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  • JULY 2020

    Living and Sharing God’s Love

    Still Living and Sharing

    GOD’S LOVE It’s been a challenging season adapting to a “new normal” of adjusted schedules and lifestyle changes as we all try to stay healthy and safe.

    While things have looked a little different at Bethany over the last few months, God is still at work, and we are still part of God’s plan.

    Please read this issue of the Beacon to learn about ministries that are still happening at Bethany. Whether you are still staying at home, or returning to Bethany as we start to gather in person again, there are ways for you to be in

    God’s Word and be involved in our community of faith.

    Members of the Bethany family are encouraged to continue to seek ways to live and share God’s love. If you are looking for ways to connect, please

    reach out to the church office at 319-364-6026. Let us know how you have been finding ways to live and share God’s love!


    I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take

    heart; I have overcome the world. – John 16:33

    Jesus first spoke these words to His disciples in the context of His death, resurrection, and ascen- sion into heaven. Because they followed Jesus through these events and beyond, the disciples would face trouble in the world, including persecu- tion. But Jesus’ ministry, including His death, res- urrection and ascension, were all done so that He might overcome the world and its problems of sin and death. Therefore, those who believe and trust in Him as their Lord and Savior may truly live in peace, regardless of whatever tribulation or prob- lem they may face. This is Good News for us to- day, because as we all know, we face some really serious problems.

    Over the last few months all of us have been navigating a new world that is being ravaged by the Coronavirus and its subsequent effects on our soci- ety. Regardless of whether or not we ourselves have become ill, lost employment, find ourselves wearing masks, or just staying at home more than usual, all of us have felt the effects of the current pandemic. The adjustments that we have had to make in how we worship, work, shop, or relax have lifted the veil on how fragile our lives and commu- nities can really be.

    On top of the effects of this pandemic, we have recently seen over the last few weeks protests and discussions that are taking place in our nation, the world, and eastern Iowa concerning racial injus- tice in our country. While there seems to be no reasonable proponents speaking for racism today, along with the protests there are now conversations taking place, sometimes insincere and often conten- tious, as to the extent and the solutions for this scourge. How long all of this will continue to hap- pen and what the results will be, if any, have yet to be seen.

    Thinking of these problems for too long can be frustrating or discouraging. Thinking of how we can help with them, or even just live or survive dur-

    ing such turbulent times for another week or an- other month, can be overwhelming. Which is why it is so important to remember what Jesus told His disciples in the verse above. The troubles that the disciples would face would not necessarily be a vi- rus, racism, or civil unrest. But regardless of what form their tribulations took, Jesus had overcome them, just as He has overcome ours. As we’re con- fronted with COVID-19, racial injustice, or any other problem that we face in this world, remem- ber: Jesus has already overcome all the tribulations of this world through His death and resurrection.

    This message of Jesus’s victory over sin, death, and the devil through the cross and empty tomb is the essence of the Christian Church, and therefore our congregation at Bethany. However, this does not mean that Christians can sit back in a world full of problems, talk about the Gospel, and wait for Jesus to return! Rather, just as Jesus didn’t just ap- pear out of heaven to die on the cross for our sin, but rather had a ministry of three years teaching and performing amazing works of mercy and heal- ing to show His Words were true (John 20:30-31), so too are Christians today called to teach God Word and show that it is true through their actions of mercy and love.

    Therefore, as God’s people at Bethany, our lives and work will continue to center around the Word and Sacraments of the One who has over- come the world. Yet, as God’s redeemed people through Christ, each one of us must also be con- tributing to solutions to the problems and the alle- viation of suffering in this world and our communi- ties and neighborhoods. As you read this month’s Beacon you may not see as much of that as you would like because of where we have been with the pandemic over the last few months. And if that bothers you – good, it does me too. But let’s use that frustration and, most importantly, the hope that Christ’s victory gives us over the problems of

    this world, to move us forward as His people Living

    and Sharing God’s Love.

