87/$92/$97 Journey $81/$86/$91


Session 7 (R/M/NR)Tiny Tots/Jr. Journey $92/$97/$102Journey $86/$91/$96

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Itasca Park Districtwww.itascaparkdistrict.com16 Itasca Waterpark

Semi-Private Swim LessonsNine 1-hour classes AGE: 3-5yrs, 5-15yrs MIN/MAX: 4/16 RATIO 1:4 FEE UNTIL MAY 31 REGULARCODE LEVEL DAY DATE TIME R/M/NR FEE R/M/NR FEE

4180-0 Tiny Tots Sun Jun 8-Aug 3 6:30-7:30pm $80/$85/$90 $85/$90/$95

4181-0 Jr. Journey Sun Jun 8-Aug 3 6:30-7:30pm $80/$85/$90 $85/$90/$95

4182-0 Journey Levels 1-6 Sun Jun 8-Aug 3 6:30-7:30pm $80/$85/$90 $85/$90/$95

Private Swim LessonsBegin week of June 16Get a more personalized approach with our private swim lessons! These one-on-one30-minute lessons are tailored to meet your personal needs. We will assign aninstructor for you on the first day of the session. Requests for specific instructors are accepted, but not guaranteed. (AR)

Specialty Private Lessons Specialty Private Swim Lessons may be purchased and scheduled outside of the regularlyscheduled Private Lessons times. For inquiries regarding private swim lessons, contact

[email protected].

Private Morning Lessons

Mon Wed Time

4134-1 4134-2 9:15-9:45am

4135-1 4135-2 9:45-10:15am

4136-1 4136-2 10:15-10:45am

4137-1 4137-2 10:45-11:15am

4138-1 4138-2 11:15-11:45am

4139-1 4139-2 11:45am-12:15pm

4140-1 Sun 10:30-11am

Private Evening Lessons

Tue Thu Time

4144-5 4144-6 5:15-5:45pm

4145-5 4145-6 5:45-6:15pm

4146-5 4146-6 6:15-6:45pm

Fees1 lesson $203 lessons $556 lessons $100LOCATION: Itasca Waterpark

AGE: 3-15yrsCODE: 4141-0 LOCATION: Itasca Waterpark

FEES1 lesson $203 lessons $556 lessons $100

Page 17: Itasca Park District 2014 Summer Brochure

Register for all Nature Center programs at the Itasca Rec Center.

Real Life Pokémon Animals make some amazing transformations as they get older. Learn what it reallymeans to “evolve,” and take a look at some animals that make Pokémon-likechanges during their life cycles. Kids will make crafts and play a game. (CC)AGE: 5-10yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE 4333-0 Mon May 19 6-7pm $7/$9INSTRUCTOR: Mr. Andy MIN/MAX: 6/12LOCATION: Nature Center

Postcards from the FieldWe’ll head out on a nature hike to observe wildlife. Then we will return to the naturecenter to make postcards about what we saw. Bring the address of someone whowould like to receive a postcard. Remember, grandparents, cousins, friends and penpals all love getting mail! (CC)AGE: 5-10yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE 4341-0 Mon Jun 2 6-7pm $7/$9INSTRUCTOR: Mr. Andy MIN/MAX: 6/12LOCATION: Nature Center

Nature Madness Pajama PartyWho doesn’t love a PJ Party? Wear your PJ's and bring your favorite blanket and stuffedanimal. Together we will watch nature-themed movies, munch on snacks, and enjoyrelated crafts, activities, and games. You might even get to see a live critter! (CC)AGE: 5-10yrs CODE DAY DATE TIME THEME FEE 4420-1 Fri Jun 6 6-8pm Under the Sea $14/$164420-2 Fri Jun 20 6-8pm Jungle Book $14/$164420-3 Fri Jul 18 6-8pm Bugs, Bees & Butterflies $14/$16INSTRUCTOR: Ms. Denise MIN/MAX: 6/15LOCATION: Nature Center

Nature’s ABC’sExplore the alphabet through nature by scavenging the Nature Center grounds. Wewill make an ABC book out of the things we find and incorporate the sounds of theletters with our search. New letters will be addressed each session. (CC)AGE: 3-6yrs CODE DAY DATE TIME FEE 4366-0 Mon/Wed Jun 9-25 9-10am $42/$54INSTRUCTOR: Ms. Wendy MIN/MAX: 6/10LOCATION: Nature Center


17Nature Programming

Need a shortcut?

For more information about...

Nature Programming and Preschool Please contact:Chris Carling (CC), CPRP Nature & Recreation Supervisor

E-mail: [email protected]: 630-773-2257, ext. 125

� Animal or Nature Magazines� Beads / buttons� Firewood� Large Pinecones

� Bubble Wrap� Deer antlers� Laundry Detergent � Yarn

Donations Requested

ThinkGreenReuse Recycle

SpringbrookNature CenterLocation:130 Forest Ave.Itasca, IL 60143630/773-5572

Building Hours:Apr-MayT/Th 4-7pm Sat/Sun 11a-5p

Memorial Day-Labor Day M-F 2-7pm Sat/Sun 12-5pm

We are no longer able to accept injured wildlife.

Nature Center RentalsHave your event at the Nature Center! Rent the classroom, the Picnic Shelteror campfire ring for a fun and unique event. Please fill out a Room RentalRequest Application and turn it in to the Rec Center Front Desk. We will workwith you to schedule a date. (CC)For more information please call Chris at 630-773-2257.

Page 18: Itasca Park District 2014 Summer Brochure

Itasca Park Districtwww.itascaparkdistrict.com18 Nature Programming

Nature JourneysCome experiences some of Springbrooks’ most endearing and fascinating

animals! Discover a new animal each week, as we journey through the Nature Centerwildlife. Our hands-on class features stories, crafts, games and activities about thesedifferent critters. We will also go on an exciting journey out to its habitat whilelearning a few facts. The program ends with drawing a picture in our Nature Journalsso we can share our adventures. (CC)AGE: 3-6yrs CODE DAY DATE TIME FEE 4353-0 Tue Jun 10-Jul 15 1:30-2:30pm $42/$54INSTRUCTOR: Ms. Enza MIN/MAX: 6/8LOCATION: Nature Center

Scavenger HuntJoin us on our very own hunt inside and out of the nature center, participants will bedivided into two groups and will have to explore for both natural and man-madeobjects all throughout. At the end there will even be a short lesson of what’s “green”and not, and what kinds of things could be made out of recyclables. (CC)AGE: 7-12yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4441-0 Wed Jun 11 4-5:30pm $10/$13INSTRUCTOR: Ms. Michelle MIN/MAX: 6/12LOCATION: Nature Center

Feathered FriendsJoin us on a nature walk as we use our Bird Guides to identify which birds live at theNature Center. Learn some fun bird facts, and make several different bird feeders tohelp feed our feathered friends. A craft, story and game will round out the class! (CC)AGE: 3-7yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4923-0 Thu Jun 12 3-5pm $14/$16INSTRUCTOR: Ms. Denise MIN/MAX: 6/12LOCATION: Nature Center

Animal VisitorsSome animals live their whole lives in our area, but others only visit every once in awhile. Take a look at the species that migrate during the year, as well as non-nativespecies that have decided to call Illinois their home. Kids will make a craft and enjoyother activities. (CC)AGE: 5-10yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4434-0 Mon Jun 16 6-7pm $7/$9INSTRUCTOR: Mr. Andy MIN/MAX: 6/12LOCATION: Nature Center

S’mores Campfire!Gooey, warm and chocolaty, no spring season would be complete without an eveningaround the campfire with s'mores. The name comes from what every camper says thefirst time they have s'mores: "Can I have some more of those?" Come join us andlearn about some nocturnal animals while eating s’mores. (CC)AGE: All ages (age 8 and under must be accompanied by paying adult) CODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4996-0 Thu Jun 19 7-8:30pm $10/$13LOCATION: Nature Center MIN/MAX: 10/20

Huckleberry Finn Fishing TripEnjoy an old fashioned adventure! Hike with us through the woods to find a perfectbranch for your fishing pole. You will have the chance to make and decorate yourown pole. We will then search for worms before heading to the creek to try our luckat catching fish. Bring a sack lunch, water bottle and wear sunscreen. (CC)AGE: 6-13yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4927-1 Tue Jun 24 2:30-4:30pm $14/$164927-2 Tue Jul 29 2:30-4:30pm $14/$16 INSTRUCTOR: Eric Whitney MIN/MAX: 6/12LOCATION: Nature Center

Beautiful ButterfliesJoin us at the nature center while we observe and learn all about the wonders ofbutterflies, there will be games, crafts, and even a nature walk to look at thesebeautiful creatures in their natural habitat. (CC)AGE: 4-9yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4499-0 Thu Jun 26 3-4:30pm $10/$13INSTRUCTOR: Ms. Michelle MIN/MAX: 6/12LOCATION: Nature Center

Teddy Bear Tea PartyBring your favorite stuffed animal for tea party at the nature center. First we'll singsongs and read stories with our favorite stuffed animal, then have a snack and makea craft together. We will end the class with a game of hide and seek with our stuffedpals. (CC)AGE: 3-7yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4924-0 Thu Jul 17 6-7pm $7/$9INSTRUCTOR: Ms. Denise MIN/MAX: 6/15LOCATION: Nature Center


Page 19: Itasca Park District 2014 Summer Brochure

We offer a fun, educational alterna-

tive to the usual birthday party. Our

parties include a naturalist-led

program and a party room at the

Nature Center. Call Chris at

(630)773-2257 for more

information. (CC)

Choose from one of the following:� Treasure Hunting for Geodes $215 Want to have the coolest birthday party in town? Join us as we searchfor a geode, an ordinary-looking rock which, when split apart, reveals agem-like treasure of sparkling quartz hidden inside. Experience themystery of holding a million-year-old fossil in the palm of your hand asyou learn how they are formed. Each child will make their own fossiland will receive their own unique geode.

� Creek Walk $175

Splash around as you have the unique opportunity to use nets andbuckets to explore the life in the creek. Catch fish, crayfish, tadpoles andmore? End the creek walk with a fun craft.

� Astounding Animals $175

Springbrook has its very own team of superheroes; animals with amazingabilities that any X-Man would envy. Be ready to have a super time aswe play games, meet live animals, and make a craft to take home.

� Bug Safari $175

We will journey forth into the wilds of the prairie in search of creatureswith 6, 8, 10, 100 legs or more! Go where no one has gone before…under leaves and over logs, exploring for these elusive creatures.

Nature CenterBirthdayPartyPackages


19Nature Programming

Creek WalkIn this program you will have a unique opportunity to use nets and buckets to explore lifein the creek. Find out who lives in and around Springbrook Creek before you try your skillsat catching fish, crayfish, tadpoles, frogs, and more! Wear old clothes and closed-toedshoes that you don’t mind getting dirty and wet (no flip flops or crocs), and we’ll take youto the depths of Springbrook Creek. Limited spaces are available, so register early. (CC)AGE: 5-12yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4925-1 Wed Jul 16 2:30-4pm $8/$104925-2 Wed Jul 30 2:30-4pm $8/$10 LOCATION: Nature Center MIN/MAX: 6/15

Game DayJoin us for an afternoon full of fun and games. Activities will be held both inside andoutside for all ages. Rain or shine this is going to be a fantastic event. (CC)AGE: 6-12yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE4453-0 Thu Jul 24 3-5pm $14/$18INSTRUCTOR: Ms. Michelle MIN/MAX: 6/12LOCATION: Nature Center

Dissecting Owl PelletsWhat's an owl pellet? Owls cough up pellets containing parts of the prey they can’tdigest such as bones and fur. Using tweezers and toothpicks, we will pick apart thepellets to locate and identify animal bones. Our pellets are clean and safe to handle!Their dissection is a great way to learn about an owl's diet and discover how foodchains work in nature. (CC)AGE: 5-12yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4438-0 Wed Aug 6 11:30am-12:30pm $7/$9LOCATION: Nature Center MIN/MAX: 6/12

StargazingLook, up in the sky! It’s a bat, it’s an owl; no, it’s constellations! Learn all about thestars and the cool pictures they form. Discover how to recreate the night sky in yourown living room, and then head outside for a look at seasonal constellations. (CC)AGE: 6-12yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4428-0 Fri Sep 12 7-8pm $7/$9INSTRUCTOR: Mr. Andy MIN/MAX: 6/12LOCATION: Nature Center

Troop leaders, we offer fun and educational Boy & Girl Scout classes throughout the year at Springbrook.Classes are for established Troops. Programs are interactive and designed to teach an awareness and appreciation for the environment while fulfilling requirements for the achievements, electives, and badges listed on our website Call Chris at (630)773-2257 for more information. (CC)


Page 20: Itasca Park District 2014 Summer Brochure

Itasca Park Districtwww.itascaparkdistrict.com20 Depot Museum

Please contact:Angela HoughtonMuseum Curator

E-mail: [email protected]: 630-773-3363

For more information on...

Historical Depot Museum contact

Register for Depot Museum Programs at the Itasca Rec Center

Depot DiscoveriesCome and enjoy some crafts, shows and stories related to the theme! Sign up for allfour. (AH)AGE: 4-7yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE THEME

4987-1 Thu May 1 4-5pm $8/$10 Dinosaurs4987-2 Tue May 6 4-5pm $8/$10 Disney4987-3 Tue May 13 4-5pm $8/$10 Nature4987-4 Thu May 22 4-5pm $8/$10 Circus TrainDEADLINE: Apr 28, May 2, May 9, May 18 MIN/MAX: 6/12LOCATION: Depot Museum

HogwartsJoin us for an afternoon of fantasy and fun including games, stories, magic tricks, andmore! (AH)AGE: 5-12yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4951-0 Tue May 27 4-5:30pm $14/$16DEADLINE: Fri May 23 MIN/MAX: 6/12LOCATION: Depot Museum

Scooby Doo’s JourneyLet’s follow Scooby Doo on one of his wild adventures! We will watch a show, readsome stories, and create some Scooby crafts! (AH)AGE: 4-7yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4952-0 Tue Jun 10 4-5:30pm $9/$11DEADLINE: Sun Jun 8 MIN/MAX: 6/12LOCATION: Depot Museum

Movie at the MuseumJoin us as we watch a movie at the Museum. Enjoy snacks, stories, and crafts. Feelfree to wear your favorite PJs and bring a blanket! (AH)AGE: 5-12yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE MOVIE

4426-1 Fri May 30 6-8pm $14/$16 Balto4426-2 Fri Jun 13 6-8pm $14/$16 Fievel Goes West4426-3 Fri Aug 1 6-8pm $14/$16 FrozenDEADLINE: May 28, Jun 11, Jul 29 MIN/MAX: 6/12LOCATION: Depot Museum

Train TimeCome and enjoy some crafts, snacks, and stories related to the theme, and a take atrip to the orange caboose! Sign up for all three. (AH)AGE: 3-7yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE THEME

4988-1 Thu Jun 12 4-5pm $8/$10 Adventure Train4988-2 Tue Jul 15 4-5pm $8/$10 Caboose Capers4988-3 Tue Aug 5 4-5pm $8/$10 Dr. SeussDEADLINE: Jun 9, Jul 11, and Aug 1 MIN/MAX: 6/12LOCATION: Depot Museum

Dairy at the DepotMoo! Come and learn allabout the ‘rich’ history ofdairy in Itasca. We willmake butter, enjoy crafts,and maybe even samplesome cheese! (AH)AGE: 5-10yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4953-0 Sat Jun 14 4-5pm $7/$9DEADLINE: Thu Jun 12 MIN/MAX: 6/12LOCATION: Depot Museum

Memorial Day-Labor Day

Tue/Wed . . . 10am-3pmThu . . . . . . . . 3:30-8:30pmSat/Sun . . . . 10am-3pm

Current Exhibit: “The Track,the Depot and the Town: A Railroad in Itasca”Next Exhibit: Jun 15-Sep 15:“Brooks, Bridges, and Wetlands-Itasca’s Water History”

