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A quietbook for older children. Perfect for those learning to read and write. Beautiful pictures of Jesus Christ alongside words from LDS Primary songs. I made a flipbook by doing the following:--Print on cardstock--cut pages in half--laminate--hole punch and inset binder ringsChildren can read the songs to help them focus on the Savior. They can also use a wet-erase or dry erase pen to trace the words and draw on the activity pages.


  • Tell me the

    stories of

    Jesus I love

    to hear...

  • Jesus loved the

    little children.

    Little ones like me.

  • Come



    Jesus wants

    me for a


  • He died

    that we

    might live

    again ...

    It shouldnt be hard tosit very still And think about Jesus,his cross on the hill,And all that he sufferedand did for me;It shouldnt be hard to sit quietly. It shouldnt be hard even though I am small,To think about Jesus,not hard at all.

  • I belong to

    the Church

    of Jesus Christ

    of Latter-Day


  • Jesus

    Christ was

    baptized in

    the River


    Jesus saidlove everyone;treat themkindly, too.When your heartis filled with love,others will love you.

  • Have faith,

    have hope,

    live like His son.

    Help others on

    their way.

  • Did Jesus really

    live again after

    He had died?

    Oh, yes!

    And so shall I!

  • Im trying to

    be like Jesus;

    Im following

    in His ways.

    I think when I read that sweet story of old, When Jesus was hereamong men,How he called little children like lambs tohis fold;I should like to have been with him then.

  • Before I take

    the sacrament,

    I sit so quietly.

    I know that

    Jesus came to

    earth and died

    for me.

    I watch for

    the day of

    gladness when

    Jesus will

    come again.