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The Stay Connected magazine by InService America featuring the cover story of the Billy Graham My Hope America Project. This is also the NRB Conference edition.


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    January 2014

    InService America Assists the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Take Thousands of Salvation Calls


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  • InService America was founded in 1985. We specialize in marketing, customer service, sales, and fundraising strategies for both faith-based and non-profit organizations. InService America is a leader in helping clients leverage their constituent base to support the organizations call to action. We provide our clients with integrated marketing solutions, drawing upon world class expertise in four areas of direct response. Our business units include our contact center, social media, fulfillment and event marketing.

    We are driven by our passion to provide our clients with world-class, objective expertise across a broad spectrum of direct response solutions. We engage our clients by harnessing their passion for their faith or favorite charity. Our clients can measure our effectiveness through returns on their specific objectives in metrics that can be quantified. We define our strategies by evaluating the needs of our clients then we go out and execute. Our goal is to be a part of their vision and passion.

    InService America is headquartered in Forest, Virginia. We have been selected as one of the top 50 contact centers in the United States for the last eleven years. We are operational 24 hours per day, every day of the year. We are the largest employer in our community. Our staff has over 250 years of direct response experience. Our client base includes some of the largest humanitarian or-ganizations, media ministries, television and radio networks and non-profits in the country. We have been recognized by the Direct Marketing Association, INC magazine, and the US chamber of commerce.

    InService America: The Modern Day Contact Center

    Dear Friends and Clients,

    It has been another amazing year at InService America! We have been so blessed to serve many media ministries since 1985. We have the honor to process hundreds of thousands of product orders, pray with and lead thousands to Christ through our call center. This past year we reached several milestones. We have taken or placed to over 950 million people since we have opened our doors. Eight years ago, we began to market directly to churches with movies, small group study kits, and event pack-ages. Eight years ago, we began working with the local church offering small group packages and church movie nights for community outreach. We hit our 40,000 church mark in 2012. We have reached thousands of pastors and consumers with the tele-town hall call conferences. In one phone conference this year, we had over 100,000 people on one call for the South Carolina presidential primary. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to serve you. Our company is helping our clients grown through email, voice broadcasting, and social media.

    Finally, I want to thank the National Religious Broadcasters convention team. We have been involved with NRB since the early 90s. We thank them for making it possible for our industry to come together once a year and share in new strategies and services for the kingdom. Thank you Frank Wright and team!


    Carl TownsendPresident & CEO

    InService America129 Vista Centre DriveForest, Virginia 24551

    1.800.870.9865 / Fax 1.434.316.7407Proud Winner of the Top 50 Award for Contact Centers Over the Last Thirteen Years


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  • ContentsISA Assists The Billy Graham Association

    ISA - Staff Additions

    Fulfillment at ISA

    ISA and King Jesus Ministry

    Outbound Calling Campaigns

    ISA - Developing the Call Center Agents

    How to use the Son of God Movie

    Tele - Town Hall sampler

    ISA - Outbound Sales

    About the Film Son of God

    ISA - Inbound Call Campaigns

    ISA - New Clients

    About the Producers of Son of God














    Published by Stay Connected - Editor: Josh SheaDesigners: Andrea Lewis, Briana Kauffman, & Allen WilliamsonAdvertising Information - Contact 1-800-870-9865Cover: Billy Graham Evangelistic Association - My Hope America

    Son of God Preview Disc 16

    ISA Staff 30-31

  • ISA assists the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in One of the Largest Media Campaigns Ever! Sermon

    Stay Connected 1

    What do you do when you are tasked with finding an additional 500 Christians with the 200 plus you already staff who can genuinely pray with people on the phone for salvation.

    InService America, a call center and marketing company with main offices located in Lynchburg, VA, serving a large client base of large and medium size ministries, publish-ing companies and other businesses, faced that very challenge when long-time client, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association asked if they could staff their call center to handle the largest call volume ever expected in the history of their ministry.

    The Cross, a short film featuring a powerful message from world-renowned evangelist Billy Graham was the culmination of two years planning to bring a message to millions of salvation and hope to coincide with the ninety-fifth birthday of Dr. Graham. The Cross was aired nationally over five days on more than 500 channels across the U.S. and Canada, including 115 network sta-tions, TBN, and five different times on FOX News including an interview with Dr. Gra-ham on FOX News Channels Hannity Live.

    InService America and Liberty Uni-versity, the worlds largest evangelical uni-versity, share a synergistic relationship. InService America provides job opportunities

    in a Christian atmosphere with the chance to represent Christian ministries and pray with callers. InService America has a large pool of potential workers who come from a Chris-tian background.

    Libertys involvement with the BGEA and the film actually began more than a month earlier when 1,400 students in evan-gelism classes were asked to view another short film from the BGEA, Defining Mo-ments. More than 80 students made first-time decisions for Christ and 1,049 commit-ted to becoming trained Matthews using My Hope America to share their faith.

    Rev. Billy Graham and his family have been longtime friends of my family and the Liberty family, said Jerry Falwell, Jr. Becki and I were honored to join the Gra-ham family in celebrating the 95th birthday of a man who has preached the Gospel to more people worldwide than anyone else in history.

    The Graham family has several ties with Liberty University. Three of Dr. Gra-hams grandchildren and five of his great grandchildren have attended Liberty. The three grandchildren have also worked at In-Service America.

    There were several touching moments that occurred over the five days for InService America and Liberty students, many having led someone in the prayer of salvation or to

    by John Brown

  • rededicate their lives to Christ for the first time. One student, Mica Green, after pray-ing with callers and his shift ended, wanted more. He and a friend left and went to the local WalMart with the hope that God would use them to bring others to Him. Within ten minutes a man approached them and they had the privilege of leading him in the prayer of salvation.

    Liberty student Micah Green shared his first experience leading someone to Christ; It was a young man who said he was just very ready to turn his life around, Green said. I was fortunate to be able to be the one to talk to him. I was weeping with joy. I told him to tell other people of his deci-sion because they would be just as ecstatic as I am.

    Carl Townsend, President of InService America summed up the event saying:

    It was a tremendous honor to support such a worthy cause. What a blessing it was to be a part of one of the greatest

    television crusades in the history Television. Many people came to know the Lord through

    this historic event!

    Stay Connected 2

    ISA Call Center Staff

  • Inbound Call Campaigns

    InService America recognized as one of the TOP 50 Inbound Contact Centers for the last 11 consecutive years, stands ready to offer strategic solutions to your every commu-nication need. Focused on providing excellent customer service ex-tending beyond tradi-tional telemarketing, at InService America we pride ourselves in serving as the voice to your ministry with professionalism, compassion and integrity.

    The process begins with an initial call between you and the ISA team where your needs are assessed and a strategic solution and timeline is developed. Dur-ing this initial call you will be introduced to your account manager. Our account managers have years of experience working on direct response media and customer service campaigns. Each day our account management team analyzes revenue to cost, response times, agent performance metrics, dispositional trends and placement comparisons. InService assigns one account manager as the liaison between the cli-ent and ISA operations.

    Your account manager will be joined by a repre-sentative from information technology, communi-cations, operations, training and finance allowing the entire team to become familiar with your goals, expectations and campaign overview enabling us to develop a timely, effective and productive solution and timeline for you.

    During the setup call we will discuss workflow which will include call routing, call handling, data transfers and reporting. How to most effectively route your calls to