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  • Its a program. Its an SLP. Its

    Amy Koester


    photo credit: Thunder of Hooves by flickr user JD Hancock (CC)

  • Hello!Amy Koester

    Youth & Family Program Coordinator, Skokie Public Library

    The Show Me Librarian

  • Our Agenda for TodayProgramming for heroes



    Summer library programs

  • Programming for Heroes

    photo credit: Save you it can. by flickr user JD Hancock (CC)

  • Lets define hero.a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities


    photo credit: S is for Superman by flickr user Gareth Simpson (CC)

  • Superheroes. (Obviously.)

    photo credits: Kamala Khan from Ms. Marvel #1 (Fair Use); Batman Desktop by flickr user Nick Royer (CC);

    Lunch Lady and the Cyborg Substitute by Jarrett J. Krosoczka, cover from Goodreads (Fair Use)

  • Mythical & Folk Heroes

    photo credits: Boudicca Statue/Westminster Bridge, London by flickr user Carole Raddato (CC); The Great Hall & King Arthurs Round Table - Winchester Castle by flickr user Jim Linwood (CC);

    Paul Bunyan Statue - Brainerd, Minnesota by flickr user Doug Kerr (CC)

  • Heroes of Industry

    photo credits: Ada Lovelace portrait (PD); George Washington Carver (PD);

    Henry Ford 1919 (PD)

  • Heroes of Science

    photo credits:Marie Curie c1920 (PD); Dr. Jonas Edward Salk (cropped) (PD);

    Dr. Mae C. Jemison, First African-American Woman in Space - GPN2004-00020 (PD)

  • Heroes of Human Rights

    photo credits: Chief Joseph-1877 (PD); Elizabeth Stanton (PD);

    Malala Yousafzai at Girl Summit 2014 by Russell Watkins, from flickr user DFID - UK Department for International Development (CC)

  • Everyday Heroes

    photo credits: Camp Humphreys firefighters turn up the heat with live fire training in Korea - 121013 from flickr user USAG- Humphreys (CC); Green Berets from flickr user The U.S. Army (CC);

    EMT/Nursing Pediatric Emergency Simulation - April 2013 18 from flickr user COD Newsroom (CC)

  • Whats Unprogramming?

    photo credit: created by S. Bryce Kozla

  • Strategies in Unprogramming

    Structure your intro

    Choose 1 main event

    Offer several self-paced station options

    Engage with kids

  • Unprogramming & Heroes: Olympians

    Percy Jackson & 292s

    Shields/Coats of Arms


    Feed the Cerberus

    Slay the Gorgons

    Deity Concentration

  • Unprogramming & Heroes: Superheroes

    Hero books at all levels

    Kryptonite Emergency!



    Bad Guy Bowling


  • Unprogramming & Heroes: Lunch Lady & Friends

    Lunch Lady, Captain Underpants

    Food Safety Relay


    Spatula Toss


    Flight Photosphoto credit: from Super Hero Party by Maggie Block, Rad Books for Rad Kids (Fair Use)

  • Unprogramming & Heroes: Arthurian Knights

    Traditional King Arthur, or humorous by Gerald Morris

    Shields with coats of arms


    Construct a catapult

    Straw swords

  • Unprogramming & Heroes: Adventures in Food

    George Crum & the Potato Chip

    Taste Test

    Crunch Test

    Willy Wonka & Candy

    Dissolving Test

    Candy Colors

  • Unprogramming Planning Hacks

    Conduct an inventory

    Gather ideas, and keep them accessible

    Solicit suggestions

  • photo credit: Lights of ideas from flickr user Saad Faruque (CC)




    What short activities could you turn into a hero-themed unprogram?

  • Whats STEAM?

  • Strategies in STEAM

    Think of it as interest

    Use your resources

    STEAM as element vs. standalone

    Bring in partners

  • STEAM & Heroes: Science & Medicine

    Medical Discoveries

    Jonas Salk & Vaccines

    How Vaccines Work


    Extract Your DNA

    Build a Double Helixphoto credit: Lego DNA from flickr user Michael Knowles (CC)

  • STEAM & Heroes: Digital Comics

    Hero Comics

    Simple Story Creation

    Tablets with a Comics-creation App

    Strip Designer

    Comic Life

    photo credit: screenshot provided by Vivid Apps (Fair Use)

  • STEAM & Heroes: Polar Explorers

    Shackleton & Antarctica

    Peary, Henson, the Arctic

    How do you stay warm?

