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<ol><li> 1. All types of badges and medals under the same roof </li><li> 2. About us Products We Offer Why Us Contact us </li><li> 3. Just Badges is a leading supplier of badges and medals in Australia. Offered medals are contrived to perfection, justifying efforts of the achiever. We provide a wide range of badges for various purposes, meeting clients specifications with all our might. </li><li> 4. Hard Enamel Badges Imitation Hard Enamel Badges Silkscreen Badges Soft Enamel Epoxy Badges Photo Etched Epoxy Badges Printed Epoxy Badges Three Dimensional (3D) Badges. Medals Keyrings Customized badges </li><li> 5. At Just Badges, you can buy high-quality badges, medals, key-rings and more. We present an extensive range of products for our clients to choose online. We are phenomenal in customizing badges, medals, key-rings or any of our products according to the clients specifications. </li><li> 6. Phone: 03 8288 1198 Email: sales@justbadges.com.au URL: http://www.justbadges.com.au/ </li></ol>