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  • Last Weeks Invitation Write down in your Journals when you

    recognize Gods hand or His love.

    Pick one or two ways to improve the sincerity of your prayers. Start practicing those improvements.


  • Todays Purpose Explore how Christ treated and served


    Explore how the Atonement can change and heal us and our relationships

    Hear the testimonies of the Lords Servants concerning Christ

  • Why We Chose to Teach First About Our Father in Heaven and

  • Through his compliance with the severe requirements of the Atonement, the Savior offered the ultimate expression of love. Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. (John 15:13) And by permitting his Son to make such a selfless and suffering sacrifice, the Father provided us with an ultimate expression of his love as his gift to the rest of his children.

  • Christs Pure Love for Others

  • The Man at the Pool of Bethesda

  • Jesus Heals the 10 Lepers

  • The Power of the Atonement

  • Elder Bruce R. McConkies Testimony

  • 2 Stories Jeanette Bennett

    Weeding Onions

  • Elder Hollands Message and Testimony

  • This Weeks Invitation Record in your journals specific ways that

    the Atonement of Christ has blessed your life

    Pick one or two ways to love and or serve as Christ does. Start practicing those improvements.

  • Resources Power to Heal Elder Merrill Bateman

    He Heals the Heavy Laden Elder Dallin H. Oaks

    A Mighty Power of Healing Ensign, May 1996