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  • Advice ForNew Runners

    C R E A T E D B Y J E S S E J A M E S J A M N I K

  • Start Slow

    Just because you need to walk doesn't mean you're not arunner. Start with a mix of walking for five minutes and

    running for one (or less, if this is too hard at the start); as youget better, you can adjust each period as necessary.

  • Get Serious About Shoes

    The wrong pair of sneakers can make running seem thatmuch harder. Take the time to find what type of shoes workfor your feet and gait, so you invest in shoes that your feet

    will love.

  • Check Your Form

    Don't flail or cross your arms over your body while you run:keep elbows at 90 degrees and arms pumping back and forth

    close to the side of your body.This will help make running feel easier.

    Straight and Tall!

  • The Right Distraction

    Even if you love to run, a 30-minute session can feel likeforever without the right distraction. Have a workout

    playlist, podcast cued up to help distract you when you justwant to quit.

  • Aim For Midfoot

    Heel-striking, or hitting the ground with the back of yourfoot first, can make running feel harder or lead to injury.

    Try training yourself to land in the middle or on the ball ofyour foot instead.

  • Stay Hydrated

    The key to a good run is making sure you drink enough waterbefore you start guzzling water during your run can causecramps and make you take a lot of bathroom breaks. Drink

    about 15 to 20 ounces of water an hour before you go for a run;if it's a fast or long run, you should take along a water bottle

    to sip from as well.

  • Take Shorter Strides

    Keep your stride length short instead of bounding throughyour run. The more relaxed your body, the easier running

    will feel.

  • Add Variety

    Don't run from the hills; seek them. Sticking to the samesurface, speed, or route can lead to overuse injuries or a

    weight-loss plateau. Make sure your running routineincludes different kinds of runs, whether that means hilly,

    slow, fast, indoor, or outdoor.

  • Refuel

    Go for carbs and protein immediately after your run;these post-workout snack ideas will help restore energy

    and repair muscles.