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January 30, 2013 | Holyoke, MA. Abimael Santana. Demand Resources Working Group. General Information on Composite Offers and CPS Reporting Changes. Associate engineer. Composite Offers – Why and What. FCM is predicated around a 12 month product - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • JANUARY 30, 2013 | HOLYOKE, MAAbimael SantanaDemand Resources Working GroupGeneral Information on Composite Offers and CPS Reporting ChangesASSOCIATE ENGINEER

  • Composite Offers Why and WhatFCM is predicated around a 12 month productEach resource must be able to deliver an equal amount of capacity in each seasonal monthMeasures that have seasonal performance differences may not be able to deliver the same capacity in each monthA CFL may deliver more capacity in winter due to higher coincidence with the performance hoursDue to differences in the physical assets making up a resource, a resource may have a higher winter or summer qualified capacity value

  • Composite Offers Why and What (Cont.)A new or existing capacity resource with a different summer and winter qualified capacity will have its:FCA qualified capacity lowered to the lower of the two for new capacityAn FCA static delist bid entered on the difference between a higher summer and its low winter on existing capacityDifferences in winter or summer can be be addressed by participating the the market rules allowing for offers composed of separate resources

  • Composite Offers Tariff ReferenceIII.13.1.5. Offers Composed of Separate Resources Separate resources seeking to participate together in a Forward Capacity Auction shall submit a composite offer form no later than 10 Business Days after the date on which the ISO provides qualification determination notifications.

  • Composite Offers Submission Submitted during the ten (10) Business Days after the ISO issues the Qualification Determination NotificationInitiated by the summer resource (summer DRV > winter DRV)May select multiple winter partners to contribute to the combined winter DRVA resource may submit a composite offer between its own existing and new Qualified Capacity

  • Composite Offers Submission (Cont.)Submission Steps:Summer Resource designates winter partner (Lead Participant) Status set to pendingWinter partner designates resources with excess winter to be part of the composite offerSummer Resource reviews the entries made by the winter partner and confirms the composite offerStatus is set to confirmed


  • Composite Offers Schedule and Training MaterialsComposite offers deadlines for FCA 1-8 are available in the Forward Capacity Market (FCM) Manual (M-20)A web-based training is available on ISO New England's Training & Events Network (ISO-TEN) Home >> Support >> Training >> ISO-TEN log in page



  • Tariff Section III.13.3.2. Quarterly Critical Path Schedule Reports For each new resource that is being monitored for compliance with its critical path schedule, the Project Sponsor for that resource must provide a written critical path schedule report to the ISO no later than five Business Days after the end of each calendar quarter. If the Project Sponsor does not provide a written critical path schedule report to the ISO by the fifth Business Day after the end of the calendar quarter, then the ISO shall issue a notice thereof to the Project Sponsor. If the Project Sponsor fails to provide the critical path schedule report within five Business Days of issuance of that notice, then the resource will be subject to termination pursuant to Section III.13.3.4(c).

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