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FALCONNEWSLETTER4650 Badger Road Santa Rosa, California 95409 (707) 528-5255 Visit our website at http://www.rvms.srcs.k12.ca.us January 2010

DATES TO NOTE A MESSAGE FROM THE PRINCIPALDear Parents & Friends,. Jan. 11 Volleyball and Wrestling Tryouts Jan. 18 MLK Day NO SCHOOL Jan. 21 Cookie Dough Fundraiser Assembly Jan. 28 Volleyball@RVMS Wrestling @ Comstock Jan. 28- STPC mtg. 7pm Library Jan. 29 Cookie orders due Feb. 1-5 Oral Grade Week Feb. 210 Pre Valentine Sales Feb. 2 Volleyball @ Slater Wrestling @RVMS Feb. 4 Volleyball @ RVMS Wrestling @Santa Rosa Feb. 8 LincolnsB-day NO SCHOOL Feb. 11 Volleyball @ Slater Wrestling @RVMS Feb. 15 Presidents Day NO SCHOOL Feb. 16 Volleyball @ Comstock Wrestling @ RVMS Feb. 18 Volleyball @ RVMS Wrestling @ Slater Feb. 23 Volleyball @ Santa Rosa Wrestling @ RVMS Feb. 24- RVMS Showcase min. day Mar. 29-Apr.2 Spring Break

With all the doom and gloom about municipal and school budgets, were still shining and working wonders with students. While the budget cuts that are coming will be felt deeply, we will make every effort to meet the challenges before us. The RVMS staff is committed to providing an excellent education for all our students; well just have to get very creative. During the upcoming school year, we will need to lean more heavily on our parent group, the STPC, for our educational needs. I have tremendous faith that our parents will rise to the occasion and support us in these trying times. At the end of this month, February 24, RVMS is once again putting on our annual Showcase event for incoming students. This is a minimum day, and school will be out at 12:28. If you know of anyone who will be a new student to RVMS, please remind them about this event. The showcase will start at 6:00pm and close at 8:00pm. The showcase is a wonderful way to get a look at RVMS and see what were all about. Everyone from the community is welcome to attend, but we ask that current students stay home because of limited space. As many of you know, we will be taking the STAR test the week of April 12th. We will be on a Monday bell schedule the entire week. In todays competitive educational environment, it is very important that all our students take the test seriously and give it their best effort. Schools are also using the STAR test results now to help determine if students will have an elective class, or academic support class, the following year. During this critical week for our school, we ask that families do not miss school for any reason other than a doctors appointment; and wed appreciate it if even those could be scheduled for another week. I dont


RVMS Newsletter - January 2010 like the fact that so much rides achievement, but that is the reality we live in. The staff at RMVS greatly on this one indicator of student appreciates your support during the week of STAR testing.Principals message continued from previous page

Believe it or not, we are already planning classes for next year. February is also the month when MCHS counselors come to RVMS and talk to 8th graders about their educational choices for next year. The MCHS counselors will be visiting 8th grade history classes on Thursday, February 18th. Please make sure you review with your student next years course offerings and guide them in making choices. Student course selection sheets are due back in the counseling office no later than Friday, March 5th. On Wednesday, March 3rd, our counseling department is offering an 8th grade parent night for our eighth grade parents who will soon be dropping their students off at the high school. This event is designed to inform parents what to expect at the high school and helpful hints about making the transition go smoothly. The 8th grade parent night will be held in the RVMS library from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Finally, on Tuesday, March 9, our counseling team will be visiting 7th grade science classes to talk about elective choices for the 8th grade year. All my best, Matt Marshall Principal RVMS_____________________________________________

The Counselors oversee the following programs: Honor Society Homework Hotline Conflict Management Program Support Counseling Safe School Ambassador Program

Honor Society- The spring semester of HonorSociety is open to both 7th and 8th graders based on their December report card semester grades: o Students need12 points to be eligible o Each A is worth 3 points o Each B is worth 1 point A list of eligible students is posted in the marquee adjacent to the Counseling Office.. If you do not find your name on the list, please contact your counselor. Honor Society meets before field trips. Meetings will be announced on the morning announcements and posted outside the Counseling Office in the marquee. Our next meeting is Monday, February 1. Remember, you need to attend Honor Society meetings in order to participate in the upcoming field trip to UC Berkeley on Wednesday, March 3.

