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Job Search Strategies : How to Find a Job. The career center at ucr http:// 951.827.3631. Problem. According to the Wall Street Journal, “many users are finding that job hunts conducted solely online rarely produce jobs…” Boston College Career Center 8/2007. Key. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Job Search Strategies:How to Find a JobThe career center at ucrhttp://careers.ucr.edu951.827.36311ProblemAccording to the Wall Street Journal, many users are finding that job hunts conducted solely online rarely produce jobs

Boston College Career Center 8/20072Also, more than 80% of students who had full time jobs before graduation connected face-to-face with employers with activities like career fairs, campus interviews and employer information sessions (Moving On: Student Approaches and Attitudes Toward the Job Market for the College Class of 2007. National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE)).KeyUse a Variety of job search strategies

Diversify Your Job Sources3Finding a job involves an in-depth, active search for opportunities.Job SourcesSCOTLink*On Campus Interview Program (OCI)*Internships*Career Fairs*Employer Information Sessions*Online Job SitesDirect Contacts with EmployersNetworkingProfessional AssociationsNewspapers/Professional JournalsGeneral Employment Agencies

*Denotes UCR Career Center Services

4Denotes UCR Career Center ServicesOnline Job Sites Handouts


Position TypeSearch ResultsKeywords7Peers: Use your own SCOTLink account for demonstrationsSearch for jobs on SCOTJobs at careers.ucr.eduUpload a resumeCheck back frequently!On-Campus positions: Type UCR in the keyword boxOff-Campus positions: Ex) Type Summer in the keyword boxSearch by Position Type


Job Search Tip:More than 80% of students who had full time jobs before graduation connected face-to-face with employers:Employers interviewing on campus (OCI)Speaking with company representativesAttending employer information sessionsAttending career fairsParticipating in internshipsNetworking8Employers are more responsive to applicants who show initiative and engagement during a job search. While electronic information sharing is becoming a large part of the process, face-to-face interaction is still a crucial element in selecting successful applicants. (NACE Journal Oct 2007-2007 Graduating Student Survey).Why participate?

Its FREE! Save gas! Interview on campus Chance to interview for multiple internship and full- time positions Employers chose UCR and want to interview you Get email notifications Greater chance of being hired Secure a job before you graduate Easy online sign-up

Who can participate? All current UCR students are eligible depending upon employer requirements.

On Campus Interview9Stay on top of your interview status:Students will receive email notification of their interview status as well as new employers coming to campus

On Campus Interviews (OCI)Seniors eligible for full time positionsSophomores/Juniorseligible for internshippositions10OCI is for seniors who meet screening criteria on pre-select schedule, or any student on open interview scheduleOCI used by employers for: full-time entry level positions, management training programs, internship programs (where sophomores and juniors may be invited)

On Campus Interviews (OCI)Seniors eligible for fulltime positionsSophomores/Juniorseligible for internshippositions

SUBMIT YOUR RESUME by deadlineWHEN INVITED, sign up for interview timeINTERVIEWFOLLOW UP with thank you

11After submitting resume, you will be invited by a SCOTJobs system email to interview.Available interview times will be viewable in the job posting. Sign up early for best selection of times.Do your company research and arrive early to your interview.Following up with a thank you email will help you stand out from the rest of the candidates. Get email address before leaving interview.

Internships How can internships be valuable?Test the waterPut your theory to practiceApplicable experience for your resumeAcademic creditEarn extra $Gain industry networking contactsGet your foot in the door and turn your internship into a full-time job12How can internships be valuable? Test your theoretical perspective Applicable experience for your resume May be eligible for credit (check with your Dept.) May be able to earn extra money if paid opportunity Expand your industry networking contacts A job search strategy: Get your foot in the door with the organization and turn your internship into a full-time job!

Career Fairs viewing, ask students the dos and donts they noticed. Talk about points they didnt bring up.

