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Presented by Andrew Bevan as part of a workshop on Jisc multimedia resources.


  • 1. Andrew BevanEDINA User Support

2. JISC MediaHub Service introduction Content Terms of use Interface features Forthcoming changes Feedback 3. Background JISC funded data centre at University of Edinburgh Range of online services and projects Main activities: Reference & Multimedia, Maps & Data, Support for Developers & Librarians 4. JISC MediaHub Released in 2011, as the merging of previous services Licensed content, copyright-cleared for educational use Plus external collections of film, image and sound Part of JISC eCollections subscription service Including access to two resources provided by Mimas -JISC Journal Archives and JISC Historic Books New features and content being added continuously For all information see: http ://www.jiscecollections.ac.uk/ 5. JISC MediaHub hosted content, 130,000 items TV news, Cinema newsreels and Documentaries Contemporary images and video, Sound recordings Multi-disciplinary coverage: Medicine, Science, Art & Design, Architecture, History etc. 6. External collections 625,000+ media items equally wide-ranging 7. Terms of Use Include in secure VLEs, Create local caches Download/Print metadata or assets Use in course materials or for promotion, training Display without appropriate acknowledgement Alter, adapt, modify, or remove copyright Publish content on the open web Commercial or any other non-education purpose External collections, check on linked websites 8. JISC MediaHub Home page Search links at top right of each page Rotating selection of images in centre 9. Results page Sorted by relevance Refine/filter options on left Hover over small images, pop-up box with more details 10. Refine results options 11. Individual results Icon to denote collection type, e.g. hosted Icon to denote media type, e.g. still image Preview, mark, or click MORE (for fulldetails) 12. Full record view and downloadShare viaemail,FacebookMark item, saves it inMy MediaHub 13. Embedded players Audio/Video 14. External collections When records are from collections external to JISC MediaHub, you will see a small image representing the media item, but you link to an external website where you may have to login to view/play/download the item: 15. JISC MediaHub Explore Explore by Collection, Time, Subject or Advanced Search Future options: Learning materials and Place 16. Explore collection 17. Explore timeline Search with a keyword to create timeline Zoom in to see more detail using control on right Move along timeline using blue arrows on right 18. Explore Subject Browse the hosted content, under one of two classification schemes Click on top level subject to start, click numbers to see results 19. Advanced Search Combine keywords, subject terms and selected collections Live search results at bottom of pageInput keywordsand/or subjects Select collections to searchSelectNumbercollectionof resultsand/or mediadisplayedtypehere 20. My MediaHub 21. Future developmentCheck out the Roadmap section of the blog for updates:http://mediahub.blogs.edina.ac.uk/category/roadmap/ 22. Feedback 2012-13 survey now in place in the service. Your feedback is important! 74 responses to 2011-12 survey Results summarised and sent to JISC Monitoring Unit Advisory Board open to new members 23. JISC MediaHub blog, Twitter and Facebook Recent posts to highlight content include: Eric Hosbawm: Marxist Historian Great JISC MediaHub Bake-off! Pre-Raphaelites invading London London 2012 ParalympicsOlympics Soup cans and Spray cans The Talented Mister Turing Farewell to our Man from Mars: Ray Bradbury dies aged 91@jiscmediahub