jeffrey poling outlines ppc (paid traffic) marketing strategies

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AgendaWhat is Pay-per-click (PPC)?

12 Steps to Effective use of ppc for your business

Must Know tips and strategies


Pay-Per-Click = Search Advertising Yahoo!/Bing Network

Google adwords

You see them (almost) every time you search

just look towards the top and right

Multi-billion dollar industry + In 2013, search advertising reached $18.4 billion, 43% of all internet ad revenue

Update stats

Top industries advertising online in 2013

Update stats

Advantages of PPC advertising + Ads appear on relevant searches

+ Only pay when someone clicks

+ Easy-to-measure ROI

+ Most businesses report strong results

Levels the playing field + your small business shows up on 1st page of google or bing

+ instant reach to massive amount of qualified prospects

+ Skip the organic SEO waiting game for rankings


Step 1: Define a clear goal

+ Directly sell products/services?

+ Generate new leads?

+ Build brand awareness?

Step 2: Research your competitors + How do they write their ads? (copy, length, headline, etc.)

+ Pay attention to the ads that show up over and over again

+ What keywords are they targeting?

Step 2: Research your competitors

Step 3: Do keyword research + Discover exactly what people are searching for

+ Learn their preferred keywords

+ Find out how competitive and expensive keywords are in your market+ Find the most profitable keywords

Step 3: Do keyword research

Step 4: Choose your destination wisely + Decide where you are going to send visitors click

+ Make sure destination is consistent with ad message

+ Design it for conversion

Step 5: Create a high-converting ad + Know the best practices of successful ads

+ Review your headline, message, offer, destination

+ Differentiate your offer so it stands out from other ads

Step 6: Add some local flavor + Proven to boost ROI

+ Use local slang (wicked smaht for Boston]

+ Display local phone number and/or street address

Step 7: Place the right bid + First NOT always be best

+ First position gets a lot of junk clicks

+ Higher positions cost more

+ Position #3 or #4 often ideal

Step 8: Focus on profitable keywords + Determine the winning keyword phrases that get results for you and your competitors

+ Focus on your money keywords and milk them for as long as possible

+ Test new keywords regularly with a small portion of your overall budget

Step 8: Focus on profitable keywords

Step 9: Measure your results + Use call tracking technology

+ Place Adwords Conversion Tracking to all of your sites

+ Measure the entire customer journey

Step 10: Focus on ROI, not costs + Stay committed to winning campaigns that deliver positive roi

+ Measure your cost-per-lead and cost per-customer

+ Dont be penny-wise and pound foolish & dont fear competition

Step 11: Use remarketing + Follow your target audience

+ Show ads to users whove previously visited your site

+ Your ads appear on major websites that they visit

+ Keeps your brand top of mind

Step 12: Always split-test! + Continuously measure, improve, and optimize + Test the most important factors first+ stop when you see gains of 10% or less focus on the big wins instead


Separate search & display + Search Network is what we covered today

+ Display is totally different!

+ Requires different strategies

+ Very common mistake!

Separate mobile & desktop + Search on desktops is original approach

+ Mobile is totally different!

+ Requires different strategies

+ Very common mistake!

Test dynamic keywords + Dynamic insertion of keyword into ad+ Makes the ad more relevant+ Allows you to have unlimited ads

Use ad extensions + Information you can add to your ad+ Makes the ad stand out+ Dramatic increase in response

Monitor conversions + Where are your buyers located?+ What time of day are they converting versus window shopping?+ Some businesses have dramatic differences+ Cull where your ROI is low

Test outside of Google!

+ Other networks can be great

+ Smaller but less competitive

+ Often large increase in ROI vs Google due to decreased competition


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