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  • Childrens Books in EnglishOur wide range of childrens books in Japanese and English is constantly changing. We keep in mind Early Preschool learners and Asian Studies titles and their appropriate use in Australian classrooms in our selections.

    Kokeshi series $14.95 each

    This beautiful series of 3 books in English about different aspects of Japanese culture (written by Annelore Parot), is a must and deserves a category of its own. Designed with appeal to children, the illustrations are award-winning and the layout designed to interest the young reader. Kimonos Yumi Aoki

    Japanese Traditions$20.00Rice cakes, Cherry Blossoms and Matsuri - a year of seasonal Japanese festivities for children. A beautiful book about Japanese culture for children.

    Japanese Celebrations$20.00Cherry blossoms, lanterns and stars! This beautiful- ly illustrated book will provide children with many colourful pictures about Japanese festivals and celebrations. A good start for discussing intercultural aspects of our lives.

    A Treasury of Japanese FolktalesBilingual English and Japanese edition $39.95Beautifully presented large format hardcover of 12 popular Japanese folktales with 98 colour illustrations.

    Japanese Childrens Favourite StoriesBook 1 $20.00More ... Book 2 $20.00Two Anniversary editions, each in a beautiful hardcover version each with six favourite stories.

    Childrens Books in JapaneseLanguage International has a very extensive range of very simple kana childrens books in stock. This is a very small selection to whet your appetite!

    Kudamono iroiro kakurenbo $26.95A wonderful little hardcover card book

    of fruits and colours in hiragana and English.

    Norimono iroiro kakurenbo $26.95Hard card book for little hands of tranport with cutout pages to play and touch.Simple kana words with English.

    Tanoshii Omocha Kakurenbo $26.96Fun play things with English and kana for little ones.

    Transport $12.95 each.Hard card books for young children - pictorial with limited text.

    Trucks - Kouji no kuruma Planes & Ships - Hikouki & Fune Trains - Toukyo no densha Firetruck - Shoubousha

    Suizokukan $12.95Beautiful sea fish and animals. Hard card cover book for young learners.

    Kumakun 123 $12.95A hard card counting book in Japa-nese.

    Densha nanikana?$19.95 Going on a trainride is always fun and learning kana too! A popular Kumon title.

    Harapeko Aomushi / Hungry Caterpillar$29.95This popular classic remains a favourite with early learners due to the repetition of language. A huge favourite!

    Ohana Tsuntsun $19.95A book about family in very simple language.

    Korochan / Spot$28.95The ever popular Spot books are well known for motivating young learners. With their interactive pages and repetitive language, this assortment of titles is always in demand.

    Ja ja biri biri$14.95What sound does this make?Common items around the house and the sound they make. A cardboard page book for young learners.

    Japanese Early Learners : Resources January 2015This list is just an example of the wonderful range of resources we stock for teaching and learning Japanese.

    To ensure you are kept up-to-date, please register on our website.View our online shop where you will enjoy our full range and we would really love to see you in our bricks and mortar store

    at Language International - we are real people on the end of a real phoneline ready and willing to provide you with our professional service.

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  • SONGSSing & Learn Japanese $34.95A unique concept that introduces chil-dren to languages and cultures through songs - listen to the song, look at the pictures, discover new words and dance and sing in Japanese.

    Ohisama Song CD $50.00

    This song CD is part of the learning programme of Ohisama. The songs are designed for young learners and are short and eary.

    DVDs and VisualsGo Go Nihongo! DVDs$29.95 eachUsing immersion in the language, chil-dren use only the target language.Topics covered are body parts, fruits and vegetables, Family, Animals and Songs.Also available in the series : Colours, Shapes and Numbers DVD

    The Little Travellers Japan DVD $42.95Join two little sisters as they travel to Japan and spend three months discovering the culture, food and customs while making friends along the way. From trips to the market to a day in preschool, each day is full of new adventures.

    Families of Japan DVD $49.50View the lives of two Japanese children and their families focussing on their way of life, family interactions, food and celebrations.This is a wonderful introduction to a different culture for young children.In English with subtitles where necessary.

    Little Pim DVD set Japanese$75.00Little Pim is an animated panda bear who teaches the chil-dren through play and immersion.This foreign language program is designed to teach your child more than 180 Japanese words and phrases at the age kids learn best, from 0 to 6 years.Each Little Pim Japanese educational video is broken into seven 5-minute segments and focuses on 60 words and phrases typically acquired in a toddlers primary language. The video series features native speakers to help encourage proper pronunciation, and words are presented and repeated at regular intervals. Video titles are :

    Eating and Drinking, Wake up Smiling Playtime.

    Images of Japan CDROM$69.95Visual material comprising 200 high resolution images of Ja-pan for posters or photos depicting festivals, housing, food and daily life for use in the classroom and authoring use for the DVD holder.


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