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<ul><li><p>Use of Japanese Washi Masking Tape in Different Places </p><p>In one word, Washi Masking Tape is one versatile decorative tape which is used primarily for </p><p>aesthetic end than for any functional activity. But that does not mean these tapes are less </p><p>significant when it comes to judging adhesive standard. Japanese Washi Masking Tape is </p><p>hardwearing and can be reused. On any flat surface the tape can be pasted and again can be </p><p>drawn off and used on another flat surface. You would like their texture as grain of the material </p><p>is even on all sides. So when they are torn they never ripped down unevenly. On Japan Lovely </p><p>Crafts you will come across range of tapes, available in different designs, colors and thickness. </p><p>Unlike any other common tape, Japanese Washi Masking Tape can be used for range of crafting </p><p>purpose. You will come across blogs and forums where different craft inspiration and ideas are </p><p>shared. You need to browse them all so that you will learn something more and surprise your </p><p>friends and family members with your ingenuity. The wonderful news is you dont have to be a </p><p>craft enthusiast learning few tricks you can prepare wishing cards, decorate scrap book, enhance </p><p>the boring walls of your house and also can cover the dents and openings. </p><p>Japan Lovely Crafts is one authentic online store where you will get variety of masking tapes at </p><p>realistic price. You cant control your desire to have more, but you dont have to invest much on </p><p>them as they are available for $3.60 USD to $21.00 USD. These adhesive tapes are highly </p><p>effective, you can reuse it and apply it to wrap gifts and definitely the wrapping would look </p><p>wonderful and awesome. Often addressed as wasabi tape by mistake, washi tape is prepared with </p><p>natural fibers, for example hemp or bamboo. But in majority of cases these washi tapes are made </p><p>http://japanlovelycrafts01.blogspot.com/2015/11/use-of-japanese-washi-masking-tape-in.htmlhttps://www.etsy.com/shop/JapanLovelyCraftshttp://3.bp.blogspot.com/-Kj8Rv4AWifw/Vjt1F8dKeKI/AAAAAAAAAfs/m5RGJk0KtWY/s1600/Stripe%2C+Japanese+Washi+Paper+Masking+Tape%2C.jpg</p></li><li><p>from the bark of the trees such as mitsumata shrub, mulberry and gampi tree. These tapes are </p><p>wonderfully strong, pretty and functional. These tapes are best for regular use as well for </p><p>decorative use. Japan Lovely Crafts has taken washi tapes to the next where you will find unique </p><p>designs and colors, patterns and outlines. </p><p> Browsing their site will get you in contact to various washi making tapes, collecting which you </p><p>can easily improve your collection. You can use these tapes as highlighter; you can use them on </p><p>any DIY project and scrapbook, change computer keyboard, embellish a boring notebook, </p><p>decorate the interior of the lampshade, embellish your cups and platter, deck a planter you can </p><p>prepare greeting cards, decorate your jewelry box and varying other items. You can even </p><p>embellish your staircase van and bike, give yourself alluring pedicure, using these tapes upon </p><p>your nails. </p><p>Use of Japanese Washi Masking Tape in Different Places</p></li></ul>