Depot Museum & Caboose Hours:

Page 21: Itasca Park District 2014 Summer Brochure


21Depot Museum

Brick BonanzaBricks, bricks, bricks! Many buildings in Itasca are made of bricks! But where dothey all come from? Learn about the history of brick-making in Itasca, play a game,and make your own toy bricks to take home. (AH)AGE: 4-7yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE4961-0 Wed Jun 18 4-5pm $8/$10DEADLINE: Fri Jun 13 MIN/MAX: 6/12LOCATION: Depot Museum

Mom & Daughter Quality TimeEnjoy a nature walk, snack, fancy toast, nail painting, and lots more Mom-Daughterfun! (AH)AGE: 5-12yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE4962-0 Sun Jul 27 1-3:30pm $20/Pair ResidentDEADLINE: Wed Jul 23 $4 Extra Resident ChildMIN/MAX: 6/12 $22/Pair Non-ResidentLOCATION: Depot Museum $5 Extra Non-Resident Child

Talking TelegraphLearn about all of the diverse ways people have learned to communicate over time,and see a real telegraph in action! You’ll get a chance to create your own messages,play with the telegraphs, and make a fun craft. (AH)AGE: 5-12yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE4963-0 Tue Jul 29 4-5pm $7/$9DEADLINE: Sun Jul 27 MIN/MAX: 6/12LOCATION: Depot Museum

Terrific Trains & Homestyle History CampLove trains? Are you curious about the mysteries of Itasca and Chicago and how theyare linked? Come join us for fun adventures, crafts, stories, and more! (AH)AGE: 5-10yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE4964-0 Mon-Fri Aug 4-8 1-2pm $30/$35DEADLINE: Fri Jul 25 MIN/MAX: 6/12LOCATION: Depot Museum

Civil War Day Event – Free!Take a look at the Illinois home front 150 years ago. Learn about the largeprisoner-of-war camp located on the south side of Chicago. Talk to guards fromthe prison, women from the area, and maybe even a prisoner or two. ‘Whileaway the time’ with music, games, and good old-fashioned conversation. (AH)AGE: AllDAY DATE TIME FEE

Sat May 24 1-5pm FreeLOCATION: Depot Museum Grounds

World War II Fox River Trolley TripRemember our Veterans this summer during the 70th Anniversary of WorldWar II by attending the Fox River Trolley Museum's "RAILS TO VICTORY"WWII Living History Reenactment. Experience a WWII military encampment,view Period Battles on the banks of the Fox River, be a fan at an actual USHome Front Baseball game with the Rockford Peaches made famous in the1992 Tom Hanks and Geena Davis film, "A League of their Own", and ridethe museum trolleys into occupied France to experience the suspense anddrama of the heroism of the American Allies. Please pack a lunch. (AH)AGE: AllCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4686-0 Sat Jun 7 10am-2pm $25 Adult/$20 Child (Res) $30 Adult/$25 Child (Non-Res)DEADLINE: Sun Jun 1 MIN/MAX: 8/24LOCATION: Meet at the Depot Museum

llinois Railway Museum TripTrains, trolleys, and a terrific trip await for those who join us for a visit to theIllinois Railway Museum during their popular Chicago Days! We will enjoy rideson Chicago streetcars, trolley coaches, “L” trains, and interurban and commutertrains that once served Chicago. Admission, tour and transportation included.Lunch is on your own. There is a cafeteria at the Railway Museum. (AH) AGE: AllCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4659-0 Sat Jun 21 10am-3pm $32 Adult/$24 Child (Res) $35 Adult/$26 Child (Non-Res)DEADLINE: Fri Jun 13 MIN/MAX: 10/24 LOCATION: Meet at Depot Museum

Choo-ChooBirthday Parties

Fee: $185Party includes 2 hours with a staff member to run games & crafts.

Pizza Package and Goody Bags available.

Call 630-773-3363 for details.

Page 22: Itasca Park District 2014 Summer Brochure

Itasca Park Districtwww.itascaparkdistrict.com22 Day Camps

Summer 2O14DayCamps

Summer Day Camp HoursPre-Camp Hours . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7:30-9am

Regular Camp Hours . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9am-4pm

Post-Camp Hours. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4-6pm

Pre/Post Camp Punch Cards� NEW: purchase punch cards in $80 (20 hours), $40 (10 hours),

or $20 (5 hours) increments! � Punch cards are punched in half-hour increments� Punch cards are non-refundable and can be purchased throughout summer

General Information� There will be no camp on Friday, July 4th!� The Itasca Summer Day Camps follow the Itasca School

District #10 Calendar.� Refunds or pro-rated fees will not be granted if a camper

misses camp, no exceptions!� Camp Butterflies and Camp Adventure will go to the Itasca

Waterpark M/W/F afternoons (unless pool is closed due tolow attendance or inclement weather)

� Camp Adventure goes on weekly field trips every Thursday.� Participants must provide their own lunch, drink, & water

bottle each day unless otherwise specified.� Please wear sunscreen. � Extended hours are available for Camp Butterflies, Camp

Adventure, and Teen Travel Camp. � Day Camp Swim Lessons are available for Camp Butterflies

and Camp Adventure.

Waterpark Concession DollarsIf you would like your child to be able to purchase concessions at the pool, youmust purchase a $30 concession punch card at the front desk. This punch cardwill be given to the Camp Director and he/she will be responsible formonitoring what campers are purchasing and how much. Camp staff will notbe responsible for lost or stolen money, and campers who do not have aconcession card will not be permitted to go to concession during pool time. Ifall money on the concession card is not used by the end of camp, the card willbe returned to you to use for the rest of the pool season.

Day Camp Swim LessonsLearn how to swim as well as be safe in and around the water! Each child will betested and placed in the appropriate level on the first day. See pages 14 & 15 for moredetails regarding levels. Participants should wear their swimsuit and bring a towel. Please note - parents must drop children off at the pool and camp staff will takethem back to camp. (AR)CODE DAYS DATE TIME FEE

4141-1 Mon-Wed Jun 9-18 9:10-9:50am $354141-2 Mon-Wed Jun 23-Jul 2 9:10-9:50am $354141-3 Mon-Wed Jul 7-16 9:10-9:50am $354141-4 Mon-Wed Jul 21-30 9:10-9:50am $35

Camp Adventure (Grades 1st-6th) Kids, don’t miss out on this camp that is jammed pack with exciting and adventurousactivities! Campers will be kept busy each day with outdoor games, crafts, sports, andplayground time along with time spent in the gymnasium. On M/W/F afternoons,campers will go to the Itasca Waterpark. Thursdays are field trip days in which they willventure off to a fun place for the day. Since camp will be located mainly outdoors, kidswill be active and busy each day. What a perfect way to spend the summer! (KM)*No Camp on Jul 4TIME: 9am-4pm (before and after care is available for an additional fee)CODE SESSION DAYS DATES FEE 4461-1 I Mon-Fri Jun 9-Jun 20 $250/$260 4461-2 M/W/F $170/$1804461-3 T/Th $130/$1404462-1 II Mon-Fri Jun 23-Jul 3* $225/$2354462-2 M/W/F $145/$1554462-3 T/Th $130/$1404463-1 III Mon-Fri Jul 7-Jul 18 $250/$2604463-2 M/W/F $170/$1804463-3 T/Th $130/$1404464-1 IV Mon-Fri Jul 21-Aug 1 $250/$2604464-2 M/W/F $170/$1804464-3 T/Th $130/$140** Weekly options also available! Mon-Fri: $130/$140; Mon/Wed/Fri:$90/$100; Tue/Thu: $70/$80LOCATION: Itasca Rec Center

Page 23: Itasca Park District 2014 Summer Brochure


23Day Camps

Lil’ Learners CampThis transitional camp is designed to meet the needs of tots who will be attendingcamp alone for the first time. Summer activities will include participation in circletime, stories, creative art, and free play. The goal of this program is to promoteindependent social interaction in a group setting. (KM)AGE: 24-36 monthsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4334-0 T/Th Jun 10-Jul 31 9:30-11:30am $150/$160LOCATION: Kaleidoscope Room MIN/MAX: 10/16INSTURCTOR: Ms. Jodi & Staff

Teen Travel CampTeens, this camp is designed just for you! Travel to new and exciting locations with fun-filled activities including bowling, mini-golf, water parks, and much more! Fee includes afield trip every day, transportation, and supervision. If campers arrive back early, theywill spend time at the Itasca Waterpark. Campers need to bring a lunch, drink, andbathing suit each day. This is the ultimate summer experience for teenagers! Parentswill be provided a calendar at the beginning of summer. If a Teen Traveler needs to bedropped off before 9am, he/she must go to our Before Camp Care services. (KM)GRADES: 6th-8th TIME: 9am-4pmCODE SESSION DATES DAY FEE

4486-1 I Jun 9-19 Mon-Thu $225/$2354486-2 II Jun 23-Jul 3 Mon-Thu $225/$2354486-3 III Jul 7-17 Mon-Thu $225/$2354486-4 IV Jul 21-31 Mon-Thu $225/$2354486-5 V Aug 4-7 Mon-Thu $120/$130 4486-0 VI Jun 9-Aug 7 Mon-Thu $970/$980** Weekly options also available! $120/$130 per weekINSTRUCTOR: Camp Staff MIN/MAX: 8/14LOCATION: Meet at the Itasca Rec Center

After Camp AdventureNot ready for camp to end? Spend two weeks enjoying the end of your summerbreak with friends and the Itasca Park District Day Camp staff. The days will be filledwith regular camp activities with the exception of field trips. Campers will go to theItasca Waterpark every day unless it is closed due to low attendance or weather.Please bring a sack lunch, towel, sunscreen and swimsuit every day to camp. (KM)GRADES: K-8thCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4467-1 Mon-Fri Aug 4-8 9am-4pm $135/$1454467-2 Mon-Fri Aug 11-15 9am-4pm $135/$145LOCATION: Itasca Rec Center MIN/MAX: 10/50

Surf & Turf CampIt’s fun in the sun for kids who sign up for this camp! Campers will make crafts andplay games on both land and sea. Our day will include time in the zero-depth pool,craft time, lunch, and exciting games. Each child needs to bring the following itemsto camp each day: sack lunch, drink, towel, cover-up or t-shirt. Please have childwear a swimsuit and sunscreen. If there is inclement weather, signs will be posted atthe shelter regarding relocation. (KM)No Camp on Jul 4AGE: 3-7yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME

4494-0 M/W/F Jun 9-Aug 1 11am-2pm FEE: 1-Day: $120/$130; 2-Day: $168/$178; 3-Day: $216/$226LOCATION: Meet at Springbrook Nature Center Grounds MIN/MAX: 10/20

Camp ButterfliesWatch as your child develops, grows, and emerges throughout this camp. Youngcampers will have blast as they participate in interactive games and activities that willteach the importance of sharing, listening, and cooperation. Children will explorescience, crafts, songs, stories, and the outdoors in a fun and social environment thatfosters creativity in every child. Campers will walk to the Itasca Waterpark zero-depthpool on M/W/F afternoons. (KM)No Camp on Jul 4AGE: 4-6yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4496-1 M/W/F am Jun 9-Aug 1 9am-12pm $288/$2984496-2 M/W/F pm Jun 9-Aug 1 12-4pm $384/$3944496-3 M/W/F full day Jun 9-Aug 1 9am-4pm $588/$5984496-4 T/TH full day Jun 10-Jul 31 9am-4pm $392/$402LOCATION: Kaleidoscope Room MIN/MAX: 10/30

Camp CaterpillarsThis camp is all about learning through fun! Campers will participate in games,singing, outdoor play, and arts and crafts. Counselors will offer different themes eachweek while focusing on age-appropriate learning skills that will benefit your littlecamper in the fall. Parents will be asked to provide a snack and drink for the class atleast once during the session. (KM)No Camp on Jul 4AGE: 3-4yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4415-1 M/W/F Jun 9-Aug 1 9am-12pm $235/$2454415-2 T/TH Jun 10-Jul 31 9am-12pm $180/$190INSTRUCTOR: Ms. Laura & StaffLOCATION: Preschool Room MIN/MAX: 10/20

Page 24: Itasca Park District 2014 Summer Brochure

Itasca Park

Computer Game Design CampEver wish your kids would do more with the computer than just sit and play videogames? If they like computers, this is the camp for them! Specially designedsoftware with a graphical programming language is used for children to easily createmultimedia computer games and animations. Campers will make games with custombackground settings, characters, animated movements, sound effects and more! Ourcamp will also introduce computer animation concepts with an easy-to-use program forstudents to create animated cartoons and shorts. Students will receive a USB drivewith the game design software and games they made to take home at the conclusionof class. (KM)AGE: 9-14yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4470-0 Mon-Thu Jun 30-Jul 3 1-3pm $150/$160INSTRUCTOR: Program to Learn Staff MIN/MAX: 4/8LOCATION: Rainbow Falls Comm. Ctr, Elk GroveRegister at the Itasca Rec Center

Lego Mindstorms Robotics Summer CampIf your child loves LEGOS and is looking for a new challenge this summer, then wehave a camp for you. Kids will have fun programming a LEGO Mindstorms Robot!Program To Learn is proud to present a hands-on and collaborative summer camp thatreveals the rewards and excitement of LEGO Robotics. Working with a partner, yourchild will participate in a team-centered and project-based experience learning basicengineering concepts. Topics of mechanical design, gear ratios and computerprogramming will be explored using the acclaimed LEGO MINDSTORMS Roboticssystem! This is an excellent opportunity for children to get hands-on experience whilehaving a whole lot of FUN. Participants will not take the computer or LEGO Robothome. (KM)AGE: 9-14yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4427-0 Mon-Thu Jun 30-Jul 3 10:30am-12:30pm $150/$160INSTRUCTOR: Program to Learn Staff MIN/MAX: 4/8LOCATION: Rainbow Falls Comm. Ctr, Elk GroveRegister at the Itasca Rec Center

Indoor Youth Volleyball CampThis volleyball clinic is designed to teach boys and girls the essential fundamentalsthat are needed to succeed in this fast-paced game. Passing, setting, serving, defensive and offensive strategies are all covered in this clinic. (HV)AGE: 10-13yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4225-0 Mon-Fri Jun 9-13 9-11am $75/$85INSTRUCTOR: Karen Engel MIN/MAX: 8/16LOCATION Rec Center Gym

Dodgeball CampDodgeball Camp is the ultimate week of fun! Campers will develop throwing,

catching, and dodging skills as well as the agility and stamina needed to playDodgeball and other sports. They also will learn the rules of Dodgeball as well asstrategies and techniques needed to play at a fast pace. Youngsters will experienceindividual challenges and team competition as they learn to dodge, dip, duck, anddive in this exciting camp! Each participant should bring a water bottle. (HV)No class on Jul 4 AGE: 7-10yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4269-0 Mon-Thu Jun 30-Jul 3 4-6pm $66/$76INSTRUCTOR: SportsKids Inc. MIN/MAX: 6/20LOCATION: Rec Center Gym

Pee Wee Sportsters CampIf your young child loves the world of sports, then don’t miss this opportunity

to expose your child to various sports in this camp. Participants will learn the funda-mentals of baseball, nerf football, kickball, lacrosse, floor hockey and many othersports and fun activities. Organized games emphasize sportsmanship, sharing andteamwork. Each participant should bring a water bottle. (HV)AGE: 4-6yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4235-0 Mon-Fri Aug 4-8 9-10:30am $62/$72INSTRUCTOR: SportsKids Inc. MIN/MAX: 6/30LOCATION: Washington Park

