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James Crowley C3 Crowley Computer Consulting Slide 2 Quiz What version of Office do you use? What edition? 95 97 2000 2002 2003 2007 Basic Home and Student Standard Small Business Edition Professional Ultimate Slide 3 Quiz Do you love Office? Have you tried alternatives? Like WordPerfect, Lotus, OpenOffice What is the cost of Office? And what is the Return On Investment in your application? What do you want to learn today? Slide 4 Versions and pricing Slide 5 Versions and extras Slide 6 Where is help? Slide 7 ? Button in upper right hand corner of window. Office help programs access Microsoft web pages for improved results. Web searches, Google works! Slide 8 The Ribbon heart of the new User Interface (UI) Same commands, new places No menus One toolbar Not customizable Easy to learn, but tough to unlearn menus and toolbars More extensive tooltips Most items will preview Slide 9 Ribbons InOut Access Excel PowerPoint Word Open items of Outlook (mail, contacts, appointments) OneNote Publisher Accounting Express Groove Infopath Main Outlook screen Slide 10 Cutting the Ribbon to pieces Tabs Groups Commands Dialog boxes Slide 11 Lost commands Many specific, contextual commands do not show on the ribbon until the proper context is available. For example, there are no picture formatting commands until a picture is inserted or selected. Slide 12 Ribbons adjust to fill window Slide 13 Mice are for wimps Navigate the Ribbon by tapping the Alt key and then resulting KeyTips. ESC moves to previous selection There are many keyboard shortcuts. Most are unchanged from older Office editions. From Help, search for keyboard shortcuts. Slide 14 Where did my ribbon go? Minimize the RibbonClick on tab titles to use To minimize or restore the ribbon: Choose Minimize the Ribbon or Restore the Ribbon from the Customize Quick Access Toolbar Double-click on the active tab name Press Ctrl+F1 Slide 15 Microsoft Office Button Think of the 2003 File menu Application options are found on the bottom right. Slide 16 Quick Access Toolbar Only easily customized part of the UI Ribbon can be customized programmatically and via add-on apps Save, Undo and Redo Customize menu Slide 17 Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar Select common tools from menu Add more tools from More Commands Show below or above the Ribbon Slide 18 But not everyone has Office 2007! Office 2007 can run on Windows Vista and Xp All users running Office 2003 through 2000, running Windows 2000 or newer should install the compatibility pack from http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.asp x?FamilyID=941b3470-3ae9-4aee-8f43- c6bb74cd1466&displaylang=en http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.asp x?FamilyID=941b3470-3ae9-4aee-8f43- c6bb74cd1466&displaylang=en Or Google microsoft office compatibility pack and it will be the first link There are always winners and losers Slide 19 Smart Art Slide 20 Smart Art Tools: Design Slide 21 Smart Art Tools: Format Slide 22 Applications ReviewedNot reviewed Word Excel Outlook PowerPoint Publisher Access Accounting Express Groove InfoPath OneNote Slide 23 Accounting Express Accounting by Microsoft. Can they supplant QuickBooks? Slide 24 Groove Groove is like instant messaging with application sharing. Allows for collaboration anywhere you have an Internet connection. Slide 25 InfoPath Server based technology to create web browser fillable forms, manage form templates and collect data. Use requires a Share Point server. Slide 26 OneNote Note-taking and information- management in electronic notebooks that can be shared. Notebooks on steroids! Incredible with a tablet.