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Join JCI Portsmouth and see what you can do! Improve your CV, enhance your skills, meet new people and have fun!


  • 1.JCI Portsmouth Council Roles GET INVOLVED!


  • A role with JCI is a great addition to any CV. It is a great way of expanding your experiences and many of our previous JCI Council members have moved on to more rewarding jobs based on their experience gained with our organisation.
  • A council role with JCI Portsmouth gives you:
    • Learning opportunities
    • Project management
    • Career development
    • Management experience
    • Networking opportunities meet new people
    • Hands on experience: Learning by doing
    • Fun!

Overview 3.

  • Take a look at what Director roles are available right now!
  • If you think being a Director is too much to handle, no problem, we can create a role that suitsyou !

Get Involved 4.

  • Register your interest and get in touch!
  • Contact Paul Thwaite
    • [email_address]
    • or call on 07968 183820

How? 5. JCI Portsmouth Council Roles

  • Deputy President
  • Membership Director
  • Marketing Director
  • Treasurer/Finance Director
  • Social Director
  • Training Director
  • Community Director
  • Secretary General


  • Be the deputy of the President, be present at events if the President is unable to be there
  • Support the President in his/her activities
  • Manage and follow up Awards submissions
  • Plan and prepare next years council until election of next years Local President at the AGM
  • Plan transfer of knowledge and activities for next years chamber
  • Be a representative of the organisation, be present at most events and taking on a responsibility towards new members and others wanting to learn about the organisation

Deputy President 7.

  • Maintain membership database - information on new/potential/past members
  • Respond to queries from potential members
  • Liaise with JCI UK admin/finance regarding membership numbers/queries
  • Send welcome e-mail/new member welcome pack to all new members
  • Remind members about membership renewal
  • Ask for feedback/reasons for members leaving
  • Update new member welcome pack
  • Organise open evenings

Membership Director 8.

  • Develop and execute JCI Portsmouth marketing strategy through any media available; networking, media, online etc
  • Develop marketing material and marketing strategy for JCI
  • Develop social media marketing strategy, incorporate the JCI website into the strategy
  • Make sure all project teams and council members are up to date on marketing strategies, where to market events, and have the material they need
  • Find partners and sponsors for marketing materials
  • Create a budget for marketing materials
  • Promote JCI Portsmouth in the media

Marketing Director 9.

  • Annual budgeting
  • Preparation and completion of accounts
  • Liaison with JCI UK with regards to membership fees
  • Project book-keeping
  • Administering day to day finance functions
  • Manage the chambers investments

Treasurer / Finance Director 10.

  • To initiate and oversee a programme of personal development events for the Chamber over the course of a calendar year.
  • To build relationships with potential training contacts both within and outside the Chamber.
  • To attend and ensure the smooth running of training events during the calendar (e.g. confirm venue bookings, introducing and thanking speakers/trainers, purchasing refreshments)
  • To contribute to the growing reputation of JCI Portsmouth as a resource for young professionals seeking personal development opportunities

Training Director 11.

  • Collect ideas for new events, develop event schedule
  • Contact existing and new business partners, use the network of other (council) members
  • Plan, organise and market events
  • Identify partner companies and locations
  • Liaise with local businesses for development opportunities for members
  • Allocate roles and responsibilities to team members, especially concerning the organisation on the day
  • Create networking opportunities for JCI members and companies and corporations in the Portsmouth area

Business Director 12.

  • Develop JCI Portsmouths social strategy making sure it is interesting, fun and innovative
  • Marketing of social events
  • Liaison with the other directors of JCI Portsmouth
  • Organise JCI Portsmouths social events
    • Annual Dinner
    • Christmas Dinner
    • Turbo Thursday

Social Director 13.

  • Responsible for making sure JCI has an appropriate number and balance of interesting community events over the year
  • Internally and externally promote the Community part of JCI
  • Liaise with external organisations/people in order to identify/arrange joint events
  • Attend and lead community project meetings
  • Prepare budget/event management plans for events
  • Identify and appoint project managers
  • Oversee project managers/mentoring
  • Market community events

Community Director 14.

  • This is a very important organisational role that looks good on any CV for anyone interested in management
  • Constitutional oversight
  • Compile and distribute agenda for council meetings
  • Compile and distribute minutes from council meetings
  • Collate spreadsheet of director updates for council meetings
  • Responsible for central depository for council documents
  • Post event descriptions on JCI Portsmouth website / LinkedIn / Facebook/ Business-Scene
  • Respond to/direct general enquiries from members/potential members

Secretary General 15.

  • JCI Portsmouth can give you:
    • Learning opportunities
    • Project management
    • Career development
    • Management experience
    • Networking opportunities meet new people
    • Hands on experience: Learning by doing
    • Fun!

Be part of a winning team! 16.

  • [email_address]
  • 07968 183820
  • http://www.jciportsmouth.org.uk/job_board.php



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