Young Sportsters CampDoes your child love sports? This camp will give your child the opportunity to

play sports in a fun, safe and well-supervised setting. Sports such as baseball, basket-ball, floor hockey, kickball, and lacrosse will be covered. Our goal is to teach boys andgirls the enjoyment of playing for the sake of the sport itself. (HV)AGE: 7-10yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4236-0 Mon-Fri Aug 4-8 10:30am-12pm $62/$72INSTRUCTOR: SportsKids Inc. MIN/MAX: 6/30LOCATION: Washington Park

24 Day Camps/Sports Camps




Page 25: Itasca Park District 2014 Summer Brochure

SummerBasketball Shooting CampDo you want to continue improving your basketball shooting skills? Then this

is the camp for you. Participants will work on a variety of basketball shots includingfree throws, lay-ups, shots off the glass and jump shots. Learn the fundamentals andmechanics needed to become a great shooter. Challenging drills and exciting shootinggames will be a part of this camp. Participants will be divided into age groups.Please bring a water bottle. (HV)AGE: 7-10yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4237-0 Mon-Fri Aug 11-15 1-2:30pm $62/$72INSTRUCTOR: SportsKids Inc. MIN/MAX: 6/20LOCATION: IPD Gymnasium

Fundamentals of Hitting CampGet the extra hitting time you need to improve your game using a pitching

machine. Swing analysis, soft toss, live pitching, and t-work will also be a part of thiscamp. Boys will focus on the skills needed to become a successful hitter in baseball,and girls will learn techniques needed to excel as a softball hitter. Camp will be dividedinto age groups. Each participant is required to bring a glove and water bottle. (HV) AGE: 7-10yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4247-0 Mon-Fri Jul 21-25 4-5pm $41/$51INSTRUCTOR: SportsKids Inc. MIN/MAX: 6/20LOCATION: Washington Park

Pitcher/Catcher Techniques CampPitchers work on the form needed to increase the speed of the fastball and

protect their throwing arm. Boys will learn the rocker step for pitching as well asvarious age-appropriate grips. Girls will learn the windmill form of pitching anddifferent grips. Catchers are taught how to help get strike calls for their team.Different techniques to throw out base runners are also included. Camp will bedivided into age groups. Each participant should bring a glove and water bottle. (HV) AGE: 7-10yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4248-0 Mon-Fri Ju1 21-25 5-6pm $41/$51INSTRUCTOR: SportsKids Inc. MIN/MAX: 6/20LOCATION: Washington Park

Archery CampAre you interested in learning a fun, challenging and timeless sport that is seen

in books, movies, and the Olympics? This camp will help you discover the sport ofarchery and increase concentration and discipline. Participants also will learn thesport’s history and about archery characters in the movies and comics. Please bring awater bottle. Recurve bows, blunt tipped arrows and targets will be provided duringcamp. (HV)AGE: 8yrs+CODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4209-0 Mon-Fri Jul 28-Aug 1 4-6pm $110/$120INSTRUCTOR: SportsKids Inc. MIN/MAX: 6/20LOCATION: Hamilton Fields

Youth Basketball CampIn this basketball camp the following fundamentals will be covered; dribbling, passing,shooting, defense and ball handling. The teamwork portion will include team offenseand defense and out of bounds plays. The skills competition portion will cover ballhandling, dribbling, lay-ups, shooting, free throws, defensive slide, one-on-one andthree-on-three games. (HV)AGE: Boys & Girls 7-14yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE LOCATION 4290-1 Mon-Fri Jun 16-20 9am-12pm $75/$85 Itasca Park District4290-2 Mon-Fri Aug 4-8 12-3pm $75/$85 Wood Dale Pk Dist.INSTRUCTOR: Randy Okrzesik MIN/MAX: 10/30

Challenger Sports British Soccer CampBritish Soccer Camps provide young players with the rare opportunity to receive high-level soccer coaching from a team of international experts right in the heart of theirown community. Each day includes individual foot skills, technical drills, tacticalpractices, small-sided games, coached scrimmages, and a tournament. Equallyimportant, the Challenger coaching staff provides your child with lessons in self-discipline, good sportsmanship and respect for others and for the game. (HV)

First Kicks (3-4yrs)This is a friendly, low-key introduction to the basics of the game through games,stories and fun. First Kicks camps last one hour each day for five days.

Mini-Soccer (4-6yrs)Enjoy fun games, basic technical practices and small sided games. Mini-Soccercamps last two hours each day for five days.

Half-Day Player Development Camps (6-16yrs)Emphasis is placed upon individual skill development, mastery of the coretechniques and fundamental tactical awareness. Half-Day camps last 3 hours aday for five days. DATES: Jul 21-25CODE AGE DAY TIME FEE

4262-1 3-4 Mon-Fri 9-10am $944262-2 4-6 Mon-Fri 10:15am-12:15pm $1204262-3 6-7 Mon-Fri 9am-12pm $1444262-4 8-9 Mon-Fri 9am-12pm $1444262-5 10-12 Mon-Fri 1-4pm $1444262-6 13-16 Mon-Fri 1-4pm $144 LOCATION: Washington Park

25Day Camps/Sports CampsPrograms&Events





Page 26: Itasca Park District 2014 Summer Brochure

Itasca Park Districtwww.itascaparkdistrict.com26 Day Camps

NatureDay Camps

Springbrook’s Weird and Wacky Science Camp

Back by popular demand! Campers will discover some weird science as theyfind out about lumpy liquids and squishy solids, make their own slime, learn aboutfloating rocks and experiment with quick sand. They will participate in some pastfavorite experiments like homemade ice-cream, and new engineering challenges suchas designing a crash test car. If you like surprising chemical reactions, then you willlove exploring the wacky world of science. (CC)AGE: 5-10yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE4465-0 Mon-Fri Jul 28-Aug 1 9am-1pm $125/$135LOCATION: Nature Center MIN/MAX: 10/24

Amazing Animals CampUnravel a clue each day to discover what amazing animal we will be learning about.Through adventures, games, activities, and crafts, campers will get to know theirnatural neighbors-animals found right here at Itasca’s Nature Center, and maybe anexotic species or two! As they investigate different critters in their natural habitats,campers will develop a sense of wonder about these wild and wonderful creatures.Campers should wear clothes appropriate for exploring the outdoors and bring alunch. (CC)AGE: 5-9yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE4448-1 Mon-Fri Jul 14-18 9am-1pm $125/$1354448-2 Mon-Fri Jul 21-25 9am-1pm $125/$135LOCATION: Nature Center MIN/MAX: 10/24

Art in Nature CampArt isn’t just about drawing and painting…it can be found and created in manymore unusual and extraordinary ways! This exciting camp will allow kids to exploreall the art that nature has to offer! Kids will use found objects and natural materialsto create unique masterpieces, and beautiful landscapes, study the lines, shapes, andcolors of live insects, reptiles, fish, and much more! Each day will include stimulatingart projects that will be accompanied by nature hikes, creek walks, and other excitingoutdoor activities! (CC)GRADES: 1st-5thCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE4443-0 Mon-Fri Jun 23-27 9am-1pm $125/$135INSTRUCTOR: Mr. Eric Whitney and camp staffLOCATION: Nature Center MIN/MAX: 8/24


Young Explorers Not quite ready for our big kid camps? Join our Young Explorers Summer Camp designedespecially for the youngest nature enthusiasts. Learn about Itasca Nature Center’s wildanimals and get the chance to meet some live critters. Each session will feature a naturewalk, art project, snack, and a story based on the animal of the day. (CC) AGE: 3-5yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE4372-1 Mon-Thu Jun 30-Jul 3 9-11am $56/$724372-2 Mon-Fri Aug 4-8 9-11am $70/$90LOCATION: Nature Center MIN/MAX: 8/12

Wildland Explorers Adventure CampExperience some of the coolest natural areas in the state and participate in funoutdoor activities in this week-long adventure camp. (CC)

Here is a sneak peek at the action packed schedule*:Day 1 Team building games and Orienteering at Waterfall Glen, DarienDay 2 Fermilab guided tour /bison and exploring Red Oak Nature Center, Batavia Day 3 Danada horse tour and fishing at Herrick Lake, WheatonDay 4 Rock climbing (Vertical Endeavors), hiking at McDowell Grove, Warrenville Day 5 Exploring caves at Matthiessen State Park, Utica*schedule is subject to change

• Fee includes transportation and admission fees. • Campers must pack their own lunches, water and a snack for each day.AGE: 10-15yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE 4476-1 Mon-Fri Jul 7-11 9am-3:30pm $165/$175 4476-2 Mon-Fri Aug 4-8 9am-3:30pm $165/$175LOCATION: Meet at the Nature Center. Camp will be held off-site. MIN/MAX: 10/13

Page 27: Itasca Park District 2014 Summer Brochure











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Page 28: Itasca Park District 2014 Summer Brochure



Youth Fencing

Adult Fencing

Mon M

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Mon Ju

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Itasca Concert Series

7-8:30pm • Pirates Over 40

Depot Museum


Amazing Anim

als Cam

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3on3 Basketball Tourney • Adult



3on3 Basketball Tourney • Youth

Challenger Soccer Camp starts Cotton Candy W

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Huckleberry Fish Fishing Trip

2:30pm • Nature Center


& Daughter

Quality Tim

e 1-3:30pm

• Depot Museum

Weird & W

acky Science Cam

p starts

Archery Camp starts


agic Class 6:45pm

• Rec Center

H20 Night Grades 4-9 • W


• Free!

Wildland Explorers

Camp starts



H20 Night Grades 4-9 • W


• Free! Itasca Concert Series

7-8:30pm • Soda

Usher Park

Game Day

3pm • Nature Ctr

Itasca Park District50th Birthday Bash

Dodgeball Tourney 3rd/4th, 5th/6th Grades

WP Delayed open at Noon

Hawaiian Day

Waterpark • 1-5pm

Health Fair • 1-4pmRec Center

Train Time • 4pm

Depot Museum

Teddy Bear Tea Party6pm

• Nature Center Ita


12:30-9pm • W


Nature Madness PJ Party

6-8pm • Nature Center


er SlamM

en’s 16” Softball Tourney(19th & 20th)

Dodgeball Camp starts

Computer Gam

e Design Cam

p starts

Penny PlungeW

aterpark • 2pm

Senior Trip Tribute to Patsy Clineat Starved Rock


Creek Walk

2:30pm • Nature Ctr

Hitting & Pitching Camps start

Sweet Treats Pool Party


Ice Cream w

ithCops &


• Usher Park • Free!

Creek Walk

2:30pm • Nature Center

Call about our Nutrition Counseling!

Village Fireworks

at Hamilton Lakes

August 2


Sun A

ug 3

Mon A

ug 4

H2O Night

Grades 4-9 • Waterpark • Free!

Sun A

ug 2

All-Nighter Men’s

12” Softball TourneySportsters Cam

ps startW

ed A

ug 6

Itasca Concert Series7-830pm

• Abba SaluteUsher Park

Tue A

ug 5

National Night Out

Free! 5pm • W











TRX Fitness Class Starts!

Page 29: Itasca Park District 2014 Summer Brochure

Craft & Games Party . . $190

Princess, Pirate, Jungle Safari, Cowboy, Hawaiian Luau,Holiday, Racecar

These are just a few of the themes available for our awesomecraft & games parties! Guests will make crafts to take hometo remember the fun, and do activities everyone will love!Our staff will work with you to come up with whatever themeyour birthday child might like!

Create Your Own Theme (starting at) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $190

Our staff will work with you to create a memorable partyincluding games, activities, and crafts.

Gymnastics Party . . . . . . . $185

Our gymnastics area is the perfect place for jumping, rolling,climbing, sliding, and swinging while using gymnastics equipment.The guests will also enjoy an obstacle course set up by our staff.

Sports & Games Party . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $185

A perfect party for a young sports fan! At this party relays,games, and open gym time will keep those party-goers busy!

Win it in a Minute Party$190

Guests will see if they have what it takes to complete eachparty game in under a minute! Perfect for kids looking for achallenge!

Paws & Claws Party. . . $250

Guests will enjoy stuffing their own teddy bear anddecorating a t-shirt for their new buddy! Take your new teddybear home & enjoy! *Additional guests are $10 each

Magic Show. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $275Make your party unique, entertaining, and memorable withthe incredible magic of Gary Kantor. You will see a vanishingact, card tricks, mind-reading, and much more! All showsare interactive and the birthday child will come on stage andbecome a junior magician right before your eyes. There isalways a lot of audience participation and laughter.Appropriate for ages 4 and up. Balloon animals are availableas an optional add-on.

Optional Items:Pizza Package for 12 children . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $50This package includes 2 large pizzas, 12 juice boxes, andplates, cups, napkins & silverware.

Goody Bags . . . . . . . $2 per bagGoody bags include a variety of candy & penny prizes.

Room UpgradeNeed a larger room for your birthday party? Rent the Iris A& B rooms or the Lounge for an additional $50. Each roomhas kitchen facilities, banquet tables & chairs, and set-upand take-down services. It is recommended to upgrade withparties of 20 or more. (AR)



� Parties are geared towards 3-10 year old children.

� All parties are 2 hours long.� Parties are run by Itasca Park District

Birthday Party Staff.� Food and goody bag options are

available at an additional price.� Party does not include plates, napkins, cups,

utensils, cake, candles, or matches, but youare more than welcome to bring your own.

� Parties are scheduled on a first come, firstserved basis and should be scheduled aminimum of 2 weeks in advance.

� Party prices include 12 guests, the birthday child is free, and each additional guest is $5.

Nature Cente


Birthday Par



See page 19

for details.

Summer29Birthday Party PackagesPrograms&Events

Choo ChooBirthdayParties See Page 21 for details.

To check availability, receive more information and to reserve your Birthday Party, call Angela at (630) 773-2257!

Page 30: Itasca Park District 2014 Summer Brochure

Preschool Coordinator

Debbie Maginity

Itasca Park Districtwww.itascaparkdistrict.com30 Preschool

2014-2015 Registration• Enrollment is now open

• This program follows the Itasca School District #10 calendar

A $50 non-refundable, non-transferrable deposit will be required for enrollmentin Preschool programs. Proof of residency will be required for both returning and newstudents, i.e. Driver’s License or utility bill. New students will be required to provide a copyof their birth certificate to register for class and a school physical by October 10. Registrationwill be accepted during regular business hours. Mail-in registration will not be accepted. (CC)

2014-2015 Junior Kindergarten AGE: 4 years by Sept. 1, 2014 and toilet-trainedCODE DAY DATE TIME

3912-5 M/W/F Sep 3-May 13 8:45-11:45am 3913-5 M/W/F Sep 3-May 13 12:15-3:15pmOur Junior Kindergarten program provides excellent groundwork for Kindergarten andfuture learning. Using a theme-based curriculum, the class emphasizes alphabet recog-nition, phonics, and numbers. These skills are acquired through a variety of games, art,music, stories, science and cooking activities, along with daily small group work.

