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Keynote: John Newton - Government Without Walls


  • 1. Government Without Walls @johnnewton CTO, Alfresco Washington, DC Thursday, January 26, 2012
  • 2. Agenda Alfresco Overview Customer Prole in Government The Walls of Government Breaking Down Walls What Business is Doing An Open Government Plan Alfresco 4 and Open Government
  • 3. Maidenhead, UK Global Headquarters Atlanta, US Headquarters Alfresco is the largest open sourcecontent management companyin the world.3 million+ downloads2500+ customers from 55+ countries250+ global channel partners24 consecutive quarters of revenue growthfounded in 2005
  • 4. What is Alfresco? Document Content Content Social Content DM Management RM DM RM WCM WCM Share Share Platform Platform BP Management Open Content SourceWCM Share Platform BPM Platform Content Web Content Records Services RM WCM Management DM Share RM PlatformWCM BPM Share 4
  • 5. Government is our largest business 30% of Revenue and our Open Source Community Federal, Central, State, Regional, Local Approximately 600 government customers 50/50 split US and Europe AdministraWon, legislaWon, nance and educaWon
  • 6. Some Government Customers
  • 7. Photo source =
  • 8. The ow of technology has Large orgs reversed Consumer SMEs Home oce Se]ng in moWon new forces
  • 9. Unleashing the Consumerization of ITCourtesy of John Mancini
  • 10. So what do the most signicant changes in technology have to do with government?
  • 11. Everything!
  • 12. Government Walls of Resistance Walls around ParWcipaWon Walls around Your Building Walls around Your PC Walls around InnovaWon and CollaboraWon Walls around InformaWon and Content Walls around Socware Walls around Decisions Walls around Budget
  • 13. Walls Around Data Courtesy of John Mancini
  • 14. Walls Around Decisions The single point of failure [in bureaucraWc decision making] results not just from a lack of Wme or resources or technology. It goes much deeper than Philip Tetlock, U. Penn in that. Simply put, Expert Poli,cal Judgment, professionals do not have a Winner of the Woodrow Wilson prize for best book monopoly on informaWon or on poliWcs and government experWse
  • 15. Walls Around Employees
  • 16. Walls Around Technology InnovaWon is not emanaWng from Washington; instead, the pracWces of government are increasingly disconnected from technological innova5on and the opportunity to realize greater Beth Simone ciWzen parWcipaWon failure lies Noveck, US in the unfamiliarity with Deputy CTO technology displayed by many policy makers
  • 17. Is there a way forward? Mr. Obama! Tear down these walls!!!
  • 18. The Power of the Crowd Diversity trumps ability this is a mathemaWcal truth, not a feel-good mantra. Scol Page, University of Michigan in The Dierence
  • 19. The power of transparency Open source: Many eyes make all bugs shallow Government 2.0: Many eyes make all pork visible Open Government is the evoluWon of Open Systems Open Standards & Open Source Tim OReilly
  • 20. Open Government DirecWve My AdministraWon is commiled to creaWng an unprecedented level of openness in government. We will work together to ensure the public trust and establish as system of transparency, public parWcipaWon, and collaboraWon. Openness will strengthen our democracy and President promote eciency and Barack Obama, eecWveness in government. Jan 21, 2009
  • 21. NASAs Open Government Plan No one is an expert in Open Government. We are taking an experimental and scienWc approach to Open Government. It will transform NASA into a more transparent, parWcipatory, and collaboraWve Agency and ease our transiWon into a 21st century space program.
  • 22. What did NASA do right? Policy: Working to make open source socware development more collaboraWve at NASA Technology: Nebula cloud plaqorm to share complex data sets with external partners and public Culture: A new ParWcipatory ExploraWon Oce for more public parWcipaWon Targeted projects in staged, achievable goals measured in 3 months to 2 years and applaud success Integrate security, records management, and random quality check as basis of trust and guarantee public access Leadership role in Constantly improve process in delivery of informaWon and public parWcipaWon
  • 23. And the benets? Increase Agency transparency and accountability to external stakeholders Enable ciWzen parWcipaWon in NASAs mission Improve internal NASA collaboraWon and innovaWon Encourage partnerships that can create economic opportunity InsWtuWonalize Open Government philosophies and pracWces at NASA