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  • 8/9/2019 June InMotion Newsletter


    City of Eugene

    InMotion June 2010Rain,Rain,GoAway! HereattheInMotiondeskwe,likemostothers,havedecidedthatITIS

    TIMEFORSUMMER. Hanginthereourfaithfulreaders;wewilltryourbesttowrangleupsome

















    InMotion is a monthly e-newsletter produced to help communicate with Eugenes biking and walking enthusiasts.Each month you will find information about upcoming local events and advocacy opportunities that pertain to all formsof active transportation. Please feel free to forward this great community resource to anyone you think might enjoy it.

    ind The City of Eugene Transportation Planning on Facebook. Become afan of our page and stay up to date on current activities, events and news.F If you are not a Facebook user you

    can simply view our page by clickingthe button to the left. You do not have

    to become a Facebook member toview the page.

    In this issue:

    FEATURED NEWSRide for ROMP June 19LTD Bus Service ChangesValet Bicycle Parking Volunteers Needed for Summer 2010

    PUBLIC MEETINGS AND INPUT OPPORTUNITIESWest Eugene EmX Open House June 3Open House for the West Eugene EmX Extension Project June 9

    Envision Eugene: A Community Plan for 2030 June 23LCHAY RiverBend Run Needs Your Help!

    CONSTRUCTION UPDATEPaving in the CityPartial Bike Path Detour on I-5 Bridges ProjectFern Ridge Path Rehabilitation Summer 2010

    AREA EVENTSMonday Mountain Bike Rides on the Ridgeline Trail1st Saturday Park Walks: Walk in a Park as You Learn about Ecology June 5Bike Riding for Fun & Fitness - Every WednesdayCity Offers Four Weekly Adult Walking Groups - For Free!Go Take A Hike!Confident Cycling for Families June 12Bike and Boat the Willamette June 15 Kidical Mass RSVP NOWDrop in on SafetyFEST June 19City of Eugene Adaptive Recreation:

    Adaptive Cycling Center Opens June 23Adaptive Mobility in Recreation June 25

  • 8/9/2019 June InMotion Newsletter


    Beach Wheelchairs Provide AccessAll-Girls Mountain Bike Trip - Saturday, June 26Last Sunday Longboard Nature Tour June 27

    All City sponsored meetings and workshops listed are open to the public and wheelchair

    accessible. For individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing, an interpreter or FM assistivelistening system can be provided with 48 hours notice prior to the meeting. To arrange for theseservices for any of the City workshops listed above, please contact City staff at (541) 682-5291.


    Ride for ROMP June 19On June 19th, 2010, University of Oregon student and veteran charity bike tourist Greg Krupadeparts on an 8,000 mile journey from Eugene, Oregon to Zacapa, Guatemala. He's raisingawareness of people in need of prosthetics in the developing world, and raising money for the

    Range of Motion Project, a prosthetic and orthotic non-profit directed by his brother. He isrelying on the bicycle as a powerful symbol of mobility and freedom. Greg and his riding partnerPat Mathay are looking for cyclists with a zest for adventure and social justice to join them atany point on their ride. The day-one ride, from Eugene to Florence via Highway 36, is going tobe a huge group ride kicking off this great adventure.

    You, and any other cyclists you know, are invited to join us on this kickoff ride, on June 19th,2010. We will have an event in Alton Baker park in Eugene in the morning, and then tackle the~75 mile route to the coast at a pace that works for everyone. We would really love to have youriding with us. You can sign up today!

    This is a great opportunity to ride one of the most popular bike touring routes in Oregon, andbenefit a worthwhile charity. We are very excited to ride with you from Eugene to Florence onJune 19th, 2010.

    You can visit http://www.rompglobal.org/signup2010.php to sign up today.

    LTD Bus Service ChangesBeginning Sunday, June 13, Lane Transit District summer bus service changes will go intoeffect. These changes are adjustments to the level of service during the summer when the UO,LCC, and 4J enter their summer session and phase one of a four phase plan that reducesservice hours by 20 percent. Below is an overview of the changes.

    For details visit LTDs website or pick up a Riders Digest Update on the bus or at the LTDCustomer Service Center located at 11th and Willamette at the LTD Eugene Station.

    The following routes will be eliminated effective June 13.

    3x River Road Station 8x Thurston Station Breeze - Route Eliminated. See routes 1, 66, and 67 for service. 60 Cal Young - Route Eliminated

  • 8/9/2019 June InMotion Newsletter


    The following routes will experience changes effective June 13. Please visit ltd.org forservice details.