Teachers: Debbie Maginity, Maureen Kuhn, Wendy Hartnett, Adrianne Poulakidas

2014-2015 Preschool ClassAGE: 3 years by Sept. 1, 2014 and toilet-trainedCODE DAY DATE TIME

3910-5 T/TH Sep 2-May 14 9-11:30am 3909-5 T/TH Sep 2-May 14 9-11:30am 3911-5 T/TH ** Sep 2-May 14 12:15-2:45pm **need a minimum of 12 for this class to runOur Preschool program offers your child an introduction to structured learning and social-ization using educational games, art, music, and stories along with unstructured play ina theme-based curriculum. The class emphasis is on color, shape, and number recogni-tion along with cooperation and social skills. Teachers: Debbie Maginity, Maureen Kuhn, Jodi Wrend, Tracy Gonzalez

2014-2015 Tiny Tikes This transitional class is designed for children ages 24-36 months who will be attending classalone for the first time. Students will participate in circle time activities, stories, creative art,free play, gym time, snack, and more! Payment plans are available. A $50 non-refundable,non-transferrable deposit will be required for enrollment in all Tiny Tikes classes. Proof of residency and a copy of student’s birth certificate will be required at time of regis-tration. Registration will be accepted during regular business hours. No mail in registrationwill be accepted. (CC)AGE: 24-36 months * must be 24 months by Sep 1, 2014 CODE DAY DATE TIME3920-5 M/W Sep 3-May 13 9-11am

FRIDAY OPTIONCODE DAY DATE TIME3923-5 Fri Sep 5-May 15 9-11am TEACHERS: Wendy Hartnett, Jeanine Colella, Jodi WrendLOCATION: Kaleidoscope Room MIN/MAX: 7/18

Choose from 3 Payment Plans Non-Refundable Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3 Non-Transferrable Deposit(One payment) (2 payments) (5 EFT payments)

Tiny Tikes (M/W) $50 $942/$1059 $476/$534 $193/$217

Tiny Tikes (F) $50 $499/$560 $254/$285 N/A

Preschool $50 $1,066/$1,169 $538/$589 $218/$238

Jr. Kindergarten $50 $1,246/$1,375 $628/$692 $254/$280Plan 1: One Full Payment due Aug 11Plan 2: Two equal payments due Aug 11 and Dec 15Plan 3: Electronic Fund Transfer from your account - initial payment in Aug and four equalelectronic withdrawals on the 10th or next business day of Oct, Dec, Feb and Apr.

ItascaPaParrk k DDististrriicctt

Need an All-day

Preschool option?

See Lunch Box Bun


on page 31.

Page 31: Itasca Park District 2014 Summer Brochure

Summer31Preschool/Kids KlubPrograms&Events

Take the morning or afternoon off while your child enjoys crafts, games, songs, andactive play in our gym, park, or gymnastics area! Your child can be picked up ordropped off at IPD Preschool or Benson School by our staff. Please send child with asack lunch and a drink. This program follows the District 10 School Calendar. (AR)

AGE: 3-6yrs


6361-1 Mon-Fri Aug 20-Dec 19 9am-12:15pm $10256361-2 M/W/F Aug 20-Dec 19 9am-12:15pm $6006361-3 Tue/Thu Aug 21-Dec 18 9am-12:15pm $4256361-4 Mon-Fri Aug 20-Dec 19 11:45am-3pm $10256361-5 M/W/F Aug 20-Dec 19 11:45am-3pm $6006361-6 Tue/Thu Aug 21-Dec 18 11:45am-3pm $425


8361-1 Mon-Fri Jan 5-May 29 9am-12:15pm $12508361-2 M/W/F Jan 5-May 29 9am-12:15pm $7258361-3 Tue/Thu Jan 6-May 28 9am-12:15pm $5258361-4 Mon-Fri Jan 5-May 29 11:45am-3pm $12508361-5 M/W/F Jan 5-May 29 11:45am-3pm $7258361-6 Tue/Thu Jan 6-May 28 11:45am-3pm $525INSTRUCTOR: Ms. Denise - MorningsLOCATION: Iris A MIN/MAX: 5/10DEADLINE: Session 1: August 15, Session 2: December 29

Tot RockWiggle and giggle to the Tot Rock beat! Tot Rock is an introductory music andmovement class with a large sensory component. Each week we will use rhythminstruments like hand bells and maracas, play with props like parachutes and beanbags, and explore sensory items like bubbles and feathers. In addition toimproving your tot’s newly-acquired motor skills, each class provides structured andunstructured time to encourage socialization and stimulation of your tot. Newcurriculum is presented each session. Sing, dance and play the Tot Rock way!(KM)AGE: 12-24 months with parentCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4312-0 Mon Jun 16-Aug 4 9:30-10:10am $52LOCATION: Thorndale Recreation Center, 22W130 Thorndale Ave, MedinahINSTRUCTOR: Rock-It Staff MIN/MAX: 1/3Register at Itasca Rec Center

Kid RockSong and dance, rhythm and rhyme, join the fun for a rockin’ time! Kid Rock is astructured music and movement program that focuses on imaginative play, sensoryintegration, fine and gross motor movements, rhythm skills and socialization.Instruments and props used in class include maracas, tambourines, scarves, bean bags,parachute play and much more! New curriculum is presented each session. (KM)

Kid Rock I (20-36 months with parent)CODE DAY DATE TIME FEE4436-0 Mon Jun 16-Aug 4 10:15-10:55am $52

Kid Rock II (3-4yrs without parent)CODE DAY DATE TIME FEE4437-0 Mon Jun 16-Aug 4 11-11:40am $52LOCATION: Thorndale Rec Center, 22W130 Thorndale Ave, MedinahINSTRUCTOR: Rock-It Staff DEADLINE: Mon Jun 9 MIN/MAX: 2/3 per districtRegister at Itasca Rec Center

Kids Klub Babysitting ServiceDon’t let your child miss out on the fun! Caring and qualified staffwill take care of your children in a safe environment while you runerrands, keep personal appointments, or if you just need a break.All children must be between the ages of six weeks and six yearsold. Parents of children who may need to have their child’s diaperchanged must fill out a separate waiver. (AR)

Fitness Member Kids Klub Card Fitness Member Kids Klub Card can be purchased at the front desk during regular office hours.Having a Fitness Member Kids Klub Card allows parents to take full advantage of our babysittingservice at a discounted rate. This card may be purchased by a Full-Year Fitness Member only.Each card: 60 punches, each punch is worth one half-hour Fee: $75

HoursJune -August • Monday-Friday 9am-11:30am*LOCATION: Kids Klub Room* Hours subject to change if attendance is consistently too low.

Daily Drop-inYou can choose to pay by the hour or purchase a one-day pass. Fees need to

be paid at the front desk before your child is picked up. HOURLY VISIT ONE DAY PASS (Summer Hours)

$5 per hour - 1 child $12 per day - 1 child$7.50 per hour - 2 children $18 per day - 2 children$9 per hour - 3 children $22 per day - 3 childrenKids Klub attendants will not accept cash payments or I.O.U.’s

Page 32: Itasca Park District 2014 Summer Brochure

Itasca Park Districtwww.itascaparkdistrict.com32 Kids Korner

Glitzy Girlz Summertime SpaCome join Glitzy Girlz staff for a night of pampering on a nice summer

evening. We will start with a fruit facial (avocado/banana) and soak our skin.Each girl will design a crystal charm anklet from a great summer charm collection.Then we’ll do pedicures and manicures to complete the night. Each girl will walkaway feeling fresh and beautiful. A spa goodie bag is provided as a keepsake. Grabyour best friends and don’t miss out! (KM) AGE: 5-11yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4446-0 Wed Jun 25 6:30-8pm $45/$55LOCATION: Iris A MIN/MAX: 6/25DEADLINE: Mon Jun 23

Pre-Engineering with Lego WeDo RoboticsKids, have fun building with LEGOs and experiment with finding engineering solutions tosome fun problems! While using a LEGO WeDo Robotics Construction Set, our class intro-duces robotics to young children. Your child will learn about mechanical design while manipu-lating motors and sensors. Each participant will be teamed with a partner to utilize a laptopcomputer to program their models. Each day will present a new design challenge, stimu-lating your child's creativity. Our introductory course is a great way to prepare creative mindsfor Program To Learn's series of robotics courses. No prior experience is necessary. (KM)AGE: 6-9yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4482-0 Mon-Thu Jun 30-Jul 3 9-10am $95/$105INSTRUCTOR: Program to Learn Staff MIN/MAX: 4/6LOCATION: Rainbow Falls Comm Ctr, Elk GroveRegister at Itasca Rec Center

Kids Run ClubCome join the fun! We are a not-for-profityouth running organization for children in2nd-6th grades. The goal is to develophappy, healthy, and confident athletes. The club meets at the Springbrook NatureCenter in Itasca. For more information please visit

Magic ClassChildren will have a great time as they learn exciting new tricks from Gary Kantor!Kids will be able to entertain family and friends with magic cards, coins, mind-reading,and more. Fee includes class, materials, and a magic kit to take home. Children aregrouped by age and always learn new tricks that are age appropriate. (KM)AGE: 5-12yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4498-0 Tue Jul 29 6:45-7:40pm $19/$24INSTRUCTOR: Magic Team of Gary Kantor MIN/MAX: 8/12LOCATION: Iris A DEADLINE: Fri Jul 25

Lights, Camera, Action-MakingYour Own Star Wars Movie

Do you want to be the next George Lucas? We will create our very own StarWars movie using special digital movie making cameras and software. As directors andproducers we will work in teams to create a story and script, and then film our movie.We will use graphic editing techniques and stop motion animation, as well as addbackground noise and music. All students will get a copy of their movie after class iscompleted. (KM)AGE: 8yrs+CODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4488-0 Mon-Thu Jun 16-19 10-11:30am $92/$102INSTRUCTOR: Computer Explorers Staff MIN/MAX: 3/6LOCATION: Medinah Intermediate SchoolRegister at Itasca Rec Center



Page 33: Itasca Park District 2014 Summer Brochure


Summer Fun Children’s DanceIf your child is new to dance, this introductory class will be the perfect start! Spendhalf of each class on tap and the other half on ballet. Fall in love with dance over thesummer! Students will need tap shoes, ballet shoes, leotard, and tights. (KM)No class on Jul 5AGE: 3-5yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4817-0 Sat Jun 21-Aug 9 9:45-10:30am $95/$105INSTRUCTOR: Ms. Darla MIN/MAX: 4/14

Summer Beginning Tap/BalletIs your little one interested in both tap and ballet but has graduated from Children’sDance? This class is designed for your child! Learn the fundamentals of both balletand tap during these seven weeks. Students will leap, turn, and tap their way throughsummer! (KM)No class on Jul 5


4809-0 Sat Jun 21-Aug 9 10:30-11:15am $95/$105INSTRUCTOR: Ms. Darla MIN/MAX: 4/14

Summer Hip HopLooking to stay “in step” over the summer months? Sign up for this Hip Hop classwhere students will learn the latest dance moves. Students will need comfortableclothing and either jazz shoes or danceable gym shoes. (KM)No class on Jul 1AGE: 7yrs+CODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4888-0 Tue Jun 17-Aug 5 5-5:45pm $95/$105INSTRUCTOR: Ms. Darla MIN/MAX: 4/14

Summer Tap/JazzJazz up your summer by enrolling in this exciting class! Students will learn the basicsof jazz technique and tap fundamentals. Students will need jazz shoes, tap shoes,and comfortable attire. Don’t miss a beat over the summer! (KM)No class on Jul 1AGE: 7yrs+CODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4886-0 Tue Jun 17-Aug 5 5:45-6:30pm $95/$105INSTRUCTOR: Ms. Darla MIN/MAX: 4/14

DANCE Ballet TechniqueWant to brush up on your ballet technique? Twirl through this summer by enrolling inthis fun and valuable class. Dancers must have ballet experience as they will beworking on vocabulary, placement, structure, and all around Ballet technique. Thisclass will get any dancer ready for the Fall session! (KM)No class on Jul 5AGE: 10yrs+CODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4806-0 Sat Jun 21-Aug 9 11:15am-12:15pm $100/$110INSTRUCTOR: Ms. Darla MIN/MAX: 4/14

Contemporary BalletThis class will be focusing on leaps and turns. Students will learn about strengthening,conditioning, and how to express emotion through dance. It is a more modernapproach to ballet. (KM)No class on Jul 2AGE: 10yrs+CODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4807-0 Wed Jun 18-Aug 6 5:30-6:30pm $100/$110INSTRUCTOR: Ms. Darla MIN/MAX: 4/14

Dance Team Prep CampAre you interested in joining the Inner Prestige Dance Team this upcoming fall? Areyou already part of the team, but want to keep your skills fresh and sharp? Thissummer-long dance team boot camp will cover all areas of dance and prepare newcomers to the dance team for team tryouts in the fall. There will be no competitions,but we may perform at various community events. Previous dance experience isrequired. Dancers must attend both days of class. (KM)No class Jun 30 & Jul 2AGE: 8yrs+ with previous dance experienceCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4899-0 Wed Jun 18-Aug 6 4:30-5:30pm $250/$260 Fri Jun 20-Aug 8 5-6pmMIN/MAX: 8/16

Dance Recital!The 2014 Dance Recital will take place on Saturday, June 7th at Lake Park HighSchool-West Campus at 1pm. Tickets will go on sale Thursday, May 1st. RecitalPictures will be held on Wednesday, June 4th.

Page 34: Itasca Park District 2014 Summer Brochure

Itasca Park Districtwww.itascaparkdistrict.com34 Sports Galore

Fall 2O14 Inter-Village Soccer LeagueImportant Dates for ALL LEAGUES:

� Registration begins . . . . . . . Monday, May 5

� Registration Deadline . . . . . Monday, August 4

� Practices Start . . . . . . . . . . . . . Week of August 25 (Days & Times TBA)

� League Games Start . . . . . . September 6 (Schedules TBA)

� Picture Day . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TBD (See coach for times)

Important Registration Info:

� Uniforms are NOT included in the registration fees!

� Uniforms must be ordered at the time of registration.

� We are looking for both Head & Assistant Coaches – if interested, please indicate on registration form.

� Games will be held on weekends unless there are make-up games. Coaches will contact players for all dates.

� Parents are responsible for transporting players to and from each game and practice.

More Information To Come After August 14:

� Coach and Team

� Day and time of practices

� Game schedule(s)

Inter-Village Soccer LeagueRegistration deadline: Monday, Aug 4Registration will be accepted on first-come, first-serve basis on dates listed below. Effortswill be made to place registrants on a team. However once a team is filled, registrantswill be placed on a wait list in an effort to create another team. Participants will beinformed of team placement by their coach after Monday, August 14.

*Participants must register in the age division designated using the age of the child asof August 1, 2014

Practices and GamesItasca Inter-Village Soccer plays in the Mid Suburban Soccer League other districtsincluded are Addison, Bensenville, Bloomingdale, Glendale Heights, Medinah, Roselle,Villa Park and Wood Dale. Practices are once or twice per week with practice days andtimes at the discretion of the coach. Games will be played on Saturdays Sep 6-Oct 18.

UniformsAll players must wear an Itasca Park District uniform. Uniforms mustbe purchased at the time of registration. A sample of all sizes will be avail-able at the registration desk. A complete uniform consists of a jersey, shorts, socks,shin guards and soccer shoes.

Full uniforms . . . . . .$30 Shorts . . . . . . . .$11Jersey . . . . . . . . . .$15 Socks . . . . . . . .$ 4

EquipmentAll participants are required to wear shin guards underneath their socks atall practices and games. Players must bring a soccer ball to practice each day.U6 will need to have a Size 3 ball; U8 & U10 will need to purchase a Size 4 ball, whileU12 and U14 will need a Size 5 ball.CoachesThe Itasca Park District Soccer League is extremely popular and has a large number ofparticipants and teams. Without our fantastic volunteer coaches we would be unable tooffer such a wonderful program. The park district is currently looking for parents oradults to volunteer as a coach or an assistant coach. Please indicate on your child’sregistration form if you are interested in coaching.

Co-ed Soccer LeagueEach team will practice approximately one day a week and play a seven-game schedule.