Homework Club Homework Club meets on Tuesdayand Thursday afternoons, 3:10 4:10. Homework Club is in the Library and its FREE ! Students must stay for the entire time, unless they have a note from their parent to leave earlier. Two to three teachers are available during this time to assist students who need help.

Counseling Office NewsOffice Hours 7:30 3:00 Phone - 528-5257 Counselor Dan Evans Mon., Wed., Thurs. morning and Fri. afternoon. Last name alphabet is A I. devans@srcs.k12.ca.us Counselor Robin Wilkins Mon. thru Fri. Last name alphabet is J Z. rwilkins@srcs.k12.ca.us Academic Support Counselor Michele CraigMorales Thursday a.m. mcraigmorales@srcs.k12.ca.us or voice mail number 528-5074 ext.2358

Homework Hotline www.rvms@srcs.k12.ca.usHave you checked out the Homework Hotline website? This website is a great tool to make sure you are getting all of your homework written down in your planner. The hotline is updated daily by 3:00 p.m. and is offered as a convenience

RVMS Newsletter - January 2010for students who were absent from class or for parents who would like to check homework assignments.

Colleges universities financial aid scholarships

Weekly Progress ReportsProgress Reports are available in the Counseling Office on Mondays, between the hours of 7:30 to 8:00 a.m. If there is a Monday holiday, students can pick up Progress Reports on Tuesdays between 7:30 and 8:00 a.m.

Please call 528-5038 to reserve your place as space is limited.

2010-2011 Registration

The RVMS Counseling Office and a few RVMS students will be visiting our partner elementary schools the third week of February to talk with 6th graders about 7th grade at Rincon and hand out enrollment packets. If you have a 6th grader at one of the following partner schools, please check his or her backpack for an enrollment packet. Our partner elementary schools are: o Austin Creek o Binkley o Kenwood o Madrone o Riebli o Santa Rosa Accelerated Charter o Sequoia o Whited Be sure to complete the registration packet and return it to RVMS on the evening of Showcase (Wednesday, February 24th).

Progress Reports are not available for the weeks of quarter grades and semester grades.

8th Grade Parent Nights at RVMSJoin counselors Dan Evans and Robin Wilkins for a presentation about the following topics:High School Night Tuesday, March 2, 2010 6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. RVMS Library Discussion Topics: high schools pathways 4-year plan graduation requirements

For Future 7th and 8th grade Students and Parents Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2009 6:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m. 6:00 6:20 6:30 7:00 School Tours Meet at the flagpole 7th gr. Band RVMS Gym Welcome to Rincon Presentation Gym Showcase/Performances Open to the Public

College/University Night TBDDiscussion Topics:

RVMS Newsletter - January 2010 their planner to confirm that it is th th 7 & 8 gr. Curriculums, electives, support accurate. If your student does not classes and enrichment activities get the signatures, give them a consequence (example: no cell 8:00 Parent Night closes phone, no computer time, or no TV) until they start getting the required signatures. 2) Have your student pick up a weekly progress report. Do this for at least two weeks. When your student brings the progress report home, have them explain any missing work or low scores.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010 7th grade Writing TestApril 12 16, 2010 STAR TEST

Please use the strategies above prior to scheduling a parent teacher conference. This will help clarify your childs needs. We look forward to working to address your concerns.Sincerely, Dan Evans, Robin Wilkins and Michele Craig-Morales RVMS Counseling Office 528-5257 devans@srcs.k12.ca.us (Last name alphabet A I) rwilkins@srcs.k12.ca.us(Last name alphabet J Z) mcraigmorales@srcs.k12.ca.us Academic Support Counselor (Thursday mornings) Homework Hotline: www.rvms.srcs.k12.ca.us Homework Club: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3:10 to 4:10, RVMS Library

RE: Parent/Teacher Conferences Suggestions RVMS hopes for all students to succeed. If you are concerned about your childs progress in one or more of their classes, please complete the following tasks prior to scheduling a parent teacher conference. This process makes the conference far more effective and is beneficial for your child: 1) Ask to see your students planner every day for a week and have them show you their completed homework. a. If it is not complete, create a place for them to sit down and get it finished. b. If your child is not filling in the planner, have them start to get a teacher signature each day in

7th Grade Girls Basketball News Congratulations to the girls 7th grade basketball team. They are Co- Champions of the Santa Rosa City Middle Schools Basketball League. The girls had an excellent season, playing tenacious, smoth