    1 Campbell Center 24 Donald 27 Fairmount 28 Hilyard 32 West 1st Ave 55 River Road Connector

    66 VRC/Coburg 67 Coburg/VRC 81 LCC/Harris 91 McKenzie Bridge 95 Junction City 96 Coburg

    The following routes will be eliminated effective June 18, at the end of the schoolsession.

    422 AM SEHS and PM Crest Drive 435 AM CHS and PM City View 426 AM SEHS and PM UO/Brae Burn 451 AM and PM NEHS

    The following routes do not operate during the summer. Service will resume in the fall.

    r 76 UO/Westmoreland, Weekday r 78 UO/Oak Patch, Weekday r 79x UO/Kinsrow, Weekday r 81 LCC/Harris, Saturday

    Valet Bicycle Parking Volunteers Needed for Summer 2010Valet Bicycle Parking (VBP) for summer 2010 is underway and seeking volunteers. VBP, aproject of the Center for Appropriate Transport, sets up at Eugene/Springfield area events to

    provide secure parking for large numbers of bicycle commuters. Throughout the summer wewill provide service to Cuthbert events, Art and the Vineyard, the Eugene Celebration and muchmore. In 2009, we parked over 10,000 bikes! VBP volunteers get the chance to meet fellowriders and create a bike-friendly community.

    Most events provide free admission to our volunteers. Our next event is the three day US Trackand Field Championships at the UofO, June 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th. Please call 541 344-1197 oremail [email protected] for information on volunteering or scheduling VBP for an event.


    West Eugene EmX Open House June 3Thursday, June 3, 2010 from 4 - 6 p.m.Eugene Public Library, Singer Room (second floor)

    As part of the West Eugene EmX Extension Design Options (WEEEDO) project, the City ofEugene and Lane Transit District are hosting an open house to present potential site specificconceptual designs for several areas along the proposed West Eugene EmX Extension routes.The public is invited to hear the details of the project and provide input on the designs.

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]
  • 8/9/2019 June InMotion Newsletter


    The WEEEDO project explores possible site-specific design enhancements that can beincorporated into the West Eugene EmX project, such as pedestrian and bicycle crossings, andstreetscape enhancements. These enhancements were suggested through public input on theproject. The WEEEDO study area does not include the entire West Eugene area; it is limited tothe area between the Eugene LTD Station on the east and Garfield Street on the west. TheWEEEDO project does not modify the routing options.

    For further information on the WEEEDO project, please contact Kurt Yeiter, TransportationPlanner, City of Eugene, at 541-682-8379, or by email at [email protected].

    Open House for the West Eugene EmX Extension Project June 9June 9, 2010 4 p.m.- 7 p.m. * Eugene Public Library, Bascom-Tykeson Room, 1st floor, 100West 10th Ave., Eugene, Oregon 97401

    Looking ahead, it's clear that we need a proactive plan to help prepare for the futuretransportation needs of the community. EmX is a vital part of the solution needed to develop anefficient and economical, community-wide transportation system.

    We're planning. We're thinking about the future.We're talking to the community.We want you to join the conversation!

    Please come to the LTD Open House to get an update, learn about changes in the process forselecting a preferred route, and provide input for the West Eugene EmX project. Lane TransitDistrict will present the initial data gathering for the proposed extension of EmX transit service tothe West 11th Avenue corridor in Eugene. The data will be used to reduce the number of routesunder consideration. LTD is committed to reducing impacts and enhancing the builtenvironment along the EmX route. Your ideas are important.

    LTD now has the alternative alignment and design options available on our website. To view thecurrent designs options, go to weemx.ltd.org, or visit us on Tuesdays from 1 p.m.- 5 p.m. at theNext Stop Center, 1099 Olive Street, Eugene (located at the Eugene Station across from theKiva). Stay connected by calling 541-682-6100 or join our Facebook community.

    EmX is an international model for transportation excellence. People from all over the worldcome to Eugene/Springfield to learn about our plan for a comprehensive system that willconnect the whole community faster and more conveniently, while reducing carbon emissions.

    Envision Eugene: A Community Plan for 2030Envision Eugene in the year 2030. Envision your neighborhood, home, job, school, and yourfavorite parks and shops and how you will get there. The City of Eugene has started acommunity conversation about how we will grow and change over the next 20 years, as weexpect up to 34,000 more people will call Eugene home by then. The Envision Eugene projectwill plan for how and where Eugene may choose to grow in the future.

    mailto:k[email protected]:[email protected]
  • 8/9/2019 June InMotion Newsletter


    Over the next several months, Envision Eugene will seek community input through workshops,websites, and surveys to help inform the creation of the plan, including ways to grow inside theexisting urban growth boundary (UGB), and if necessary, where and how we might expand theboundary. Envision Eugene will ask community members to help build a preferred growthscenario that meets the citys land needs and promotes the most sustainable, livable,prosperous city possible.