CODE GRADE/LEVEL DAY DATE FEE 6280-0 1st/2nd (U8) Sat Sep 6-Oct 18 $62/$67 6280-1 3rd/4th (U10) Sat Sep 6-Oct 18 $62/$67 6280-2 5th/6th (U12) Sat Sep 6-Oct 18 $62/$676280-3 7th/8th (U14) Sat Sep 6-Oct 18 $62/$67

Fall U6 Micro SoccerMicro Soccer is a scaled-down version of the game of soccer specifically designed foryoung children. Children will play 6 vs. 6 on a smaller soccer field. Coaches are allowedon the field and no score is kept. This program is geared toward children who havemastered Pee Wee Soccer, yet are not old enough to join the Itasca Inter-Village SoccerLeague. Each team will practice a minimum of one day per week. Games will beplayed each Saturday with surrounding Park Districts. Players need to wear shin guardsand bring a size three (3) ball to each practice and game. Please indicate on yourregistration form if you are interested in coaching. *Fee includes uniform: jersey,shorts & socks. (HV)AGES: Must be 5 years as of August 1, 2014CODE DAY DATE FEE

6279-0 Sat Sep 6-Oct 18 $69/$79 LOCATION: Itasca Soccer Fields MIN/MAX: 10 per teamDEADLINE: Mon Aug 4

Itasca Soccer info... Visit

Page 35: Itasca Park District 2014 Summer Brochure

Summer35Open GymPrograms&Events

Open Gym times are subject to change due to other schedules.* There is no Open Gym on: May 26, Jul 4, 7-12 & Aug 29-Sep 3There will be no open gym if it is raining outside during Itasca ParkDistrict Summer Camps.Individuals must possess a teen fitness membership, a youth Lounge card, or pay theyouth daily open gym fee to participate during Open Gym times. Adults must have afitness membership or pay the daily open gym fee. All participants must sign in atthe front desk. (HV)

Daily Open Gym FeeYouth Residents (under 18 yrs) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$3Adult - 18yrs+ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$5

� Food and drinks are not allowed in the gym.

� Black-soled marking shoes will not be allowed. We encourage participants to bring apair of athletic shoes with them for special use on the gym floor. Shirts must be worn.

� Basketballs will not be available during weekend open gym.

� Open Gym is available to Fitness Members and adult residents at any time the gymis not scheduled for another activity in addition to the above times.

� The gym will be divided by court during Youth Open Gym times during weekdays.Grades 2nd-5th will play on the North Court and 6th¬-High School on the South Court.

Summer Open Gym Hours OpenGym

Age Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Youth 9:45-11:45am 9:45-11:45am 9:45-11:45am 9:45-11:45am 9:45-11:45am 12-2pm 12-2pm2nd-High School 3-5pm 3-5pm 3-5pm 3-5pm 3-5pm

Adults 5:30-9am 5:30-9am 5:30-9am 5:30-9am 5:30-9am18 & older 12-3pm 12-3pm 12-3pm 12-3pm 12-3pm 12-2pm 12-2pm

6:30-9pm 6:30-9pm

For more information about...

Please Contact:Harry VyhnanekAthletics Supervisor

E-mail: [email protected]: 630-773-2257, ext. 126


Dodgeball Tournament Let’s play Dodgeball! The tournament is divided into two divisions: 3rd-4th Gradesand 5th-6th Grades. Register as a team of 6-10 players in the division of the gradecompleted. This tournament will be held outside at the Itasca Softball Complex.Come and join the fun! (HV) CODE GRADES DAY DATE TIME FEE

4269-1 3rd-4th Sat Jul 26 9am start $80/team4269-2 5th-6th Sat Jul 26 9am start $80/teamLOCATION: Itasca Softball Complex: 650 N. Rohlwing RoadDEADLINE: Mon Jul 14Register at the Itasca Rec Center.

Page 36: Itasca Park District 2014 Summer Brochure

Itasca Park Districtwww.itascaparkdistrict.com36 Sports Galore

Adult & Tot SoccerA parent or significant adult will enjoy time with their child learning the

skills, moves, and joy of playing America’s most popular youth sport! Thisclass is the perfect introduction to soccer for kids. Emphasis will be on the basic skillsof soccer such as dribbling, passing, and shooting, all in a fun and relaxed environ-ment. (HV)AGE: 2-3yrs with AdultCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4277-0 Mon Jun 16-Aug 4 6-6:45pm $50/$55INSTRUCTOR: SportsKids Inc. MIN/MAX: 5/20LOCATION: Rec Center Gym

Adult & Tot Sports StopMoms, Dads, or any significant adult can play an integral part in helping

their tot experience basic sports movement. Your tot will learn in anurturing environment with gymnastics and sports equipment used to introduce organ-ized sports movement. (HV)No class on Jul 5AGE: 2-3yrs with AdultCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4278-0 Sat Jun 14-Aug 9 9-9:45am $43/$48INSTRUCTOR: SportsKids Inc. MIN/MAX: 5/16LOCATION: Rec Center Gym

Dad & Me Fun With FootballEnjoy Nerf football with your son or daughter. You, along with our accom-

plished coaches, will help the little athlete learn the proper form and techniqueof catching, throwing, center skills, hand-offs, kick-offs and more in our fun and friendlysetting. (HV)No class on Jul 5AGE: 3-4yrs with DadCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4228-0 Sat Jun 14-Aug 9 10-10:45am $50/$55INSTRUCTOR: SportsKids Inc. MIN/MAX: 5/16LOCATION: Washington Park

Sports ‘n’ StoriesJump into the world of literature and sports through one exciting class!

Each week children will enjoy a mind-awakening story, play a body-challenging sport and experience a variety of sports including T-ball, floor hockey,soccer, basketball and more. Children can enhance listening skills, the ability to followdirections and overall physical development in a safe environment. (HV)AGE: 3-5yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4261-0 Mon Jun 16-Aug 4 5-5:45pm $50/$55INSTRUCTOR: SportsKids Inc. MIN/MAX: 5/20LOCATION: Itasca Rec Center

Archery Learn the Olympic Sport of Archery. Archery is the art, practice, or skill of propellingarrows with the use of a bow. This exciting class will teach you about Archery andwork on the necessary skills including hand-eye coordination to improve your aim. Allequipment is provided. (HV)AGE: 8yrs+CODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

2209-2 Wed Jun 4-25 6-7pm $50/$554209-1 Wed Jul 2-23 6-7pm $50/$554209-3 Wed Aug 6-27 6-7pm $50/$55LOCATION: Hamilton Fields MIN/MAX: 5/20

Junior Golf LessonsThe Junior Golf program will consist of instruction by a PGA golf professional. Thejunior golfers will be introduced to safety, proper equipment needs, the basic funda-mentals of the golf swing including; full swing, chipping and putting. Rules of golf andetiquette will also be introduced. All students must have clubs. The Itasca Park Districthas golf clubs available to borrow. All students must wear proper attire, and golf shoeswith soft spikes or tennis shoes. (HV) AGE: 6-8yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4266-3 Tue/Thu Jun 10, 12, 17, 19 8-8:45am $50/$604266-4 Tue/Thu Jul 8, 10, 15, 17 8-8:45am $50/$604266-5 Tue/Thu Jul 22, 24, 29, 31 8-8:45am $50/$60LOCATION: Eaglewood Resort and Golf Club MIN/MAX: 4/8

Kid’s Karate ClubKid’s Karate Club & Safety Program - www.kidskarate.comWho’s the next Karate Kid? You can be with The Kid’s Karate Club Program. This progressive martial arts program teaches the basics in karate, self-defense;sparring and safety specifically designed for children ages 4 through 12. Parents mayparticipate with their children at no additional cost as part of our Parent HelperProgram. Family involvement and respect are key elements, and children are encour-aged and motivated to do their best in all aspects of their lives. Karate uniforms arerequired and are available from the instructor for $35. (HV)Important Summer Session Dates: Session 1 Session 2 Safety Night Jun 4 Aug 6Last Class & Testing & Promotions (6-7pm) Jul 16 Sep 17No Class Jul 2


4491-1 Beginner Wed May 21-Jul 16 5:45-6:30pm $55/$654491-2 Advanced Wed May 21-Jul 16 6:30-7:15pm $55/$654491-3 Beginner Wed Jul 23-Sep 17 5:45-6:30pm $55/$654491-4 Advanced Wed Jul 23-Sep 17 5:45-6:30pm $55/$65INSTRUCTOR: Frank Lena & staff MIN/MAX: 15/40LOCATION: Iris B





Page 37: Itasca Park District 2014 Summer Brochure

Lake Park SummerTennis ProgramThis program will use a skill-basedapproach to develop all aspects of anindividual's tennis game. Innovativeprograms have been developed to accommo-date a variety of ages, skill levels, and goals.Lake Park Head Tennis Coach Tim Martin will lead astaff of experienced coaches and players to improveathletes of all levels, ranging in skill from beginner to advanced level. Groundstrokes,including the forehand and backhand, along with proper serving technique andvolleying will be taught. Footwork, mental strategies, and match-play tactics will beemphasized. This camp will combine skill development with games and match-play togive the students a well-rounded and enjoyable experience. (HV)

AGE: 5-18yrs FEE: $59(R) / $69(NR) $113(R) / $123(NR) – any two weeks for the same individual $167(R) / $177(NR) – any three weeks for the same individual $221(R) / $231(NR) – any four weeks for the same individual $275(R) / $285(NR) – any five weeks for the same individual $329(R) / $339(NR) – any six weeks for the same individual $383(R) / $393(NR) – any seven weeks for the same individualINSTRUCTOR: Tim Martin, Lake Park High School Head Tennis CoachLOCATION: Lake Park High School – West CampusMIN/MAX: 4/60

Sundays Only


4276-1 Sun Jun 8-Jul 13 10-11am 5-7 (Quick Start) $59/$694276-2 Sun Jun 8-Jul 13 10-11am 8-10 $59/$694276-3 Sun Jun 8-Jul 13 11am-12pm 11-14 $59/$694276-4 Sun Jun 8-Jul 13 11am-12pm 15-18 $59/$69


4250-1 M/T/W/Th Jun 9-12 3:30-4:30pm 5-7 (Quick Start)4250-2 M/T/W/Th Jun 9-12 3:30-5pm 8-104250-3 M/T/W/Th Jun 9-12 3:30-5pm 11-144250-4 M/T/W/Th Jun 9-12 3:30-5pm 15-18

4251-1 M/T/W/Th Jun 30-Jul 3 10-11am 5-7 (Quick Start)4251-2 M/T/W/Th Jun 30-Jul 3 10-11:30am 8-104251-3 M/T/W/Th Jun 30-Jul 3 10-11:30am 11-144251-4 M/T/W/Th Jun 30-Jul 3 10-11:30am 15-18

4252-1 M/T/W/Th Jul 7-10 10-11am 5-7 (Quick Start)4252-2 M/T/W/Th Jul 7-10 10-11:30am 8-104252-3 M/T/W/Th Jul 7-10 10-11:3 am 11-144252-4 M/T/W/Th Jul 7-10 10-11:30am 15-18

4253-1 M/T/W/Th Jul 14-17 10-11am 5-7 (Quick Start)4253-2 M/T/W/Th Jul 14-17 10-11:30am 8-104253-3 M/T/W/Th Jul 14-17 10-11:30am 11-144253-4 M/T/W/Th Jul 14-17 10-11:30am 15-18

4254-1 M/T/W/Th Jul 21-24 10-11am 5-7 (Quick Start)4254-2 M/T/W/Th Jul 21-24 10-11:30am 8-104254-3 M/T/W/Th Jul 21-24 10-11:30am 11-144254-4 M/T/W/Th Jul 21-24 10-11:30am 15-18

4255-1 M/T/W/Th Jul 28-31 10-11am 5-7 (Quick Start)4255-2 M/T/W/Th Jul 28-31 10-11:30am 8-104255-3 M/T/W/Th Jul 28-31 10-11:30am 11-144255-4 M/T/W/Th Jul 28-31 10-11:30am 15-18

4256-1 M/T/W/Th Aug 4-7 10-11am 5-7 (Quick Start)4256-2 M/T/W/Th Aug 4-7 10-11:30am 8-104256-3 M/T/W/Th Aug 4-7 10-11:30am 11-144256-4 M/T/W/Th Aug 4-7 10-11:30am 15-18


37Sports Galore

Little Sluggers T-BallYounger kids will love this introduction to one of the most popular sports around!Participants will learn the basic skills of baseball such as: throwing, catching, baserunning, hitting, and fielding, all in a non-competitive environment. Games will takeplace on Saturday mornings in Itasca or Medinah. Innings will consist of all playersbatting and no score being kept. If you are interested in coaching or assisting, pleaseindicate this on your registration form. Team t-shirts and hats will be provided. (HV) Games begin Sep 13AGE: 4-6yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

6263-0 Thu Sep 4-Oct 18 5:30-6:30pm $60/$65 LOCATION: Washington Park MIN/MAX: 10/40DEADLINE: Mon Aug 25

Youth Fencing-Sword PlayFencing class offers students the basic understanding of attack and defense of fencing.Participants will learn moves and strategies that create a solid foundation for devel-oping their fencing game. Each class will have conditioning, drilling and bouting(actual fencing). All equipment is provided. This program is designed for all fitnesslevels. One additional family member may enroll at 50% off. (HV) No Class Jul 5


4275-1 Beg. Sat May 31-Jul 12 9-10am $39/$494275-2 Adv. Sat May 31-Jul 12 9:30-11am $39/$49INSTRUCTOR: Tracy LapshinLOCATION: Elk Grove Park District–Al Hattendorf Center, 225 Elk Grove Blvd.Register at the Itasca Rec Center.

Page 38: Itasca Park District 2014 Summer Brochure

Itasca Park Districtwww.itascaparkdistrict.com38 Gymnastics


Resale Event

The Dance and Gymnastics teams will be hostinga resale event of all girls’ clothing, with a focuson leotards (dance and gymnastics), tights, andshoes. Items are lightly used and priced to sell.100% of profits will go to the Dance andGymnastics competitive programs. If interestedin selling your lightly used items see drop offdates below. Donations are appreciated!

Drop Off dates: Jul 25, 26 and Aug 1, 2RESALE DAY DATE TIME

Fri Aug 15 2-8pm Sat Aug 16 9am-3pm


Preschool Gymnastics CampBoys & Girls 3-5yrsAre your kids always running or jumping on the bed? We have the perfect place forthem to use all of their energy. Join the gymnastics staff as we learn how to use allof the gymnastics equipment, dance to some cool music and even find our innerartist. Register for the full 7 weeks or design your own custom schedule with ourconvenient weekly pricing. All children must be potty-trained.

Please send your child with a small snack and a water bottle, also please make surethat your child can take off and put on their shoes; a must for bathroom breaks.

Camp meets on Monday and Wednesday from 9:30-11:30am.

Girls Gymnastics CampGrades: Girls K-8thEnter the gym and discover a whole new way tohave FUN! Dancing, art and of course gymnasticswill be explored during this exciting camp. Our funand energetic staff will join you on your gymnasticsjourney as you discover hidden talents; enjoycreating fun art projects and dancing to some wildmusic. Participants in our Recreational Red, White,and Blue teams are encouraged to be a part of thisgreat camp.

Please send your child with a small snack and awater bottle and easily removable shoes forbathroom breaks.

Camp meets on Tuesday and Thursday from9:30am-12pm.

Recreational Team for the SummerOur “Team” program ensures that every child has the opportunity to participate in a“team” activity. Summer is a time to learn new skills, brushing up on the ones thatare just giving you a difficult time in hopes of moving to a new “team” level.Summer practice for the Recreational “Team” will be during girls’ gymnastics camp oron Monday evenings. See the schedule for times.

Preschool Gymnastics Class3-5yrs.This fun and energy packed class is geared towards the younger crowd. Fine andgross motor skills will be explored in this 45-minute class. This class meets onMonday evenings, see schedule for times.

