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Full Title: Observations About, Strategies Relating To, and Lessons Learned from the US Digital Government Strategy (and how they apply to the Broader UX Community) Short Description: The Obama Administration’s 2012 Digital Government Strategy set a high bar for Federal websites, calling for the creation of “information-centric” and “customer-centric” sites and mandating “citizen-engagement.” This presentation provides an overview of the Digital Government Strategy, discusses how it came into being, and provides specific examples of recent and ongoing work in support of the strategy from a number of federal agencies. It also considers how user experience (UX) professionals can advocate for the Digital Government Strategy and how they can put its tenants to work to better serve their clients (Federal or otherwise) and, most important, the digital content users.


  • 1. Observations About, Strategies Relating To, and Lessons Learned from the US Digital Government Strategy (and how they apply to the Broader UX Community) Wednesday, July 10, 2013, 11:00am 12:00 pm Jeffrey Ryan Pass #uxpa2013 | #webdotgov | @jeffpass | @aquilent Image: UXPA International 2013

2. 01/21/2009: Obama Day One Transparency and Open (EOP) Government Executive Memo (EOP) Administration is commitment to creating an unprecedented level of openness in Government () to ensure the public trust and establish a system of transparency, public participation, and collaboration. Government should be Transparent Participatory Collaborative Government/ From Progress to Engagement Image adapted from : Shepard Fairey 3. 12/08/2009: Open Government Open Government Directive (OMB) Open Government Plan (OMB) US Government will: 1. Publish information online 2. Improve the quality of information 3. Develop a culture of Open Government 4. Create a framework for Open Government Outputs: Open Government Plan Agency Scorecard Open Government Blog Open Innovators Toolkit 09/20/2011 Open Government Partnership National Action Plan for the United States of America OMB Seal and OpenGov Logo 4. 09/28/2010: IPv6 Transition to Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) Memorandum (CIO) Goals to: Modernize data transfer protocols Enable Cloud, Broadband, and SmartGrid Reduce complexity and increase transparency Secure future Federal IT systems Enable efficiencies and accommodate expansion Agencies shall: Upgrade servers, services, and applications to IPv6 Designate IPv6 Transition Managers Procure IT that meets FAR requirements CIO Council Seal and IPv6 Launch Logo 5. 02/08/2011: To the Cloud Federal Cloud Computing Strategy (CIO) Provided a decision framework for cloud migration: Selecting services to move Provisioning services effectively Managing services rather than assets Catalyzed Cloud adoption: Leveraging cloud computing accelerators Ensuring secure, trustworthy environment Streamlining procurement processes Establishing cloud computing standards Recognizing international dimensions Laying governance foundation Federal Cloud Computing Strategy Cover 6. 04/2011: GOV.UK UK Digital Government Service (Cabinet Office) One year jump on the US Digital Government Strategy. Since April 2011 has: Consolidated all central government departments, 10 Downing, and all embassies Consolidated/eliminated more than 1,700 websites Saved a projected 1.4 billion to 2.2 billion annually Won major awards Image: GOV.UK 7. 04/2011: GOV.UK (continued) Established Digital Principles Digital by default Putting users first Learning from the journey Building a network of trust Moving barriers aside Creating an environment for technology leaders to flourish Don't do everything yourself (you can't) Established Design Principles Start with needs* (*user needs not government needs) Do less Design with data Do the hard work to make it simple Iterate. Then iterate again. Build for inclusion Understand context Build digital services, not websites Be consistent, not uniform Make things open: it makes things better And UK is not alone: Australia, Belgium, Chile, Germany, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, etc. Image: GOV.UK 8. 