    The third community workshop will be held on June 23rd at the Willamette High School

    Cafeteria, 1801 Echo Hollow Road, with an Open House at 6:00 p.m. and the workshop from7:00 p.m. to 9 p.m.

    For more information on Envision Eugene please see the project website atwww.envisioneugene.org or contact Terri Harding at 541-682-5635 [email protected].

    LCHAY RiverBend Run Needs Your Help!Do you enjoy event planning and promotion? We're looking for a committed volunteer orintern to help with the October 16, 2010 LCHAY RiverBend Run/Walk; a family-friendly 5k racewith an emphasis on fun, personal best fitness and community participation. Get moreinformation about this exciting opportunity here.


    Paving in the CityPaving projects around town will start as early as May and continue through the summer.Currently, there are 24 signs that identify local gas tax and street bond-funded rehabilitation orreconstruction projects. The idea to place signs far in advance of the work came from thecitizen Street Repair Review Panel. This is one way for people to take a closer look at thestreets that are getting fixed before theyre under construction.

    Paving signage will also serve as a reminder to area residents that they may want to consideralternate routes once roadwork begins. Paving details in Eugene are available on the cityswebsite at www.eugene-or.gov/pw or for those who use twitter at www.Twitter.com/EugenePW .For more information about pavement preservation projects, contactPublic Works Civil Engineer II Matt Rodrigues at 541-682-6036.

    Partial Bike Path Detour on I-5 Bridges Project

    Lane restrictions will also begin soon on MLK Jr. /Centennial Blvd

    SPRINGFIELD An ODOT construction project will soon impact the bridge over Interstate 5that connects MLK Jr. Blvd. and Centennial Blvd. in Eugene and Springfield. The project willtemporarily affect motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians.

    The Oregon Department of Transportation, through its contractor Wildish Standard Paving Co.of Eugene, Ore., is currently working on a $10.36 million federally-financed effort to improvefreight mobility along the Interstate 5 corridor. ODOT is raising the elevation of 11 bridgeoverpasses in Marion, Linn and Lane counties. Construction is scheduled to be completed bythe end of this year.

    Work on the MLK Jr. /Centennial Blvd. structure (MP 193.49) in the Eugene-Springfield area willrequire a partial bicycle/pedestrian path closure from June 2, 2010 through early August 2010.A signed detour will be in place. The detour will leave the path northbound out of Alton Baker

    http://www.envisioneugene.org/mailto:[email protected]://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1103359004004&s=106&e=001cDMs39Vfkb7lntxyFm-CxXzitsE2r5XTxUIEn7snZNjZi6kDt3OpCQuAoLCnVqjgOkeG7OqZRiLF0n4EDiFXG3DGUdwVVQrJ5qYpgdZtM_L8DLNBvVifdNPlTL1Quo5YuuX4iiVui4FtUjqxywxgyiyUIRAAZ8Y-v3xmSdryF6KCbKhvvn9qWJ-P3qunCwADhttp://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1103359004004&s=106&e=001cDMs39Vfkb7lntxyFm-CxXzitsE2r5XTxUIEn7snZNjZi6kDt3OpCQuAoLCnVqjgOkeG7OqZRiLF0n4EDiFXG3DGUdwVVQrJ5qYpgdZtM_L8DLNBvVifdNPlTL1Quo5YuuX4iiVui4FtUjqxywxgyiyUIRAAZ8Y-v3xmSdryF6KCbKhvvn9qWJ-P3qunCwADhttp://www.eugene-or.gov/pwhttp://www.twitter.com/EugenePWhttp://www.twitter.com/EugenePWhttp://www.eugene-or.gov/pwhttp://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1103359004004&s=106&e=001cDMs39Vfkb7lntxyFm-CxXzitsE2r5XTxUIEn7snZNjZi6kDt3OpCQuAoLCnVqjgOkeG7OqZRiLF0n4EDiFXG3DGUdwVVQrJ5qYpgdZtM_L8DLNBvVifdNPlTL1Quo5YuuX4iiVui4FtUjqxywxgyiyUIRAAZ8Y-v3xmSdryF6KCbKhvvn9qWJ-P3qunCwADmailto:[email protected]://www.envisioneugene.org/
  • 8/9/2019 June InMotion Newsletter


    Park and lead to Covey Lane, then turn northbound on Lindley Lane to the signal at MLK Jr.Blvd., then travel across to Garden Way where it rejoins the bicycle/pedestrian path.

