it's your career- drive or be driven!

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1. Its Your Career-Drive or Be Driven! 2. What is Career Happiness?What you like/love+ What you are good/great at+What you can get paid to do+In a place and a way you can be successful 3. You Are Driving Your Career When You are at least one step ahead of yourself andyou have a plan that you are consistentlyimplementing and goals you are pursuing.You are not afraid of the question what wouldyou do if this all went away tomorrow? 4. PsstThe Career Fairy AintComing 5. 1. Resolve to put your head up once in awhile! 6. 2. Check in with yourself Who are you now, professionally?What is going on in your professional world? 7. 3. Identify with your experiencevs. your organization 8. 4. Commit to Relationship Building 9. 5. Set Short & Long Term Goals- then ACT! 10. Join the Career HappyNation!*Twenty Ways to Rock Your Job Search*52 Tips to Drive Your Career*Networking- from Ugh to Aha!