    Mapping Frozen Lands

    photo credit: from Curious Kitties: Animal Adaptations by Kelsey Cole Burns, Library Bonanza (Fair Use)

  • STEAM & Heroes: Costume & Gadget Design

    The Incredibles

    Plastic table cloths, scissors, duct tape, recycled cardboard, permanent markers

    Measuring tapes & rulers

    Books for inspiration

  • STEAM Planning Hacks

    Raid your nonfiction stacks

    Scope out Wonderopolis

    Use Pinterest

    Dont be afraid to go for it

  • Maker what?

    Making = Experiential Learning

    photo credit: Sharpest tool in the shed from flickr user Lachlan Donald (CC)

  • Strategies in Making

    Know the spectrum: low, medium, & high tech

    Product vs. experience

    Collaborative learning

    Time is a must

  • Making & Heroes: Low-Tech LEGO Challenge

    Lots o LEGOs

    Themed building challenges

    Space to display creations

    Cards for names & descriptions

  • Making & Heroes: Low-Tech Dr. Who Bowties

    Duct tape

    Video instructions

  • Making & Heroes: Medium-Tech Art Bots

    Dollar-store electric toothbrushes, pool noodles, electric tape

    Step-by-step photos from The Mad Scientists Club

    Plenty of time for bot drawing

  • Making & Heroes: Medium-Tech Video Games

    MaKey MaKeys become unique controllers

    Scratch for creating a simple game

    Maze backdrop


    Program parameters

  • Maker Planning Hacks

    Open-ended activities are optimal

    Consider multiple uses for equipment

    Make It @ Your Library

  • photo credit: Lights of ideas from flickr user Saad Faruque (CC)




    How can you add STEAM/making elements to existing programs?

  • Dont forget great displays & book lists!

  • Lets take a short break.

    photo credit: Marvel Avengers from flickr user W_Minshull (CC)

  • Summer Library Programs

    photo credit: Universal Invisible Woman by flickr user JD Hancock (CC)

  • Why offer an SLP?Encourage reading

    Promote the library

    Increase circ

    Combat summer slide

    Because weve always offered one

    photo credit: W Is For Wolverine by flickr user JD Hancock (CC)

  • Why should the library care about summer learning?

    100 years of data show that summer learning loss is real*

    Lower-SES youth lose 2 months of reading achievement & fall behind their peers*

    The achievement gap is largely about accessand summer is particularly tough*

    Libraries already have all the supplies & connections

    *data from Know The Facts, National Summer Learning Association

  • The Traditional SLPA formula for reading

    # books = prize

    # minutes = prize

    photo credit: Summer Reading 6 by flickr user KOMUnews (CC)

  • Traditional SLP PitfallsUnbalanced reading

    Assumes an even playing field

    Its all about the (junky/easy-to-lose) prizes

    Does it really tie to the library?

    photo credit: Hazards !Ahead! by flickr user Wapster (CC)

  • Alternative SLPsYou have tons of options.

    Its okay to

    make changes in increments.

    go all in.

    photo credit: Poker Chips Stack 3 by flickr user Darren Johnson (CC)

  • SLP: All About ReadingRethink the reading requirement

    Allow kids to set their own goals

    Encourage daily or weekly reading

    Offer a family program option

    photo credit: reading by flickr user bengarrison (CC)

  • SLP: All About the LibraryEmphasize library visits

    Make the library a summer destination

    Offer plenty of programs


    photo credit: from Summer LIBRARY Club: Where prizes and cheating go to die by Kelsey Cole Burns, Library Bonanza (Fair Use)

  • SLP: All About LearningEmphasize exploration and discovery

    Offer programs & at-home activity instructions

    Maximize displays & booklists

    Partner for the best program

  • SLP: All About ExperiencesEmphasize doing

    At the library

    As a family

    Make a treasure map of possible experiences

    Pull in community partners Mean self-reported ratings(Kumar et al, Psychological Science/The Atlantic)

  • SLP: Grab Bag of OptionsMix and match elements

    Go small with bonus activities

    Go big with SLP Bingo

    Families can do what works for them

    screenshot from

  • SLP: Books as PrizesSecure funding for quality books

    Display prize books prominently

    Be excited about a forever book as a reward

  • SLP: Prizes ReimaginedFocus on prizes that align with your SLP mission

    Offer an activity

    Offer an experience

    photo credit: from Those Summer Reading Club Prizes by Abby Johnson, Abby the Li