Before the job fair:Obtain a list of participants and research those organizations of interest and prioritize listDevelop error-free resume and your 30-second commercialBe prepared with questions to ask employersAt the job fair: Greet the employer and present your resume Dress professionally Ask questions Get their business cardAfter the job fair: Follow the instructions from each employer regarding follow-up Send a letter to employer to refresh their memory of your conversation

Online Job SearchNacelink Network in SCOTLinkNational job sitesIndustry-specific sitesCompany-specific sitesAssociation sitesInternational sitesGovernment sites14Nacelink Network nationwide, high profile companies are members of NACE, Natl Association of Colleges and EmployersNational job major national job search sites on the Web representing ten of thousands of jobs nationwideIndustry-specific These sites are for specific industries, including Accounting, Financial, Academic, Computer, Engineering, Medical and Health, etcCompany-specific job listings on company websitesAssociation professional associationsInternational - sites that have job openings in Europe, Asia, and Australia. Some positions require bilingual skills, and some listings are in the countrys native languageGovernment sites federal employment

**Handout of sample listings

Take advantage of the Opt-In Resume Book option in SCOTLink.Go to the documents tab Select Opt-In Resume BookAnd Select Resume Books15

Select from the list of available books to find the one best for you16NetworkingWhy network?Uncover the hidden job market 75-80% of jobs are obtained via personal contacts Learn more about your chosen career fieldGet advice through informational interviews to find out how to conduct your job searchIdentify top organizations

17Understanding that everyone you know and each person you meet knows on average 250 people (Steve Schiffman, Cold Calling Techniques That Really Work, )

Networking= people connecting through other people. Possibly with the people in a field or organization that you wish to work, to ask for information, not a job. Networking, including informational interviewing, is the job searchers market research. Gather information about different jobs, companies and industries. This information will help you to do a more effective job search and develop leads to a job. A key thing to networking is asking every contact for more contacts. The idea is to increase the number of people you know how might be able to help you get the job you want.

Your networking resources* include;Personal referrals, Chambers of Commerce (member are listed by type of business; they often sponsor mixers, open houses, and meetings that you can attend), Professional Associations, Professional Journals, Company directories, Career Fairs

NetworkingHow do you network?Talk to everyone you know! Informational InterviewJoin the student chapter of a professional association*Pass out your calling cardShare how you can be a valuable resource for themGrow your connectionsStay connected

18informational interviewing (networking approach):Get info from a working professional to learn in-depth, accurate, up-to-date career information.Ask questions about their education, work experience, internships, company opportunities - and NEVER finish the interview WITHOUT asking who else to contact.Always send a thank you note/email.Remember: Each person that you interview, you add to your network and may help you find a job when youre ready.

Calling card:Sara Cortez

B.S. Business AdministrationUniversity of California, Riverside

123 Canyon Crest, Apt. A 951.827.1234Riverside, CA 92507

PEERS: bring your Career Center card and give one out to the audience to pass around.

Why look at professional associations? Discover education/career sections for info Directory of members for info on industry and job leads Learn whats going on in the field Attend local conferences for networking and job opportunitiesNetworkingWho do you network with?Current students and alumniFamily, friends, relativesFaculty, department staffCurrent supervisors Employers directly

19Handout My Job Search NetworkEmployment AgencyTemporary and permanentVarious fields and specific fields(e.g. health care)Work while looking for a permanent jobGain experienceEarn $

Tip:Avoid agencies that require you to pay fee forthem to place you!20Gain experienceEarn a salary Try out a company - get a foot in the doorWork while looking for a permanent jobWork between graduation and grad school Dont pay a fee

Examples of Agencies: Yoh Scientific, Kelly Engineering, On Assignment Lab Support, Accounting Advantage

Get Organized!

21HandoutFinal ThoughtsBe organized, self-motivated, and assertiveJob searching requires time and energyDont be discouraged if it takes you a few months to secure a desirable positionPersevereContinue to develop and use new resources to diversify your search22

23Career CenterAdditional Career Center workshops to help you with your career success:


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