    Motorists will experience lane restrictions on the bridge beginning June 7, when there will beone lane of travel in each direction. In July, there will be ten nights when the bridge will becompletely closed. Detour signs and maps will be available prior to the complete closures

    This project will elevate 11 bridges to provide a minimum clearance of 16 feet 8 inches over the

    freeway. This will eliminate the need to re-route the majority of oversized freight loads from I-5onto local roads.

    Know Before You Go:To sign-up for weekly email updates on the project, visit www.keepusmoving.info.To get the very latest travel information, visit www.tripcheck.com or call 5-1-1.

    To learn more about this project, visit:http://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/HWY/REGION2/I5_VerticalClearanceA5.shtml

    Fern Ridge Path Rehabilitation Summer 2010The Fern Ridge Path Project will rehabilitate/reconstruct major portions of the Fern Ridge Path

    between Chambers and Van Buren St. (W-E) and between 16


    and 18


    avenues (N-S). Therewill also be construction on the path connecting 22nd Ave. to the Arts and Technology Academy.The City plans to conduct this project in July and August of 2010, while the 4J schools are onsummer break. During construction, major sections of the path will be closed (there areconvenient detours available). The project is currently in the design phase and thereforeconstruction phasing and scheduling have not been determined. It will be our intent to keeppath closures as short as possible, but construction will significantly impact path uses thiscoming summer. Visit the project website for more information: www.eugene-or.gov/pwprojects> click on Fern Ridge Path Project.


    Monday Mountain Bike Rides on the Ridgeline TrailStarting Monday May 31, MTB Eugene will begin hosting weekly rides on the Ridgeline trailsystem on Monday evenings at 6pm. We'll meet at 6pm at the corner of Martin Street andCanyon Drive, at the bottom of Headwaters trail.

    These rides will be beginner friendly, and we will have frequent regroups. If we get enoughpeople showing up, maybe we'll split up based on fitness and pace, but please don't come outlooking to race or hammer out a training ride. We'll put in at least 8 miles, and can easily addmore miles through the use of loops, some gravel roads, and a few paved ones. Add in thecommute from home to the trail and back, and you've got yourself a good workout.

    Helmets are absolutely required for anyone joining us. Lights should not be needed, as the ridewill end by 8pm. Participants are expected to be respectful to other trail users, and to followIMBA's Rules of the Trail. Our goal is to expose more people to the Ridgeline trail system, andprove to other trail users that MTB riders are polite and respectful people who can share a trailwithout conflict.

    We're looking for some experienced riders to step up and help lead these rides. If you areinterested in coming out for a few rides, and feel comfortable leading a group, contact us [email protected] . We can work out a schedule so that we always have a few "guides"

    http://www.keepusmoving.info/http://www.tripcheck.com/http://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/HWY/REGION2/I5_VerticalClearanceA5.shtmlhttp://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/HWY/REGION2/I5_VerticalClearanceA5.shtmlhttp://www.eugene-or.gov/pwprojectsmailto:[email protected]:[email protected]://www.eugene-or.gov/pwprojectshttp://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/HWY/REGION2/I5_VerticalClearanceA5.shtmlhttp://www.tripcheck.com/http://www.keepusmoving.info/
  • 8/9/2019 June InMotion Newsletter


    but so that no one has to come out every Monday evening.

    These rides will make for a great after work escape, and I hope people will start to come out andride the Ridgeline trails more frequently.

    See ya on the trail.....MTB Eugene is an advocacy group dedicated to the expansion ofmountain biking opportunities in the Eugene, OR area.



    Saturday Park Walks: Take a Walk in a Park as You Learn about the Ecology June 5Eugene Recreation Outdoor Program offers free, First Saturday Park Walks that are led by localexperts who will help you explore and learn about the ecology and management of Eugenesparks. On June 5, walk the West Eugene Wetlands. Meet at the Meadowlark Prairie overlook onGreenhill Rd. On July 3, hike the recently acquired natural area in southeast Eugene thatcontains the headwaters of Amazon Creek. Go south on West Amazon Pkwy to the very end,rutnleft on Martin St. and right on Center way; park at the end. Call 541-682-6358 for moreinformation.

    Bike Riding for Fun & Fitness - Every WednesdayTry Bike Riding for Fun & Fitness. Senior bike riders depart from Campbell Community Center,155 High St., for in-town rides every Wednesday from 10;30 a.m.-noon beginning Jan. 13. Itsfree. Helmets are required; weekly attendance is not. The Rides vary in length and timedepending on ability.

