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Jean Louise Finch (Scout). By: Madison Miller. Table of Contents. First Grade Gift’s From Boo Sneaking to Boo’s Snowmen Fighting Francis Church with Cal Lynch Mob Tom’s Trail Missionary Tea Boo saves the Day. First Grade. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Jean Louise Finch (Scout)

Jean Louise Finch (Scout)By: Madison MillerTable of ContentsFirst GradeGifts From BooSneaking to BoosSnowmenFighting FrancisChurch with CalLynch MobToms TrailMissionary TeaBoo saves the Day

First GradeWhen the book first starts Scout is going into the 1st grade where she is told to stop reading and writing, and ends up in the corner with her hands slapped.

and she said you taught me all wrong, so we cant ever read any more ever. Please dont send me back, please sir. page29Gifts From BooOne day while walking home from school Scout and Jem find trinkets left in a hole wrapped in tin foil in a tree.

Jem, you reckon thats somebodys hindin place? Page34Sneaking to BoosOne night Scout, Dill, & Jem snuck off down the street to Boos to try and coax him out, while there both saw a shadow, was frightened, and took off running.

Then I saw a shadow. It was the shadow of a man with a hat on. Page53SnowmenFor the first time in jem and Scouts lives snow fell that winter, being excited about it they built a snowman that was mud (black) on the inside and snow (white) on the outside.

He went to the house, returned with the laundry hamper, filled it with earth and carried it to the front yard Page66Fighting FrancisAt a family reunion Scout reverts to here old ways, and takes on cousin Francis when he makes a rude comment about Atticus helping a black man.

This time, I spilt my knuckle to the bone on his front teeth Page84 Church with CalGoing to Church with Cal opened up Scouts eyes to racism, she realizes that not all black people like whites and vise versa.

Youre gonna go to First Purchase with smiles on your faces. Page118The Lynch MobA mob of angry men come to kill Tom, but Scout doesn't recognize this and tries to start an innocent conversation with Mr. Cunningham.

Hey, Mr. Cunningham. Hows your entailment gettin along?Toms TrialTom Robinson is set to court accused of raping Mr. Ewells daughter, This is when Scout really sees the racism going on in her town.

skin everyone of you alive, that very idea, you children listenin to all that! Page207Missionary TeaScout's aunt hold a missionary tea for local ladies one evening, Scout is learning to be more considerate towards others and realizes it takes a long time to grow up.

Today Aunt Alexandra and her missionary circle were fighting the good fight all over the house. Page228

Boo Saves the DayComing home from the school play Bob Ewell attacks the children, Boo Rradley comes out from his house and saves the children. After this event Scout learns that the reason why Mr. Aruther doesnt come outis because he doesnt want to live in the real world.

Bob Ewells layin on the ground under the tree down yonder with a kitchen knife stuck up under his ribs. Hes dead, Mr. Finch