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  • 1. First time when we came to world As a baby We dont know anything about life

2. We are growing bigger and bigger From nothing to something Want to know bout everything IncludeSIN 3. This world bring you EVERTHING You can choose 4. Studying / working With all your heart 5. Or.You can fight to prove who you are 6. Or you can do a short cut to get LIFE Stealing from other Or.. you can get HOT MONEY 7. Or..You can create love NOTCRIME 8. Everything is on your hand To choose That is your 9. In fact Money is not everything but Everything need money So, what you can do ? ? ? 10. Looking for a lot of money To build your Kingdom in the world Money, money, money Or.. 11. Looking for your own GOD With pray and depend your life To HIM 12. To get your real life With all HIS PLAN with blessing, glory, prosperity.and happiness You can choose 13. Heaven HeLL peace war 14. Its now your turn Take it.or leave itlife too short.choose the right