    For more information, call 541-682-5318.

    City of Eugene Recreation Services Program offers 4 FREE Walking Opportunities this Summer

    Walk with Usto better health walks from Petersen Barn Community Center (meet in the lobby),870 Berntzen Rd., on Thursdays, 9:30-10:30 a.m.

    Walk'n'Talkersis a self-led group that walks 3-5 miles at a quick pace every Friday fromCampbell Community Center, 155 High St., 9:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. The route varies and mayhave hills or rough pavement.

    Walk a Bitto help you get out and get in shape. These new walks are at a moderate pace forone hour. The routes are 2 -3 miles, generally flat on sidewalks or bike paths. The walks leavefrom Campbell Community Center, 155 High St., every Monday at 9:00 a.m., beginning April 5.Please check with your doctor if you have not been exercising.

    Strolling for Seniors -Walk your way to health with fellow steppers. Build your flexibility, strength& stamina through low impact, moderately paced walks designed for the mature participant. Theroutes are 2-3 miles, generally flat on sidewalks or bike paths. Volunteers will be on hand forthose using wheelchairs or walkers. Walks will depart from Hilyard Community Center, 2580Hilyard St. on Wednesdays beginning June 2, 9-10am.

    Campbell Center walk information: 541-682-5318, Peterson Barn walk information: 541-682-5521, Hilyard Center walk information: 541-682-6365

    Go Take A Hike!Let the experienced leaders of the City of Eugene Outdoor Program show you the way in a dayspent hiking a regional trail. Hikes include the beach, Brice Creek, Finley Wildlife Refuge,Tamolich Pool, and Kentucky Falls. These hikes, for adults, will get you up close and personal

  • 8/9/2019 June InMotion Newsletter


    with the natural world. Transportation Provided from Campbell Community Center. For moreinformation, fees, or to register, go to www.eugene-or.gov/recenroll or call 541-682-5813.

    Confident Cycling for Families June 12Traffic Skills for Parents and Kids: Bike Education Classes 9:00am 12:00pm

    Class attendees will not only learn about basic traffic skills but also learn how to performa bicycle safety check, how to properly fit a helmet, how to size a bicycle for a child, and how toproperly carry things on a bicycle. Information will also be provided about gear and clothing,

    proper lighting, use of lights, and locking a bike. The majority of the course will be conductedindoors but the last portion will be held in the parking lot where drills and a final ride onneighborhood streets will be conducted.

    This class is geared towards children ages 5 13 and their parents. It is free and opento all families but registration is required: http://eugenesrts.org/events/streetskillsforfamilies

    Bike and Boat the Willamette June 15 Kidical Mass RSVP NOWRide up river then float back down!June 15, Noon-4, Sladden Park

    In celebration of Walk + Bike Challenge Month, Kidical Mass, the end of the school year and thestart of Summer we're holding a very special ride in June. Well be meeting at Sladden park,riding up river and then piling the kids into the boats to float back down the river to Sladden parkfor a mini-celebration! Registration for the boat portion of the celebration is required as spacein the boats is limited. Thanks to the generous sponsorship of NW Community Credit Unioncost for the float is only $5/person!

    Everyone is welcome to join us back at Sladden for a mini-celebration at 3 p.m. which willinclude a special treat: Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss ice cream (http://www.coconutbliss.com)!

    Register for the event here: http://eugenesrts.org/events/bikeboatwillamette

    DROP IN ON SAFETY FEST - JUNE 19This years SAFETY FEST event is being held June 19, 2010 at Alton Baker Park from 10 amuntil 4 pm. This FREE event is open to everyone and is a great way for families to learn how tostay safe in and around our community. Children will have an opportunity to seedemonstrations, participate in a bicycle rodeo and a junior fire fighter obstacle course, seeemergency vehicles and have the chance to receive safety equipment such as bicycle helmetsand life jackets for free! There will be booths with activities, food and prizes! This event will havesomething for everyone in the family. If you would like more information regarding this greatfamily fun event, please contact Cinimint Harper at [email protected] or at 541-682-7120. Check out our flier to learn more.

