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 January MEMBER MEETING WHO ARE WE? WHY ARE WE HERE? MISSION STATEMENT The Golden Gate Triathlon Club serves multisport athletes of all ages and abilities in and around San Francisco, enabling them to achieve their athletic goals in a stimulating, supportive and sociable environment. Swim Bike Run Fun THANK YOU Michael Speigel (President) Christina Nosek (Ex-Efficio) Amy Shaw (Secretary) Wacey Turner (Run) Krista Gager (Gear) Kevin Greenland (Social) Lindsey Thurman (Membership) GGTC 2013 MEMBER OF THE YEAR Picture of the Month e m i T o t *Winning big is a relative term MEMBER BENEFITS RACE DISCOUNTS HITS Napa Valley TriCal races (Wildflower) USA Productions races Vineman Monte Rio Santa Cruz Triathlon Big Kahuna Triathlon GGTC EVENTS January Kick-off party Monthly Thirsty Thursday Monthly Member Meetings Wednesday Track workouts Wildflower Training Weekend (April 4-6) Wildflower Race Weekend Big Kahuna/Santa Cruz Training Mid Week Hill Repeats Workout (April August) Weekly Group Training: Swim, Bike & Run Vineman Run Aid Station #4 (Both 70.3 & Full Vineman) And a whole lot more 2014 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Photo Credit: From the movie Doctor Strangelove GOLDEN GATE TRIATHLON CLUB PROGRAMS 2014 AMBASSADOR TEAM MISSION STATEMENT A member of the Golden Gate Triathlon Club Ambassador Team is someone who embodies the competitive spirit of triathlon, displays leadership, integrity, club spirit, and positively influences athletes for the betterment of the membership, the community and the sport. John Dahlz Tommy Evans Geoffrey Farrell Tammy Moser Ashley Relf Duane Franks Neil Fraser Krista Gager Hope Gelbach Michael Spiegel Ed Swanson Clement Tussiot Kari White Jim Roth Alex Sigal Brice Winkler Stephanie Schmotter Jeff Wong TRACK WORKOUTS (WED, 6:45 8:00 PM @ KEZAR STADIUM 2.5.2014) Top 10 Reasons to Attend: 1. Included in your GGTC Membership! 2. Open to all experience levels 3. TAG/HIT/IM integrated! 4. All distances supported (Sprint, Olympic, 70.3 & 140.6 distances) 5. Locations: Kezar Stadium, Strawberry Hill, Baker Beach, & Presidio 6. Pace assessment individual paces for track pace groups reassessment 7. Early season: run technique, terminology, strength/core 8. Occasional post track socials 9. Personal touches 10. New or returning after a long break? Contact Coach Dorette! dorette@trifiniti.com Coaching on taper/recovery, technique, nutrition, & injury prevention/ recovery. GGTC Run Director and Track Coach are committed to you having a high level of experience and accomplishment you get the results you want and expect! Strength & Conditioning Coached by Nate Helming Foundation skill development, mobility, strength, power, and speed in addition to cardio-respiratory endurance and muscular endurance. Plans patient long-term approach towards athletic development, balanced with specific short-term objectives. Focus On the big picture goals and on the short term objectives that get athletes closer to those goals. Un-injury understand the root cause of most subacute injury and how to self heal. Balance enjoy yourself and the training process. Discovery Training is a process of self-discovery and of betterment. Competing and training in sport should make us better at our jobs, and better in our personal and family lives rather than take away from those things. TAG (Tri & Give) Train for Wildflower Olympic! Coached by Neil Fraser TAG Information Meeting Wednesday, February 12th @ 6:30pm Sports Basement - Presidio Kick-Off Meeting/Social Beginners Thursday, February 20th Sprint/Olympic Location TBD Regulars Kona Qualifiers First Workout Ultra Marathoners Saturday, February 23rd @ 9:00am Location TBD Half-Ironman Training Train for Wildflower Long Course! Coached by: Ashley Relf HIT Information Meeting Thursday, January 30th @ 7:00pm Sports Basement - Presidio Program Starts Monday, February 10th Race Day Saturday, May 3rd Lake San Antonio, CA IRONMAN GROUP TRAINING THE COACHES: 37+ years combined experience coaching & competing at Ironman. IM group training since 2004. Duane Franks, MS Kinesiology, IM & Ultraman Hawaii World Championship Dorette Franks, BS Dietetics, Team USA/ITU WC, Ultraman Canada YOU: IMCDA, IMLP, IMCD,IMLT, IMAZ, IMCZ + Start: Optional early start for all training into Wildflower LC IMCDA/Nice February 3 Wildflower IMCDA 21 wk. $525 IMLT April 7 IMLT Training Weekend+ IMLT 24 wk. $600 IMAZ/Coz/FL June 16 Big Kahuna IMAZ/Coz/AZ 24 wk. $600 Group training with and individualize approach Individual pre season + IM race strategy consultation Monthly training review/individual check ins + access to coaches Threshold assessments for individual HR, power & pace zones Daily workouts on Training Peaks platform (3 levels) Monthly coached group training + weekly integrated GGTC Track Periodized strength training Discounts on Power Cycling, Nutrition Services and Sponsor Benefits Clinics Base Phase & Race Specific Sports Nutrition (2 clinics) Mental Training Open water/cold & altitude adaptation IMLT Course Preview Training Weekend (Aug 1 3) My coaching with Trifiniti was critical to keeping my training on track and taught me how to race, how to fuel, and most importantly how to train smart. ~ Kevin Brown, Real Estate Developer, father to be of twins (Ironman Whistler 2013) info@trifiniti.com Thank you!


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