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JOB SEARCHING ON MONSTER.COM. A Reusable Process Desiré P. Grogan Customer Training Coordinator DC Public Library / MLKJML. TABLE OF CONTENTS. Goal of the Online Job Search: Prepare  Apply  Track Prepare – Document & Skill Set Checklist Setup Account - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



4PREPAREDocuments & Skill Set ChecklistCompleted Rsum and Cover Letter Created in MS WORD & saved on portable media Established E-mail AccountList of Job titles or subject areas for the Job Search process Computer Skills:Ability to save and open documentsAbility to navigate & generate E-mail messagesAbility to navigate and complete online formsAbility to create folders on the Desktop and in the E-mailCreate a Account

Before the online job search can be pursued, certain preliminary steps must be taken steps of preparation:4Job Searching on Monster.com5Set-Up AccountGo to Click the Join Us! link at top right Complete the Become a Member page, and accept Monster's terms of use and privacy policy.Click JoinStay Informed page offers Monster E-mails on updates & targeted career opportunitiesBeware of special offers interlaced within the Set-up process. Click Skip this offer to move to the next page of the Set-up process.Your membership is official screen

5Job Searching on Monster.com6Upload Rsum on On the Official Membership screen, click Create a Rsum link Select Upload a File in Create Resume dialog boxClick Browse button and locate rsum on Desktop or portable mediaComplete all required fields:Name the rsum (Note: Employers will see this title when searching for rsums)Desired job title Current career level and Work authorizaion for US menusMake this rsum public checkbox is already checked. Click "Create button. Your resume has been saved screen will appearClick Tell us about yourself & complete My Profile. Then click Save & Continue

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6. Make this rsum public - This means that your rsum will be viewable by employers conducting rsum searches and will give you the widest access to possible job opportunities. Only one rsum can be public at any one time, but any rsum can be used to apply for jobs online.

7. Create a Rsum button

8. Complete Resume Visibility form - which covers your current experience, info about the kind of job you are looking for, where you want to work, etc.

6Job Searching on Monster.com7Searching for Jobs Using Monsters EngineOn the MONSTER banner:Enter the Job Title Enter Any Skills or KeywordsEnter the location (City/State/Zip) Click Search.Most Relevant results displayed by default. To sort by Most Recent, select the Date column on the far left-hand side. Click Job Title link.

4. Job Title link - When you place your mouse on the link, an information balloon appears giving a snapshot description of the Job Title. When you click on the Job Title, you are taken to that employers fuller description of the Job Title. At the bottom of this fuller description page, you are provided with a link that allows you to apply for the position (please do not click this link until instructed to do so in Part 2).

7Job Searching on Monster.com8Copy & Paste Cover Letter on Monster.comUnder My Profile link click Create a Cover LetterOn the Cover Letter Builder page:Type a relevant title for the Cover Letter in the Title field (This will only be visible to you, e.g. Cover Letter #1)Open Cover Letter and Copy and paste into the Cover Letter Builder page OR Select a templateClick Save & Close (orange button)Confirm Rsum & Cover Letter have been posted by hovering the mouse over My Profile linkNotice entries under My Resumes and My Cover Letters sections.

8Job Searching on Monster.com9

Three Ways to APPLY to a Job PostApplication Process 1 Employers Internal Job SystemWill require that you create a separate username and password to navigate their systemMay also require that you upload your rsum and cover letter to their will acknowledge that you are leaving the Monster search engine environment to apply for the job. When prompted, click continue to be directed to their website.Application Process 2 ToolsWill require that you use your username and password, as well as the uploaded features for your rsum and cover letterApplication Process 3 Apply by EmailWill provide an email address link to the employers contact. Will be asked to attached your rsum and cover letter to the email

9Job Searching on Monster.com10TRACKING: Saving Job PostsUnder "Jobs click the job title in Recently Searched categoryOn the Job Tools right navigational panel, click Save The Manage Saved Jobs page lists saved jobs with following info:Date createdCompany nameJob ageUnder Jobs link, the number of jobs saved appears in parenthesis

After you click Save, two things will occur:In the More Options panel on the right, the number beside the Saved Jobs (#) link will increase by oneWhen you place your mouse over the Job Title you just saved, the word (Saved) will appear in parenthesis next to the Job Title in the information balloon.

10Job Searching on Monster.com11TRACKING: Saving Job SearchesOn the MONSTER banner:Enter the Job Title Enter Any Skills or KeywordsEnter the location (City/State/Zip) Click Search.Click the Saved Searches button above the results; then click the Save this Search button in the dialog boxSearch criteria are presented in a new dialog box. In the Get Email Alerts section, select how frequently E-mail updates on this job search should be sentClick Save. Under Jobs link, the number of saved searches appears in parenthesis

11Job Searching on Monster.com12

TRACKING: Flow Chart Review

Regardless as to which Application Process is used, the process of tracking is the same.

Create folders to house employer info (web address, email address, contact name), application dates, follow-up date info, log in usernames & passwords12Job Searching on Monster.com13Additional Job Search EnginesThe Open Marketplace34% of job seekers found their last job and 62% of recruiters found more than of their new hires on an Internet Job Board, according to a survey by Weddles, (for temp jobs)


Other job search engines13Job Searching on Monster.com14QUESTIONS

14Job Searching on