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Contemporary Solutions for modern bathrooms Introducing new smooth functioning high quality Flush Plates. Concealed Cistern & Flush Plates

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Contemporary Solutions for modern bathrooms

Introducing new smooth functioning high quality Flush Plates.

Concealed Cistern & Flush Plates

Concealed Cistern & Flush Plates

Jaquar, the brand, was built on the platform of highest quality standards, aesthetics and with the intent of providing world class products. Conceived way back in 1960, Jaquar and Company Pvt. Ltd. is an undisputed market leader in the bath fittings category in India that has transformed the industry from merely utilitarian to inspirational and lifestyle category. With the Groups vision to evolve into a Complete Bathing Solutions enterprise, Jaquar group has also successfully diversified into various bath verticals like sanitaryware, shower enclosures, water heaters, concealed cisterns and wellness range of products like whirlpools, shower panels, showers, steam cabins and spa. In order to bring the latest and the most advanced bath products, Jaquar, a Complete Bathing Solutions provider presents a design revolution the superbly designed high quality flush plates. Jaquar known for its excellence in innovation and technology in partnership with SIAMP presents 8 Flush Plates in different colours like frosted green, chrome and white that bring a designer touch to your bathspaces. Apart from looking stylish, they keep your bathroom clean and hygienic. So get your bathroom modernised with contemporary JAQUAR-SIAMP Concealed Cistern and Flush Plates.


80mm Slim Concealed Cistern

Silent Function

Anti Condensation

Water Saving

Easy Installation

Fast Installation

Easy Access Maintenance

Masonry Recessed in the wall

Fixed on the wall + Masonry

CONTENTSBenefits ...............................................2 Slim Concealed Cistern ........................4 Flush Plates Reflet ..................................................6 Neptune..............................................7 Pluto ...................................................8 Smarty ................................................9 Riviera ..............................................10 Lemon ..............................................11 Moon ...............................................12

BenefitsGives your bathroom a spacious look.No protruding water tanks! Slim Concealed Cistern is designed for concealed masonry installation. Its thinness allows you to place it in low thickness walls. This keeps the bathroom wall and floor clean and does not look cramped. Gives your bathroom a spacious and modern look.

Enhances the cleanliness & hygiene of your bathroom.Since the Slim Concealed Cistern is installed inside a wall, it hides the entire flushing system. As a result, there are no hidden corners which can collect dust, dirt and germs. Thus, this system simplifies cleaning and results in enhanced hygienic conditions.Tank recessing allows the creation of a shelf. Toilet will become more modern.

The amazing water saving dual flush system.A feature which is bound to become almost indispensable in any household is Jaquar-SIAMPs truly impressive dual flush system. Two neat buttons on a single plate indicate the two levels of flushing water available to you. Press the larger button and you get a full six litres of water. Press the small button and you get three litres, enabling you to save the precious water by half. This not only saves the water in your storage tank, but also proves to be economical in the long run.Slim 80 is a JAQUAR-SIAMP compact conception mechanism specially designed for flushing 3-6 litres.

Makes less noise.The problem with most flush valves is that they make too much of noise while in use. This problem becomes a serious one in hotels and apartments where the rooms are attached. If a flush is used in one apartment it can be heard in another apartment too. To avoid this, JAQUAR-SIAMP has developed a technically advanced silent flush valve and fast filling hydraulic float valve due to which the flushing sound is minimised during usage. 2Handy 95 L is a noiseless JAQUAR-SIAMP original equipment supplied to the worlds main ceramic manufacturers.

Concealed Cistern & Flush Plates

Perfect pan-cleaning and suitable to work under variable water pressure conditions.The Slim Concealed Cistern, due to its heavy water discharge, cleans the pan perfectly. Also, there is no leakage problem even on higher water pressure which is generally seen in high rise buildings.Water flow is 2.1 ltrs. per second for perfect pan flushing. Large flush volume can be increased to 2.5 ltrs.

No damage from condensation.The Slim Concealed Cistern has an anti-condensation lining wrapping tank and supply band which ensures that no damage is done on the masonry because of condensation.Oring and lips seal together with tubes diameter accuracy ensuring no water leakage will happen while flushing.

Easy to install, open up and maintain.These Slim Concealed Cisterns are easy to install and reduce installation time due to tanks outer connection to water supply network. Easy access maintenance concept allows fast and efficient maintenance as all tank components can easily be withdrawn through command plate windows.

The Flush PlatesThe Flush Plates of JAQUAR-SIAMP come packed with amazing features in all the models making them uniquely distinctive in action and performance. Silent: Shock absorbers on buttons back, smooth actuating screws to avoid operating noise Stability: Dampers at the back of the frame to prevent movement Design: Metal springs for buttons perfect alignment with plate Comfort: Accurate and guiless actuation feeling with metal springs Hand cuttable fixing and actuating screws for adapting length to cladding 3Small volume control Large volume control Polyamide fixing and activation screw

Slim Concealed CisternWhat comes as a pleasant surprise to most is the fact that a Slim Concealed Cistern is extremely easy to access and maintain, at all times. It is blow moulded in one piece to eliminate the risk of leakage, but it does require cleaning or a change of the joints and membrane of the cistern equipment, from time to time, depending on the hardness of the network water. In that case, all you have to do is remove the control plates so that you get complete access to the entire concealed cistern. In fact, the fitting valve as well as the flush valve may be removed and replaced with the greatest of ease, even without the use of tools.** 7 years warranty on Slim Concealed Cistern only.One piece tank is made from PEHD offering specific characteristics of strength and flexibility.