05/23/2012: Digital Government The Digital Government Strategy (EOP) including: Directive/Executive Memorandum: Building a 21st Century Digital Government (EOP) Roadmap for Digital Government (EOP) Digital Government Strategy (EOP) Federal Digital Strategy Cover (Left: Obama signature) 9. 05/23/2012: Digital Government (continued) Introduced by the Federal CIO and CTO: Federal Government must be able to deliver information and services to the American people anytime, anywhere and on any platform or device Four over-arching principles 1, 3, 6, and 12 month milestones Federal CIO, Steven VanRoekel Federal CTO, Todd Park Image: govloop 10. Principle Addressed Through 1 Information-Centric Content Syndication Data via APIs Taxonomy/Metadata 2 Shared Platform Agency Governance Agency Inventory Evaluate GSA vehicles Shared CMS / Open Source 3 Customer-Centric Modern UX Site/content consolidation SEO Mobile Measure satisfaction 4 Security and Privacy FISMA compliance Data security Personal Information Privacy 05/23/2012: Four Digital Govt. Principles 11. Milestone Principle Party Status 3.1 Digital Services Innovation Center ( Shared Platform GSA 3.2 Digital Services Advisory Group ( Shared Platform OMB Federal CIO Council 6/21/2012: 1-Month Milestones Completed In Progress Icons: One Bit by Icojam 12. Milestone Principle Party Status 2.1 Two High-Value Data/Content Services for APIs ( Information- Centric Agencies 3.3 Government-wide Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) Guidance ( and toolkit.pdf) Shared Platform Advisory Group, Federal CIO Council 4.1 Governance Guidelines ( recommendations and content/uploads/downloads/2012/09/digital-services-governance- recommendations.pdf) Shared Platform Advisory Group 7.1 Two Customer-Facing Services to Optimize for Mobile ( Customer- Centric Agencies 8.1 Tools/Guidance for Measuring Performance and Satisfaction ( Customer- Centric Innovation Center 10.1 Report on Mobile Technology Including Standards/Guidelines Application to Devices/Platforms ( Security and Privacy NIST 08/23/2012: 3-Month Milestones Completed In Progress Icons: One Bit by Icojam 13. Milestone Principle Party Status 1.1 Open Data, Content, and Web API Policy, Standards, and Best Practices for Interoperability (Open Data Policy and Executive Order on Open Data) Information- Centric OMB 3.4 Shared and Open CMS Solutions ( Shared Platform Innovation Center 3.5 Support to Help Agencies Develop Web APIs ( Shared Platform Innovation Center 4.2 Structure for Developing/Delivering Digital Services ( strategy-pages) Shared Platform Agencies 5.1 Contract Vehicle for Mobile Devices/Wireless Service ( Shared Platform GSA 5.2 Inventory of Mobile Devices/Wireless Services ( strategy-pages) Shared Platform Agencies 11/23/2012: 6-Month Milestones Completed In Progress Icons: One Bit by Icojam 14. Milestone Principle Party Status 6.1 Guidelines for Improving Digital Services and Customer Service ( agency-milestones/improve-digital-services) Customer- Centric Advisory Group, Federal Web Managers Council 6.2 Update Dot Gov Domain Guidance and Procedures ( Customer- Centric GSA 8.2 Implement Performance and Customer Satisfaction Measuring Tools (Deadline extended to 1/23/2013) ( Customer- Centric Agencies 10.2 Evaluate Opportunities to Accelerate Secure Adoption of Mobile Technologies at Reduced Cost ( Security and Privacy Advisory Group, Federal CIO Council 10.3 Guidelines for Standardized Implementation of Digital Privacy Controls including Agency Education/Training ( Security and Privacy Federal CIO Council, NIST, NARA 11/23/2012: 6-Month Milestones (continued) Completed In Progress Icons: One Bit by Icojam 15. Milestone Principle Party Status 1.2 All New IT Systems Follow Open Data, Content, and Web API Policies; Launch Agency Developer Pages ( strategy-pages/) Information- Centric Agencies 2.2 Hake Two Plus High-Value Data Systems Available Through Web APIs ( Information- Centric Agencies 2.3 Expand to Include API Catalog ( Information- Centric GSA 3.6 Shared Mobile App Development Program ( development-program/) Shared Platform Innovation Center, Federal CIO Council 5.3 Evaluate Contract Vehicles for New Mobile-Related Procurements ( Shared Platform Agencies 05/23/2013: 12-Month Milestones Completed In Progress Icons: O