Private Lessons AvailableCODE FEE

9717-0 $30/30 Minutes $60/60 Minutes

No Classes the week of June 30th-July 4th

Page 39: Itasca Park District 2014 Summer Brochure


Itasca Gymnastics Center Summer ScheduleJun 9-Jul 31 (No Classes Jun 30-Jul 4)

Preschool Gymnastics Camp Mon/Wed Min/Max: 10/30 Code

9:30-11:30am � 3-5yrs Full Session (7 weeks) Jun 9-Jul 30 $185/$195 5706-0

Week #1 Jun 9, 11 $35/$40 5706-1

Week #2 Jun 16, 18 $35/$40 5706-2

Week #3 Jun 23, 25 $35/$40 5706-3

Week #4 Jul 7, 9 $35/$40 5706-4

Week #5 Jul 14, 16 $35/$40 5706-5

Week #6 Jul 21, 23 $35/$40 5706-6

Week #7 Jul 28, 30 $35/$40 5706-7

Girls Gymnastics Camp Tue/Thu Min/Max: 10/30 Code

9:30am-12pm � K-8th Full Session (7 weeks) Jun 10-Jul 31 $225/$235 5703-0

Week #1 Jun 10, 12 $45/$50 5703-1

Week #2 June 17, 19 $45/$50 5703-2

Week #3 June 24, 26 $45/$50 5703-3

Week #4 Jul 8, 10 $45/$50 5703-4

Week #5 Jul 15, 17 $45/$50 5703-5

Week #6 Jul 22, 24 $45/$50 5703-6

Week #7 Jul 29, 31 $45/$50 5703-7

Preschool Gymnastics Class Mon Min/Max: 4/8 Code

5-5:45pm 3-5yrs Jun 9-Jul 28 $45/$55 5704-0

Recreational RED “Team” Mon Min/Max: 4/8 Code

6-7pm K-8th Jun 9-Jul 28 $60/$65 5715-1

Recreational White/Blue “Team” Mon Min/Max: 4/8 Code

7-8pm K-8th Jun 9-Jul 28 $60/$65 5715-2

Competitive Team Program Summer Schedule Code

T-n-T by invitation only Mon 12:30-2pm $110/$115 5770-0

Level 2 Tue/Thu 12-1:30pm Monthly

Level 3 Tue/Thu 1-4pm Monthly

Schedule for competitive levels not listed here are TBA. � If you are interested in an evaluation for our competitive program please contact Marilyn Anderson at [email protected]

Page 40: Itasca Park District 2014 Summer Brochure

Itasca Park Districtwww.itascaparkdistrict.com40 ‘Tween/Teen Scene

End of the School Year BashNow that school is almost out for summer, what’s a kid to do? Head on over to theItasca Park District to celebrate the end of school and the beginning of summer! Therewill be a DJ, games, giveaways, snacks, and best of all, time to hang out with yourfriends. Come check it out! (KM)GRADES: 3rd-8thCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4492-0 Thu Jun 5 6-8pm $20/$30LOCATION: Iris Room and Washington Park MIN/MAX: 20/100 DEADLINE: Tue May 27

Teen Cage DanceThis is no ordinary teen dance! Enjoy movin’ and groovin’ to the DJ

outside at the Franzen Tennis Courts. There will be fun music, DJ led games,and concessions available. What a great way to start the summer with friends. Signedpermission slip is required. If it rains the dance will be relocated to the Itasca RecCenter. This event is sponsored by the Youth Commission of Itasca. (KM)GRADES: 6th-9thDAY DATE TIME FEE

Thu Jun 26 6-8pm $5INSTRUCTOR: Katie Mendez LOCATION: Franzen Tennis Courts

Six Flags Great America and Hurricane Harbor Teen TripSpend the entire day at Six Flags Great America and Hurricane Harbor with some ofyour friends. We’ll spend the first half of the day in Hurricane Harbor enjoying thelarge pools, lazy rivers, speed slides, and multi-passenger rafting adventures. Thenwe’ll spend the second half of the day tackling some of the fastest, tallest, wildest,heart-pumping rides in the country, including their newest record breaking roller-coaster, Goliath. Bring a sack lunch and dinner, as we will store them in a cooler inthe van and head outside the park to eat. You’re also welcome to bring extra moneyfor food and snacks or souvenirs. (KM)AGE: 11-16yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4693-0 Fri Jul 11 9am-9pm $55/$65LOCATION: Meet at the Itasca Park District MIN/MAX: 8/13DEADLINE: Sat Jul 5

Filthy Fun!Have fun getting filthy and we’ll take care of the mess! Enjoy human

sundaes, food fights, messy twister, and more! Wear a swimsuit if you wouldlike since we will have to hose you off before you go home! Participants must bringgoggles and towel(s). A pizza lunch will be included! (HV)AGE: 6-11yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4627-0 Fri Aug 15 11am-1pm $20/$30LOCATION: Washington Park MIN/MAX: 10/30

Safe Sitter Training CourseAre you interested in making money babysitting? Join us for an excellent trainingcourse taught by a certified Safe Sitter Instructor. This is a medically accurate babysit-ting training program designed for young adolescents to prepare them for the responsi-bilities of nurturing and protecting children. The Safe Sitter Class will not only help youland babysitting jobs, but make you feel confident to babysit. The class includes:Babysitting as a Business, Child Care Essentials, Preventing Problem Behavior, and Careof Choking Child/Infant. You will take a written exam and a test that demonstratesacceptable skills in care of a choking child. Fee includes: Safe Sitter student manualwith completion card, post-its, LED flashlight a drawstring backpack and more. NEW

THIS YEAR! A third day of training has been established for participants to be certifiedin CPR. Students will receive CPR training manual and training CD with fee. (KM)AGE: 11-15yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4474-0 Tue/Wed/Thu Jun 17, 18 & 19 T/W 4-7pm $85/$95 Th 4-8pmINSTRUCTOR: Katie Mendez, Certified Safe Sitter Instructor; Lori Neubauer,Certified Instructor through National Safety CouncilLOCATION: The Lounge MIN/MAX: 4/8DEADLINE: Wed Jun 4


For more information about...

teens, seniors, trips and Day Camp

Please contact:Katie Mendez (KM), CPRPRecreation Supervisor

E-mail: [email protected]: 773-2257, ext. 117

Interested in Volunteering?


The Itasca Park District offers kids in Grades 6th-8th fromPeacock Middle School or St. Luke’s School the opportunity tovolunteer throughout the school year. By volunteering at thepark district, children can fulfill required community servicehours. Some examples of volunteer opportunities are workingat special events and stuffing goody bags. Contact Katie [email protected] for more information.

Page 41: Itasca Park District 2014 Summer Brochure

Indiana Dunes Teen TripSpend the day at the Indiana Dunes in Chesterton, Indiana, which has15 miles of magnificent Lake Michigan shoreline with sandy beaches forsplashing, playing or just relaxing. Pack a sack lunch and plenty ofsunscreen so you don’t get burned! This is a cooperative trip withBloomingdale Park District. (KM)AGE: 11yrs+CODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4649-0 Fri Jul 25 8:15am-3:30pm $50/$55INSTRUCTOR: Bloomingdale Park District Staff MIN/MAX: 8/13LOCATION: Westfield Gym, 149 Fairfield Way, Bloomingdale, IL DEADLINE: Fri Jul 18Register at Itasca Rec Center

Summer41‘Tween/Teen ScenePrograms&Events

Dodgeball Tournament Let’s play Dodgeball! The tournament is divided into two divisions: 3rd-4th Gradesand 5th-6th Grades. Register as a team of 6-10 players in the division of the gradecompleted. This tournament will be held outside at the Itasca Softball Complex.Come and join the fun! (HV) CODE GRADES DAY DATE TIME FEE

4269-1 3rd-4th Sat Jul 26 9am start $80/team4269-2 5th-6th Sat Jul 26 9am start $80/teamLOCATION: Itasca Softball Complex: 650 N. Rohlwing RoadDEADLINE: Mon Jul 14

Register at the Itasca Rec Center.

Hollywood Park Teen TripEnjoy three hours of unlimited use of non-ticket redeeming video games,

bumper cars and rock climbing (weather permitting) at Hollywood Park. Packa sack lunch or bring extra money to spend at their indoor restaurant. This trip iscooperative with Bloomingdale Park District. (KM)AGE: 11yrs+CODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4614-0 Fri Aug 1 9am-3pm $45/$50INSTRUCTOR: Bloomingdale Park District StaffLOCATION: Westfield Gym, 149 Fairfield Way, Bloomingdale, IL MIN/MAX: 8/13DEADLINE: Fri Jul 25Register at Itasca Rec Center

‘Tween Cage Dance‘Tweens, don’t miss out on this annual FREE event! You and your friends will

have a blast dancing the night away with our rockin’ DJ. Concessions will be soldso bring some cash. All kids attending the dance must bring a signed parent permissionslip which can be picked up at the park district. If it rains, the dance will be relocated tothe Rec Center. This event is sponsored by the Youth Commission of Itasca. (KM)GRADES: 3rd-6thDATE: Fri Aug 22 TIME: 6-8pm LOCATION: Franzen Tennis Courts

Game Pazzo Teen TripCome get your game on at Game Pazzo in Downers Grove with other local

teens. At Game Pazzo you’ll get three hours of unlimited gaming on their state-of-the-art gaming equipment. In this 13,000 square foot gaming center you’ll find every-thing from Xbox, Playstation, Wii, Kinect and high-end gaming PC’s. Sink into their ultracool gaming chairs and pods and enjoy gaming on their 52” HD TVs and gaming tourna-ment monitors. Expert staff will provide tips on how to navigate past levels to elevate yourrank. You may even find yourself rocking on their Rock Band Stage. This trip includes threehours of unlimited gaming, pizza, pop and transportation. Teens are welcome to bring theirown games to play, but the park district is not responsible for lost or stolen items. (KM)AGE: 11-16yrsCODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4679-0 Fri Aug 8 11am-3:30pm $35/$45INSTRUCTOR: Katie MendezLOCATION: Meet at the Itasca Park District MIN/MAX: 8/13DEADLINE: Fri Aug 1




Page 42: Itasca Park District 2014 Summer Brochure

Itasca Park Districtwww.itascaparkdistrict.com42 Adult Programming

All-Nighter 12” Men’s Softball Tournament12” Softball teams, register for our fun All-Nighter 12” softball marathon. Yes, weare talking about all night. Games will begin on Saturday afternoon and end onSunday around 9am. This tournament is double elimination format. Registration forreturning teams begins June 16. Open registration begins June 30. Find more infor-mation at (HV)CODE TOURNEY DATE FEE

4218-0 Men’s 12” Aug 2-3 $250LOCATION: Itasca Softball Complex

Great American Bash 12” Men’s Softball TournamentAre you a Real American? Do you celebrate 4th of July year round? Register for ourGreat American Bash! This tournament is double elimination format. Registrationbegins May 5. Find more information at (HV)CODE TOURNEYDATE FEE

4245-0 Men’s 12” Aug 16-17 $250LOCATION: Itasca Softball Complex

Summer Slam Men’s 16” Softball Tournament

End summer with a bang and register for our Summer Slam Tournament! Thistournament is double elimination format. Registration begins May 5. Find moreinformation at (HV)CODE TOURNEY DATE FEE

4246-0 Men’s 16” Jul 19-20 $250LOCATION: Itasca Softball Complex

Fall Softball LeaguesAll games are played at the Softball Complex at 650 N. Rohlwing Road. Registrationfor teams from Fall 2013 will begin on Monday, July 7. Summer 2013 teams mayregister beginning July 14. Open registration will begin on Monday, July 21.Registration deadline is August 4 or when full. The 12” leagues on Tue, Thu and Sunplay double headers. All other leagues play single games. Find schedules, standingsand more at (HV)*Register for one league and get $100 off the second!

Men’s 12” Softball – Double Headers


6216-3 Tue Aug 12 6:30-10:30pm $700 86216-4 Thu Aug 14 6:30-10:30pm $700 86210-0 Sun Aug 17 3:30-7:30pm $700 8

Men’s 16” Softball – Single Games


6215-0 Wed Aug 13 6:30-10:30pm $450 8

COED 14” Softball – Single Games


6214-0 Wed Aug 13 6:30-10:30pm $450 8

NEW Men’s Age 40 & Over 16” – Single Games


6213-1 Mon Aug 11 6:30-10:30pm $450 86213-2 Fri Aug 15 6:30-10:30pm $450 8

NEW Men’s Age 40 & Over 12” – Single Games


6211-1 Mon Aug 11 6:30-10:30pm $450 86211-2 Fri Aug 15 6:30-10:30pm $450 8


Page 43: Itasca Park District 2014 Summer Brochure


Adult Ballroom Dance Focusing on the Foxtrot, Waltz, and Swing, this class will teach you the basiclead/follow techniques that apply to all dance types. You will learn how to navigatethe dance floor and be a successful social dancer. No partners are necessary andcouples will not be made to rotate unless they choose to do so. (KM)AGE: 18yrs+CODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4514-0 Wed Jun 18-Aug 6 7-8pm $57/$67INSTRUCTOR: Diane SmithLOCATION: Dance Studio DEADLINE: Fri Jun 13

Adult Fencing-Sword PlayFencing class offers students the basic understanding of attack and defense of fencing.Participants will learn moves and strategies that create a solid foundation for devel-oping their fencing game. Each class will have conditioning, drilling and bouting(actual fencing). All equipment is provided. This program is designed for all fitnesslevels. One additional family member may enroll at 50% off. (HV)No class Jul 5AGE: 8yrs+CODE LEVEL DAY DATE TIME FEE

4585-1 Beg. Sat May 31-Jul 12 9-10am $39/$494585-2 Adv. Sat May 31-Jul 12 9:30-11am $39/$49INSTRUCTOR: Tracy LapshinLOCATION: Elk Grove Park District–Al Hattendorf Center, 225 Elk Grove Blvd.

Adult Golf LessonsPGA Professionals will provide instructions. Classes will be held at The EaglewoodResort Golf Club.

Stage 1 This class offers novices and beginners an introduction to the fundamentalsof the game of golf. Instruction will cover putting, chipping, the full swing and generalgolf course etiquette. Please bring a set of clubs with you each week. To reach thatpersonal comfort level, this stage of instruction may be repeated as often as needed.

Stage 2 This class is for students who have completed stage 1 or are confident thatthey have a good understanding of the fundamentals of the game. This class willfocus on a review of the fundamentals, working on individual swing flaws, and simplegolf course management. Please bring a set clubs with you each week. (HV)AGE: 18+CODE STAGE DAY DATE TIME

2240-3 1 Sat May 3, 10, 17, 24 8:30-9:30am2240-4 2 Sat Jun 7, 14, 21, 28 8:30-9:30am2240-5 2 Sat Jul 5, 12, 19, 26 8:30-9:30am FEE: $70/$80LOCATION: Eaglewood Resort and Golf Club MIN/MAX: 4/8

43Adult Programming

Page 44: Itasca Park District 2014 Summer Brochure

Itasca Park Districtwww.itascaparkdistrict.com44 Active Adults

Lomar Events and the Itasca Park Districtoffer you this exciting NEW trip!

