job interviews introducing yourself for different jobs

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  • JOB INTERVIEWSIntroducing yourself for different jobs

  • Introducing yourself for different jobs Yes you are hard workingYes you are responsibleYes you are positiveBut so is everyone elseEmployers need to know that you are not just suited but also have the right skills for the job.Research! Research! Research! Before you go to any job interview, find out what type of person they are searching for.

  • Pay attention to detail Time management skillsInter-personal skillsAdaptable Problem solverTeam playerLearning orientatedBroad-mindedCompetent Conscientious Dependable Determined Diplomatic Discreet Fair Firm Innovative LogicalMethodicalObjectiveProductiveResourcefulSelf disciplinedSensitiveSincereTactfulCommon job skills

  • Both these dogs are hard working, they are both responsible and are both positive.They are very suited to their jobs, they have natural abilities and that is why they are chosen for those tasks.If they were to swap jobs they would not be as good as they are at their current jobs.

  • To be a seeing eye dog, what skills would be needed?To pay attention to your surroundingsTo make sure your master is safe from anything that maybe harmful To not care about other dogs and not want to go play with themTo do what my master tells meWhat makes me suitable to this job is that I am very observant, I always pay attention to details. I not just think about myself, but am considerate of other people. Most of all I am very diligent and dedicated to any responsibility that is given to me.

  • TaskChoose one of these positions, based on the duties and select which skills are more suitable. You and your partner will practice creating a self introduction for an interview.Example: I am a very discreet person, which is why I would be able to work in a hospital because I wont talk to other people about the patients problems.

  • Job 1:Working at an animal shelterDuties: To clean the animalsTo feed the animalsTo help with the health examinationsTo help bring in animals from the streetsTo send wild animals back to their natural habitats

  • Job 2:Working at an orphanage Duties: To teach the childrenTo discipline the childrenTo prepare meals To sing and play gamesTo clean their rooms

  • Job 3:Working at an elderly homeDuties: To help prepare and eat their mealsTo spend time talking with themTo help them take their medicineTo help them with daily tasks

  • Job 4:Cleaning up rubbish from places such as beaches Duties: To help organize other volunteers To make sure that recyclable rubbish is not mixed in the non-recyclable rubbishTo make sure that you get every little bit of rubbishTo be able to work without a supervisor

  • Job 5:Planting trees to grow forests Duties: To be able to learn about different types of trees To manage all of the equipment To assist the scientists with their data collecting To be able to dig lots of little holes

  • Job 6:Working for public awareness campaignsDuties: To be able to talk to complete strangersTo give information clearlyTo be able to relate to different types of peopleTo be able to respect peoples opinions and beliefs

  • Job 7:Working at a hospitalDuties: To be able to work with less breaksTo be able to deal with stressTo be able to follow instructionsTo be able to cope with sick people

  • Job 8:Working at soup kitchen to feed homeless peopleDuties: To be able work in poor conditionsTo be able to make sure everyone is getting enough foodTo be able to make difficult decisions such as denying people foodTo be able to withstand undesirable people

  • Your self-introduction to one of these jobsYou need to choose which of the skills are you strongest.Choose the job that requires your stongest skills.Create a self-introduction based on the skills required.

  • What makes you right for this job?What makes me the ideal candidate for this job is that I pay attantion to details. Whenever I clean something I make sure it is done thoroughly.Not just that, but I am also very discreet.Whenever someone has a personal problem I keep it to myself.So that is why I am the right person for this job, because you need someone to look after children, to clean and feed them, I believe I have the right skills for this position.Conclusion: