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  • JeopardyABOUT SURREALISMSURREALIST PAINTINGSSURREALIST WOMENSURREALIST MEN HEARD IT THROUGH THE GRAPEVINEQ $200Q $400Q $600Q $800Q $200Q $200Q $200Q $200Q $400Q $400Q $400Q $400Q $600Q $600Q $600Q $600Q $800Q $800Q $800Q $800

  • $200 About SurrealismThis was the year when the Surrealist movement began.

  • $200 About Surrealism1924

  • $400 About SurrealismThe French poet who wrote the 'Manifesto of Surrealism' in 1924. He was described as the Pope of Surrealism.

  • $400 About SurrealismAndr Breton

  • $600 About SurrealismSurrealism developed out of this artistic movement.

  • $600 About SurrealismDadaism

  • $800 About SurrealismThis was the center of the Surrealist movement and it was where the first ever Surrealist exhibition was shown in 1925, and displayed works by Masson, Man Ray, Klee, Mir, and others.

  • $800 About SurrealismParis

  • $200 Surrealist PaintingsThis artist painted The Creation of the Birds. In this painting it looks like she is making the birds that are separated around the art.

  • $200 Surrealist PaintingsRemedios Varo

  • $400 Surrealist PaintingsHe painted Galatea of the spheres, a supremely elegant portrait of his wife.

  • $400 Surrealist PaintingsSalvador Dali

  • $600 Surrealist PaintingsShe painted My dress hangs there; in this painting, she takes an opposite view to her husbands, who was expressing his approval of industrial progress in a mural in the Rockefeller Center.

  • $600 Surrealist PaintingsFrida Kahlo

  • $800 Surrealist PaintingsHe painted Nocturne and he said: "The spectacle of the sky overwhelms me. I'm overwhelmed when I see, in an immense sky, the crescent of the moon, or the sun. There, in my pictures, tiny forms in huge empty spaces. Empty spaces, empty horizons, empty plains - everything which is bare has always greatly impressed me."

  • $800 Surrealist PaintingsJoan Mir

  • $200 Surrealist WomenThis artist was born on July 6th, 1907, in Coyoacn, Mexico City. Considered one of Mexico's greatest artists, she began painting after she was severely injured in a bus accident.

  • $200 Surrealist WomenFrida Kahlo

  • $400 Surrealist WomenShe was a Spanish-Mexican surrealist painter. She was born in Angls Catalua, Spain in 1908 and died from a heart-attack in Mexico City in 1963.

  • $400 Surrealist WomenRemedios Varo

  • $600 Surrealist WomenEnglish-Mexican painter and writer, born 1917 in Lancashire. She met Max Ernst in London in 1937 and moved to Paris with him. She settled in Mexico in 1942. She died in Mexico City in 2011 at the age of 94.

  • $600 Surrealist WomenLeonora Carrington

  • $800 Surrealist WomenThis surrealist woman was born in Jalisco in 1902; she passed away in Mexico City in 1955. She was the first Mexican woman who had an exhibition abroad. She studied in the Academia de San Carlos.

  • $800 Surrealist WomenMara Izquierdo

  • $200 Surrealist MenHe was a Spanish artist of the 20th century, best known for his Surrealist paintings. He also worked in film, sculpture, photography, fashion, and theatre. He was known for his outlandish personality and style.

  • $200 Surrealist MenSalvador Dali

  • $400 Surrealist MenHe was a world renowned Spanish Catalan painter, sculptor, and ceramist who was born in the sea port city of Barcelona on April 20th,1893.

  • $400 Surrealist MenJoan Mir

  • $600 Surrealist MenHe was a Surrealist painter who was born in Belgium in 1898. He wanted people to look at ordinary things in different ways. He sometimes painted objects in places where they didnt usually belong.

  • $600 Surrealist MenRene Magritte

  • $800 Surrealist MenHe was born in Germany in 1891. He studied psychology and philosophy. He began painting in 1910. After World War I, he became friends with some Dadaists and joined the movement. He turned to Surrealism as many other Dadaists did.

  • $800 Surrealist MenMax Ernst

  • $200 Heard it through the grapevineHer husband, Diego Rivera flirted with many other women and was unfaithful to her even though he was not good-looking.

  • $200 Heard it through the grapevineFrida Kahlo

  • $400 Heard it through the grapevineShe was born after her elder sister had died, and she was given her name to show the importance of healthshe was named CURE.

  • $400 Heard it through the grapevineRemedios Varo

  • $600 Heard it through the grapevineHe began painting after he suffered from a terrible depression.

  • $600 Heard it through the grapevineJoan Mir

  • $800 Heard it through the grapevineHis parents thought he was the reincarnation of his dead brother.

  • $800 Heard it through the grapevineSalvador Dali