Amish Country TourMonday, June 23

� Cashton, WI

� Round Trip Transportation from Itasca via Coach Bus

� Lunch at the Westby Inn

� Unique shopping experience of 45 Amish families selling handcrafted furniture,quilts, rugs, baskets, home-made candies, jams and jellies, maple syrup and more

� Amish Tour of the Cashton area

� Dinner at Cracker BarrelFee: $99/personFor reservations contact Marcy at 847/917-4115 or [email protected]

Chicago Architectural River CruiseJoin the Itasca Senior Club as they travel to Navy Pier to enjoy a one-hour cruise of thehistoric Chicago River. This tour will showcase over 40 landmarks of modern Americanarchitecture. Afterward we will go to the famous Manny’s Delicatessen where you canenjoy the best corned beef you’ve ever had! Price includes deluxe transportation, andthe tour, lunch is on your own. Registration for this trip is done through the ItascaSenior Citizens Club. Contact the Itasca Park District for more information.AGE: 60yrs+DAY DATE TIME FEE

Thu Aug 14 10am-4pm Senior Club Members: $35 Non-Club Members: $45LOCATION: Meet at the Itasca Park DistrictDEADLINE: Wed Jul 9

Mackinaw Valley Vineyard GrapeStomp & Harvest Festival Senior Trip

Join the Itasca Park District as we travel to Central Illinois for Mackinaw ValleyVineyard’s Annual Grape Stomp and Harvest Festival. There will be wine tasting allday, food available, and live music to enjoy. We will also get to see a harvest demon-stration showing the equipment used in grape processing and winemaking. If you’refeeling adventurous feel free to “get your feet wet” by actually stomping the wine.There is also a free competition for anyone who would like to dress up as LucyRicardo from “I Love Lucy”. First place winner is $50. Please note that this trip doesrequire walking around the festival. (KM) AGE: 60yrs+CODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4642-0 Sun Aug 31 10am-6:30pm $25/$35LOCATION: Meet at the Itasca Park DistrictMIN/MAX: 8/13DEADLINE: Fri Aug 22



Want to make some new friends and participate in a variety of excitingactivities? The Itasca Senior Club could be just what you are looking for. Ifyou are a senior citizen of 60 years or above, you are welcome to join thisenergetic and passionate group. The club holds meetings on the 2ndWednesday of each month at the Holiday Inn of Itasca at 10:30am. Clubmembers are offered luncheons, dinners, trips, and more. Bunco and poolare played every Monday from 1-4pm and darts from 1-4pm everyWednesday, except days in which the monthly meeting is held. Interestedin joining? Contact the Itasca Park District for more information. (KM)

Illinois Holocaust Museum & LunchJoin Itasca Seniors as we spend the day exploring and learning at the Illinois HolocaustMuseum and Education Center. The Museum is dedicated to preserving the legacy ofthe Holocaust by honoring the memories of those who were lost and by teachinguniversal lessons that combat hatred, prejudice and indifference. We will stop at CornerBakery for lunch before heading to the museum for the afternoon. This trip requireswalking around the exhibits; however, wheelchairs are available if necessary. Feeincludes transportation, lunch at Corner Bakery and entrance to the museum. (KM) AGE: 60yrs+CODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4648-0 Mon Jun 30 10:30am-5pm $40/$45LOCATION: Meet at the Itasca Park District MIN/MAX: 8/13DEADLINE: Fri Jun 20

Tribute to Patsy ClineJoin the Itasca Park District and other local Seniors as we travel to Starved Rock

and get taken back to the days of Patsy Cline. The talented Mary Pfeifer will performCline’s beautiful ballads and hits from the 50’s and 60’s, like “Crazy”, “I Fall to Pieces”,“Sweet Dreams”, and “Walking After Midnight”. We will enjoy a delicious lunch buffet atthe famous Starved Rock Lodge, and will stop by downtown Utica for some shopping andice cream! Get your cowboy boots out and grab some friends for a fun trip! (KM) AGE: 60yrs+CODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4640-0 Tue Jul 22 8:30am-5:30pm $45/$55LOCATION: Meet at the Itasca Park DistrictMIN/MAX: 6/13 DEADLINE: Thu Jul 10



Page 45: Itasca Park District 2014 Summer Brochure


45General Information

Itasca Park District Mission Statement The mission of the Itasca Park District is to efficiently and economically provide education,recreation, facilities, and open space that is designed to provide wholesome, constructive,and enjoyable leisure time experiences that benefit the community of Itasca.

Accessibility for People With Special NeedsThe Itasca Park District welcomes the opportunity to assist guests with disabilities toenjoy ALL of our facilities, programs and services. Any individual with a special needshould contact our staff upon registration so that we can make the necessary accommodations. In addition, the Park District provides other specialized servicesthrough NEDSRA. Call (630) 620-4500 for further information.

ADA StatementThe Itasca Park District will not discriminate against any eligible participant on the basisof a disabling condition. We invite any participant with a special need to contact ourstaff upon registration so that a smooth inclusion may occur. In addition to the programslisted on this page, our district provides additional services for people with disabilitiesthrough Northeast DuPage Special Recreation Association.

Nothing ruins a good program quicker...than everyone waiting until the last minute to register for it. There is a point where ifthere aren’t enough registrants to hold the program, it is cancelled. Coming in the dayof or the day before the program won’t resurrect it. Please register one week early toavoid disappointment.

Conduct PolicyBehavior: Participants are expected to exhibit appropriate behavior at all times. Thefollowing guidelines have been developed to help make Itasca Park District programssafe and enjoyable for all participants. The Park District reserves the right to developadditional rules for particular programs and athletic leagues as deemed necessary bystaff and the park board. Participants shall:

� Show respect to all participants and staff.

� Refrain from using foul language.

� Refrain from causing bodily harm to other participants or staff.

� Refrain from damaging equipment, supplies and facilities.

Discipline: Itasca Park District reserves the right to dismiss a participant for infraction ofthe code of conduct. Each situation will be evaluated on its own merit.

Website: www.itascaparkdist r ic t .comFrom parties for birthdays, graduations,baby showers, and receptions in the IrisRoom or Lounge to meetings in theWillow Room; to basketball or volleyballin the Gymnasium, we have the facilityfor you! Please fill out a Room RentalApplication and turn it in at theRegistration Desk. We will work with you to schedule a date. For more information call (630) 773-2257 and ask for Angela for Rec Center Rentals or Chris for Nature Center Rentals. Visit for more information. (AR, CC)

� Lounge� Iris Room� Willow Room� Gymnasium� Springbrook Nature Center

Facility RentalsKeep up to date with the Itasca Park District and Fitness Center on Facebook & Twitter.

Join our E-Newsletterlist by [email protected]

Please contact:Beth Rodriguez, CPRPPublic Relations Supervisor

E-mail: [email protected]: 630-773-2257, ext. 127

For more information on...

the brochure or website contact

DidYouKnow?In our lobby you can recycle your

cell phones and ink jet cartridges through the Sweet Water Foundation. All proceeds go to the William James Black Children’sMemorial Fund. Also, drop your used eyeglasses to donate to the Itasca Lions Club.

Page 46: Itasca Park District 2014 Summer Brochure

1 yr. Full Membership Resident Nonresident* Individual 18-59 $199 $263* Individual Senior (60+) $ 84 $124* Couple $344 $450* Couple Senior (60+) $144 $212* Couple (1 Sr. 60+) $238 $344 Full-Time Student 14-24 yrs.** $103 $134 Teens** 11-13 yrs $ 67 $ 77* Corporate $226 —

6-month Full Membership Resident Nonresident* Individual 18-59 $128 $171* Individual Senior (60+) $ 67 $ 84* Couple $218 $292* Couple Senior 60+ $115 $142* Couple (1 Sr. 60+) $166 $217 High School 14-17 yrs** $ 66 $ 82* Corporate $145 —

Monthly Membership Resident Nonresident One-Month $ 35 $ 45 Three-Month $ 68 $ 89

Jogging Track Only Resident Nonresident Individual 18-59 $ 45 $ 70 Seniors (60+) $ 35 $ 55 Corporate $ 55 —

Daily Membership Resident Nonresident Individual 18-59 $ 7 $ 8 Seniors (60+) $ 4 $ 5

Automatic Monthly Payments Resident Nonresident

Individual $18.50 $ 24 Couple $ 30 $ 39 Senior $ 9 $ 12.50 Senior Couple $ 14 $ 19.50 Corporate $ 21

iFIT Membership RatesRates subject to change • Prices do not include Aerobic/Aqua classes

*Initial Sign-up Fee: $20 **Parents must be present upon registra-tion for 11-18 yrs. $10 Fee for replacement of lost card.

iFIT Hours (May):Monday-Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

5:15am-10pm 5:15am-9pm 7am-5pm 7am-4pm

iFIT Hours (Jun-Aug):Monday-Friday Saturday Sunday

5:15am-9pm 7am-5pm 7am-4pm

iFIT Holiday Hours: May 26: 7am-1pm

Jul 4: 7am-1pm

Sep 5: 7am-1pm

Need ashortcut?



Free iFITOrientationsHave you been using the same equipment and doing the same routine over and overagain? Do you know how to use all of our fitness equipment and new machines tomeet your goals? Take advantage of a FREE orientation with one of our personaltrainers and learn about everything that our fitness center has to offer.

Call to arrange an orientation.

Locker RentalsOne Year: Full Size $75

Half Size $50

Six Months: Full Size $50

Half Size $35

Two-WeekMembership -$25/$35Purchase a two-week member-ship to check us out!You may use the two-week fee paidtowards a one-year or six-month member-ship, if you purchase the membershipbefore the two-week pass expires.

46 iFITFitnessSolution

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Indoor Jogging Track(features indoor flex) One mile is equivalent to 12 laps

Fitness Center & Aerobic ClassesPlease contact:Lori Neubauer (LN), CPT, CPRPFitness Manager

E-mail: [email protected]: 630-773-2257, ext. 134

For more information about...

Tryour newLateralEllipticaliFITFitnessEquipment:

� 7 New strength pieces

• Leg Press/Calf Press

• Chest Press

• Shoulder Press

• Bicep/Tricep

• Lat/Row

• Ab/Low Back Extension

• Inner/Outer Thigh

� 3 Multi Angle Benches

� 1 3-way Press BenchAdjustable Olympic

� 1 Multi-Purpose PowerCage Rack

� Rubber Plate Weights up to 2000lbs

� Rubber Dumbbells 1-100lbs.

� Octane Lateral Elliptical

� 9 Treadmills

� 9 Total Body Ellipticals

� 3 NuSteps

� 1 Stepper

� 3 Precor AdaptiveMotion Trainer

� 1 Scifit Upper BodyExerciser

� 2 Upright Bikes

� 2 Recumbent Bikes

� 1 Nordic Track

� 1 Concept II Rower

� 1 Gravitron

� 3 Stretch Trainers

� 1 Preacher curl/EZ curl bar

� 1 Versa Climber

� 1 Smith Machine

� 2 Functional Trainer

� 5 Strength Pieces• Leg Extenstion• Leg Curl• PecFly/RearDelt• Rotary Torso


A great start for the exercise novice or thephysically fit. This body composition analysiswill help you streamline your aerobic and

muscular conditioning by targeting your fitness level. Upon completion of a few simpletests and measurements, our trained professional will chart your personal performance

– including achievable guidelines for a healthierbody, mind and spirit.

Free to new members!

Re-assessment: $15


(See Page 26)

TRXSuspension TrainingSmall Group ClassesTRX is a new method of functional training for all fitness levels. Clients will use thesuspension trainer and their own body weight to perform different exercises for allmuscle groups controlling the intensity by adjusting their body position and angle.Increase total body strength and flexibility and develop core stability. Classes areinstructed by staff that has been trained and certified to use TRX Training. (LN)

Session 1 (5 weeks) CODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4082-1 Tue Jun 24-Jul 22 5:45-6:30pm $45/$55

4082-2 Tue Jun 24-Jul 22 6:45-7:30pm $45/$55

4082-3 Wed Jun 25-Jul 23 9:15-10am $45/$55

4082-4 Thu Jun 26-Jul 24 12-12:45pm $45/$55

Session 2 (5 weeks) CODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4083-1 Tue Jul 29-Aug 26 5:45-6:30pm $45/$55

4083-2 Tue Jul 29-Aug 26 6:45-7:30pm $45/$55

4083-3 Wed Jul 30-Aug 27 9:15-10am $45/$55

4083-4 Thu Jul 31-Aug 28 12-12:45pm $45/$55


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FITi iFITCertifiedPersonalTrainers:

Lori Neubauer

Sherry Rubino

Jacquie Snick

Adam Alexopoulos

Diane Sutherland

Steve Gaus

Reaching Your Personal Best!

Friends In Training (F.I.T.)Train with your spouse, partner, friends or neighbors without feelingoverwhelmed or anxious about individual performance or being part of a largeclass. F.I.T. allows you and your partner/friends to train together and receiveindividualized training. Each F.I.T. package includes a full fitness assessment,

four 1-hour training sessions and individualized exercise analysis for each person.Inquire at the Fitness Center Desk for more details.

*FEE: $140 includes four one-hour sessions per person. Two people minimum. Four people maximum.


Personal Training Work one-on-one with a certified trainer! Your personal trainer will design an exercise program tailoredto meet your fitness goals at your fitness level. You will also receive the motivation that you need tostick with your program.

Sessions are by appointment only. If you would like to be contacted by one of our trainers, please fill outthe “Personal Training” request form at the fitness desk. A trainer will then contact you to get started! Training Sessions Fitness Member Non Fitness Member4 sessions $189 $2298 sessions $299 $37910 sessions $334 $4341 tune-up session $ 55 $ 65

Oktoberfest 5K on Sat Oct 4 � Visit

Join the Itasca Running Club! Contact Dan Murphy at 312-622-1468. Meet people who share your enthusiasm for running. The club meets atStarbucks in Itasca every Saturday at 7am. Our five-mile course runs through the village streets. Don’t worry, not all participants run the entire courseand walkers are always welcome. Stay afterward and enjoy conversation and coffee. Hope to see you there!

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Indoor CyclingThis class will help you lose inches, tone muscles and increase your cardioendurance. Ride at your own pace in a motivating group fitness atmosphere. Wewill incorporate different types of terrains such as flats and hills at different levels ofintensity. Add a change to your workout with this great class! Please bring a toweland water bottle. A heart rate monitor is optional. (LN)

Session 1 (8 weeks)CODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

2011-0 Tue May 13-Jul 1 6:45-7:30pm $56/$72

2012-0 Wed May 14-Jul 2 6:45-7:30pm $56/$72

2013-1 Thu May 15-Jul 3 6:00-6:45am $56/$72

2013-2 Thu May 15-Jul 3 6:15-7:00pm $56/$72

2014-0 Fri May 16-Jul 4 8:30-9:15am $56/$72

2016-0 Sat May 17-Jul 5 8:30-9:15am $56/$72

Session 2 (8 weeks)CODE DAY DATE TIME FEE

4011-0 Tue Jul 15-Sep 2 6:45-7:30pm $56/$72

4012-0 Wed Jul 16-Sep 3 6:45-7:30pm $56/$72

4013-1 Thu Jul 17-Sep 4 6:00-6:45am $56/$72

4013-2 Thu Jul 17-Sep 4 6:15-7:00pm $56/$72

4014-0 Fri Jul 18-Sep 5 8:30-9:15am $56/$72

4016-0 Sat Jul 19-Sep 6 8:30-9:15am $56/$72

LOCATION: Clover Room MIN/MAX: 4/9

Nutrition Counseling One-on-One SessionsNutrition Counseling is now being offered at the Itasca Fitness Center!Lauren Cimino is a Dietetic Technician, Registered with 4 years of experience in clinicalnutrition. She is thrilled to be working in community nutrition with an emphasis onwellness and prevention. Lauren believes physical fitness and sound nutrition gohand-in-hand to create the most healthful and fulfilling lifestyle. (LN)

Six-Session Nutrition Program: Weight ManagementAre you one of those people that are always trying different diet fads to manage yourweight but not getting the success you would like? Meet with Lauren for you owncustomized nutrition plan to start a healthy lifestyle of weight management and seesuccess. You will be meeting with Lauren6 times during a 10-week period.Fee: $180/$234

Three-Session:Nutrition EducationMeet with Lauren to discuss individual questions andconcerns you may have regarding generalnutrition, weight loss or dietaryhealth issues. Receive acustomized diet analysisas well.Fee: $100/$130

Tune-up/QuickSession: DietAnalysisMeet with Lauren for a tune-up to your plan,or one time to review your dietary history andlearn general nutrition information.Fee: $55/$65

Want to train for a 5K? This 10-week Walk to Run program will get youthere! Join Dr. Erin Ducat and her team Saturdays fromJune 28-August 30 from 8-8:45am in Bloomingdale. (LN) CODE: 4075-0 FEE: $20/$30

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Teen fitness

Boot Camp This is a great way to get fit and lose body fat. You will work your heartand muscles by going from one exercise to the next for the entire hour.Boot Camp will include calisthenics like push-ups, jumping jacks, crunchesand other body weight exercises at different intensities taking your bodyto a challenge. This class burns calories like crazy!!!! (1 hour)

Fitness Cardio CircuitHelp increase your metabolism and burn fat alternating between shortcardio segments and muscle building exercises. (1 hour)

Cardio Fusion Combine strength and toning of all muscle groups in this cardio class. Getyour heart rate up and burn calories while you increase your lean musclemass with resistance training. (1 hour)

YogaPractice physical postures, gentle stretching, and deep relaxation, whichwill help bring balance to our busy lives. (1 hour)

Teen Provisions� Must be at least 11 years old to use

the Fitness Center.