    In Christ’s Service,

    T Pastor Erickson

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    Christian fathers

    Don & Carol Loesch (parents of *A Pfeil)- 60th anniversary 6/18

    Jill (daughter of *Dick & *Karen Hass)- Recovering after surgery

    Illness, injuries, health issues:

    Those affected by COVID-19

    Gene (husband of *K. Schmidt)- Recovering after surgery

    Lyla (relative of *Sheryl Knutson)- Health issues

    Andrew (relative of *B Heims)- Recovering after surgery

    Barb (friend of *Pat Krekeler)- Health issues

    Zoe (granddaughter of *Mary Nanke)- Recovering after cornea


    Mary Lou (mother of *Becky Thur)- Recovering after surgery

    Seth (son-in-law of *Zenors)- Health issues

    Carolyn (mother of Mary Vezina)- Recovering from shingles

    Joyce (mother of *A. Segebart)- Recovering after surgery

    Carol (mother of *Angie Pfeil)- Recovering after fall

    Jennifer (daughter of *Pat Krekeler)- Life challenges

    Jeff Mellgren (former member)– Recovering after stroke

    Steve (brother of *L Patten)- Health issues

    Hayden (relative of *Bonnie Bubke)- Brain disorder

    Gwendolyn- (friend of *Karen Swanson)- Terminal illness

    Susan (niece of *Bonnie Bubke)- Health issues

    Pastor Renfro (Trinity)– Health issues

    Steve (friend of *Pete Larson)- Recovering after stroke

    John (nephew of *Bonnie Bubke)- Health issues

    Ruth (friend of *Velma Ziesemer)- Health issues

    David (relative of *Melissa Loney)- Health issues

    Rod (nephew of *Bonnie Bubke)- Parkinson’s Disease


    Tailor (grandson of *Kim Neuhaus)- Marines, Deployed

    Charlie (grandson of *Kim Neuhaus)- Army, Deployed


    Local, state, and national leaders

    Victims of floods, hurricanes, fires and disasters

    Homebound members of Bethany:

    *Rollis Deetz– at home

    *Wayne & Darlene Schilling– at home

    Candi Engel– at home

    *Ann Meyer– Terrace Glen, Marion

    *Del & *Dee Block– Summit Pointe, Marion

    *Larry & *Sharon Easler– Summit Pointe, Marion


    Oz (father of *Dathan Hinrichs & *Josie Hester)- in patient cancer

    treatment at U of I

    Pat (niece of *Bonnie Bubke)- cancer

    Jerry (father of Missy Gingrich)- cancer treatment

    Glen (brother of *Rob Sieck)- cancer

    Jim (friend of *Sheryl Knutson)- cancer surgery

    Carol (sister of *Lori Dohrmann)- cancer treatment

    Tony (friend of *Mike Thomas)- cancer

    David (relative of *Hasses)- cancer

    Gene (husband of *N Owens)- cancer treatment

    Julie (friend of *Brenda Heims)- cancer

    Janet (friend of *Brenda Heims)-cancer

    Judy (godmother of *Jim Novitch)- cancer treatment

    Chad (son of *Vicki Huschka)- leukemia

    Rita (friend of *Shirley Kellogg)- cancer

    Grief, family and friends of:

    Yonne (mother-in-law of *Doris Baker)- Died 6/24

    Eleanor (mother of *Ken Cook)- Died 6/22

    Ashley (friend of *Ronda Anderson)- Died 5/19

    Connie (friend of *Knutsons)- Died 5/19

    DeWayne (father of *Steve Hanchera)- Died 5/17

    MaryEllen (mother of *Tina Freese)- Died 5/12

    Bob (friend of *Pat Krekeler)- Died 5/9

    Submit a prayer: Email: [email protected] or call the

    church office at 319-364-6026

    Bethany Prayers

    Do you have prayer requests? Let us know if you would like your request added to the prayer list, the email prayer chain, or both. Call 364-6026 or email requests to [email protected]



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