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IUP Libraries. WELCOME TO OUR STUDENT EMPLOYEES. IUP LIBRARIES. Stapleton-Stabley Library Cogswell Music Library Kittanning Campus Library Punxsutawney Campus Library. INTRODUCTIONS. Name Hometown Major Library & Department. IUP LIBRARIES’ MISSION. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



  • IUP LIBRARIESStapleton-Stabley LibraryCogswell Music LibraryKittanning Campus LibraryPunxsutawney Campus Library

  • INTRODUCTIONSNameHometownMajorLibrary & Department

  • IUP LIBRARIES MISSIONThe University Libraries of Indiana University of Pennsylvania provide support for teaching, research, and the personal enrichment of members of the IUP community.What does this mean to you?

  • WHAT CAN WE DO FOR YOU?Provide good trainingProvide opportunities to learn valuable skillsListen to your concernsValue your contributionsEnsure you have a positive experience

  • WHAT CAN YOU DO FOR US?Be a member of the teamParticipate in trainingBecome an expert in your unitProvide quality serviceBehave professionally

  • Our patrons.So how do we treat our patrons? With respect and courtesy.In a timely manner.Using good listening skills along with topnotch library expertise.

  • Quality ServicePatrons are the reason we are hereTreat the patrons the way you would expect to be treatedIf you cant help a patron, refer them to a staff person. I dont know is not a good answer.

  • And the phone rings.How do you think you should answer the phone?

  • Phone EtiquetteGreet the patronListen carefullyAnswer questionsRefer & TransferTake message

  • UNHAPPY PATRONSWhat do you do with an unhappy patron?

  • Problem SolvingListenAcknowledgeProblem solveReferMove oneveryone has bad days

  • EMERGENCIESTell your supervisor immediatelyIf not available, call police at 9-911Emergency exits marked on floor plans, use them!Fire extinguishers marked on floor mapsFirst Aid Kit available in all units

  • PATRIOT ACTWhat is it?Legislation in response to September 11th

    What does it do? Allows law enforcement easier access to information.

  • PATRIOT ACTWhat sort of information?Patron records, computer use

    How do they get this informationNeed a court order/subpoena

  • PATRIOT ACTWhy do you need to know?Could be approached in your work area by officials with badges and official documents.What do you do?Immediately tell your supervisor/building supervisor/administration use the information sheet in your work area.

  • PATRIOT ACTWhat you dont do:Tell them to leaveGive them any informationTell others about their visit part of the law is a gag order, illegal to gossip about their inquiries.

  • Stapleton Library

  • Cogswell Music Library

  • Armstrong Campus Library

  • Punxsutawney Campus Library

    There are four libraries in the IUP Libraries Stapleton-Stabley is the main library on the Indiana campus with the Cogswell Music Library. We also have libraries at our regional campus in Kittanning and Punxsutawney. You will see all the holdings for the libraries in our online catalogue, PILOT.Tell us about yourselves, we are interested in you.In every day terms, we do what it takes to make sure that our patrons get what they need when they need it. We are here to serve our community of users and we will strive to do this well. Everyone working in the library is aware of our philosophy and works towards these goals.You can have expectations of us that we provide you with really good training so you can perform your job at the highest level. We will give you the opportunities to learn valuable skills dealing with people, learning various computer applications, etc. which will help you outside the library lifelong learning skills. If you have any issues about your work, we will listen to you and act upon your ideas. We value what you have to say about how the library functions because you, as a student, are a patron too. We want to make sure that this is a good working experience for you so you can go on to other jobs having learned something worthwhile.We have certain expectations of you as part of our valuable student work force. We want you to be a member of the team, to learn to work with others in your unit and the library it helps to know who knows what you dont know. We offer training, make sure you participate because it obviously helps you in your duties. Many of the things you will learn will help you outside the library as well. Become the expert in your unit, be the worker who is the resource for other people. Remember that there are different levels of service from barely acknowledging someones presence, not smiling, making eye contact doing the absolute minimum in other words to what we would like to achieve which is top quality service. Be pleasant and helpful, make the extra effort to get a patron to feel that you enjoyed helping them. Treat your co-workers and the patrons in a professional manner how do you define professional? You can kid around with your co-workers and perhaps some of the patrons, but ideally you should be more formal, polite, etc. May I help you instead of What do you want? We also would like a professional appearance as well as professional behaviour we are not asking for you to wear a suit or a shirt and tie or dresses just think appropriate clothing for a work area not ripped out jeans, cut-offs, clothes you would wear to the beach or gym. Keep the T-shirts with interesting messages for outside work. You may think we are really strange, but we dont want hats of any sort worn in the public service units. Show up for your scheduled hours and if youre sick and cant come in, phone us to let us know in plenty of time.We are here to provide service to our patrons, we do this willingly because they are the reason we exist. We are a service unit. We treat all our patrons politely and with respect. We deal with people professionally. Also, we dont keep patrons waiting unnecessarily. If there is a line of people, acknowledge their presence by saying, Ill be with you in just a minute. Listen to what they want, sometimes it can take a few minutes to find out exactly what they are asking, then you can either help them or refer them. Learn about the library and its resources as a whole as well as how your unit functions so you know where to send people or to whom they can talk. Our patrons are many and diverse. They may be university faculty, undergraduate and graduate students, persons from the Indiana and outlying communities, high school students, faculty children, etc. And within these groups you may come in contact with persons from several different countries and ethnic backgrounds. You may be asked to serve these patrons in person, by telephone, or by e-mail. This diversity in patrons, as well as in how we serve them makes our job interesting, never boring, and at times challenging. The key is to remember that our patrons are the reason we are here to provide them with the best quality service we can. This reflects positively on Stapleton Libraries as well on you personally. It is a rewarding experience when you know you have gone above and beyond to serve a patron. Our goal is for patrons to return to our library for service in the future, knowing that they will be treated with respect and that they will receive the assistance that they need.