    City of Eugene Adaptive Recreation:Adaptive Cycling Center Opens - June 23The Adaptive Cycling Center located at 2580 Hilyard Street will be open on Wednesdays, 1- 5pm and Saturdays 9-1pm beginning on June 23rd. The center houses a fleet of adaptive bikes,

    tandems, handcycles and Glidecycles. Volunteers will be on hand during open hours to assistriders of all abilities to get out and ride. Cost: $5 a ride, scholarships available. For moreinformation contact Patty Prather at Adaptive Recreation Services, 541-682-6365. www.eugene-or.gov/recadaptive

    Adaptive Mobility in Recreation June 25Patty Prather of City of Eugene- Adaptive Recreation Services will present a two hour workshopon Adaptive Mobility in Recreation. The workshop will focus on utilizing alternative modes of

    http://www.eugene-or.gov/recenrollhttp://eugenesrts.org/events/streetskillsforfamilieshttp://eugenesrts.org/events/streetskillsforfamilieshttp://www.coconutbliss.com/http://eugenesrts.org/events/bikeboatwillamettehttp://eugenesrts.org/events/bikeboatwillamettemailto:[email protected]://www.eugene-or.gov/portal/server.pt/gateway/PTARGS_0_2_358762_0_0_18/2010%20Safety%20Fest%20Flier.pdfhttp://www.eugene-or.gov/recadaptivehttp://www.eugene-or.gov/recadaptivehttp://www.eugene-or.gov/recadaptivehttp://www.eugene-or.gov/recadaptivehttp://www.eugene-or.gov/portal/server.pt/gateway/PTARGS_0_2_358762_0_0_18/2010%20Safety%20Fest%20Flier.pdfmailto:[email protected]://eugenesrts.org/events/bikeboatwillamettehttp://www.coconutbliss.com/http://eugenesrts.org/events/streetskillsforfamilieshttp://www.eugene-or.gov/recenroll
  • 8/9/2019 June InMotion Newsletter


    transportation for persons with disabilities including handcycles, tandems, three wheeled bikesand Glidecycles. Friday, June 25th 1-3pm, Hilyard Community Center. For more informationcontact Patty Prather at 541-682-6365.

    Beach Wheelchairs Provide Access

    Getting down to the beach is now much easier for individuals with disabilities. Two beachwheelchairs are available for rent from Adaptive Recreation Services. Both wheelchairs areeasy to assemble and disassemble for easy transport in a car. The Hippocampe, all terrain

    wheelchair can also be used on trails. For more information contact Adaptive RecreationServices at 541-682-6365 www.eugene-or.gov/recadaptive

    All-Girls Mountain Bike Trip - Saturday, June 26For girls between the age of 10-18.9 AM 5 PM

    Do you like the idea of mountain biking but dont have the gear? No problem! Join us for aguided-day trip on the Salmon Creek Trail.

    We provide:

    Mountain bikes Helmets Transportation to/from the trail Lunch Knowledgeable guides

    No experience necessary!

    Donation: $10-$25; Some scholarships available.

    Space is limited and registration is required by Friday, 6/18. To register, please call 541-284-4335 or register online atOphelias Place.

    This event is brought to you by Ophelias Place - a resource & support center for girls of the age

    10-18, and Trips for Kids-CAT a youth group that provides mountain bike opportunities for kidswho usually dont get a chance for such activities.

    Last Sunday Longboard Nature Tour June 27Join environmental and skateboard instructors on a tour of Eugenes beautiful bike paths. Thisis an awesome way for families and friends to get exercise and learn to skate while exploringthe local natural environment. No experience necessary. Drop-in only. 9-11 a.m., June 27, at

  • 8/9/2019 June InMotion Newsletter


    West Eugene Wetlands/Meadow Prairie. Meet at restrooms & covered area on Greenhill Rd.,south of Royal Ave. $5.



    Report a Pothole ProgramIt's easy to report a pothole to the Eugene Public Works Maintenance Division! There is even ahandy online pothole reporting form available at www.eugene-or.gov/pothole! The form will askfor some brief information about the pothole, including its location (if on the path, try to give asmuch location info as possible). There's also a place for you to provide your contactinformation. If you would prefer, you can call Public Works Maintenance at 541-682-4800between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and file the report over the phone.

    If you'd like to follow up with the City after making a pothole request, just send an email topwmaintena[email protected] with the word "pothole" in the subject line.

    (Please remember that Eugene Public Works only repairs potholes on streets/paths in the city ofEugene. We will make a field inspection of every reported pothole within two business days. Inmany cases we will immediately fill the pothole; however, in some cases we may choose to waitto schedule an alternate treatment such as maintenance overlay. FMI: go to www.eugeneor.gov/pothole)



    Water Bottles to Benefit the Jane Higdon FoundationHonorary water bottles are being sold, with all proceeds going to help support the Jane HigdonMemorial Fund. The water bottles are $5.00 and being sold at Newmans Fish Co. at 1545Willamette Street, Eugene. Jane was an avid cyclist. She wanted to make a difference in theworld and focused on ways to make her life more meaningful. She was tragically killed in 2006,when she was struck by a truck while on a bicycle training ride on a beautiful Oregon rural road.