� 11-13 year olds are required to attend ateen weight training class prior to joiningthe Fitness Center.

� 14-17 year olds must have a parentwith them when purchasing any of theFitness Center passes (daily, yearly,open gym, six months and track only)to sign a waiver. Waivers are kept onfile, so the parent does not need to bepresent each time.

Teen Weight Training Class ScheduleTeen MembershipsTeens 11-13 years of age may become a fitness memberafter completing a 2-hour Teen Weight Training Class. The class covers injury prevention, proper concentration ofeach muscle group, breathing and lifting techniques. Thisclass also discusses proper warm-up and cardiovascular conditioning. Upon completion of this class, the teen willreceive a one-year membership. Parents required for registration. Please come toFitness Center 15 minutes before class begins.

Teen Weight Training Membership including Class: R$77/NR$87

Annual Renewal Fee–Membership only: R$67/NR$77

AGE: 11-13yrs DAY: Sat

TIME: 10am-12pm MIN/MAX: 1/6






Fitness 360Embark on a full fitness adventure, dancing and strength training your body into greatshape! This class will incorporate a variety of exercises with music, weights, bands, andyour own body to feel and look great. This is a head to toe workout that will get youmoving and grooving full circle to achieve the best fitness and have fun doing it! (1 hour)

Weekend WarriorGet ready for your weekend with a class that’s going to rev you up and test yourfitness ability! Prepare to push and challenge your body through a fitness program:using a variety of exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, plyometrics and super setting withweights. (45 minutes)

45 Minute FuryThis class is going to rev you up and test your fitness ability! Push and challengeyour body through a fitness program: using a variety of exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, plyometrics and super setting with weights. Just like Weekend Warrior but onMONDAY NIGHTS!! (45 minutes)


4040-1 May 104040-2 Jun 144040-3 Jul 124040-4 Aug 16

50Itasca Park District Group Fitness Classes

All-Out Group Fitness!

Mon-Fri . . . . . . . . . 3-5pm Sat. . . . . . . . . . . . . 11am-5pm Sun . . . . . . . . . . . . 11am-4pm School Holidays . 1-5pm (Mon-Fri)

Teen Hours

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Group Fitness Participants

Unlimited Group FitnessClasses for the Year

Purchase one card for $470 to use for any group fitness class,

ALL YEAR LONG!!This card is valid for all group fitness classes

including Aqua-Aerobic classes. This card will no longer be valid for special registration classes.

For a current aerobics schedule,


Group Fitness Punch CardOne punch used per class 15 30 Daily Punches Punches FeeFitness Member Rates $75 $142 $6Non-Member Rates $86 $162 $7Seniors Fitness Member $32 $56 $3Seniors Non-Members $36 $69 $4Punch cards expire 6 months after purchase date.

15 30 Daily Punches Punches Fee

Aqua-Aerobics Rates 18-59 $86 $162 $6Aqua-Aerobics Rates 60+ $36 $69 $3

Group Fitness Rates

Aqua Aerobic Rates

Summer Schedule Jun 2-Aug 30 Outdoor Aqua Aerobics Jun 9-Aug 8 Pick up your Group Fitness schedule in the Fitness Center,, or we can e-mail or fax the schedule to you!


G-ForceTone and strengthen your Glutes, Guts and Guns with instructor TracyGonzales! This class will use all types of resistance equipment, as well asyour own body weight.(1 hour)

ZumbaThe new fitness craze that fuses Latin-based rhythms with motivating music,unique moves and easy-to-follow combinations. This energetic workout willhave you sweating in no time! Bring your enthusiasm and get ready toZUMBA!!!! (1 hour)

Zumba GoldZumba Gold targets the largest growing segment of the population: babyboomers. It takes the Zumba formula and modifies the moves and pacing tosuit the needs of the active older participant, as well as those just startingtheir journey to a fit and healthy lifestyle. Zumba Gold is a dance-fitnessclass, and most of all fun! Come join the party!(1 hour)

Sr. Fit ‘n PumpStay fit, healthy, and flexible! Learn how to move and exercise correctly,while working your heart and increasing your strength without hurting yourjoints. (45 minutes)

Aqua AerobicsA one-hour class that meets at the Eaglewood Resort and Spa Pool in theevening and the Itasca Waterpark during the day. This class consists of bothcardio and strength moves in the water eliminating the impact on yourbody. Please bring your own towel to class!

Vinyasa Power-Flow Vinyasa means "breath-synchronized movement," and Vinyasa yoga is aseries of poses that will move you through the power of inhaling andexhaling. Vinyasa movements are smoothly flowing and almost dance-like,which explains why it is sometimes referred to as Vinyasa Flow. Begin yourday with balance and energy. (45 minutes)

Yoga-Core We have combined yoga asanas with core training to strengthen your wholeinner being. (45 minutes)

Yoga With WeightsThis class combines yoga with light weight training using dumbbells. (45minutes)

Try OurGroupFitnessClasses

for FREE Jun 2-7!

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Itasca Park Districtwww.itascaparkdistrict.com52 Registration Information

Definition of ResidencyAnyone living within the geographic boundaries of the Itasca Park District. If there areany questions about your residency, please call the park district office where a completelist and map is maintained.

Refund PolicyA. All requests for refunds must be submitted in person or by phone two business daysprior to the first class meeting or practice of program. Trips require reservations weeksahead of time and therefore do not allow us to refund. Please see staff for individualtrip policies.

B. Individuals requesting refunds with two or more business days notice prior to the firstclass, meeting or practice will receive a 100% refund, less $10 for administrative costs.

C. No refunds will be issued for any programs after the first meeting of a program,unless a physician’s excuse is presented. Refunds requested for medical reasons will beprorated from the time the request is received.

D. A refund will not be given to programs that cost less than $15. The amount willbe applied to another class or a voucher given for future use.

Insurance PolicyThe Itasca Park District does not provide medical coverage for injuries suffered whileparticipating in park district programs, or while using park facilities. The park district,therefore, cannot assume responsibility for personal injury for persons participating inrecreation programs or using facilities. Persons are advised to make provisions for thiscoverage in their family insurance program.

Fee InformationDue to liability concerns, all individuals wishing to participate in any park district programmust pay the registration fee listed in the brochure prior to the start of the first class. Anyindividual who is unable to pay the registration fee must contact the Superintendent ofRecreation to set up a payment plan. No phone registration will be accepted. Individualsnot paying full program registration fee or those on payment plans willbe assessed a 10% service charge if any payment is late.

Itasca Recreation Center RentalThe Itasca Recreation Center may be reserved for private use during non-program hours.Groups and individuals should contact the park district at 630-773-2257 or for more information. A Security Deposit is required in orderto hold a date. If cancellation occurs within 10 days prior to rental, deposit will beretained. See contract for refund policies.

CooperationThe park district wishes to acknowledge the cooperation of the Village of Itasca and theItasca School District #10 for enabling the park district to provide numerous year-roundrecreational activities. The park district is permitted to use the school facilities when notused by the schools. For this reason there may be occasional changes in the schedule.

Senior CitizensSenior Citizen rates apply to those 60 years and older.

How to RegisterRegistration will begin on Monday, May 5th. Registration will continue until the class is filledor needs to be cancelled due to insufficient enrollment or individual program deadlines. Mail-in registration for the Fitness Center and aerobics classes will not be accepted.

WaiversIn accordance with Recreation Department policy, all program participants must sign ahold-harmless agreement prior to participation in Department sponsored programs. Thewaivers are on the reverse side of the program registration form and must be signed byadults participating in adult programs; and by a parent or legal guardian for childrenunder 18 years of age.

In Case of Oops!Complete details of program policies, procedures and guidelines are sometimes omittedfrom the program brochures because of space limitations. Also, errors in days, times, regis-tration requirements and fees may occur as well. We apologize for any errors that mayappear in the brochure. We thank you for your patience and understanding when thesesituations arise.

Free Wi-FiWe now offer free WiFi in the Rec Center!

1. Mail-inaccepted beginning Monday, May 5thItasca Park District350 E. Irving Park RoadItasca, IL 60143#630-773-2257

2. Drop-offaccepted beginning Monday, May 5thItasca Park District350 E. Irving Park RoadItasca, IL 60143#630-773-2257

3. Walk-inMonday, May 5thItasca Park District350 E. Irving Park RoadItasca, IL 60143#630-773-2257


Page 53: Itasca Park District 2014 Summer Brochure

Total Due $


� I have carefully read the insurance liability waiver below and understand thatmy signature is required below in order to be in Park District programs.Parental signature required for participants under age 18.






Please read this form carefully and be aware that in signing up and participating in theuse of Park District/Nature Center Village programs, you will be waiving and releasing allclaims for injuries you might sustain arising out of the activities of this program. Yoursignature is required on the other side of this form.

“As the parent/guardian of the participant, or participant in the program, I recognize andacknowledge that there are certain risks of physical injury and I agree to assume the fullrisk of any injuries, including death, damages or loss which I may sustain as a result ofparticipating in any and all activities connected with or associated with such program.

“I agree to waive and relinquish all claims I may have as a result of participating in the programagainst the Park District and its officers, agents, servants and employees.

“I do hereby fully release and discharge the Park District and its officers, agents, servantsand employees from any and all claims from injuries, including death, damage, or losswhich I may have or which may have accrue to me on account of my participation.

“I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless and defend the Park District and its officers,agents, servants and employees from any and all claims resulting from injuries, includingdeath, damages and losses sustained by me and arising out of, connected with, or in anyway associated with the activities of the program.

In the event of any emergency, I authorize District officials to secure fromany licensed hospital, physician, and/or medical personnel any treatmentdeemed necessary for my minor child’s immediate care and agree that Iwill be responsible for payment of any and all medical services rendered.

“Photo: I understand that my child/ward or I may be photographed or videotaped whileparticipating in an Itasca Park District program. I give permission for photos & videotapes ofmy child/ward or me to be used to promote the Park District. Such photos and videotapeswill remain the property of the Itasca Park District.

“I have read and fully understand the above Program Details and Participation agreement.”Please sign on first signature line above.

Insurance Liability Waiver Form

ItascaPark District

ItascaPaParrk k DDististrriicctt

2014 Registration Form

Participants Participants Code# Activity Name First Name Last Name Fee Birthdate Gender

Please note any physical or other limitations, allergies, special medication or additional conditions that may affect participation:_________________________________________

_______________________________________________________________ If special accommodations are needed, allow 2 weeks prior to the start of the program.

Fee Paid _____________ By: �Cash �Check �MC �Visa �Discover

Card #: Exp. Date: Signature:

First Name: Last Name:


City: State: ZIP:

Home Phone #: ( ) Emergency Phone #: ( )Join our E-Newsletter list! Enter e-mail address here:


Primary Guardian Information

Page 54: Itasca Park District 2014 Summer Brochure

Itasca Park Districtwww.itascaparkdistrict.com54 Itasca Map

Itasca Park District Map350 E Irving Park Road

Itasca, IL 60143

P. (630) 773.2257

F. (630) 773.4524

w w w . i t a s c a p a r k d i s t r i c t . c o m



te 2


Nordic Rd









Thorndale Ave

Elgin-O'hare Expy

Irving Park Rd

Irving Park Rd






ill R









t A









Eisenhower Expy

Potter St

Park Ln



r D





Irmen Dr

Sarah Dr

Victoria Ln

Montrose Ave

Gilbert Dr

Forest Preserve Dr

Elizabeth Dr

Carter Ave

Industrial Dr

Arlene Dr

Mary Jane Lane



r A



wood A



ey A



tion D


iller L





e A








ie B























t S






n S




y S






b D



Club Ln



a A




y S








t S






k S


ak S




t S




e L




al R











g L













r S







rest A




a A







a AA









Schiller StSchiller St

Washington St

George St

North St

Bryn Mawr Ave

Walters LnArdmore Ave

Norwood Ave

Woodview Ave

Prestwick Ln

Medinah Dr

Tee Ln

Hollywood Ave

Bryn Mawr Ave

Division St

Center St

Park Blvd

Park Blvd

Pierce Rd

Theodore LnParkside Ave

Grove StG

Valley Rd

Thorndale Rd


Benson Park 1

Clayson Park 2

Country Club Park 3

Franzen Park 4

Hamilton Fields 5

Historical Depot Museum 6

Itasca Recreation & Fitness Center 7

Itasca Waterpark 8

Peacock Park 9

Play For All Community Park 10

Ray Franzen Bird Sanctuary 11

Schiller Park 12

Softball Complex 13

Spring Brook Nature Center 14

St.Luke's Field 15

St.Peter's Field 16

Usher Park 17

Washington Park 18


















Benson Park. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1Clayson Park . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2Country Club Park. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3Franzen Park . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4Hamilton Fields. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5Historical Depot Museum. . . . . . . . . . . . . 6

Itasca Recreation & Fitness Center . . . 7Itasca Waterpark. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8Peacock Park. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9Play For All Community Park . . . . . . . 10Ray Franzen Bird Sanctuary . . . . . . . . 11Schiller Park . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12

Softball Complex. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13Springbrook Nature Center . . . . . . . . . 14St.Luke's Field . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15St.Peter's Field . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16Usher Park. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17Washington Park . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18

Itasca Map & Park/Facilities Locations

Page 55: Itasca Park District 2014 Summer Brochure

A Service of the Itasca Park District

First-time participants receive a

$20 discount

Don’t Let A DisabilitySlow You Down!


Slow Don’t Let

Down!ou YYou Slow DisabilityADon’t Let

$20 discountFirst-

Itasca Park Distric Service of theAA Service of the


$20 discountreceive atime participants First-

tItasca Park Distric Service of the


Itasca Bank & Trust Co.’s Women’s Initiative offers interesting, informative, and fun programs. From personal interest to business and financial focus, themany roles of women are celebrated and enhanced.Programs cover a wide range of interests and are for women of all ages and walks of life.

There is no fee to join theWomen’s Initiative, nor for theprograms. Join the Women’sInitiative by visiting, Women’s Initiative – JoinWomen’s Initiative, or telephone 630-773-0350, ext. 450.

308 West Irving Park RoadItasca, Illinois 60143

One East Irving Park RoadRoselle, Illinois 60172

Phone: 630-773-0350 Member FDIC

Page 56: Itasca Park District 2014 Summer Brochure


350 E. Irving Park RoadItasca, IL 60143 E C RW S S

R e s i d e n t i a l C u s t o m e r

Special Events

ItascaPaParrk k DDististrriicctt

ItascaPark District

H20 Nights� Jun 8 & 22, Jul 6 & 20, Aug 3 � Itasca Waterpark

ItascaFest 3on3 Basketball Tournament� Jul 11 & 12 � Benson School Courts

IPD 50th Birthday Bash� Fri Jul 25 12:30-9pm � Itasca Waterpark

National Night Out� Tue Aug 5 � Itasca Waterpark

Waterpark Opening Day� Sat May 24 11:30am � Itasca Waterpark

Memorial Day Parade� Mon May 26 9:30am � Walnut Street

Itasca Dance Recital � Sat Jun 7 1pm � Lake Park West

Itasca Concert Series� Jun 11, 25, Jul 9*, 23, Aug 6 & 20*

� Usher Park or *Depot Museum Park