    The Golden Rule Treat patrons as you would expect to be treated. Show you are interested in their question be an active listener and show that you careMaintain eye contact while conversing with themRespect their personal space not too close, not too far awayAnd most importantly - SMILE! It goes a long way.

    Make every effort to satisfy the needs of each patron. If you arent able to help someone, always refer them to a staff person. We are never too busy to stop and help we also are committed to offering the best possible quality service. Our job is to exhaust every avenue in answering questions and finding materials. Remember the bottom line is for every patron to walk out the door a satisfied customer.

    I dont know is a no-no. A better response is I dont know the answer to that question, but lets find someone who does. We realize that it is impossible for you to know the answer to every question. The important thing here is to acknowledge that you dont know the answer, and then guide the patron to the person who can help them. They will be grateful to you for your effort in trying to help.

    Try to answer the telephone within three rings. Always answer the telephone with a smile. Your voice reflects your courtesy. Since the person on the other end of the line cannot see your smile, your tone of voice will need to express this. Make sure you enunciate your words clearly and precisely.

    Hello, [your] Library, [your] Department, my name is _______; how may I help you? Greet the patron: Answer cheerfully! Your voice is your smile. Listen carefully: Listen to what the patron is asking you. It is sometimes a good idea to repeat the question back to the patron so YOU understand it. It is embarrassing to have the patron repeat what they need. Answer questions: Make sure you know the answer; think before you speak. Speak clearly so the patron understands you. Refer & Transfer: If you are unsure of the answer to what the patron needs; refer them to a staff member. Make sure you know how to transfer the call before the time comes to actually have to do it. Take a message: If the person the call is for is unavailable at the time, take a message. Always keep a pen and call pad near the phone so you do not have to put the patron on hold until you go and get one. Make sure you take the message correctly; name, phone number and message of the person who is calling and correct name of the person the message is for. Put the date and time, sign it because sometimes we cant read different handwriting styles or understand the message. Always deliver the message promptly.People get unhappy with services and may choose to vent their frustration on you. So what do we do..So why do you think people get angry in the library?We should always listen carefully to the patrons complaints, you are acknowledging that they believe they have problems. You may be able to solve their problems because you know more about the library or the unit than they do. If you cant solve their problem, then ask for help ask your supervisor so the problem can be referred. You can say, I dont know how to help you or answer your question, so heres the person you can talk to. You can also give out phone numbers or e-mail addresses because on the weekends and at nights many library staff are not available. Dealing with angry people can be upsetting, dont take it personally. Dont raise your voice in response to a patron shouting at you, dont get into an argument. Dont apologize for something over which you have no control e.g. you dont make library policies. You can always say something like, This is very upsetting for you or I can see that you are really stressed out. If the patron becomes abusive or threatening, call your supervisor. Isnt it nice to be able to pass the buck, just wait until you are a supervisor.What do you think could be an emergency? Lets look at different problems.Fire/Flood/Tornado warning/Power Outage/Bomb or other terrorist threats.Evacuation Procedures:Do we use the elevators? No, they could stop working and people would be trapped.Why should we use the emergency exits instead of all rushing to the stairs and heading for the main doors? The emergency exits obviously give the fastest access to the outside from the different areas of the building. These exits are marked on the floor plans. The fire extinguishers are also marked on the floor plans. Library staff will assist the patrons in evacuating the building in a calm, orderly fashion.People emergencies: Paper cuts we have a First Aid Kit in every unit.Real medical problems call 9911.We have our Emergency Procedures manual.Hand out police brochure.