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  • Joseph Gulino, Ph. DPrincipal, Gulinogroup &

    Fearless Leadership Consulting

  • Aim High

    Maintain Solid Landing Gear

  • Basic Template For All Activities

    I Look to reach to the sky for the greatest of successes for each mission

    II Remain realistic and set reachable goals

    III When goals are achieved - lead the celebrations, but then move quickly to the next objective

    IV Maintain superior landing gear in case there is a need to return to earth and retool during a mission

  • Who is this guy?

    Principal Catholic elementary schools 28 Years, high school 2 years

    Director of Graduate Studies and Undergraduate Clinical Experiences - Central Methodist University, Fayette, MO

    Directed on-line leadership graduate education courses -University of Missouri, Columbia

    Principal The Gulinogroup and Fearless Leadership Consulting, Nathan Levy Associate

    Who is he really..?

  • We mustknow each other to know each other

  • Get to know/understand internal mental workings of each other

    Experience personality profile tests on a timely basis and share the results

    Experience group adventures or events, to experience the outside of work minds and attitudes

    Most Importantly Take others from where they are then help move them forward to where they need to go (or are capable of going) for good of the task, the organization or just for their personal benefit


  • Distinguished Educator Awards, St. Peter Interparish school, faculty members Agnes Forck (2011) and Laura Dampf (2013), from the National Catholic Educators Association

    2013 Innovations in Catholic Education in Curriculum and Instruction in Technology Award for St. Peter Interparish School by Todays Catholic Teacher Magazine

    2013 Distinguished Home and School Award for St. Peter Interparish School by the National Catholic Educators Association

    Recipient, University of San Francisco Alumni Society Outstanding Educator in Administration Award

    Recipient, National Association of Secondary School Principals Middle Level Dissertation Award

    What has he accomplished?

  • Principles of Fearless Leadership, Nathan Levy Books, 2012

    Church and State: Partners for the Common Good, Missouri Catholic Conference, MESSENGER, Jan. 2012

    Advisors to the Principal, Todays Catholic Teacher, August/September 2011

    How young is too young?- Jefferson City Magazine, September/October 2008

    Kindergarten Readiness: A Challenge, NAESP Magazine, May/June 2008

    Middle School Programmatic Practices and Student Satisfaction With School, NASSP Bulletin, Sept. 1999

    To Brave Ulysses, America at the Millennium a publication by The International Library of Poetry, 1999

    Teacher Supervision: Use the Laptop, Missouri Educational Leadership, 1998

    "My New Life," A Song for children with disabilities, Middle School Journal

    What has he published?

  • In Depth Areas of Knowledge My Passions

    Principles of Leadership & Kindergarten Readiness

    Excellence in Teaching & Empowering Others

    Leading very successful schools

    Proper education for each and every student (Needs)

  • * Share my experiences, areas we need to address, esp. Leadership, and share resources from authors in whom I believe

    * Facilitate you sharing your experiences with each other, if you will

    * We, Nathan Levy & Associates, provide resources (or someone must), so that educators and parents do not have to search too far or reinvent wheels , esp. CC resources

    (People do not obtain resources and leaders do not work on mentorshipsbecause of $$$)

    The mistake of new leaders (people) who become in charge or change roles

    You do not need to learn from your mistakes, of someone is able to advise you!

    Will come to you for expenses and for the opportunity to share resources

    My Goals

  • Participants

    Are New bees & Old Pros

    Desire New Information or Review Past Information

    Desire Practical Tips

    Desire Standby Resources or New Resources

  • From Me.

    Not the Expert, but very experienced

    Not an intense learning workshop/class experience, but

    My Research, Personal Experiences, Suggestions

    To You

    Take info you choose - research, digest, and use as needed

  • Why this topic ?

    #1 - Everyone is a leader at some time in his/her life or career

    #2 Again, there is NEVER a need to learn from your mistakes

    Pearson Study

  • Who is a leader ?

    When we go to work we want the security not just of having a job but in knowing what to expect from our boss and our colleagues, day in and day out

    Thereforea leader is anyone who has goals to accomplish, and works with others. A leader is NOT just a person with a title

  • Why You?

    Understanding and internalizing principles of fearless leaders will reinforce you as, or help you develop into, an Effective Fearless Leader

    In turn, you can educate your students re: the principles to help them be more effective, greater leaders in whatever endeavors they choose

    Not a Teacher Be an Educator

  • Thought Food

    If everyone you work with or lead had the true option to work with you or choose

    you as their leader.

  • What are the essential criteria or behaviors that

    characterize effective fearless leaders?

  • Sailing the Seven Seas of Life

  • Pessimists



  • When Conversing with Someone

    Do not be thinking of the response you will make as the words come out of the other persons mouth

    Slow down conversations constructively

    Listen!! Listen!! Listen!!

    Hear through the persons thought process

    Then, only then, think

    Then, only then, respond

    Most important if a heated topic or point of contention

  • No one needs to walk alone

  • Help others to understand that it is important for all to know when to work alone and when to ask for help

    Free others from being afraid to ask for help from experienced peers to save face

    We do not want

  • Comments to students and maybe adults!

    What is the right thing to do?

    Then Never give up

    If not now, when? If not me/or you, then who?

    It is OK to be scared.

    Do not let fear stop you from chasing your dreams and aspirations

    Treat failures as challenges to find a new way.

  • You are the greatest, BUT

  • Any comments that start out with praise and then includes the word but will never be taken as a form of positive reinforcement

    It is not positive reinforcement

  • Criticism

  • (I prefer critique) should be short, to the point, and clear regarding behaviors that should be improved or stopped

    Positive comments to others should be saved until there is a valid reason to state them, and not used to ease the pain of poor performance

  • Write peoples accomplishments in stone and their faults in sand.

  • Great leaders have great self-respect and inner strength

    They respect others enough to forget the problems of the past and focus on the improvements occurring in the present

    They know that MOST of the time this will lead to successes in the future

    If problems persist, then it is time for other actions

  • Reprimand or personal confrontation are active consequences that follow continued unconstructive


  • When the sand begins to harden because of low tide and high maintenance issues

    You MUST Change directives, etc. to decrease the frequency (or existence) of the unconstructive behaviors in the future

    Negative behavior - cannot just be ignored in hopes that it will stop or go away

    Not responding to repeated negative behaviors comes across as a sign of weakness recognized by members of the organization, and leads to failure anywaySo speak up and up be front

  • Blood is thicker than Policies

  • Avoid ridicule, in public or private

  • Help others save face at all times & in every situation

    Be observant and look to the good that each person brings to the table every day

    For admins. - Spend a great deal of time out and about in the organization (classroom), etc

  • Be a Realizor of Humanness

  • Everyone makes mistakes (even you)

    Everyone should be expected to, and be taught how to, mend or repair them

    Off days acknowledge them DO NOT cover up

    Bottom Line

    Lifes continuum is really all about each persons intentions

  • If you often fly by the seat of your pants

  • Use action research before making decisions

    Collect tangible, observable, & measurable data. Refrain from holding to the subjective

    Subjective information - added into the decision-making process only after the hard data is collected and evaluated

    be prepared for rocky landings

  • Whining

  • Unacceptable

    Cannot be tolerated

    Negative effects spread like a cancer throughout the group or organization

    Worst of all

    People will know of the complainer and respect for her/him will be lost

  • You cannot get unfamous.(Dave Chappelle)

    When an established person or leader, you are identified with the organization in the eyes of others

    UnfortunatelyYou lose some freedom and must think in terms of

    your role when in public, as others may