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Executive Portfolio - Situations, Actions & Results Summary


  • 1. Career portfolio Summary of situations, actions & results Jimesh Thaker
  • 2. Strategy Formulation & Financial Management 2
  • 3. Examples of Situations, Actions & Results Strategy & Finance Situation Action Result 3 Implement collections strategies for credit business Defined collections policies including regulatory requirements. Defined reusable strategy framework which included Collections Entry, Exit, Legal, Segmentation, Offers, Servicing, Contact strategy including contact channel (letters, emails, outbound dialing, IVR, self-service) business rules and operations outsourcing strategy. Prioritized analyst strategies based on forecasted NCL / NCO (Net Credit Loss / Net Charge-Offs) impact. Partnered with IT to create a systems architecture based on country specific needs, to implement defined strategies. Reduced NCL and improved top and bottom line ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars Built simplified and sustainable processes for new business from the ground-up Reduce $400M from a $1.3B IT budget Gathered a team of architects and analysts to create a list of cost saving hypotheses as part of a 3-year IT strategy Drove deep into a hypothesis to create a business case for saving $100M. It included building an internal cloud and automating provisioning of infrastructure services. Cost savings achieved from supplier contract revision and insourcing. Developed and successfully implemented a $100M business case Customer experience improvement & contact center cost reduction Evaluated IVR experience and identified opportunities for improvements. Analyzed impact of IVR enhancements. Forecasted NPS (Net Promoter Score) and Contact Rate changes enabling contact center staffing changes and reduced costs. Implemented prioritized IVR enhancements. Improved NPS by 3 basis points and reduced customer contacts in the operations call center by 5%, resulting in yearly savings of $660K in labor costs. Contact center process controls & cost reduction Implemented statistical process controls for monitoring call center metrics. Process controls resulted in increased efficiency and early detection of problems. For e.g. Based on data, re-engineered processes that eliminated duplicate calls. Cost savings of $500K/year in call center staffing.
  • 4. Acquisition Integration 4
  • 5. Examples of Situations, Actions & Results Acquisitions Integration Situation Action Result 5 Build an integration muscle Created a due diligence playbook based on business process, capabilities required for integration and technology architecture A delivery planning framework was instilled which methodically focused on brand, legal entities and conversion events and implemented due diligence identified requirements. Reduced duration to mobilize integration teams by 30 days Playbook used and refined by 2 acquisition integrations Acquisition integration Business Process Testing Partnered with executives to prioritize and document top 10 business processes including account opening and closing, wire transfers, commercial loan origination, consumer loan origination, treasury management, financial record keeping / system updates etc. Led a team of process engineers to create end to end test scenarios. Tested 265 critical scenarios to boost confidence in acquisition integration changes, prior to go - live. Increased confidence in acquisition integration changes and capabilities delivered to bank customers Low systems availability @Bank Championed post-integration stabilization initiative Used 6 sigma FMEA principles to identify and prioritize points of failure in the environment Created a roadmap to mitigate points of failure, in application and infrastructure layers of the environment Baselined availability targets and re-engineered support processes Stabilized and improved resiliency of retail and commercial bank environment
  • 6. Information Technology 6
  • 7. Examples of Situations, Actions & Results IT Situation Action Result 7 Turn around a large scale lagging $50M IT initiative Listened to partnering teams concerns. Re-organized team for enhanced partner and business unit interactions. Listened to project team and removed external consulting staff, gave more autonomy to leaders on project Communicated extensively, the impacts of change Led by example, personally ran command centers for overnight support Motivated team by calling out differentiating behaviors and hard work and by celebrating milestones Program turned around by delivering high quality changes; completed on-time and within new forecasted budget Cloud computing, HR and contact center technologies Integrated 7K HSBC Card and ING DIRECT employees into Capital One cloud infrastructure, HR and contact center applications Enabled critical human resource and financial process integrations and paved the way for a multi-year integration Data center & network consolidation Implemented a Data Center and Network consolidation strategy to prepare for growth and cost reduction Led a team of consultants and project managers and partnered with Infrastructure vendors to execute several infrastructure projects over 18 months Built a state of the art command center and enhanced production support processes to meet 99.99%+ availability targets 75% reduction in infrastructure footprint via consolidation of 12 data center locations into 4 major sites Reduced labor expenses of associated management services Ubiquitous employee access. Rules engine technologies for credit business Implemented efficient green-field systems including Collections and Recoveries rules engine parameter change processes, automated strategy monitoring, and proactively managed system performance and availability. Reduced time to market of enhanced strategies to less than one week
  • 8. General Management 8
  • 9. Examples of Situations, Actions & Results General Management Situation Action Result 9 Low morale on an acquired team Listened to team members and their customers to create a response Clearly articulated performance expectations. Provided development and growth opportunities and removed underperformers from team Team morale improved by 5 basis points based on survey Culture shift Created an insider & outsider view of culture & behavior changes required to meet business objectives Culture change acquired over a planned 2 years journey Virtual team management Used management tactics to be inclusive & adjusted schedule to be available to global team members Sponsored an initiative to expand best practice (team norms, technology, processes) adaptation across a geographically diverse organization Sustained team morale Effective virtual people and team management by managers Business performance management Defined critical business metrics to manage business performance. Implemented structure to enable a senior leadership team to deliver against business targets Managed a partner interaction and commitment based management model to enhance trust and mutual accountability Led people and culture change initiatives for an expanding business Managed talent and performance management processes, driving consistency and fairness in calibration and ratings processes Consistently high performing business and culture during role tenure Risk management, Audit, Controls and Governance Leveraged operations excellence team to create business process maps, identify process controls and gaps and expose business risks Sought a risk model to be able to gauge impact and prioritize mitigation efforts Mitigated business risks and met commitments made to Audit, Business president and governing body. Kept Audit adequately apprised of efforts Reduced audit findings by 90% over a 6 months period, mitigating over $100MM of risks Community outreach Chaired volunteering committee for a team of 350 people. Led community involvement events with local non-profit organizations, including a financial literacy event at a DC area middle school Improved team morale, personal sense of satisfaction.
  • 10. Business Development 10
  • 11. Examples of Situations, Actions & Results Business Dev

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