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  • 1. Job search, Resume, and Cover Letter
  • 2. The job search Opportunity for finding a job that satisfies both personal and professional needs increase by implementing a job search strategy. job seeking is directly related to ones success and happiness.
  • 3. Job search process include following Building a Network Contacts. Identifying Appropriate Job.
  • 4. Building a Network of contacts One can begin the job search long before one is ready to find employment. In fact one can do it now by building a network of contacts by building relation with people who can help you find work when you need it. Such people include classmates, professors, businesspeople.
  • 5. Building a Network of contacts Broaden your friends circle: At present, you should broaden your circle of friends. As a result, in future you may want to make career change, they may hold such position. Know your professors: Sometimes professors may become a valuable source of giving you a job opportunity. Students can take this opportunity by making a good grade and demonstrating their behavior in classroom.
  • 6. Building a Network of contacts Meet executives: Obviously, meeting key business executives also can lead to employment contacts. Broadening your relationships among businesspeople would be helpful for finding good job. Make contacts through internships: If your school offers internships, you can make good career contacts through them. In fact, if you perform well, your internship could turn into full time employment.
  • 7. Identifying appropriate job To find the right job, you need to investigate both internal and external factors. The best fit occurs when you have carefully looked at yourself: your education, personal qualities, experience, and any special qualifications.
  • 8. Identifying appropriate job Analyzing personal characteristics: When you are ready to search for a job, you should begin the effort by analyzing yourself. When you seek employment, you are really selling your ability to work to do things for an employer. Education: In analyzing your education, you should look at the quality of your record grades, projects honors special recognitions
  • 9. Identifying appropriate job Speaking. Personal qualities. Work experience. Knowledge in computer. Analyzing outside factor.
  • 10. Resume Resume is seeking employment by sending data sheet with an application letter, which is always appropriate. The resume can be most important for job- hunting tool. The resume should be clear, concise and factual summery of the applicants background and qualifications.
  • 11. How can you prepare an effective/good resume? Appearance. Heading. Correctness and neatness. Conciseness. Parallelism: We should be consistent in wording, arranging, headings, spacing, underlining, and capitalizing.
  • 12. Types of Resume There are several basic types of resumes used to apply for job openings. Functional resume. Combination resume. Chronological resume.
  • 13. The Parts of a Resume Heading. Career Objective and/or Summary of Qualifications. Education. Employment Experience.