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This presentation was given by John Dobrowolski at the Chicago AMA BrandSmart Conference on June 24, 2010 at the UIC Forum.


  • 1. The Game Layer On the World
    And How Brands Can Capitalize
    John Dobrowolski
    VP & Brand Alchemist
  • 2. Leverage powerful trends
  • 3. Biggest entertainment launch ever?
    First day sales of $401.6MM!!!
    A powerful medium
  • 4. 64 million monthly active uniques
    Average player? 48 year old female
    Universal appeal
  • 5. The power of fun
  • 6. Current game layer
  • 7. Game
    New game layer
  • 8. appointment dynamic. -pint-mnt
    : a dynamic in which to succeed, one must return at a predefined time to take a predetermined action. Appointment dynamics are often deeply related to interval based reward schedules or avoidance dynamics.
    Appointment dynamics
  • 9. Appointment dynamics
  • 10. Appointment dynamics
  • 11. Influence and status
    influence. status. st-ts.
    : the ability of one player to influence another players actions through some form of social or game related pressure. Generally linked to status rewarding progress of a player with a visualization and proclamation of their achievement.
  • 12. oooh, shiny
    Influence and status
  • 13. oooh, black
    Status and influence
  • 14. Actualization
    actualization. ,ak-ch(-w)-l-z-shn
    : the juxtaposition of an idealized reality and an actual reality presented alongside incremental and clearly apparent steps to merge the two realities.
  • 15. Actualization
  • 16. virality. vocalization.
    : the concept that the growth of anything can be transmitted through social networks, social graphs, gifting, invites or other requirements engineered into the game that engenders more users to sign up. Vocalization is turning silent players into loud ones.
    Virality and vocalization
  • 17.
    Virality and vocalization
  • 18. Creation vs. collection
  • 19. John Dobrowolski


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