    The Memorial Fund supports scholarships and grants to encourage girls and young women topursue healthy, active lifestyles and academic excellence. The Memorial Fund also makesdonations to non-profits that advocate and work for bicycling and pedestrian safety in Oregon.Additional information can be found at: www.janehigdonfoundation.com

    Dont Forget to Purchase Your Share the Road License Plates

    http://www.eugene-or.gov/potholemailto:[email protected]://www.eugene-or.gov/potholehttp://www.eugene-or.gov/potholehttp://www.eugene-or.gov/potholehttp://www.janehigdonfoundation.com/http://www.janehigdonfoundation.com/http://www.janehigdonfoundation.com/http://www.eugene-or.gov/potholehttp://www.eugene-or.gov/potholemailto:[email protected]://www.eugene-or.gov/potholehttp://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/DMV/images/plates/Share_the_Road_Lg.jpg
  • 8/9/2019 June InMotion Newsletter


    Oregon residents can help support cycling throughout Oregon by purchasing Share the Roadlicense plates from the Oregon State Department of Motor Vehicles. Proceeds go to the BicycleTransportationAlliance and CycleOregon to help fund bicycle education and advocacy.



    Point2Point Solutions promotes and offers transportation options programs to the Lane Countyregions businesses, organizations, and educational institutions for their employees, staff andstudents. It is supported by Lane Countys jurisdictions and is housed at Lane Transit District.http://www.ltd.org/cs/csindex.html

    www.eugene-or.gov/bicycles the City of Eugene website contains bike maps and resources forbiking in Eugene.

    www.keepusmoving.info This site is user friendly and contains regional information about thetransportation planning process, current projects, and information about transportation options.The site is maintained by the Lane Council of Governments.

    The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) website includes links to the Oregon BicycleManual and information on laws and regulations and a list of bike travel web resources.

    Smart Ways to School (www.swts.ltd.org) offers free services to parents of K-12 students tohelp them walk, bike, carpool, or ride LTD to school. We offer a SchoolPool, a free carpool-match service. We can help parents find other students to form a walking or bicycling schoolbus. Smart Ways to School also manages the free LTD pass program for students in grades 6-12. Call 682-6212.

    UO Bike Program now offers bicycle maintenance classes every term. Call 541-346-4365 orcome into the Outdoor Program office in the basement of the EMU to register.

    The U of O Department of Public Safety strongly encourages bicycling as a way of responsibletransportation. With Oregon weather, bicycling in winter months can be discouraging andchallenging for those that may not have the proper riding gear. You'll find information in this siteabout the availability of covered parking, safety recommendations, and a listing of local shopswhere you may purchase adequate gear for the conditions.



    The Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA) is a statewide organization that works to promotebicycle use and safety and to improve bicycling conditions throughout the state of Oregon. Inthe Eugene/Springfield area, the BTA's Bicycle Safety program brings safety education to

    middle schools every year. For more information, go to www.bta4bikes.org .

    BikeLane Coalition is a local non-profit organization that promotes safe cycling in Lane County.Membership opportunities include the Corporate Membership option: web page for thecompany, commuting assistance and route planning; and the Premium Membership option thatincludes membership in the League of American Bicyclists, The League Magazine, BicycleMagazine, Roadside assistance and the usual benefits of membership such as discounts at

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    participating bike shops. A discount is offered for those already members of other local cyclingorganizations. For more information go to www.bikelanecoalition.org

    Center for Appropriate Transport (CAT) is a non-profit organization committed to communityinvolvement in manufacturing, using, and advocating sustainable modes of transportation. Thefirst organization of its kind, the Center was founded in Eugene, Oregon in the fall of 1992.Since that time the CAT has established a number of projects under one roof designed tofurther this mission including Pedalers Express delivery service, education and youth programs,

    Eugene Bicycle Works community bike shop, and more. CAT has also established anapprenticeship program that focuses on cargo bike frame building. For more information, go towww.catoregon.org

    Eugene-Springfield Mossback Volkssport Club - Volkssports, literally "popular" or "folk" sports,are organized walking, swimming, bicycling, roller skating, and cross-country skiing eventsproviding exercise that contributes to physical fitness. The Mossback Club usually meets on thethird Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm at the Willamalane Senior Adult Activity Center, 215West C Street, Springfield. Please call 726-7169 or 747-6470, to verify meeting location. Clubevents are listed and described at their website, www.mossbacks.org. For more informationcontact Carmella at [email protected] .

