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Journey reports


  • 1. DINOPOLISI went to Dinopolis and I liked it a lot. It was very funny.I visited a museum of dinosaurs andthere were a lot of bones of them. I saw some robots that seemed to bereal dinosaurs. Gary

2. DOMINICAN REPUBLIC I went swimming in the river. I danced in the CarnivalParade I played basketball I played volleyboll with my friendsRosmery 3. Benidorm In Benidorm I went to a balcony tosightsee in overview of the sea. I went to the beach. I went to the old village for a walk. I went to swim in a swiming pool. I has a dinner in a restaurant.I ate pizzaIrati 4. MADRID I went to the Retiro park I visited the Reina Sofia museum. I went to the zoo. I went to the wax museum. I saw the Manzanares river. Finally I saw the Warner parkXabier 5. GRANADAI went to the AlhambraI saw Sierra nevadaI went winderig in the street ofGranadaI saw Alhambras fountainI saw a very big garden with verybeautifull flowersJulen 6. Last year I went to Venecia.I bought beautiful masks.ITALYI also went to Milano.I tasted delicious ice-creams andI visited Inters football field.Iratxe 7. PEISCOLA Four yers ago I wentto Peiscola. I went to the beach. I went to the market. I made friends. Garbine 8. SALOU I went to Salou.The second day I went to Port Aventura. The next day we went to the docks to see how they fished. I went to the swimmingpool. Finally I had lunch in a good restaurant.

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