Dimensions577 557 170A - Complete cistern (feat, double flush


and floating valves) B - Supply bend



C - Supply sleeve D - Wall mounting bracket x 2



- Stop Cock M 1/2 - F 3/8 - Plug x 2





G - Screw plug x 2


H - M6 Washer x 2 I - Cistern anti-condensation lining - Supply bend anti-condensation lining K - Template





40 98



- Supply bend cap


M - Foam obturator


Concealed Cistern & Flush Plates


100 45.5


100 40

Frames for Slim Concealed Cistern

Cat. No. CIB-WHT-31801011X Slim Concealed Cistern Body only Cat. No. CIS-WHT-31801022 Wall Mounted Frame with Installation Kit Cat. No. CIB-WHT-31801011XWX Slim Concealed Cistern with Wall Mounting Frame and Installation Kit without Flush Control Plate 5

Cat. No. CIB-WHT-31801011X Slim Concealed Cistern Body only Cat. No. CIS-WHT-31801021 Floor Mounted Frame with Installation Kit Cat. No. CIB-WHT-31801011XFM Slim Concealed Cistern with Floor Mounting Frame and Installation Kit without Flush Control Plate

Flush Plates

RefletIf you want to give your bathroom an overhaul in order to make it look chic and classy, Reflet is the perfect choice for you. Available in two striking colours in round-shaped patterns: the ever-fresh Frosted Green and White.

Frosted Green / Chrome Cat No. CIS-CHR-31199219

White / Chrome Cat No. CIS-CHR-31199019

F E A T U R E S Design Body Buttons Flush Type Actuation Actuation Force Modern & Round Toughened Glass ABS Chrome Plated Dual Flush Mechanical Actuation Below 20 Newton230mm


Cladding Thickness 20mm - 100mm6


Concealed Cistern & Flush Plates

NeptuneHarmonious and polished, Neptune Dual Flush Plate allows any bathroom to appear clean and organized. Not only does it score high on looks, it has the finish, quality and function second to none. Needless to say, appreciation follows naturally.

White / Chrome Cat No. CIS-CHR-31204019

All Chrome Cat No. CIS-CHR-31207219


F E A T U R E S Body Flush Type Actuation Actuation Force ABS Dual Flush Mechanical Actuation Below 20 Newton200mm

Cladding Thickness 16mm - 100mm7



Modern & Angular

Flush Plates

PlutoIf your senses seek a quiet winsome charm, then Pluto Dual Flush Plate would be an ideal choice. Its modern and urbane look is a promising treat that meets your bathroom tastes to the best of sophistication and glamour.

White / Chrome Cat No. CIS-CHR-31171019


F E A T U R E S176mm200mm

Design Body Flush Type Actuation Actuation Force

Modern Design underlined by chrome inserts ABS Dual Flush Mechanical Actuation Below 20 Newton8

Cladding Thickness 16mm - 100mm

Concealed Cistern & Flush Plates

SmartySmarty is an elegantly designed dual flush control plate made of ABS and is available in Chrome and White finish. It will add class to your bathroom dcor.

All Chrome: Cat. No. CIS-CHR-31191510X All White: Cat. No. CIS-WHT-31191010X



F E A T U R E S Body Flush Type Actuation Actuation Force ABS Dual Flush Mechanical Actuation Below 20 Newton8.1mm

Cladding Thickness 16mm - 100mm9



Modern & Chic Design

Flush Plates

RivieraRiviera is a dual flush control plate made of ABS and comes in Chrome finish to match your bathroom dcor.

All Chrome: Cat. No. CIS-CHR-31185210X

22mm 200mm

F E A T U R E S Body Flush Type Actuation Actuation Force ABS Dual Flush Mechanical Actuation Below 20 Newton9.4mm181mm


Zen Design

Cladding Thickness 16mm - 100mm10

Concealed Cistern & Flush Plates

LemonCute and perky, Lemon is an attractive dual flush control plate made of ABS. It comes to you in an attractive Chrome finish and is sure to add zing to your bathroom interiors.

All Chrome: Cat. No. CIS-CHR-31181810X

18.0mm 200mm

F E A T U R E S Design Body Flush Type Actuation Actuation Force Lemon Design Dual Flush Mechanical Actuation Below 20 Newton9.4mm

Cladding Thickness 16mm - 100mm11



Flush Plates

Concealed Cistern & Flush Plates

MoonBringing the beauty of the full moon into your bathroom is Moon, a beautifully designed dual flush control plate made of ABS. It is available in a striking Chrome finish.

All Chrome: Cat. No. CIS-CHR-31181910X

22.5mm 200mm

F E A T U R E S Design Body Flush Type Actuation Actuation Force Moon Design ABS Dual Flush Mechanical Actuation Below 20 Newton9.4mm

Cladding Thickness 16mm - 100mm12



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