    GEARS (Greater Eugene Area Riders) invites the community to join club members on severalweekly bike rides. Rides vary in location, distance, and terrain. The main purpose of GEARs isto foster bike riding. All cyclists must wear an ANSI or SNEL/ASTM approved helmet. Ridersshould also carry a water bottle, tire pump, spare tube and patch kit.

    Everyone is welcome to attend Eugene GEARs Board Meetings. For more information or timesand location go towww.eugenegears.org/

    The Eugene Safe Routes to School Program is a community approach to encourage and enablemore people to walk and bike to school safely. We support schools and families in their effortsto increase active transportation choices by supporting individual SRTS committees, growingbicycle and pedestrian education for adults and children, and working to establish policies that

    encourage healthy, fun, and safe transportation choices.

    For more information contact Shane Rhodes at [email protected] 541-556-3553

    Nordic Walkers: For more information on Nordic Walking classes and lesson costs contactBarbara or Dan Gleason: 345-0450 or 345-3974 or email them at [email protected].



    Walk a Smile In: Step up, step out, step forward! Avid longtime walker/retired nurse walks one-on-one with clients to support improving personal and planetary fitness. Call or email for details,charges, appointment. Gift certificates available. Call or email Jenny at 541-343-6049,[email protected].

    The Eugene Running Company offers a diverse series of walking and running groups for peopleof all levels from beginner to the hard-core. All groups and training are lead in a fun and

    http://www.bikelanecoalition.org/http://www.catoregon.org/http://www.catoregon.org/http://www.catoregon.org/http://www.mossbacks.org/calendar/CALENDAR.ASP?DoAction=Calendar&View=MonthGraphical&Q_DATE=8/15/2006http://www.mossbacks.org/mailto:[email protected]://www.eugenegears.org/index.htmhttp://www.eugenegears.org/rides.p1.htmlhttp://www.eugenegears.org/rides.p1.htmlhttp://www.eugenegears.org/mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]://www.eugenerunningcompany.com/http://www.eugenerunningcompany.com/mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]://www.eugenegears.org/http://www.eugenegears.org/rides.p1.htmlhttp://www.eugenegears.org/rides.p1.htmlhttp://www.eugenegears.org/index.htmmailto:[email protected]://www.mossbacks.org/http://www.mossbacks.org/calendar/CALENDAR.ASP?DoAction=Calendar&View=MonthGraphical&Q_DATE=8/15/2006http://www.catoregon.org/http://www.catoregon.org/http://www.bikelanecoalition.org/
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    supportive atmosphere. For more information on dates and times go towww.eugenerunningcompany.com

    Second Summer Tours is a group led by Rob Templin, a local rider in Eugene. Join Rob andfriends as he shares some of the secret paths that will challenge you with tough climbs butreward you with deserted, traffic-free riding; and scenery to take your breath away. Tours arebased out of Eugene. For more information go to:http://www.secondsummertours.com/oregon.php

    Spirited Walkers Group Joining the Spirited Walkers marathon training group is a wonderfulway to start the new year by making commitment to becoming more healthy and active, whetheryou actually want to walk a marathon or not. Registered walkers meet once a month for a sitdown meeting of guest speakers who cover information about yoga for walkers, nutrition,hydration, clothes, shoes, and mental training techniques. There is a large group walking everySunday. Beginning and intermediate mileage schedules are available. If you are interested,please contact Kay Porter at 342-6875 or email [email protected] , or go towww.thementalathlete.com for more information on times and cost.

    Walk With Me! Walk the World with Tyler Burgess, fitness walking instructor and marathonwalking coach for the University of Oregon and Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon.

    Tyler walks to see the world, whether it is a big city, foreign country or our own backyard. Freewalking tours take place on Tuesday nights from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm. Meet at the end of HighStreet by the Campbell Senior Center. It is free, fun, and for beginners. For more information goto www.walk-with-me.com


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    If you do not wish to receive these messages in the future please [email protected] .

    Thank you and our apologies if you received this message in error.

    http://www.eugenerunningcompany.com/http://www.eugenerunningcompany.com/http://www.secondsummertours.com/oregon.phpmailto:[email protected]://www.walk-with-me.com/http://www.walk-with-me.com/mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]://www.walk-with-me.com/mailto:[email protected]://www.secondsummertours.com/oregon.phphttp://www.eugenerunningcompany.com/
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