Jenni Munday 2014 - A sense of self through reflective thinking in ePortfolios

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The workshop will develop participants knowledge of how students apply skills developed through ePortfolio creation to other arenas, such as work readiness and identity development. The workshop will focus on recent research by two senior lecturers in teacher education who have been using ePortfolio in their teaching since 2009. Both academics have been impressed by the relationship the creation of an ePortfolio has on the students own sense of self.


  • 1. Creating a senseof selfJennifer Munday & jennifer rowley

2. Images and you How do we read images? We can read images literally,symbolically, ormetaphorically. What would your literalinterpretation be? Is there something in theimage that could be a symbolwe could interpret? If the image were creating ametaphor, what might it berepresenting? 3. another image - achilds drawingHow could we interpret it literally, symbolically,or metaphorically?Use the same process of thinking for thefollowing images... 4. Think about your favourite teacher,particularly the one that brought you toyour current occupation or field ofstudy... Jot down a few of the qualities thatmade them your favourite... Think about the qualities of the idealteacher (nurse, accountant, scientist...) How could we represent these visually? 5. Teachers and teachingstudent and faculty generated views and metaphors by B.Cole 6. Orchestra Conductor 7. It's like tryingto make a copyofMichelangelo'sDavid out ofplay dough.You wranglewith it andstruggle, butyou have toconstantlywork to keepthe doughwarm andpliable. 8. Teaching is not unlike parenthood: Requires enthusiasm,commitment and an enormous amount of patience. 9. Choreography 10. Teaching a toddler how to ride a bicycle... In the end, teaching isabout guiding someone through his/her applied individual learningexperience and the time given to the learner to spend on the bike ismore important than the time taken by the instructor to show howwell the instructor can ride the bike. 11. Teaching is like crossing borders: you should approach it like youhave something to learn and something to offer. 12. Teaching islike skippingstones.Students arethe stonesand theripples ofwater createdare theinfinite effectsof teaching,whether yousee the finalproduct ornot. 13. Teaching is like painting. Sometimes the subject makes adifference but mostly its the style 14. Browse national geographicphotos: 15. ...put here a bit of writing about mymetaphor or how the image issymbolic of my teaching... 16. Sense of selfI have learned that, as teachers differentiate fortheir students, I too must differentiate for mystaff. I have deepened my commitment toexplicitly building relationships as it is key tosuccess. Strengthening capacity of myself as aleader and of others requires a foundationcreated with trust, respect, credibility,empathy, humour and humbleness. (GraduateePortfolio, 25/11/2013) 17. References: Cole, B. Teachers and teaching metaphors. Commons. Rowley, J. & Munday, J. (2014) A sense of selfthrough reflective thinking in ePortfolios.International Journal of Humanities Social Sciences andEducation (IJHSSE), Vol 1, no.7. pp78-85:


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